Me, Him & Her

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Chapter 2: Terms and Conditions

As predicted when they got here, they wanted answers which led to us talking for hours. We even had dinner in our room because we were still talking. We canceled on a night out with our friends because this conversation was taking longer than we thought. This was mostly due to me not wanting to admit what I felt for Benijah. This was all new to me and I still wasn’t quite sure what it was that I was feeling.

Once I put my personal internal conflict to the side we finally came to some form of agreement.

We all wanted the triangle, but how we were going to go about it would be different. Again, I knew I was the one mainly being difficult about all of this, but I had things that needed to be addressed. Unfortunately, we went to a college where the students paid attention to other students. Even the ones that didn’t matter, nerds and all. Therefore we needed rules. That was my main condition.

We had to have rules.

Terms and Conditions.

*For Loverboy, Babygirl and Cupcake to succeed everything has to be equal. For the sake of Cupcake, there has to be some level of privacy. For the sake of Babygirl, there has to be some level of understanding in terms of PDA. For the sake of Loverboy, there has to be an understanding in regards to man time.

For the sake of Babygirl, her feelings have to be considered at all times. For the sake of Cupcake, she is allowed to require alone time whenever she feels it’s necessary. For the sake of Loverboy, both girls are to get off his back about his drinking, unless they feel he is already drunk.


No unwanted pda.

*If Cupcake or Loverboy aren’t in the mood for kissing/holding hands it is to be respected and the other two are allowed to continue on as they wish.

Keep kissing to a medium.

*It would be unsightly and kind of weird to see three people trading kisses at once. In public kissing would be kept down. Only to say goodbye if walked to class and otherwise. Any other kissing would be kept in the room or car at all times.

Group dates.

*Group dates are mandatory. Cupcake, Loverboy and Babygirl need time to be one. To share the love as a group.

Separate Dates.

*These are also mandatory. We need time to bond as pairs so that our triangle will be that much stronger.

Sex/Pillow talk

*If one is tired or not in the mood the other two are allowed to continue on but with limitations.

-Do not do anything for the sake of seduction. Respect that person not wanting to participate.

-Be respectful of schedules. Have all the fun you want, but be mindful of that person having to get up early.

-Be understanding to all parties. Take into account what they do and don’t like. Show each the necessary amount of attention. Be giving to all.


*There is no need for anyone to be jealous. This is an agreement for all. This throuple is what we all want and we all agree to follow the rules that are listed here.

*Be kind. Be loving. Be caring.

*Don’t be an asshole and cheat. There should be no need for cheating.

*Friendship comes first. Always remember that our friendship MUST come first.

Needless to say, once it was all laid out in words on paper, I was a little more comfortable agreeing to this. Sandra was right, this is what I wanted and my anger laced with heavy denial was making it hard to see the truth. I just needed to make sure I understood what I was getting myself into. I wanted to prepare myself and them for what they were proposing. Double the arguments. Double the fights. Double the miscommunication. Double the misunderstandings. Double the expectations. Double everything.

We were up for hours trying to come to terms with it all. Maleah couldn’t believe that I had actually agreed to it all, and Benijah just sat there with this smug look on his face. I occasionally stuck my tongue out at him.

Eventually we fell asleep in my king sized bed with Benijah in the middle as we both cuddled up against him before laying on his chest. He gave us both a kiss goodnight and then we kissed each other. So far so good, but tomorrow was a new day.

… … … … .... …

I groaned as my phone started blaring it’s ringtone interrupting the amazing dream I was having. Too make it worse it was a fucking Saturday and I just wanted to catch up on my sleep. Something I make known every week. Who in the hell would be calling me knowing this? I made a move to turn over and grab it, but his hold on me only got tighter. I shrugged, deciding not to fight it as I tried to get back comfortable. This was something I could get used to. I was starting to doze back off when another ringtone joined mine, seeming that much louder in the silent room.

“What the hell?” he groaned. Okay so that was his phone getting a call now. I was starting to get an idea on who was calling me. Did I forget plans or something?

“Just ignore it.” she yawned her hand reaching over to caress my arm. It was like she could sense me starting to freak out. That little acknowledgement made me feel good and I started to relax again.

