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“I can’t decide,” I sighed as I spinned around in front of the mirror in Maya’s dressing room. “All the dresses are so beautiful.”
A dressmaker had been flown all the way from Paris to work on my wedding dress and my bridesmaids had been meeting at Maya’s house or my mum’s mansion every weekend, for fittings. My circle of friends was small and it wasn’t hard to choose. My squad was made up of Terrel(being my maid of honor), Maddie and Lana. We had decided on a small, intimate wedding that would have under two hundred guests.
It didn’t help that my waist was thickening and I probably wouldn’t fit into it in the next two weeks. I had a wedding planner and, while it definitely made things easier, I was still confused about things like cake, flowers and so on.

“Why don’t you get Corbyn to pick out a dress for you?” Maya suggested when she noticed I was at my wits end. “Kyle chose mine.”

“And Jordan Chose mine,” Lana added with a smile.

“Isn’t that bad luck or something?” I stripped out of the satin gown and remained in my undergarments.
“Is it?” The two women chorused, flashing their wedding rings.

“Point taken,” I laughed and flounced on the buttoned leather chaise longue that occupied the middle of the spacious dressing room. “I’ll have to convince him,” I said, resting my elbows on my knees and my chin in my hands as I stared out the sliding door that led to the balcony. The balmy morning breeze that drifted was fragrant with the scent of the ocean. “Think he’ll go for it?”

“I’m sure he’s pictured you walking down the aisle a thousand times,” Maddie grinned as she stepped into another dress that looked so good on her, it was criminal. “He’s the best man for the job,” she turned and looked up at her reflection in the mirror as Terrel helped her zip up the figure-hugging outfit. “I hope I snag a hot bachelor at this wedding,” she winked.

“Yeah baby!” Terrel’s lips curved into a naughty grin. “They’ll never be ready for you!”

“Don’t encourage her, Tee” I admonished with a shake of my head.

“Please stay away from Jordan’s friends,” Lana warned. “Do you remember what happened last time, hmm?”
“Jordan aint my daddy,” she said, pinning Lana with a sultry gaze. “He’s yours…” she winked and pulled up the bodice of the sleeveless dress. “If you must know, I have got my eye on Corbyn’s hot roomie, Jerome,” she announced.

“He prefers to be called by his second name, Torren?” Terrel asked. “He’s yummy. I don’t blame you though.”
“Isn’t he just?” When we heard the dreamy sigh she let out, she had the decency to blush.
My mother, who was sitting next to me at the far end of the sofa, cleared her throat and coughed into her fist. “Mother on board,” she mumbled a reminder. She had to cut her trip short when Corbyn and I called and told her about our upcoming nuptials; and that she was going to be a grandmother again.

“Sorry, Mummy Katie,” she smiled sheepishly and tried to look innocent. “Forgot you were there for a second.”
“I think you young ones can talk about all of this stuff at my daughter’s hen party tonight,” she smoothed my curls back from my flushed face and kissed my forehead. “I can’t believe this is happening. My little girl is getting married,” she put her arm around me, pulling me closer.

“Your little girl needs to find a dress first…” I threw my head back, blew out air in frustration then looked around at the pile of dresses on the carpeted floor. “Maya,” I said, suddenly remembering something. “Is Kyle around? I need to talk to him about something.” I told her, slipping on my t-shirt and shorts,

“Yeah,” she paused from talking to Terrel and gave me her attention. “He should be in his studio.”

“BRB,” I announced to the room and took off. Too lazy to take the stairs to the sixth floor, I hurried down the hallway then darted into the elevator.

This mansion was massive and I’d spent a lot of time here. I was practically a resident and had my own room on the third floor. These people were amazing. The only reason my mom was released from prison was because of their tireless efforts. They even helped me get my son back after he was taken from me. I was indebted to them for the rest of my life.

I rapped on the door and walked in. “Can I come in, Dimples?”
His fingers paused on the piano and he turned his tousled head. “Sure, Blue eyes. What’s up? Need help choosing shoes or something?” he pushed up the sleeves of his sweater and shifted on the padded bench to make room for me. “Or is it the baby? Has she started kicking?”
“Please,” I rolled my eyes and slid up next to him and struck up a random tune. “You know that I’m barely twelve weeks,” I stopped playing and sighed.

Warm brown eyes turned on me with concern. “Is something bothering you?”

“I need to ask you a huge favor?” I crease my forehead, clasping my hands on my lap. “But you can say no…” I sighed. “I’m just so grateful for everything you have done for me. I know that I’ll never be able to repay you…But…I consider you as family…”
“You’ve definitely got my attention now,” he chuckled and put his hand on my shoulder. “It’s me, Blue. You don’t have to be so nervous. You know that you can ask me anything and I’ll do anything to make it happen, right?” His lips twitched as he arched an eyebrow. “Talk to me?” His hands gripped my shoulders and gently pushed me back and peered at my face. “What’s on your mind?”
There was no need to dilly-dally, I was going to just rip the Band-Aid off. The worst thing he would say was no. “Will you walk me down the aisle?”
“Of course,” he answered without missing a beat. “I’d be honored.”


“Really,” he laughed.

“Thank you!” I clamped my arms around his waist and squealed with delight. “I love you! You’re the best!”
“Should I be worried?” Corbyn made his presence known as he entered the studio.

“Go away, Coleman,” I told him as I broke away. “Can’t you see we’re having a moment?”
“You’ve asked him,” he said with a grin.

“She did,” Kyle replied as he rose from his seat. “Like I said, it’s an honor.”
“Thanks for doing this,” my husband said as the men I loved the most hugged each other. “It means a lot. To both of us.”

“Pleasure is all mine,” Kyle reiterated. “I’m going to look for my wife. See you kids later.” He said before he left.

“What are you doing here?” I questioned my husband. “Aren’t you supposed to be at your parent’s?”

“They’re here. Mom wanted to see your dress,” he said. “But Terrel called and told me there’s a situation?”
“Yeah..about that…”

“Lead the way,” he grabbed my hand and helped me up.

“Are you saying you’ll do it?”

“Of course I’ll do it baby,” his hands slid up my arms, gently caressing them.

“I love you,” I pulled down his head and pressed my lips against his.

“I know, you can’t help yourself because I’m so awesome,” he teased.

“You are my sweet little innocent,” I agreed and kissed him again. “You really are...”

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