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The Vulnerable

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Life plays a hard game on Daffilia, but she must surpass them all to show that she isn't vulnerable. Can she?? Find out in this intriguing story of love, loss and recovery. All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter 1| Memory Lane

"I'm leaving!"

It's late and I have no idea what's come over me. Do I really want to do this? Leave home? What about my brothers? Kyle and Fred would hate me forever for this.

"You can't just leave, Daffy." Fred says, concern in his 15-year-old eyes.

"Oh really?" I ask sardonically. I hate that he's right.

"Besides, it's snowing heavily and Kyle said it'll be inches deep soon."

"And that's supposed to be a warning?"

"Please don't go..." He looks so sad and torn by my decision but it has to be done. I wouldn't have made such a decision if our adoptive parents, Spiff and Keira hadn't been such a pain in my ass.

"I'm leaving whether you like it or not!" I say, leaving my little brother in total shock. He makes no attempt to stop me. Well, too late to turn back. I march out of the house that's big enough to hold a nation and yet so small to contain all of us. Then it hit me; I'm wearing nothing more than slim fitting yellow pants, a chunky white sweater, my boots (gift from last year's Christmas from "mummy" Keira) and my yellow anorak which makes me feel like ice cream. The air outside is strong enough to give me a brain freeze and I keep wondering why it hasn't yet. I know what I wanted. What I really needed to see when I saw it. The field.

"I really hope I know what I'm doing." I spit out. I move further into the field and reach a big tree that seems to always feel my pain. I place my hand on the bark of the tree and that's when I feel the hot stream of tears roll down my cheeks. I don't even realize I am already on my knees digging through the snowy ground searching. Searching for something I know was supposed to be there. I find it; twin grave stones scripted upon it;

In loving memory of Christian and Morganna Wells...

I didn't care about the rest. Just the two most important people I held dear to my heart. I'm already hoarse from all the screaming and crying, then without warning, I begin to loose my breath. Shit! My asthma chose the wrong time to show up. I'm in full panic mode right now. I'm trying so hard to reach for the left pocket of my anorak where my inhaler is, or was supposed to be. Double shit! I didn't bring it. Is this it? My end? The girl who was found dead by her late parent's grave? Survived by two brothers...my brothers!! They'll surely be the most affected if anything happens to me. I should've thought of them... I'm sorry Kyle...Fred...

At this point, I don't think anyone will know where I am. I keep telling myself I want to die and go be with my parents but...it's different when you're running out of air, trying so hard to breathe. I want to be with my siblings. I need them...

"Mom...dad...help..." Then I black out.


I can hear faint voices. I can see past memories. Memories I don't want to see. I see mom. Heck, I'm seeing everything that happened that day...


"Daffy?" My mom calls over my sleeping head.

"Hmm," I murmur.

"Come on baby...wake up." She tucks at my blanket.

"Oh mom...it's still too early..." I stifle a yawn.

"Oh no, young lady." She pulls off my blanket and bursts into laughter.

"Come on mom...don't do that." I don't mean that. I was missing her already.

"You know that your dad and I are traveling today to go close that deal. It's just right that I say goodbye to my baby." She pinches my cheeks lightly which makes me blush.

"That's so sweet ma but..." Say it Daffy! "I'd love to go see you guys off-"

"No baby...you can't. Besides don't you have school today?"

"Mom, it's just to the airport."

"I don't want you crying when your dad and I leave."

"Why would I cry? It's not like you guys won't come back." Pft! Cry...that's bull. Mom did warn me not to curse. Oh well.... she can't hear my thoughts.

"But still-"

"Where's dad? I'm going to ask him and I'm sure he won't refuse me." I don't wait for her reply. I'm already racing down the stairs to find him. I bump into him just as I make the last step from the stairs.

"Whoa whoa...careful or you might spoil the gift I got you," He winks. With his jade green eyes, pointed nose, chocolate brown hair and manly, very manly features, he could pass for cutest dad in the world. Well, I could pass for cutest daughter, which is a given, considering I'm his lookalike.

"A gift, daddy?" I ask.

"Yes baby," That smile with the most perfect dentition comes up. How does he do that?

"Just close your eyes and stretch your arm," He says with a glint in his eyes. I didn't need to be told twice. Few seconds later, something cool slips unto my wrist. I gasp.

