Always & Forever: The Path Towards us

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Luna moves from New York to California with her mom to get away from her abusive dad. She gets wrapped up in a love affair with Bellamy Carter her next door neighbor. She doesn't want to love him but can't seem to shake him off. With all the trauma of her past Luna doesn’t want to let him in. Not that Bellamy giving her a choice. Bellamy Carter There are so many things in my past I wish I could take back but meeting Luna wasn’t one of them. From the moment I saw her in the window and fast forward to the kitchen I knew that we were soulmates. I didn’t believe it back then and I pushed it down because I thought I would do more hurt to her then save her from whatever pain is consuming her. Tigger warning ⚠️ Talks/ written talks of abuse and other things that might tigger you. Please be cautious while reading.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1- Moving Day


I woke up feeling anxious about moving into a new town. I don't know how many times I begged my mom to leave my dad, and she always said the same thing.

"I love your father too much to move". I can't remember the days I spent in my room with music up loud so I wouldn't hear the cracking of my mom's bones. Wishing it would stop and so feeling powerless to stop it.

I looked over to my mom in the car. She was sobbing. She always pretends she was fine, but when my dad left for work she thought I was asleep. She would sob all night long.
"oh hey lu" She wipes her tears switches for a smile like nothing has happened.

I touch her shoulder as she winces and I take my hand off. She was still sore from last night. Bruised and cut all over her body. Out of everyone she didn't deserve, she's really the most kind and loving person.

"Ma. Are you okay?" I asked her almost every day. She smiles at me and takes my hand in hers.

"Listen Lu. No matter what, I'll be okay, remember that," She states, grabbing her bag from the chair. I smiled back at her in agreement. Maybe finally we could live a normal life somewhere else.

She was still wearing her pajamas. Her hair is messy, as if she just woke up and thought we should go to California. The sun was rising, leaving a yellow and purple sky. My dad was at work all the time. He didn't really tell me or my mom what he did, and I thought it was just better if I didn't know so I didn’t ask.

When we finally got to the house. I was surprised by it. The house was a one family home. It had a pool in the back that was shared with our neighbor and a tire swing. It was nothing like the Parker mansion. It was better and more homey.

My mom's face lit up when she saw the look on my face. I went into the back seat to get a box in the car. My mom felt her pockets for the keys when she found them she said "Ah there you are".

The inside of the house was beautiful. The kitchen had white walls with black-and-white tiles, was classy and normal. The living room had the same white walls, but they hung the tv up on the wall. The house had comfortable brown couches.

My mom yells for me in the kitchen distracting me from the tv remote. I was about to watch Netflix. I ran back into the kitchen and she said "why do you check out your room. Down the hall first door".

She kissed me on the cheek before I ran upstairs with all my might.I ran upstairs it was a long hallway with 2 doors. One near the staircase and another opposite from it. I took my time to get to my door. I don't know what was holding me back. I hold the door knob before opening it.

This is my new life, and I was going to have to get used to it. I look around my room in awe. It has blue and white walls. A small closet for my clothes and shoes. I looked up at the ceiling to find it looked like stars and screamed with excitement. It was like she planned this before we left. Let's hope it's different from New York.
I ran downstairs to my mom washing her hands in the sink with a smile that I haven't genuinely seen in a long time, she was actually happy.

“Did you already look for a new job?” I asked after kissing her cheek.

“Yes, I’m working at the hospital as an E.R doctor” she replies. “You don’t have to worry about me, I’m doing way better now. You should heal we both need”.
She turned to me and wrapped her hands around me. How am I supposed to heal from something that didn’t happen to me? Like physically?. I guess it caused trauma for me too, didn’t it?.


Mom snapped me back into focus by saying. “You should meet the neighbors. They are really nice people and the mom has a daughter and son”.

I get that she was trying to find me a friend but I’m too afraid to let anyone in my life right now. I mean in New York I had friends but they weren’t real ride or die friends. I would party and get drunk and high to forget about my dad abusing my mom.

“If dad finds us they will be in the crossfire, I don’t want to risk anyone getting hurt because of me”.

She reached her hand for my cheek and I laid my head on her hand lightly. “You can’t live in fear, it's what he wants, don’t give him what he wants”.

