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Big Day


Today was the day I got to marry the love of my life. The way I was supposed to do, the first time around. The image of her drifting down the aisle, along to Calcum Scott’s Biblical, will be forever ingrained in my mind.
It was so surreal.

Blue and I had been through so much, experienced a lot of heartache at such a young age. It was my belief that those hard times only cemented our love and somehow made it stronger. We weren’t the perfect couple as the media reflected but we were perfect for each other. She was the moon to my stars, sun to my sky- we were synonymous, entwined together. We were meant to be. It was destiny. Standing on the sandy beach of our oceanfront property in Los Angeles on a warm morning of July; I willed myself not to cry as I watched her walk down the stunningly decorated aisle. She wore a flowing, strapless gown; a mysterious shade of blue, with a long train-that only she would get away with wearing. Her luscious dark curls were caught up in a sleek updo with curly tendrils framing her beautiful delicate face.
“You owe me fifty bucks,” Jordan whispered to Justin as he tapped my shoulder and handed me a tissue into my shaking hand. “Told you he was going to cry.”
“Pay up,” Torren agreed with a grin.

“You did…” my best friend conceded with a sigh, thrusting the note in Jordan and Torren’s outstretched palms.

“Shameless…” I mumbled, dabbing at my eyes. “Not you too, AJ?” I laughed when AJ pocketed his winnings. “You guys are a bad influence on my son.”
Jordan smiled and blew me a kiss. “We love you, CC.”
“Too much,” Justin winked.
“For life,” Torren hit his fist over his heart.
The whispered exchange was halted when Kyle handed over my blushing bride to me. And at that moment, everyone else seemed to exist. We had decided to say our own impromptu vows, speaking straight from the heart.
Money exchanged hands again as Blue and were so overcome with emotion, that we cried throughout the ceremony. I didn’t even want to know what the wagers were about. Our friends were crazy like that. Our parents, who were seated on the front row, cried more than we did. The moms being the worst, they were a weeping mess.

When the ceremony was over, we immediately hopped onto our ship and sailed to Hawaii. With ten decks, the cruise ship could easily accommodate more than a thousand passengers in its luxurious suites.
Blue and I had changed into our evening clothes, along with everyone else. The reception that we hosted on the top deck was wild-not that I expected anything less. The dinner-party was. The brightly lit deck was lavishly furnished with plush sofas and armchairs and square glass tables seating six, with candles lighting each table. Cocktail waiters and a DJ’s on rotation made it a great informal dinner party and the atmosphere was relaxed.
Guests could choose the buffet or order from the menu with a selection of steak options, chicken and seafood or a finger-buffet. A large buffet of vegetables, pasta, soup and dessert were on offer. I didn’t do much eating though, I was still riding on an adrenaline high.

All our favorite acts performed, and Blue screamed the house down when her idols Wendy James and Sia made a brief appearance. And of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete if James Arthur didn’t perform all our favorite songs.

Justin’s best man’s speech was both touching and hilarious.
“May I start off by saying…” he chuckled to himself. “I’ve never met two people who are different from each other like oil and water…Miley Cyrus and Kanye,” he lowered his flute and shook his head as everyone laughed with him. “But despite their vast differences, they’re perfectly suited. They complement each other so well, like a glove and a hand. Fries and ketchup.” His face softened and his lips turned up in a half smile. “For such a young age, you guys have been through so much but your love stood the trials. And it is my wish that your love only grows stronger as you grow old together. Help me raise a toast to Corbyn and Blue.”

When it was our turn to give a vote of thanks, it was hard not to become teary eyed. My wife and I had a very supportive circle of friends and family. Whenever you needed them, they showed up. I was so grateful for each and every one of them. I don’t know if I could have made it throughout the highs and lows without them.
Blue stood up and clinked her glass with a fork and there was a pause from the humming conversation. The midnight-blue style gown she wore, clasped around her neck by a loose band, draped over her curves and pooled at her feet, leaving her arms, shoulders and back bare to the hips. “I’d like to thank you all for being here to share this very special day with me and the man of my dreams…the love of my life…” she stroked my face as I stood next to her and said in her soft: “I still can’t believe that you’re mine, honeycomb. I still can’t believe that you chose me. I don’t deserve you-you’re too good for me. But if you ever leave me, consider yourself dead.”

“Ditto, cookie,” I answered and a ripple of laughter broke out.

Our wedding celebration continued for three more days and we parted ways with our family and friends and left for our honeymoon.

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