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[ WARNING: IT WILL CONTAIN MATURE SCENES AND SEXUAL ABUSE. IF YOU ARE COMFORTABLE THEN GO FOR THIS STORY !!!!!!!!!!!! ] [ Enter at your own risk!!!!!!!! ] Rhea is a sex-starved housewife who stays in a high rise and meets different men to satiate her hunger. Whether it is the lift, or society's swimming pool, she has multiple ways to target men and bring them to her bed

Romance / Other
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Climbed up, lift

Lift can lift up the mood, if two people are shut in a lift. Rhea meets Rohit, An aspiring model in the lift and Rohit likes the view. They both start pressing buttons of Intimacy and one thing leads to another.

In big buildings, their are many tales of lust. The conversation of the neighborhood changes in the cheating, it is not known that sometimes while taking sugar, the touch of the hands drives a current inside the body, which is giving the courtyard to the black tales, sometimes the game of hide and seek deserted terrace played by them finds lust in each other. Sometimes you go to their house and you got to know that their wife is not home she has gone to her mother's house after some awkwardness comes a secret that can't be said to anyone🤫...... it is said believe that people have hunger of sex they need sex two times a day but I am the one who believes in buffet🤤, what to do everyone has their own choice. But in my building lust birds I have done many encounters in which I am operater and I am the one who is the victim.

One day I have to go to the 35th floor of my building that's why I took lift. Because of the weight of the things I brought my saree's palu fell down till the time I handle my palu at that time the boy who lives on 5th floor comes running "lift, stop the lift" Rohit had wore a white tshirt which has taking the shape of his muscular body in height 6'5 inche and size from all sides super perfect. Rohit was running very fast to catch the lift I have put my hand in between the door so that lift's door can't be close we both were so fast that his muscular chest dashed with me. My hands never touched such a super fit body. I am married to a simple IS officer but Rohit was different. Those who does modeling they take to much of care of their body like a lottery. I also felt like that, like I have got the lottery because when he dashed the smell that came from his body you could have smell all the time by lying in the bed because of that smell you feel so free that you don't want any clothes on our body. Like you don't want to be caged you want to press your body on his, like the smell coming for him to be yours. I was thinking about all this, at that time he said, "I am really sorry" that voice has put a magic on my hormones. I handled myself and answered "No, no it's okkk! After that, between us their was awkward silence I know that when Rohit collided with me, my rising up bosoms touched his big chest and from that time we was feeling a different attraction and tension.

We were so restless that we don't know why the lift is not reaching our floor. At that time he saw and said, "Oops! My bad because of all this I forgot to press the floor button, which floor? "35th" I said. "Ohhh! Good view" he replied by looking at the my exposed waist near my saree, I understood his indication. I said "Then why don't you come up, you can see the view and that to peacefully because my husband is not in town." "Yes, why not, I would love to see the view" Rohit said.

Now I was again and again thinking, because of my hint what he will do, I want that he should capture me in the closed lift like we collided, in the same way he should again collide in the same way he should again collide with me and press his chest against mine and he should remove my saree's palu from my shoulder and kiss me in the way as shown in movies and from neck he should travel to my lips, my juicy lips should be squeezed by his lips like a lemon falls in vodka and squeezed it well to remove the juice and by his hands he should grab my back hardly and with fingers he should draw a drawing around my belly button that should be always printed in throughs. He legs should caress my legs and and his hands should go between the cut of my blouse and my bosoms. And his breath should falls on me like a storm. And we see each other's parts without looking at each other. And in low voice I could say "don't stop Rohit don't stop".

"That our stop." Rohit said. By his voice that I realized that we have reached the 35th floor and now I have to take the keys and open the door of my house. Rohit was
watching around that he was stealing something from my house. And I was opening the door in the style as like I was ready to waste everything on him. As we entered my house he said, "I am thirsty" what thirst was this thirsty? I didn't understand within a second I went to kitchen. I saw that Rohit was standing behind me for 1 second I thought he touched me. I was standing near refrigerator, In nervousness I opened the refrigerator door and let the air cold sir cool down myself. Taking his hand over my shoulder Rohit put his hand in refrigerator and removed the ice cubes as soon as I turn he put the ice cube on lips like it's standing 'No Man's Land' on lips. The ice cube was not inside nor outside, then I understand the hint. I hastily put my lips on the ice cube. Ice cube began to melt, I started feeling hot breath and cold ice at my body. I was breathing fast as express train, Rohit knows that I will not stop him 'he liked the view and the view liked him' he dared to kiss me to all whole body. He removed my saree, I went round and round. And he was connecting the pieces of ice with the pieces of my lust.As the sari fell on the floor, Rohit put one end of No Man's Land on my lips. And we both pressed that piece of ice and started kissing each other. I opened Rohit's pant and held his shame in hand. Rohit moaned 'Ahh' I said "why you don't liked it? When you hold my body you were enjoying na so when I hold your Mr. Erect from your mouth ahh come." I asked. Rohit mixed his cuteness with his bastardism and said "You didn't let me to complete my sentence I was saying Ahhhhh! I like it." This voice has made a magic like an athlete has given the permission to run in the race.
Then I removed Rohit's pant in full force, by seeing in my eyes he said, "I only want to press the lifts button my intention was not anything else." "I also only want to climb up in lift" I replied. By saying this then I climbed on Rohit. His muscular body has weakened by seeing my naked body. By seeing his naked body weakness has done a protest. "Ahhhhh" On his chest I have given the mark of love. He has also give me marks on my full body starting from collarbone to stomach. As Rohit saw the love bite he thought to take revenge and this revenge I really liked it.

He rubbed me on floor and put all his pressure on mine. "Ahhhh" on one side my body was feeling the coldness of the floor and from other his warmness. Rohit hardened his grap and kissed me, then he penetrated him inside me. I began to shout but from other hand he covered my mouth and slowly slowly he began to stroke me. "Ahhhhhh ssssshhhhhh ahhhhhh" we both shouted.

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