I pull away from her and clear my throat. “I’m going to unpack upstairs” and I headed upstairs and fell into my bed. I stared at the ceiling. Why am I so unwilling to trust anyone? Maybe making friends with the neighbors won’t be such a bad thing?.

I start to unpack my room, placing everything in it’s perfect place. I open my window and feel the warmth of the sun on my face. It always seemed to calm me down.

I look up at the sky "please make this a good thing!" I beg. I was shocked to see a guy in the window with his shirt off and the sun hitting him perfectly making him glow like an angel. He stares into his mirror like he has an obsession with himself. He has long brown curly hair, I could see his muscular body in the mirror and see some writing on his skin. He passes his hands through his hair to push it back.

He moved slightly out of the sun and I noticed the tattoo right up his left arm and chest. He noticed I was staring at him and winked at me with his devilish smile .

My heart dropped and I started freaking out. This was the last thing I needed right now. My anxiety went up and I felt myself breathing harder by the second. I close the blind in a rush. I tripped over the few boxes I had left and fell right flat down on my face.

“Ow” I yelped.I got up immediately, feeling embarrassed. I can't believe I just fell .Stupid. Great impression Luna.

I hear him rush to the window. He yells "are you okay? love" He seems worried.
Shit! I walked back towards the window and put a smile on my face and screamed "I'm fine". Great!. First day and I already embarrassed myself, it's off to an impressive start.

After finishing my room I went back down to the kitchen. I could hear my mom laughing and chatting with someone. As soon as I reached the kitchen they both turned their glances to me.

She pulled me in for a hug and she squeezed me tightly "Hi I'm Shella it's really nice to meet you" she was smiling like it was stuck on her face . She seems like one of those parents who are over the top happy all the time. She continued, "I have a son and a daughter your age. I can't wait for you to meet them!. Actually, I am having dinner. Come to dinner later so you could meet them" I nod in agreement.

Shella had grey eyes just like the boy from the window. But her hair was blonde and long. She looked like she looked too young to have teenage kids. If I tried to protest, my mom would make me go anyway, so I'm going to pick my battles.

"I'm going to walk around for a little" I can see the worry in her eyes. I hold up my phone and I see her relax a little.

She hugs me tightly "be careful okay?".
I nod. I get why she's worried about me: society hasn't really been nice to black, Hispanic people, especially in a white town.

Before I leave, I hear footsteps coming from the backyard sliding doors until the man from the window is standing in front of me. I started feeling myself panic. Still I hide it from showing.

Shella excitedly says, "Luna, this is my son Bellamy. Bellamy, this is luna" introduces us. This guy had dangerous grey eyes, one look from them and I was already weak. It wasn't just his eyes, his entire demeanor the way he leans so effortlessly on the kitchen counter. No I’m not going to be involved with this boy but he was the perfect distraction.

I pretended to smile. I feel my cheek turning red of embarrassment from earlier. You can see his tattoo clearly now even the chest tattoo which is surprisingly not covered by his white turtleneck because it's see through.

He holds his hand out with a massive smile on his face "prazer em conhecer você". He kissed my hand "Luna". He had a heavy accent. I couldn't tell what it was. I noticed the tongue piercing while he was talking. It was a black and had balls at the end to keep it there. Butterflies formed in my stomach.

The only words that came out of my mouth were "huh?" He stunned me,no man has ever made me speechless. I had no words.
He responds with a smile. "it means nice to meet you in Portuguese".

"Well, It's nice to meet you too Bellamy" I smile back. I let go of his hand immediately after. It was too much tension for me.

His mom spoke again, and I put all my attention on her, trying to avoid his eyes on me. "Luna is going to have dinner with us today. I trust you'll make her feel welcomed".
He looks me up and down "Of course mother" leering. Making me suddenly self-conscious of what I was wearing. A graphic teen shirt and black jeans,

He was staring at me like he was undressing me with his eyes. I should have noticed his bad boy persona at the beginning. Confident, brave and dominant. Everything I would usually run from, so why aren’t I running?.

I walked outside, away from him. I let the fresh air consume me and breathe in the sunny, hot weather of California. I feel him pass behind me. He touched my arm, making me shake a little. He immediately sat in a tree swing. He motioned for me to sit next to him.

