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Corbyn’s POV

“Welcome back to The Hot Seat. If you’re just joining us, where have you been?” Our host Victor told the viewers, perching at the edge of his seat. “Today we had the pleasure of being with America’s sweetest couple, affectionately known as Blubyn. We’ve discussed all the hot topics, family, career and keeping the fire burning,” he gestured to Blue and I at our spot on the red couch, his brown eyes lighting up with excitement. “You two have had quite the year haven’t you? Did you ever think you’d be this huge? Blue, since you’re the girl of the moment, you go first.”

He turned to look at her. She looked gorgeous as always in a simple denim dress shirt and high tops. Her hypnotic eyes with thick black lashes and matching hair that was stacked becomingly on top of her head.
“I never imagined I’d be this-uh…” she stopped and laughed. “All I can say is-uhm…Wow!”

“That seems to be her favorite word lately,” I laughed softly and stretched out my jean-clad legs in front of me.

“It’s just been so surreal,” she continued. “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe or imagine that I’d attain this level of success at such a young age. And I owe it all to the people who supported me through it all. Kyle Kinley and Jordan Carter are the best mentors anyone can ever have. They’ve been such an inspiration,” she nodded amidst the applause. “Most importantly, I never ever thought I’d be this happy or that I’d find my soulmate. I am what I am because of this hottie right here.”

“Ditto babe,” I said, pressing my lips to her fingers.

It is award season and my Cookie outdid herself this time. Last year was my year, but this one was her time to shine. We both graduated with honors and opened up a shelter for abused women. Landed separate, major roles in blockbuster movies, released platinum album after platinum album. We were unstoppable. We were living the dream.

After we had our daughter Keira, we took about two years off and focused on family and college. We came back on the scene with a bang. And yes, we finally did the collaboration, and yes it was a monster hit.

“What has been the highlight of it all?” Victor asked.

“Besides marrying God’s gift to women?” she looked at me, a smile of animated contentment flitting across her face. “Nothing can top that!” Drawing her into my arms, I kissed her hard.

The studio audience whistled and hollered to show their appreciation.

“Oh my, it’s getting hot in here!” Victor was in stitches. His tall frame fell back onto the couch as he killed himself with laughter. He composed himself before asking his next question. “So you guys met in high school and were on and off-what was the deciding moment? Corbyn, you take this one?”

“She was way out of my league,” I answered with a smile. “I was the school nerd and she was the hot untouchable bad girl. What were the odds that she’d want a dork like me?”

“You were a hot dork,” she said with a wink. “I thought there was no way a smart guy like him would give me the time of day.”

“But you were both wrong,” Victor observed.

“To be honest-she seduced me,” I joked teasingly, slipping my hand around her waist, and pulling her gently against me.

“Did not!” she exclaimed, punching my shoulder with her small fist.

“Was it a meet-cute?” the host questioned.

“Definitely!” We clapped in unison and laughed.

“And how do you feel about being the only lady of the Hottie Hood?”

“The Hottie Hood?” she giggled. “I don’t know where that name came from but, uhmm…I think it’s rather appropriate,” she grinned widely. “But to answer your question, I feel honored that I was mentored by the best in the business. It’s been a rough road but I’ve forged so many relationships along the way. Ones that I am super grateful for. And we have an additional female to join the squad.”

“Madeleine Durand?”

“Yes,” Blue nodded. “She’s been making waves and I think she’s only going to get bigger and better.”

The fans and media had dubbed our crew the Hottie Hood, which consisted of everyone Kyle and Jordan had mentored.

“So what does the future hold for the Coleman’s? Are we going to expand the family anytime soon?”

“Blue wants a big family and I’m going to try my best to give it to her?” I replied with a laugh.

“Give it to her?” Victor coughed and cleared his throat and the audience laughed. “I have no doubt of your capabilities.”

“Neither do I,” Blue mumbled under her breath.

“Blue and Corbyn it was great having you on the show,” Victor said, winding off. “But before you go, there’s a few special people that wanted to help you celebrate your fifth year anniversary. Come on out guys!”

All our close friends and family strode onto the stage with Keira and AJ pushing a serving cart with a gold and white, five-tiered cake sitting in the middle.

Later on we were ambushed with a surprise party at Justin and Terrel’s mansion, out on their beautiful entertainment area. Although we had planned to have a quiet evening at home, my friends obviously had different ideas.

The sky was clear and the moon bright as my wife and I danced under the stars. The chilly ocean breeze made her delicate lavender chiffon dress move as if it was alive, and she swiped at the strands of hair that blinded her.

“Are you having a good time?” I asked, my hands sliding down her bare arms and settling on her hips, drawing her against my body.

“Well…you’re here…” Tossing back her hair, she watched me from under lowered lashes. “So that’s a given.” Her slender arms clasped above my neck as we swayed to the music.
“Correct answer, Cookie.” My eyes expressed approval and my lips twitched.
“Yeay me...” Her husky laugh made my stomach flutter.

For a moment we simply gazed into each other’s eyes, until I drew a deep breath of contentment. “We’ve come full circle haven’t we?”

“Thank you for fighting for us.”

“Some things are worth fighting for, no?”

“I would die for you.” Her intense midnight-blue eyes bored through my very soul. “I hope you know that?”

“What I hope is that we never put that theory to the test.” I tipped her chin up and kissed her lightly. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes,” she said. Wrapping her arm around my waist and she rested her head on my shoulder as we walked. “Take me home, honeycomb.”

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