Hot Summer Nights

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When 21-year-old college graduate, Allison "Allie" Rockwell leaves her lovely home, London, UK for the summer in Hawaii after all the stress of finals and staying on top. While moving into her rented beach house, she meets...well more like she bumps into the adventurous but relaxed Jasper Akamai. Looking for love is probably the last that comes across Allie's mind until she met him let alone trying to take it easy. But perhaps, Jasper may be the person for the job.

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Chapter 1- Allie

“Is that everything?” my mother asks, “Charger? Flashlight?”

I laugh as I load my suitcase into the backseat of the car. “Mother, it’s only for the summer, not a year in the wilderness.”

I would have been more afraid of the college final exams since they took a lot out of me. Hours after hours of studying was probably the worst and yet I did it to myself to pull those stupid all-nighters. During my years in university, I barely thought about taking a break. Like, at all. The study of the literature, history, philosophy, languages, and archaeology of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds do fascinate me and sometimes I’ve wanted to travel to Greece or anywhere else in the world to explore. But my studies do tend to hold me back.

“I know, honey but it feels like the time you left all over again,” the middle-aged blonde woman pretends to sob yet I shake my head.

“Oh, never mind your mother, but we are going to miss you,” my dad interjects as he pulls me into one of his powerful bear hugs.

Going to Hawaii for the summer has been the one thing I’ve always wanted to do but never could because of how expensive it was. So, I had to find jobs during my free time.

“Allie! Can I come too? Pretty please with a lot of sprinkles on top?” my little brother, Nolan tugs at my shirt.

“How about no sprinkles and you’re not coming with me,” I tell him.

He groans in frustration. “You’re no fun!” he said as he impolitely sticks out his tongue.

Nolan was sweet when he was a baby but now, he’s like that pest that you can’t seem to get rid of, and though he gets on my nerves at the time. Then again, he adorable when he pouts or simply just because of the way he talks. You know, for an eight-year-old. I just want to pinch his little cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Nolan but I promise to find you a nice collectible while I’m there, okay?” I hold out my pinky, waiting for him to grasp it.

His bottom lip sticks out, but he complies anyway. Nolan has a thing for collecting strange stuff. He throws himself around my waist as if I’m moving out of the country. I have only been with them for a week after I graduated while looking for a house with a good price. Maybe somewhere I can be close to them if they ever need me.

“I’ll be fine, Nolan. Don’t worry!” I assure him.

Then again, this adorable little goblin and I have bonded over time.

“We better get going, Al. We don’t want you to miss your flight,” my dad informs me.

“Okay,” I nod then look down at my gloomy little brother.

I try to pry him off me, but he wouldn’t budge. Yep, I got to love him!

“Buddy, let go. I’ll be back soon. Can you promise me that you’ll behave?” I ask him.

Nolan twiddles with his fingers. “Mmhmm.”

“Thanks,” I kiss the top of his forehead before I follow my dad to his car. My little brother stands by my mom as I get into the passenger side. I roll down the window and shout, “See you in August!”

“You don’t have your laptop stash away with you, right?” my father raises an eyebrow at me while keeping his attention on the road.

“No,” I say.

“Good because the whole point of you going on this trip is for you to relax. I don’t want you to overwork to the bone,” he speaks, and I know he’s right.

From my sophomore, junior, and senior years: I worked at the campus coffee shop and the library just to earn a few extra pounds, so I wasn’t to chill out in the way that I wanted to. My parents have done their hardest to get me into one of the best colleges there is in the UK. Oxford was one place that my mother suggested but I had told her that it was too expensive, and I don’t want to waste their time and money on me. I was eighteen then, planning for my graduation and I knew who I wanted to become. So basically, I can’t sit still without doing anything that involves work or studying.

“I know,” not making eye contact as I stare out at the window as we drive through the dawn.

The London Eye always looks so beautiful in the early morning and all the four faces of Big Ben seem to dim as the sun rises.

“Just promise me you will at least try to have a good time. Just for your old man, Allie,” my father asks me.

I sigh. “I’ll try,”

“Thank you,” he smiles even though I know he’s tired.

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