Falling for my ex’s best friend

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So you know how life is when you break up with an ex, Thing is lucey wasn’t prepared for her ex’s best friend Jace.. who very quickly is showing his true side to her and she just can’t resist. His hands cup my face as he plants soft kisses on my forehead. “I want you to be mine blues, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you, even if that means knocking my best friend on his ass keep you, truth is, I’ve been in love with you since before you got with him,” My heart swells with love, love that ive tried so hard to keep at bay. “Kiss me then Jace, show me how much you love me” His eyes darken and his smile is devilish. “Oh I’m more then happy to”.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I turn to see my alarm screaming at me swotting it with my hand as I rub the sleep out of my eyes,
First day back to collage and I’m dreading it, more for the reason my ex is going to be there, Carl York, the biggest player there is, other then his best friend jace. Why I was so dumb as to let him sweet talk me and fill my head with empty promises I’ll never know. We broke up after being together for a year, down to me not ‘putting out’ for him, so he got it from someone else, I happened to find out by a random number sending me a very graphic video of him and this girl doing anything but homework.
I shake my head trying to shake the thoughts of him out, I climb out of bed and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.
“Lucy you have 20 minutes before you need to leave!” My mom calls me form down stairs,
“ yep I’m on it” I love my mother it’s just me and her my dad was a drunk and my mom ended up leaving him as she gave him way to many chances to change, and never did.
I quickly run to my wardrobe and Chuck most of my clothes on the bed in a rush, finally finding some skin tight black jeans and a dark red strapped top to put on, I then grab my knee height boots and shove them on. I don’t mind my figure I mean I’m 19 and have abit of chunk here and there and have a reasonably good sized chest, just don’t like to flaunt everything everywhere. I go to the mirror and realise my hair is out of control,I have thick natural wavey brown hair, although it’s not brown at the moment I dyed it deep purple a few days ago, I run a brush through it and shove it on the right side of my shoulder I apply eye liner round my bright blue eyes and a dab of mascara.

“Lucy!!” My mom yells me down pointing at her watch.
Oh crap,I run down the stairs almost tripping over my own feet and grab my bag of the hanger near the front door and give my mom a quick peck on the cheek.
“Love you see you after mom”
“ enjoy your day sweetheart”

checking the time on my phone to see I have exactly 13 minutes before my bus, the stops just around the corner of the street, I slide my phone back in my front pocket and keep my eyes on the floor as I seem to move a lot faster.
“Heya blues”
The voice startles me and before I know it I loose my footing…again, bracing myself for the concrete impact squeezing my eyes shut.
I peel my eyes open and realise I hadn’t even touched the floor, instead there are two strong arms wrapped round my waist, I look up to see those deep hazel eyes staring at me,
“Well you don’t have to fall for me that quick”he chuckles.
Jace… my ex Carl’s best mate, another player, arrogant, annoying.. and yes drop dead gorgeous. He’s what all the girls crave and many probably have had to pleasure of sleeping with, he’s like a god, jet black hair that’s always messy hazel eyes a bit of stubble on his chin and strong broad shoulders his skin tanned so you know he’s been in the sun, never really seen his body but he’s into boxing so I’m thinking it’s killer… he wears traccie grey bottoms and a short sleeved white top that clings his frame..
Jace clears his throat and I now realise his arms are still wrapped round me.
“Ermm sorry,” I say like I have no air to breathe.
Pushing myself away from him as he lets me go his eyes lingering on my now revealing stomach abit to long for my liking so I’m quick to sort myself out.
“So.. how was your summer break?” His voice is low and sends a unexpected rumble in my stomach, he’s always had this effect on me and I’ve always tried to push past it, but Im only human.
Sighing I push my hair behind my ears.
“ Fine” short and simple so I don’t stutter.
He eyes me up and down with a confused look on his gorgeous face.
“Just fine? Come on I see you’ve dyed your hair” he runs his fingers gently threw my hair and brush’s my face, I instantly blush and put my face to the floor.
“ yea got bored of looking at the same thing everyday”
“Humm, I like it brings out your eyes in a way”
Ok this wasn’t like jace I knew, he’s never this sweet unless he wants something, but instead of asking I’ll just push past it.
Just then the bus pulls up jace offers his hand out for me to go first, I give him a sweet smile and give the driver pass, he hands it me back and I begin to make my way towards the back of the bus, always the back so that way no one bothers me so my phone comes out and my ear phones,putting on one of my favourites just to settle my nerves ‘iris by the goo goo dolls
I stare out the window as the bus pulls off, to my amusement jace comes and plonks himself in the seat in front of me turning to the side so his backs against the window, he gives me a wink and relaxes.
The bus finally gets outside our collage, it’s not one of these small buildings either, I get lost all the time and I’ve been here just over a year already, I sigh as I pull myself up, jace stands and stretches his arms over his head I can’t help but glare he shoots me a smug look,
“You gonna move or you just gonna stand and stare blues?”
“I…I wasn’t staring I was..waiting for you to go first” great I stuttered… idiot.
Laughing he steps in front of me and gets off, I follow and walk in to the main gates to see jace greater by no other then Carl and a few of his other mates.
Carl and jace have been best friend since way before I knew any of them, both bad boys and both good at sport jace being the boxing type and Carl being the football type. Carl stands by a few girls his dirty blonde hair all gelled to the side, wearing some dark blue right jeans and a tight vest too with some converse, he knows he’s hot, and he’s never without a girl hanging off him, quite happy I’m not one of them anymore.
He suddenly meets my eyes, he glances at me holding the one girl that’s swinging on his arm tighter, I shake my head and walk into the doors .
and here come my girls, Anne and Cassie, best friends since primary’s school. These girls never miss a beat Cassie is the smart one the one who if we ever get in trouble seems to have the answer to it all shes small ,brown hair green eyes, wears a lot of dungarees, then there’s Anne boy problems she’s on it, gossip? She’s got it, she’s fiery and so funny, she’s ginger her hairs shoulder length and curly, she always wears anything she can show her legs off in, she’s wearing short denim shorts, and a polo neck grey too with some wedges.
They both grab me into a hug and squeeze me.
“Ok girls thanks. Missed you too.”
We all let out a laugh and begin to walk to our lockers,
“so you gonna be ok.with Carl prancing around?” Cassie asked me with a concerned look in her eyes,
I shrug “ yea I think, I don’t want any more drama so I’ll just get on with my life n he can do what he wants with his”
The bell rings letting us know we need to be in class in a few minutes, we all get our books out the lockers.
I turn to Anne, “how many classes have we all got today then?”
“ I have 3 English, math and bio”
Cassie smiles “ I have 3 too math bio and math again”
“Why are u smiling so much?”
She twirls her hair round her finger and spins like a giggdy child,
“ max o’neal is in my math class!”
Max, another of Carl’s mates, black hair, green eyes sort of a rocker in a way, yea well Cassie has had a major crush on him since we first stared college.
We give a wave and go to our classes I only have 3 classes today double English and bio.
I walk into to English to see everyone’s names attached to a chair, great I’m gonna be stuck with a ramdomer, as I find my seat near the back of class I notice the name next mine is no other then Carl’s….oh shit.
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