“I agree.” I mumbled. A few seconds later everything stopped. We all sighed before getting back comfortable and trying to grab the last bit of sleep before it got away from us.

I was seconds away from passing out when three different songs rang out. Now I was pissed. This was ridiculous. They never called us this much before.

“It has to be them.” I whined. “What the hell?”

“I know it’s irrational, but I swear I feel like they’re doing this on purpose. Somehow they know and they want to make sure we can do nothing sexual to make this official.” he groaned.

“Well that can be arranged.” I teased winking at Maleah before getting up and straddling him. “Do you want to kiss me Benijah?” I asked giggling as he nodded his head yeah. I gasped as he pulled me down to him, connecting our lips in one of the most heated kisses I’ve ever had.

“What about me?” pouted Maleah as I rolled my eyes and he laughed. I sat up pulling her to me as we put on a tongue dancing show for him. As we made out I rocked my hips grinding against him until I felt him getting hard.

“Now kiss him.” I moaned. She did as told bending over in front of me as I took her creamy white ass checks in my hands and kneaded them. This was definitely going better than I imagined. It was like my body was starting to take control. Using my thumb, I traced over her panty covered pussy smiling when she gasped after I pressed on her pleasure button. She was already moaning loud and all it did was make me hotter. Fuck I loved to make her moan.

Impatiently hands pulled down his boxers allowing him to spring free. It stood straight up and as much as I wanted to lean over and give it a good sucking, I wanted it inside me more. I was too impatient to remove my underwear completely, instead opting to rip the seat of them as I lowered myself onto him slowly. I gasped, my eyes popping wide open. I had no idea when I closed them or why they were even closed, but I had never felt this full before. I froze. I had no idea he was this big. Nor this fat. It was amazing and definitely something I had to allow myself to adjust to.

Slowly I began moving, bouncing myself as Maleah started paying attention to me again. Her lips found mine easily as Benijah guided me in riding him like a rodeo star meeting me thrust for thrust. I was already getting close as she assited him and was kneading my breast and twisting my nipples so deliciously. I was losing myself quick and didn’t even realize it was happening. It was something about two sets of hands on my body that did something to me. I was becoming someone else and I was loving every second of it.

It no longer felt like I was participating in this. I wasn’t the one that initiated this moment anymore. I was outside of my body watching it as it happened and still getting turned on. My body felt hot and I wasn’t getting the type of feeling I wanted from this. I wanted to feel him deeper. I wanted harder thrusts. I wanted to feel like he was in the pit of my stomach sending me to levels of euphoria I didn’t even know was possible as I screamed their names at the top of my lungs.

It felt like I was watching myself orgasm as he flipped me over before standing up. He told Maleah to lay on her back. I knew what he wanted before he asked as I crawled my way to her removing her panties completely. At some point our shirts had come off and her pink little rosebud nipples were calling my name begging for some attention. She grabbed a handful of my hair and arched her back as I sucked her nipple into my mouth gently biting down on it until she was moaning my name. My fingers instantly went south and were deep in her pussy getting her wet for me to taste before my brain even told them too.

I took my time giving each bud the attention it needed before kissing down her body and finally burying my face into her moist canal. My tongue swiped up and down her slit; drawing circles around her clit as I continued pushing my fingers deep inside her.

“Fuck Sienna.” She moaned as Benijah finally joined us again pushing into me hard from behind. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I momentarily lost my rhythm. This was more than worth it.

… … … …

We all laid naked in bed naked, cuddled up and drained. Completely spent from what we’d just done and shocked from how much we’d enjoyed it.

“Well that was-” I paused trying to find the best word to sum it up, but came up blank.

“That was an experience.” he offered laughing to himself.

“That was a hell of a lot better than I expected.” blurted Maleah, shocking herself as we laughed. She was right though. We fit together in more ways than one. It was easy to see why they wanted this. With the sex out of the way, my head was clear but my decision hadn’t changed.

I felt more than lust for him and I already knew what I felt for her. I may not be able to admit it out loud, but it was clear.

I loved them both and wanted this just as much as they did.

“Let’s nap.” yawned Benijah. “We’ll deal with the peanut gallery later.” He didn’t have to tell me twice. We cuddled back into him after giving final kisses and before I knew it I was out like a light.

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