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Romance / Erotica
Tristin Clark
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The Immortal Chronicles: Book Four

A Dark Erotic Paranormal Romance Novel

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(Warning: Contains NSFW Explicit Content. Do Not View If You Are Not 18+ or Older.)

(Must view it on Youtube due to its’ explicit content.)


Now enjoy this special sneak peek into Aza and his soulmate Cassie’s love story.

Hope you enjoy the tease... ;)

I sit back, holding my girl, while listening in on everyone go around, sharing their encounters of the paranormal, which, strangely... is quite the normal thing now. At least here, in sweet old Hollowcreek. Not sure about the rest of the world. Lucifer would know though.

“You’re awfully quiet,” my mate leans in, to whisper into my ear. She pulls back a little, staring into my eyes. She’s close. Close enough that I can feel the heat radiate from the skin of her lips. I’m tempted to take them. Tempted to taste them with a lick of my tongue, coating them with my warm, wet, saliva.

“Just enjoying the ghost stories,” I tell her.

“Well, you haven’t heard mine yet. You want to?” she asks. No. I want to say, because I already know what they will be about... her sister.

“Sure,” I answer. She smiles and turns to her friends.

“Alright. Ya’ll shut up. It’s my turn now,” she orders them. Damn baby. Way to be a boss bitch. Me likey. She readjusts herself on my lap, and the feel of her ass, rubbing against my dick, only makes it grow harder than it already was. Her head turns back to me and she smirks after I’m sure feeling myself press into her.

“You okay there?” she asks. Now it’s me biting my bottom lip, trying desperately to hide the pain of my very obvious erection. I naturally buck my hips, slowly grinding against the crease of her ass.

“Mmh. Baby, you keep moving on me like that, and no. I will not be okay. I’ll be burning.”

“Well, we wouldn’t want you in pain, now would we?”

“Not if it can’t be... dealt with,” I tease, grinning naughtily and I know I got her. She blushes and is left speechless. Her smile blossoms into one cheesing grin before she turns and faces the other’s.

I wrap both my arms around her, holding her close, while hers wrap around my neck.

“So,” she starts. “As we all know, except for one here,” she says, turning back to look at me. “My sister disappeared twenty years ago, from a mental institution and was never seen again,” she ends, before looking back at the others. Shiiiit... that was me, babe. Suddenly, I feel as guilty as ever.

“Most assumed that she was killed by the Beheader, but they are wrong. My sister was not killed but taken... by the devil,” she ends, and some gasp while other’s huff and roll their eyes.

“But how do you know it really was the devil?” asks one kid.

“Because my parents saw him,” Cassie states.

“And what did he look like? Big red guy, with horns and hooves?” the same kid jokes and fuck this kid. He don’t know shit.

“No. That would be his father,” I add without thinking. Everyone goes quiet for a moment before they begin to giggle. Including my mate.

“Right,” she says, looking at me and then eyes the others. “Well, this devil was as dark as the night, with bright red eyes and yes, he had horns and hooves.”

“It’s all conspiracy,” says the same piece of shit and he’s damn getting on my nerves at this point. Keep interrupting my mate and see what happens, human. “I’ve heard this story before and it’s your parent’s word against the whole town’s. Nobody but them saw this devil. Don’t you think that’s just a little suspicious? I mean, they did just lose their daughter. Maybe your parents were... I don’t know, delirious or something.”

My mate then jumps off my lap and begins moving fast towards the kid, but I stop her when I grip her hand and yank her back. She turns, eyeing at me under raging dark eyes and damn baby... I feel your wrath and it is fucking fire. She then turns to glare at the boy.

“Are you calling my parents liars?” she nearly growls, and I see big guy cowering back like the punk ass bitch he is.

“No. No. It’s just that—” he stops when she attempts to move towards him again, but I only tug her hand, pulling her back.

“Call them a liar again and I’ll gladly prove you wrong,” she coldly threatens the kid and fuck... me. I am so hard right now. I tug her hand, making her fall on top of my lap. Her arms wrap around my neck, just as one of mine wraps around her waist. My free hand reaches up to press tenderly against cheek. Her eyes close, just as she takes in a deep breath and exhales slowly. I can feel her calming. Her heart rate decreases and then steadies to a normal beat. Her eyes then open and we’re instantly locked into one intense gaze.

“You’re okay,” I softly tell her, trying to soothe her. She nods before taking another deep, relaxing breath. Damn my girl’s got serious anger issues. One thing’s for sure. She’d make one hell of a badass demon. One thing at a time though, Aza. First, woo the girl, before putting a ring on it.