I thought about this for a second. Luna, you only just met the boy. How much trouble can you get in?. The answer: a lot. I sat next to him and he smiled.

"So what brought you to California?" He started asking questions that I haven't really had the answer to. You can't just tell a stranger everything that goes on in your life.

I started choking, and he got alarmed. I waved my hands signaling that I was okay. When I stopped choking I replied, "My mom and I wanted a fresh start".

"Hm" He said as if he thought I was lying. He pushed back as if he was going to swing. It was half the truth. The only truth I could give him at the moment. It was the first time I really saw him up close.

It got so quiet so I asked him "what about you?". He glanced up at me. I hadn't realized he was looking down at the ground with his hands in his pockets.

"What about you Bellamy?" I sneered, and I turned it back on him. He grins and he moves uncomfortably which made me smile.
"What about me?" He questions.

"Well, you seem to have the personality of a player?" He's eyes went wide. It surprised me that it even came out of my mouth. I saw the exact moment he changed.

He looked down to the floor. I seem to have knocked his confidence down. "Ah. Is that what you think of me?" He beamed teasingly.

I chucked to relieve the tension "Yes. I expected you to flirt with me and try to charm me. I don't charm easily".

I got up before he could rebuttal "Well, I told my mom I was going to walk around" as I turned my back to him he grabbed my hand.
I looked back at him and I laughed nervously

"what are you going to say now?" I spoke.

"I was going to say that I could go with you" his confidence seemed to shoot right back up.
"Actually, I think that's a bad Idea" I couldn't just be around him alone in my room. I didn't trust he wouldn't make a move towards me.

"So you don't trust me, scared you're going to fall in love with me?" He comments grinning at me. Him pretending he's just an innocent boy. Is actually funny to me.

I wink "No. No, like I said I don't charm easily and I don't know enough of you to go out somewhere with you". I walked away from him and I could feel his eyes on me. He follows closely behind me.

“Tell me about you?” I asked him since he followed me.

“What do you want to know?” he asked.

"Do you have any hobbies or things you do?" I ask again. Wanting to know more.

"um. I ride motorcycles and actually I want to go into being a doctor" he replies.

I am surprised at his answer, I guess I never saw him like that. I say "you a doctor. Wow, didn't expect that".

“What did you expect me to say that I was going to party and get drunk?” he teased.
“No, I thought you were going to go around picking up girls on your motorcycle to have sex” I teased back.

He turns the question back to me, "what about you?".

"Actually, I want to be a doctor too. But a surgeon or a pediatrician".

His eyes open wide, surprised "WOAH seems like someone has their life all planned out," he jokes.

"Not really. Things can get complicated you never know when something comes into your life and takes you off track".
He chuckles "so basically you don't have your life planned out because things can get in the way".

"Yeah, there is a lot that can happen in two years" . When I realize that we've been walking for a few miles. I ask "Anyway, where are we going" turning the conversation away.

I can see the people I walk past staring at me and Bellamy like I was trying to hurt him or something. Some lady had the audacity to come up to him and ask him if I was legally here. Bellamy shot it down before I could ever say the word. I thanked him of course. But he just smiled and continued our earlier conversation.

He grins "you'll know when we get there".

I flirt "and what if you're trying to kidnap me?" I turn to look at him. What’s happening to me, I never flirt with anyone.

He turns to me and we stop "if I was really trying to kidnap you. Do you think I would take you to a beach?" He points to the beach. I look and realize we're near the beach. I take off my sneakers and I jump into the sand and let myself Sink into it. I smiled and looked back at him "come join me".

He shakes his head. I grabbed his arm and pulled him into the sand. I took a deep breath in. It was nice to feel you didn't have to worry about anything, even if I was just for a minute.
He brings up "so I heard that fall earlier-".
I interrupted him before he could finish "I swear if you make fun of me," I threatened. "I had boxes that I haven't unpacked yet, I tripped on them, leave me alone”.

He grabs my hand. "Then why don't I help you?". I nod. Yet again, another wrong decision. I don't know what it is. It's like when I'm around him I can't say no. Him and I in my room together would be wrong.