"Now open your eyes."

Slowly, I open my eyes and look down at my wrist.

"Oh dad....you shouldn't have," God, it's hard not to cry. "I love you, daddy." He knows how much I love bracelets.

"Not so fast," Mum cuts in. "I haven't given you my gift yet." She stretches a rectangular box in front of me and I grab it eagerly. Opening it, a beautiful silver necklace with a diamond pendant stares back at me. So divine!

"Soooo pretty, mom!" Okay, the tears are really trying not to come out. "I love you both so much." And I come in between both of them and stretch my little arms as far as they could go. I pull them into a tight hug until Kyle and Fred waltz in and join in on the hug. What can I say? We love our hugs. We break off from the hug seconds later and Kyle helps wipe my face. Those traitorous tears...

"And....Fred and I are super excited about the new video game you got us, dad." Kyle says excitedly.

"Anything for the boys." He winks.

"So...hold on to that till we come back, okay?" Mum says a bit too reluctantly. Hmm.

"Yes, mum." We all chorus. Including dad, with a smirk, might I add.

"How about family time?" Dad asks.

"Uhhhh...dad?" Kyle is so not into family time. It was only a matter of time before he spoke up, and he did. Typical.

"Yes, son."

"I'd love to join in on this 'family time' thing," he air quotes, "but Fred and I have a game to play. Right, Fred?" He grabs Fred's shoulder in a side hug.

"Huh? Yes...very true..." Fred murmurs. I'm biting back a smile. I definitely know what's going on here.

"We'll come down when you're ready, okay?" Kyle asks.

"Sure..." Mom says with a hint of disappointment in her brown eyes. The boys zip off upstairs excitedly leaving me with mom and dad. Dad places his hand on my shoulder and leads me towards the living room.

"What are you guys doing?" I ask.

"Well, we have until about 40 minutes before we leave." Mom says looking at her wristwatch.


"And we thought you'd, I don't know, like to watch a movie or something?" Dad asks. What movie could we possibly watch in 40 minutes?

"I have a better idea, dad; let's just sit here and hug each other." I say biting back a laugh.

"Ha-ha-ha...very funny," Dad says sarcastically.

"Come on..." Mom leads us to the living room. She walks gracefully to the center table and grabs the remote control before dad can; she always wins.

"Not today, cowboy," She winks.

"Oh really?" He grabs her waist and makes an attempt to kiss her.

"Ewww...guys? There's a little girl in here," Really? Adults.

"Who? You? You're 10. A little lady," Dad teases.

"Your little lady," I chime in.

My parents are the best things that have ever happened to me- my brothers inclusive, but watching them right now is going to make me sick. Okay, I'm exaggerating. Watching them is something I'll never tire of. Fred and Kyle finally run down the stairs after whatever it is they were doing with wide grins on their faces. My saviors! Dad definitely got them something good. I mean look at their faces. I don't play video games so I wouldn't know the joy.

"This is very awkward." I bite out to the boys who have terrified looks on their faces too.

"I know right?" Fred says, and breaks out into a grin that just keeps getting wider, if that's even possible.

"Guys, we need to go." Mom intercepts, finally noticing our stares. Kill joy!

"Fine...." I pout, "but don't forget what I said abo-"

Suddenly, there's a loud bang as the front door is jammed open. Masked men begin trooping into the living room shouting words I can't make out.

"Get down! Get down!!" I finally hear them say. Oh my God...we're being robbed. We're being robbed!! My thoughts are just swirling. Oh lord, I think I'm going to faint. We begin to get down.

"Now, listen up!" One of the masked men says, "This could either go very good or very bad. Your cooperation will ensure your safety." I don't know what we're supposed to say, even mom and dad are quiet so, I guess I'll just keep my mouth shut. My breathing is labored but I won't dare complain. They keep walking around the house while we are hugging ourselves with mom and dad whispering soothing words to us. I don't want to let go.

"That's a very lovely bracelet you have there, little girl. May I have it?" One of the masked man asks with a wicked smirk I suspect he has behind that awful looking mask he's wearing.

Okay, first of all, little? I'm 10!!! Second, no way am I giving my bracelet and necklace to this scoundrel.

"I said, hand it over!!" He yells irritated.

