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Silent love

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"What are you doing to me?" He whispers gruffly. I look at him not knowing what to expect until he presses his lips against mine... A story of a mute girl finding love in a strange place. Will she make him open up? He has secrets, oh, she knows he has secrets but will he let up and admit his love for her?

Romance / Drama
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Sigh, I think dramatically as I watch my brother rush around, getting ready for school.

I sigh again, deeply pained by the fact that I have to be home schooled.
My brother was currently inhaling a bowl of cereal, afraid to be late for school. He's the lucky one.

"You can come with me, y'know," He suggests, milk dripping messily from his mouth.

I cringe and shake my head.

"Why not?"

-Mom said I have to stay till she's back.- I sign, smiling at my little brother.

Yes Sherlock, you guessed right, I can't speak but I can hear. I wasn't born this way. I was a loud child but we got into a car accident.

We were on our way to the hospital after mom gave birth to Darien, my brother.

I got badly injured in the accident and after surgery I just couldn't speak.

But the doctor says it's normal. I was expected to recover after months but that didn't happen.

I remember being diagnosed but I didn't care as a child and even now I don't bother asking my parents.

The name of the sickness was harder to spell than my own name.

I learnt to laugh and scream but over the years nothing more has developed.

My brother has never heard me speak. Even as a child he'd always stare at my mouth for the longest time waiting for any sound to come out. Apart from the videos of me before the accident, he's never heard more than a peep from me.

I wonder what my voice would sound like now.

"Earth to Renesme!" Darien shouts, waving his hand in my face, "So?"

I smile at him and nod, walking upstairs to put on a jacket before walking downstairs and to the car where Darien waited.


"Where is your guardian?" The principle asks him.

"She's out of town but I have my big sister here," He says and I smile when the principle looks over at me.

"College?" He questions.

Luckily, Darien answers for me, "No, she's supposed to be in her junior high school year."

"Supposed?" The poky principle questions making me roll my eyes.

-I can't speak.- I sign with a frown. I have no idea if he even understands but just for the sake of carrying the point across, I do.

"Oh," He stays quiet," We have a program for people like you. Why don't you join your brother here?"

Darien and I look at each other slowly with smiles lighting up our faces. That was a great idea.


"Are you sure you have everything?" Mom asks yet again.

I nod while I tie my shoe laces. Was jeans and a hoodie a bad outfit for your first day?

"C'mon mom, we're gonna be late!" Darien lets out, speaking for both of us.

It was his freshman year but he was already taller than me. Or maybe I'm just freakishly short.

Either way, I was the one driving, his height didn't change the age, ha.

It had been two weeks since we visited his school and when we proposed the idea to mom, she was all for it.

Finally saying our goodbyes, we head to the car and I start the long drive to school.

It was filled with chat from Darien, about how he was so happy to finally start high school and have me there, which was a story I'd heard already.

I park and we both head out, Darien gives me a thirty second tour and escorts me to mylocker before finally departing.

I breath deeply, finally alone.

This is so new for me. I've been home schooled my whole life. Never have I communicated with a soul apart from my immediate family and few doctors.

Yes, I have been in huge crowds and seen other people but never have I had to communicate.

I finally find my first class, history, and knock. It's quiet, then I hear a 'come in.'

I clutch the straps of my backpack and open the door, about forty pairs of eyes falling on me in the process.

"Oh, you must be the new student,"

I smile and nod my head, hoping I was the only new one in this class.

"Class, this is Renesme," He introduces me then turns to me, "Would you like to say anything to the class?"

I fight the urge to roll my eyes and slap him for not reading my documents but politely shake my head instead.

"Are you sure?" He insists.

I point at my mouth and wave my hand around. He nods his head in realization, apologizing before asking me to sit.

This already feels like a long day.


It was lunch. I didn't know where to go so I stopped by my locker to trade books.My ears pick up the gossip of two very loud girls as I do so.

"Did you see that new freshman? He's so cute!"

"Darien, right?"

I smile.

They thought my little brother was cute. I mean, I see him as adorable but not in that way. They don't know what he does in the bathroom.

My stomach grumbles and I decide it's time to take action. Communication gear, on!

I walk towards a random girl and tap her shoulder.

-Could you please point me to the cafeteria?- I sign hoping she gets me.

"Cafeteria?" A random boy passing by asks and I nod.

"We can help you," The girl agrees.

"What's your name?" He asks.

I assume he knows sign so I spell out my name, -Renesme.-

"Renesme," He says and I nod with a smile. It sounded nice coming from him.

"Well, Renesme, I'm Claire. This is Scott,"

My smile grows wider as I stare at the two of them also staring back at me with warm smiles.

Did I just make friends?

They start asking me questions as they lead me in the direction of the cafeteria. I also ask them questions, Scott being our medium of communication.

The hall suddenly goes silent. Well not silent but people start to whisper in a hushed manner.

Even Claire and Scott start to look uneasy, Claire terrified and Scott annoyed.

A tall, muscular guy with hair long enough to cover his eyes walks around the corner.

He walked with a slight limp and kept his gaze down as he walked broodingly down the hall. He looked like a live naked wire, one wrong move and you could get hurt.

He looked hella scary and good looking. But he wasn't as good looking as Scott.

Did I really just think that?

This won't be so bad after all, I smile.
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