I went into my house and he walked in with a ridiculous smile on his face I passed my mom and Shella. I say, "Bellamy is going to help me unpack my stuff. I'll see you guys at lunch".
I could hear them whispering in the kitchen. I look back to see my mom has her worried face.I ran upstairs to my messy room with boxes. He says "Wow. Being in your room I feel so honored".

I roll my eyes "you should be honored I don't let most people in my room," I turn back to him to see him smiling.

I found the box with the family picture of my mom, my brother, my dad and I. I missed my brother and my dad not so much. Every time I saw this photo, it made me want to bawl my eyes out. I can't believe how things ended up with the Parker's. It's like we're cursed or something.

He sees me looking at it from behind me and comes to see "Is that your brother and your dad?".

"Yeah" I placed it down on my drawer. Before he could ask more.

"What's the story?" He ends up asking anyway. He takes the picture from the drawer to get a closer look.

I get defensive "there is no story. My dad lives in New York and my brother-. I don't want to talk about it".

"I'm sorry Luna I didn't mean to push" I smiled at him letting him know it was okay.

My family has never really had it good. Staring at the picture of our family together just makes me upset in ways I can't explain. But I still keep the picture. I didn't understand why either.
I hear a knock on the door so I rush to open it, hoping it would end the conversation. There was a girl who looked like Bellamy, but she had long blond hair.

She introduced herself "I'm Rome Carter. I'm Shella's daughter" she didn't seem nervous at all. She stood up straight and looked as confident as she should be.

I walked over to her "I'm Luna. It's really nice to meet you". I let her in my room and she looked around my messy room.

"Do you need help?. I would love to help!" she smiles. She seems really nice and a person I could be friends with.

She looks at Bellamy. She just noticed he was in here "I didn't know you were up here?". I can see the tension between the two of them. She sat next to me and helped me put things in place. Turns out we have twin telepathy. We both thought of the same ideas. It was crazy.

Bellamy, He didn't really help, he just stood near my bed and watched me.

He smiled "I was helping her with her boxes. Rome calm down," she rolled her eyes.
"More like you standing over there and her doing it by herself," she snarks. He looks completely unbothered by it.

While she was grabbing some pictures from the boxes she asked, "So, why did you move across the country?". I wondered how she knew, like she was reading my mind.

She reassured "your mom told me you guys moved from New York," she said.

"Well, we moved because my parents split up" she hugs me. I almost started sobbing in front of her. She didn't know the whole truth, and I would not tell her. As much as I want to. I think bringing it up again would stir up feelings from the past. Especially now when they both look at me as if I'm going to break in front of them.

I don't look them in the eye. I can't. They both looked at me with guilt and sadness in their eyes.

"I know what it feels like my parents split up too. Ever since they split up, my brother has gone completely crazy," she tries to comfort me. I laugh. She made me feel like I wasn't alone. That feeling was amazing.

He exclaims "hey, I'm right here in Rome!".
She looks up at him "Oh I know and I don't care" she sasses him.

A few hours pass and we're close already. I learned that she likes to surf; she enjoys watching Netflix and her favorite tv show is friends. We were bonding, and it was amazing. I never found a friend who liked the things I did. All my friends and I did in New York.
Bellamy said little. He was more closed off now. I wondered why. I glanced at him once in a while. He stared out my window. A few times we would catch eye contact and immediately look away. I tried asking him more questions, but he just ignored them or smiled and I would look away.

After a while Bellamy finally said, "I'm going to check on dinner, I'm hungry".
When he walked out I asked Rome, " was he always like this?" I was curious.

I get why he was closed off if my dad and mom split up I would and they had. He went the rebellious way. Me: I decided to not dwell on the past because I can't change it and I wouldn't want to.

"Pretty much. He has closed himself off to people," she shakes her head, not quite looking at me.

I watched her play with a tattoo that was on her finger. It was a rose. I wondered why he felt the need to close himself off to people. Was there a story behind this?. When we were laughing about something, Rome said. Bellamy came back up to my room.

"Dinner is ready!" He screamed. Both Rome and I jumped at the sound of his voice. Mostly because we thought he was just using it as an excuse to leave. Rome walked out, her blonde hair flipping as she practically ran out the room.

He grabbed my arm before I could walk completely out of the room. I look down at his tattoo hand on mine.

