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The week flew by so fast and I wasn’t ready to step into the real world just yet.

We had a personal tour guide that took us around the island’s tourist attractions. We visited Marigot Bay, the Sulphur Springs, and sightseeing which included a tour of a banana plantation. Not that we were interested in bananas, but just for interest’s sake. Corbyn wanted us to go snorkeling and sailing but I gently declined. If he knew my secret he wouldn’t have suggested it at all.

“What about a nature hike?” he asked when we sat at breakfast that morning out on the patio. “I hear the tropical rainforests are spectacular.”

“Please pass me the juice?” I held my hand out and smiled. “Sounds good, babe.”

“I’m going for a morning swim,” he said, leaning in to kiss me. “Can I convince you to join me on our last day here?”

“No, I’m good,” I piled french toast topped with cheddar cheese and bacon, added sour-cream breakfast crepes with raspberries.

“You have quite the appetite lately,” he chuckled, eyeing my laden plate.

“You can blame yourself for wearing me out every night,” I winked and dug in. I was famished.

His arms slipped around my waist, drawing me back against him. “Are you sure you don’t want to come to the beach with me, cookie?”

I caressed his forearms and leaned into the hug. “Don’t give me that look, honeycomb. I’m not going to change my mind.”

He said nothing for a moment then lowered his head to nuzzle my neck. “Please?” Olive green eyes implored.

I sighed and turned to him. “I can’t…” I pushed away my plate and stared out the patio doors at the drifting clouds. The weather had turned sultry but there was a cool breeze out here.

“We won’t stay for long. Promise.”

After a slight hesitation, I burst out my humiliating secret. “I can’t swim.”

Surprise, then disbelief, crossed his features. “No way…”

Deeply mortified, I buried my head in his chest. “True story...” I groaned.

“It’s okay,” he rubbed my back and laughed. “You don’t need to be ashamed.”

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better,” I answered, my voice muffled against his shoulder.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“It was embarrassing,” I told him, pulling away slightly. “You taught AJ to swim like a fish and I’m afraid of getting in the water.”

“Do you want me to teach you?” he offered.

“Isn’t it a bit too late for that?” I raised my eyes through my dark, full lashes and locked full on to his.

“It’s never too late,” he laughed again. “Lessons begin now,” he added. “I’ll have you swimming like a mermaid in no time.”

“Before we go...I have something for you…”

He withdrew, and I noticed he was a bit agitated. “Why do you look nervous? What is it?”

“Wait here. I’ll get it.”

“Am I going to like this something?”

“You can decide once I give it to you.”

I went to the bedroom and retrieved the gift from my toiletry bag and went back. The deck was furnished with wicker furniture, two chairs facing each other, and a sofa with a coffee table in front of it. Corbyn was lounging in a chair, staring out at the ocean, his handsome face pensive.

“Here you go,” I handed him the small blue box and perched on the edge of the opposite chair.

“It isn’t my birthday…” He let out a nervous laugh, shaking the box. “I must have done something right…”

“Maybe...” My teeth sank into my lower lip as I watched him warily. “It depends on how you look at it.”

He carefully unwrapped the present, lifted the lid, and gasped. “Are you trying to tell me that..?” His hands shook as he held up the tiny white booties, regarding it with great reverence.


At that moment, without drawing breath, he screamed joyously, ecstatically, and so piercingly that it set my ears tingling. “I’m going to be a father?!” he announced to the world, his joy contagious.

“Yes!” I laughed, my eyes glittering.

He took my hands, helped me to my feet, and then swooped me into his arms, spinning me around. “We’re having a baby!!!”

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