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Our fans must have got wind of our arrival because when we touched down they were waiting. They cheered and whistled before they even saw us. Our bodyguards went ahead of us and cleared a path.

It didn’t help that I descended the steps with Blue. Blinking in the strong spring sunshine, I looked around in awe, still trying to take it all in. No matter how often it happened, I could never get used to the accolades, the swooning, the adoration. The fact that people actually looked up to me. What a feeling…

Zara had forgotten something and went back to get it and… yeah…Headlines were being birthed. Placards waved in the air.






“Bet you weren’t expecting this,” Blue grinned and slid on her designer shades. “Don’t you just love the posters my sweet innocent?”

“You are enjoying this aren’t you?” Making a determined effort to pull myself together, I put my arm around her.

“I’m enjoying you more,” she whispered. I tried to look away from her and found that my eyes had somehow slipped to her luscious lips. I tried to drag my gaze away but it refused to move, though it was already too late. Cameras were flashing in our faces and my sudden shock of knowing that my senses had broken free from my mind when I remembered what it felt like to feel my mouth against hers, was captured for the whole world to see.

“I was born for this,” she said and pressed her lips on my cheek to rile up the crowd further.

“Can we expect wedding bells soon?” One audacious reporter asked.

“Not anytime soon,” I replied with an easy smile. I pulled down my sunglasses that sat on top of my head to cover my eyes in order to hide my reaction. If only they knew that was my heart’s cry.

“So what does the future hold?” Another journo yelled from the back. “Can we at least expect the long anticipated duet from our favorite couple?”

“That we can do. Sooner than you expect,” Blue answered. “No more questions,” she told them, her manner polite but obviously abrupt. “That’s all for today.”

“We are pressed for time,” I added briskly as I looked worriedly at my watch. “Thank you all for being here.” I took her elbow as we strode towards the waiting car and the driver opened the back door for us. We were bundled into the SUV and sped off to our destination. Somehow in the excitement, I forgot about Zara.

The crew was finally back together. It felt like a high school reunion. Torren, Jake, Justin and myself-and some guys from the football team.

Jordan was out of town and allowed us to stay at his mansion while he was away. He gave me explicit permission to throw a splashy, loud and wild stag party for Justin. In his words he said, “Make me proud Coleman.”

No expense was spared and everything was catered for. Justin told us he didn’t want any strippers or anything that resembled them anywhere near there or he would leave. I was in total agreement. I wouldn’t want a stripper at my bachelor party either.

He reminded us again later that night, before we hit the town. “Please remember what I said guys..?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Torren grumbled. “The only booty you want to see shake is Terrel’s. We got it dude. No need to keep hammering it in.”

Justin and Terrel were both turning twenty-two this year. Justin had missed a year of school after he lost his parents in an accident and stayed in hospital for a greater part, recovering from the intense injuries that he had sustained. Then he went to a clinic because he was battling depression. He had to start ninth grade all over again. Terrel had been tossed from different foster home to foster home and missed a lot of school. Then she spent her gap year pursuing her modelling career in Paris and that’s when they decided they wanted to get married and study abroad together. They were an unlikely pair, but their love seemed to overcome ever obstacle they faced. I could see them growing old together.

How I wish I had their confidence to go after their dreams. Yes, people told them they were still too young to be tied down but they remained firm in their commitment and never wavered from their decision.

When I sent the driver back to pick up Zara, it turned out she had already left. Actually, she had hopped onto a plane and went back to LA. She wasn’t taking my calls or answering my frantic texts. Meaning, she was mad at me. But maybe that was putting it lightly. I was going to have to find a way to make it up to her when I got back. After the conversation we had on the plane, I didn’t want her to think I had used her and then discarded her. Blue and I weren’t even back together but it was just a matter of time. I had renewed hope. I would use this weekend to remind her that we were good together.

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