I tried to sound annoyed but it sounded like it was not even close to "What do you want Bellamy?" He just stares into my eyes. His eyes burned into mine. Making mine want to water. The tension grows by the second.

I yanked my arm from him "I don't have time for this, I'm hungry". I walked away from him, walking closely behind me.

He walks in front of me and I roll my eyes again" what do you want Bellamy?".

He had that confused look in his eyes "nothing" and walked away and joined Rome at her house.

"Damn!" I yell as I enter Rome's house from the outside it looks completely small but from the inside it's a mansion.

"I can't believe you guys live in this house, it's amazing" it shocked me. It wasn't like I had never seen a house like this. The Parker mansion was this three times. I liked the classiness of the house.

I sat down in the dining room Bellamy sat across from and Rome sat next to me.
She whispered, "are you okay?".

"Yeah, I'm fine, why did you ask?" She shakes her head.

Was my body language saying something different?. I feel a little shaken up. I didn't expect Bellamy to stop me.

I stare up at the chandelier, wondering if it was actually made of diamonds. I feel Bellamy's eyes on me, like he's trying to figure me out. I knew he was the player type by the way he acted like he didn't care about anyone. I planned to stay away from him if I could. I feel him putting his legs on mine. I kick him as he winces.

Shella asks, distracting me from Bellamy , "So Luna? How is your transition?"

I responded, "actually fantastic, it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be," Shella smiled.

It wasn't as awkward or as bad as it thought it was going to be. Shella treats me as if I'm her daughter too, and I'm grateful for her. She's so sweet. I ignored him the whole dinner, but the more I did, the more he wanted me to notice him. Continuing to put his legs on mine. I excused myself to find the bathroom to calm my nerves. I've only been here a day, and he's already causing trouble.

I walked upstairs. I stood in the hallway where all the rooms were and took deep breaths. Until I felt him behind me. So close I could feel his warm body against mine.

I closed my eyes and yelled, "What are you doing Bellamy go back!?".

"Why?. Do I make you all flustered?" He teased me.
I turn to face him "Believe it or not I'm probably the only girl who doesn't get charmed by Bellamy Carter," I rebuttal.

He puts his hand to his chest "Oof that hurt my feelings".

"Please go away!" I say frustrated.
He comes closer to me" And what if I don't want to?" He challenged.

I ran into the bathroom. I'm about 5 seconds from throwing up the food I just ate from anxiety. I could hear him pressing against the door, Wanting to ask if I'm okay. After a while, I feel his footsteps leave. I can't believe he just assumed I was into him like one of them other Teenage girls. I saw the disappointment in his eyes when he knew he couldn't get me. Even if he hides it well.

I walk back towards the table, and they are laughing about something as I sit down.
I ask, "what's funny?".

"Your mom was just telling us a story" Shella says I hide my face in embarrassment.
Bellamy remarks, "she was telling us about the time. You told her you wanted to be a doctor when you were 10" he seemed really proud of himself.

"First yes I wore that costume cause I knew from a young age I wanted to be a doctor and second I only checked out my stuffed animals".
Shella interrupts, "I bet you were a cute doctor" she tries to make the situation less weird.

Rome says, "why don't me and Luna go up to my room so I can show my room'' she takes my arm and runs me upstairs.

Her room is like every teenager's dream. Walk in the closet. Huge bed. Bunch of posters on her wall and the biggest tv I ever saw.

I look at her room in awe "I can't believe this is your room!".

She giggles "yeah many people say that. It's normal to me I guess".

Then I turned and she continued "what's going on with you and my brother?"
I gasp, "what?".

She repeats, "what's going on with you and my brother?"

"Nothing Rome. We're not even friends in it, even sure I want to be?"

"For some reason, he seems like he's infatuated with you. I saw the look on his face when he came back to the table like something was bothering him. He hides it well but I know him".

He's infatuated with me?. We just met. He just thinks I’m a challenge, something to win.

"Trust me, I'm not into your brother," I responded.

"Good!" She smiles happily.

My mom comes upstairs "Luna we have to go". I wave goodbye to Rome and go back to my room. I can't believe this. The man from the window Bellamy is this grey eyed bad boy player type boy with long brown hair. It's my job to stay away from him. You don't boys like that in your life. Just like- I stop myself from saying his name.
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