“Let’s just all agree to disagree,” Terry suggests. There you go Terry. Way to take lead, pet.

“Finish your story, baby,” I gently tell her. She nods and then turns to continue on.

“My family still looks for her. My parents never stopped because they know she is alive and still out there. They’ll never give up looking for her and neither will I. Not until we have her back,” she finishes, and all I can think about it the fact that they have no idea... Emi is fine. More than fine. Fucking happy. I just wish that they knew that.

“How do ya’ll know that she is alive still?” asks one of the girls.

“Because he loves her. The devil. That’s why he took her. To make her his bride,” she adds, and unholy fuck... she knows it all.

“Whoa. If that’s true, then that’s kind of romantic,” says the same girl.

“There isn’t anything romantic about a monster as evil as him, forcing my sister to be his bride,” my mate seethes and for the first time in all my life... I’m actually fucking offended.


That’s what we are. Fucking evil monsters. She hates us. She hates me. She hates what we are and knowing that... hurts.

“But what the devil does not know is that we are close to finding her and when we do, he will pay for taking my sister away,” she darkly vows, and I don’t like it. Stop her, is what Lucifer had said to me and it’s true. I have to stop her from traveling down this road or... I don’t even want to imagine the possibility if I do not.

“Your family intends to kill the devil?” I ask.

“No. I intend to kill the devil,” she corrects, and I choke. I literally choke on my own spit and cough. “Told ya, you’d like my ghost stories,” she grins and says.

“To be honest. I thought they’d be more about, you know? Actual ghosts.”

“Do tales of ghosts from the past, not count?” she asks, and I’m just left speechless, gazing at her in— I don’t even know anymore. I’ve never felt so conflicted. So dishonest and unloyal to all. What the fuck do I even do at this point? I can’t betray my mate, but then again... I wouldn’t dare betray my king. Either one of them.

“Well, it’s getting cold out here,” says Terry. “How about we take this party inside and make some drinks? I can sure use one,” I catch him mumble under his breath, before glancing up at me under hinting eyes. Cool it, lover boy. Your time will come.

“We’ll be right behind you all,” I tell Cassie’s friends. I hold my mate within my arms and wait for the others to leave us alone, before turning and giving her my full and undivided attention.

“You’re still upset,” I say, after picking up on her dark, lingering emotions.

“I think of all people today, I have every right to be upset, don’t you think?”

“Of course. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be upset. I was just stating that I understand that you are and I’m sorry,” I apologize. She shrugs, looking away before her eyes fall, glancing down at her lap.

“It’s not like you had anything to do with my sister’s disappearance, so no need to apologize,” she says and I’m about to burn my own self because this guilt is eating me alive. Fuck I wish that I could just tell her the truth but is the risk worth possibly losing her over? Fuck no!

My fingers lift her chin, making her look up at me.

“Regardless. Losing someone you love, has got to be the most painful thing to experience and the thought of you, in pain, ignites a fucking fire in me that I have not felt in a long, long time,” I admit.

“Well. I never met her, so can’t say that I love her, but she is my sister. A sister that I would have known, had she not been taken. Who knows? Maybe I would have loved her. Maybe she would have loved me, but I guess I will never know.”

“She would have loved you,” I tell her. “When you finally meet her, I know she will love you.”

“I appreciate your optimism,” she says, with a slight corner smile. “But optimism is only a crutch that cloud’s the mind and heart of reality.” Awe. My poor damaged beauty.

“And what’s wrong with having a little faith?” I question.

“Faith is for the weak. I only believe in the truth.”

“Baby girl... I’ve got so much to teach you.”

“Well, get in line, because I am constantly learning,” she responds, and I just smile and shake my head.

“I can guarantee you, that what I wish to teach you, you will not find in any known human text,” I say, and then witness one adorable little side smirk from her.

“Oh yeah? Then tell me. What would be the first thing you’d wish to teach me, if I allowed you to?” I sigh heavily, before gripping her thigh. My hand slides down before coming back up, under her dress.

Her eyes drop to my hand, before glancing at me.

“What would you like me to teach you, Cassie?”

“Umm,” she nervously replies.

“Do you want me to stop?” I ask her. She shakes her head no.

“That’s my girl,” I say and then continue traveling up her smooth thigh before sliding between her two heated ones. Her eyes close, her mouth parts and she gasps when the tips of my fingers barely brush against the thin material over her throbbing pussy.

