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“Oh no, you don’t!” I swiped the lethal looking cocktail off the tray and held it back, out of her reach. “If you’re going to get drunk then you’re going to eat first.”

“I just want one little drink…” Terrel whined and set her mouth in a pout. She flounced onto a white couch elbows on the table and chin in her hands, the skirt of her red party dress flopped all around her. Her color theme for tonight was red and gold. I kept it simple and went with a red tube dress and strappy heels.

“I know you have an evening wedding but you’ll thank me for this,” I met her gaze and the expression there was as good as her giving me the finger. “What can I get for you?” I asked then discovered something on the menu to her liking and enthusiastically pointed it out. “Ooh, this platter sounds delicious. Should we get that?”

“If you insist…”

“The sooner you eat, the sooner you can drink…” I baited her.

“Fine!” she rolled her eyes delicately, tossing back her dark hair. “If I don’t do as you say I’m afraid you will set your goons on me,” she grinned and glanced over at my security detail that guarded the entrance of the VIP section of the nightclub, she had chosen for the night.

“What time are your girls and Justin’s sister’s getting here?” I made conversation, trying to distract her.

“They’re on their way,” she said, typing furiously on her phone. The food came and she gobbled it down like she hadn’t eaten in days.

“Just out of curiosity…” I glanced at her wolfing down a meatball. “When was the last time you ate?”

“This morning…” A sheepish smile tugged at her lips as she took the glass I proffered. “Guess, I was really hungry after all.”

“You could have fooled me,” I smiled smugly.

“I know that you can’t drink because you’re still recovering ….but thanks for coming out tonight, babe” she threw her arms around me. “You’re the bestest friend ever. I love you girl!”

“I love you too, you juvenile,” I laughed, blinking back tears.

“My song!” she crooned when some song by Jason Derulo came on. “Let’s go dance!” Standing abruptly, she dragged me along to the dancefloor and all my plans to remain incognito went out the door.

We barely made it through the song when fans recognized me and the rest of the night was spent taking selfies and signing clothes, phone covers and different body parts. I had stepped to the side and entertained my adoring admirers for a while. Terrel’s other friends finally came and she disappeared with them.

“Can you sign the band of my boxers please?” A familiar voice drawled.


‘Hey gorgeous!’ he grinned and drew me in for a hug. “There’s someone I’d like you to meet. My fiancé. ”

“Oh wow!” I gushed “I’d love to but I’m kind of in the middle of something,” I handed the pen back to a fan and smiled for the next pic. “I’ll find you later?”

“It seems like you need saving,” he yanked my arm, pulled me threw the hot sweaty bodies, and started dancing.

We danced through three songs and didn’t do much talking because of the loud pulsing music. He leaned forward and shouted into my ear. “Boyfriend is here! I’ll catch with you in a bit.”

“What?!” I frowned with confusion but he had already disappeared into the crowd.

I felt him before I saw him. My body tingled and goosebumps spread all over my skin like a wildfire. My nostrils flared as his scent surrounded me, teasing my senses like guitar strings, causing my heart to beat like a disco drum.

Corbyn Coleman was in the building, and boy did he make his presence felt.

The DJ slowed the tempo at the exact moment his hands glided down my hips. I didn’t need to turn around, didn’t make a sound, my body was on automatic response. The music took over and on their own accord, my body parts gravitated towards their master. Chest, arms, hips, and lips…

I was powerless when it came to him.

Our tongues did their own dance, the rhythm familiar and well-loved by both of us. My hands curled into the hair at the nape of his neck, reveling in the soft silky texture. I was in heaven. I had finally come home and the rest of the world ceased to exist. Nothing else mattered, except this moment.

I don’t know how long we stayed glued to each other, our bodies swaying to song after song as we touched, kissed and just got lost in each other. I had long forgotten that we were not together anymore…It hardly registered in my mind that I had pushed away this wonderful, sweet specimen away. All my heart knew was that he was here now and I was in his arms and he was looking at me like that. His eyes told me everything that I needed to know. They were a reflection of exactly what I was feeling.

James Arthur’s Let Me Love The Lonely came on and he held me ever so close as he personalized the song for me. As he sang to me, that’s when I knew with certainty, that as sure as the day turned into night, this man owned me, mind, body and soul. He always had and always would. Corbyn Coleman was without a doubt the love of my life. He was the man that held my heart. He was my soulmate. And I was a fool if I thought that I could ever escape that and an even bigger fool if I thought I could live without him, or find what we shared with any other person.

I rested my head on his broad chest and wished that I could somehow stop time and make this moment last forever. I was vaguely aware that cameras were flashing around us but I didn’t care. This was my moment and I was going to savor it for as long as I could.

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