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"If I can't have you, I'll..."....."You'll what Sophia?"....."I'll kill myself.".....Ever since Sophia made the mistake of cheating on Daniel, her demons have been haunting her. But Daniel, even with his gut feeling telling him not to, ends up forgiving her. Watch as this could be their bumpy road to recovery....or destruction.

Romance / Drama
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The guys and I decided to hang out at my place. We were playing video games and I just won a bet.
"Never bet against him, I told y'all," Zeke exclaims as Jude and Silas give us a hundred each.
Two hundred added to my savings.
We liked to bet on our games, not to the point it became addictive, just for fun.
My stomach growled loudly and I got up to take a look in the fridge. Nothing.
The guys and I had probably finished all the food. I shrug and walk back into the living room.
About an hour or two later, my mom gets home.
"Daniel!" She shouts as she shuts the door.
I don't answer, instead we continue to play. I hear her go into the kitchen and set down some things. Then she pokes her head through the doorway.
"Are you boys staying over for dinner?" She asks with a smile.
"Sleepover?" Zeke asks me and I smile in turn.
She leaves and goes back to the kitchen. We continue our game. Seconds later the screen goes black. We all groan in annoyance.
"What happened to the food?" She asks, not glaring at us but at the table full of wrappers and left overs.
I'm in for it.
"Oh someones in trouble," Angel says appearing from nowhere.
Why was she home from college anyway? I dislike my older sister's attitude.
"Daniel," My mom calls as she throws some dollars to me.
At least thirty minutes later I'm in a grocery store with a full cart. Of course the guys are free and mom decides to torment me.
My cart was practically full. After getting everything on my mother's list I walk to the register and stand in line.
It was early evening so the place wasn't full. I look up.
In front of me was a beautiful girl looking back at me over her shoulder. She looks away when I find her looking at me.
I smile and continue to look at her until I meet her eyes once more and smile.
She smiles back and looks forward when it's her turn to cash out.
She drops a notebook and I rush to pick it. I stand up straighter and look down at the adorably short girl in front of me.
"Hi," I say, my voice coming out low and raspy.
"Hi," She smiles before turning back.
She looks back once more before walking away and out of the store. I sigh at the loss of not taking her number before moving forward.
After I've had everything scanned and I'm about to leave, I see her very same notebook on the counter with her number and name, Sophia.
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