I can feel her clenching, tensing under the tingles of my fingertips. I tease her lips, with feather like tickles and already, I have my girl wetter than the ocean. I grip the side of her neck and lean in, to whisper into her ear.

“You enjoy me touching you, don’t you?”

“Yesss,” she hisses.

“Has anyone ever touched you here before?” I wonder, hoping to hell she says no.

“No,” she merely whispers. Thank the fucking devil.

“That makes me very happy to hear, Cassie. I like a blank canvas. Gives me the opportunity to paint you to my liking,” I say, now teasingly licking up the skin of her neck.

“You want to paint me?” she nearly moans.

“Ohh. Baby girl. I want to do far more than just paint you,” I say, tugging on her ear with my teeth.

“Ahh,” she moans, while gripping my thigh roughly. I release her ear and then smile against the skin of her neck.

“Will you be my Mona Lisa? Will you allow me to paint you, Cassandra?” her heated eyes then find mine. She gazes into my own, panting and breathing heavy, just as my fingers slip under the fabric of her panties. I allow them to slide down between her wet slit and the moment they do, she leaks even more.

“That depends,” she breathlessly whispers, and I grin.

“On what, baby?” I ask. Her hand suddenly grips my wrist and pulls it out from under her panties. She twists my wrist, bringing it behind me and then forces it high up against my back.

“Ayyy,” I complain from the rough play. She leans in, next to my ear to whisper.

“Do you intend on fucking me over, once I give you what you want?” she asks. I pull back to face her.

“Hold up. You think I’ll just take what I want from you and— leave?”

“I know what you are, Aza,” she says, and I panic. Shit... She knows. “You’re a fuck boy and fuck boys always take what they want before tossing their toys aside,” she finishes and for a moment, I am so relieved. Ahhh. For a second, I honestly thought she knew what I was.

“Again. You got me so wrong,” I tell her, now smirking.

“Then prove me wrong, Aza. Make me believe you. Earn my trust,” she tells me. She then goes on to release my wrist. I pull my arm back and grip the side of her neck roughly.

“Gladly,” I eagerly say before pulling her in, to kiss her with everything I fucking have.

We kiss, nearly sucking each other’s faces off and the passion... the heat, it’s— fuck it’s intoxicating, almost unbearable but I will not dare back down. No. This is happening. This is fucking happening and I’m sorry Emi but fuck our promise. What can I say? I’m a shitty friend but great fucking lover. You’ll get over it, Emi. At least, I hope. Fuck it. I don’t even care right now.

I lift my girl, bringing her up so that she can spread her thighs and rest her knees on the opposite sides of mine. I grip her ass, squeezing her cheeks roughly before sliding my hands down, to come back up under her dress.

“I fucking love your ass,” I speak against her lips. She giggles which only makes me smile.

“I was going to wear pants but—” I stop her from finishing.

“I’m so fucking happy you did not,” I admit. I give her ass a good massaging, before making her sit down on me. Her legs move to wrap around my waist and then I pull her against me, making her gasp when her body meets mine roughly.

“Grind that pussy against me, baby. I want to feel you. I want you to make me burn for you,” I tell her and unholy fuck, does she do it. My sweet, sexy virgin... Fuck baby. I’m going to fucking ruin you.

She sits and begins grinding that fucking magical pussy of hers against my pulsing cock. My eyes close and I bite my lip hard at how unbearably good she feels against me. Those tingles. My fucking dick and balls tingle and shiiiiit. I can’t decipher whether it’s pain or pleasure that I feel but I don’t give a fuck. I’ll take it. I’ll take it both. I hold her face between my hands, pushing her head to where her lips smash against mine. I just can’t get enough. I’ll never get enough.

“It feels—” she starts to say.

“Feels what? Tell me baby.”

“It— It tingles,” she admits under my heavy kissing and after hearing her say it, instant relief. She feels it. I knew she must have but now I know. She feels the bond. She feels it just as I do.

“Your body was made for mine. It wants me. Do you feel me? Do you feel how hard you make me?” I barely pull away from her lips to ask.

“Yesss. I feel you,” she answers.

“And do I make my girl feel good?”

“Yesss. You feel so good.” I leave her lips, trailing my own down the skin of her neck. The tip of my nose then skims up before stopping to whisper into her ear.

“Then imagine what my cock will feel like buried deep inside you.”

Suddenly, the ringing of her phone goes off, interrupting our very heated moment. She stops grinding and gazes down at her side.

“Someone is fucking dying tonight,” I coldly threaten to whoever dare intervene.

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