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Leo, a man of every girls dream. Hot, calm and knows what he is doing. Mysterious and has a heart that craves for true love all his life. He dated many girls in his teenage years thinking they are the one for her but he was mistaken until he met her. Tia is a simple girl with simple needs and wants. She had broke up with her boyfriend with whom she was with for almost 5 and a half years. A little complicated in her own way and sometimes hates herself for expressing her feelings as no one truely understands her or her intentions. She has a bad temper and often acts without thinking too much. What happens when Tia meets Leo on her second semester of university when she is finally healing from her previous heartbreak? Will he break her heart or will their broken yet healing heart will make them fall in love with each other? Authors note: This is my first book so please forgive me if there is any error and enjoy the book.😇

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Chapter 1

Tia Leini

6.30 am, another day of my boring life where I have to act as if I'm happy and everything is going as it should be. 'Ugh! Can someone please tell me I can be happy for real with myself and my life'. I think to myself while getting ready for uni.

My name is Tina Leini and I'm 19 years old. I'm a first year university student and this is another boring day of my second semester. Well not really boring cause I have friends who help me get through my day. I can't really tell if I'm lucky or unlucky to have these bastards as a part of my life. We all have something going on in our life which is long forgotten when we are together.

Looking myself in the mirror I'm quite impressed of myself today as I look pretty hot for this cold weather. I'm wearing a knee length white and black long sleeve dress which was given to me by my mother. It has a deep v-neck and is a little flare at the bottom. I have long straight hair that reaches my waist, caramel skin tone and an hourglass body shape. I just love my body and my look today. I hardly apply heavy makeup. Its not my thing. I only apply matte lipstick, face cream and eye pencil on my eyelids which is exactly what I did today.

I'm currently living with my grandparents and my father's younger brother and his son along with his fiance. I moved to city side to complete my studies. My parents stay at the village with my younger siblings. I'm the eldest daughter and granddaughter from my father's side and third eldest from my mother's side. I never got along with my cousins from my mother's side as they are a different level of pure head ache. But, I love my cousins from my father's side as we mostly mind our own business and we get along really well.

Doing a final 360 in front of my long mirror I finally pick up my cute bag and boots to head out and start my day. Hopefully something new or exciting happens today. As I left my room I see my 11 years old cousin Rejie waiting for me on the table with his mouth full of cereals. His just so adorable. His parents were separated when he was around 6 or 7 years old so he lives with his dad n soon to be step mum who lives with us and my grandparents. I just love my cousin Rejie. I put my bag on the sofa and my boots just outside the door before going to grab something to eat. I open the fridge and take out some milk and pour them in a bowl then I put some cereal in it and start eating when I received a message from my high school friend Rey.

Rey: Bitch where are you?🙄
Me: Having breakfast bitch🥣
Rey: Hurry up🤦‍♀️
Me: Yes, now let eat
Rey: Okay I'm already in uni. Don't be late.
Me: Yup😁

I quickly finish my breakfast, take my bag and wear my boots then leave with Rejie to catch the bus after saying our good byes to grandma and grandpa.

Rey and I have been friends for the past 5 years and he's more like a brother to me than a friend. Unfortunately I can't say that he feels the same way for me. Rey likes me and I've made it clear to him that I can't be more than just friends with him since i don't feel like that for him and he said that he's okay with it. He's a possessive type of guy and I'm like a free bird who can not be caged.

Rey was there for me when I broke up with my ex boyfriend Zack. It was a pretty ugly breakup. Zack and I dated for almost 5 and a half years. He was my first real boyfriend, my first kiss and my first everything. When he came to university in the starting of our 5th year he met a girl named Rebecca. I'd say she was a manipulative bitch. She already knew Zack had a girlfriend who is in her final year of high school and will be joining university from next year(current year). Rebecca was in a pretty bad shape when she met Zack as she was dealing with her own heartbreak. He always told me there's a girl who wants him but he wants nothing but friendship with her so I was okay with their friendship and I didn't react much as I knew Zack would never break my trust. Zack and I always used to fight a lot but there was also love and care. We were really close, we used to trust each other and we were bestfriends and lovers.

Since it was my final year of high school and first year of university for Zack, I wanted to cherish this year so I asked Zack for a little break and I told him to enjoy his first year as a university student as well. Little did I know that this will lead to our break up. Rebecca and Zack got close when I was busy with my final year that I didn't even realize that I was losing him.

After I finally graduated, I was so excited about going to university as I would be spending more time with Zack but when I found out about him and Rebecca I was really heart broken as I always thought Zack wanted nothing more than friendship with her. Rebecca made me believe in her words and I started to understand her situation as she told me about her really bad breakup and how she met Zack. I felt bad for her and I decided to let them be happy even if it's impossible for me to see them together. Later I found out that she was lying to me and she was doing all this to get Zack. I confronted her and told Zack but he didn't believe me even when he wanted to since Rebecca completely brainwashed him. I don't blame him though as there were times she made me believe that Zack was in love with her. I was an idiot for trusting her and so was Zack. It was too late when he found out about everything. I was completely broken and Zack couldn't leave her even then so I decided to let him be with her and let fate decide what will happen.

I was healing from the heartbreak little by little everyday as I was used to having him around. Rey was a big help since he didn't like Zack from the beginning and always told me to be careful. When I told Rey about what happened he was really upset and helped me get over Zack. He also introduced me to some of his friends I never knew about and soon we all started to hang around. Nancy, Taylor, Danny, Levi and Sam. Nancy and Taylor had a thing for each other, while Danny was the nice and strict, Levi and Sam were like any other teenage boys. They all were good. We all had a lot of problems in our personal lives but we forget that when we were around.

As I reach uni, I message Eey to know where everyone is at:

Me: I'm here. Where is everyone?
Rey: Library talk space. Should I come to get you?
Me: Nope. I'm on my way.
Rey: Okay

When I go to talk space in our university library I quickly spot the everyone. We all decide a time when we won't be having our classes so that we can have lunch together but we'll meet in library and wait for others to join us so that we can go and eat. I saw that it's time for my tutorial class so I leave for it as it is compulsory and I don't want my grades to fall as I've already wasted my first semester because of Zack and Rebecca. Luckily I was able to get a passing mark to get to next semester.

After my class I go back to library only to meet Nancy waiting for me at the entrance. She wanted to make sure that i don't get wet as it was raining heavily and thanks to my outfit I wasn't feeling cold either. As we go down to talk space and meet the others, I ask her to wait for me so that I can use the washroom. When I came out after doing my business I saw Nancy talking to a guy. That's when I see him. One brown bandage on his right wrist, smile on his face and he's dressing was on point. When he saw me I smiled and so did he. Feeling shy I remove my gaze from him and started to look somewhere else but him. Once he left Nancy told me that he was Leo and they were in the same high school.

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