"Please, take anything you want but don't hurt us," Mom pleads. Mom has never begged before. Well, at least I've never seen her beg.

"You're wasting valuable time, girl." The impatient man snarls.

"Baby, please give it to them." Kyle pleads too. He's always called me baby. I have no idea why. I just realized he hadn't said anything since.

"Please Daffy..." Fred whines.

"Mom and dad gave it to me and I'm not giving it to nobody!!" I don't know why but I'm feeling this surge of adrenaline. I've never felt more serious.

"Give it to me, you little brat!!" The masked man barks, pulling at my wrist.

"Hey! Leave her alone!" Dad yells, standing up and pushing me behind him.

"You wanna fight, huh?" The masked man asks, pushing dad by the shoulder. This makes dad bump into me and I wince from the impact. Then everything turns blurry; Dad throwing a punch, the other masked men coming back into the living room, the trigger being pulled, thrice? Dad on the floor, mom on the floor, both of them bleeding out from bullet wounds in their guts, the masked men cursing and running away... What just happened??

I'm numb all over and I can't even cry. What just happened?? Why am I just staring at the two people I love the most staring back at me but with no emotions in those eyes of theirs? What have I done? Then the screams came. My screams.




More voices and then silence. So much disturbance. What the hell!! I open my eyes slightly and wince at the light that welcomes me. So...I'm still alive, huh? Then realisation hits me- I'm in a hospital.

"I hate hospitals." I murmur.

"Oh well, then miss Wells," a voice starts, "you should've looked after yourself more."

"Doctor Richy..." I didn't even notice him there.

"Well...?" Always fond of getting words from me. I sigh.

"I just wanted my parents to understand that I didn't mean for it to happen. I couldn't give up what they gave me." I clutch my necklace on instinct.

"I understand, Missy." He says, flicking my nose then takes on that serious look again.

"Do you...uh...do you think you could talk about it with someone...a professional?" And he gives me those eyes that show off what? Pity? I hate that look! I wish I could scream it to his face, but it's Doc Richy...

"I'm perfectly sane, Doc. Thanks anyway." Yeah, thanks for suggesting I'm crazy-

"Doc?" A nurse calls, peeking into the room.

"They're here." She continues. Was that hesitation I saw? And why was she looking at me like that? Oh well...

"Thanks, Jenna." Doc says, dismissing her. She turns to leave and casts an eye on me. Again.

"Expecting someone?" I tease, but Doc was never the one to fall for that. Grumpy ass-

"Your...parents are here." He says, turning to leave.

"What?! It's 'cause of them I left!" Is this guy for real or what?

"Whatever differences you may have, settle it. Just not here, young lady." He scolds.

"Couldn't you at least call my brothers insteeeaaadd..." I whine and collapse on the bed and close my eyes as he exits the room. Yes. I'll just close my eyes and pretend they're not coming. Great plan.

"Baby?" Kyle? I open my eyes to see Fred and Kyle coming in with that smug look of 'I told you so' on Fred's face. That little devil... I hate to say he was right.

"Hey... I'm sorry for making you guys worry like that. It won't happen again." No one can resist these puppy eyes of mine. Or maybe not...

"That's what you said the last time." Kyle says unfazed.

"And the time before the last time," Fred seconds. Really, Fred? We're doing this now?

"Okay okay...sheesh."

"You scared me back there, you know? Kept murmuring and shaking when I brought you here..." His voice trails off and suddenly his shoes become very appealing for him to look at.

"How did you find me, Kyle?" I didn't mean to make it come out as a whisper, but he caught it anyway.

"You have Fred to thank for that," He says, placing an arm over Fred's shoulder- a habit I know painfully well where he got from.

"He always knows where you are," Kyle says, ruffling Fred's hair.

"Watch it!" Fred says, trying to escape Kyle's grip so he could fix back his hair.

"I love you guys so so much." And just like that they threw themselves at me. Okay, maybe I pulled them into the hug. Whatever. I love these guys that I've grown up with. I would never dream of hurting them. Or leaving them. And when I thought that the moment would last, they decided to barge in. And I mean barge...in. So much for a family reunion.

A/N: Okay, I know this sucks but... Well if you liked this chapter or did not, just leave a little something on that comment section. Criticism or whatever. I'm ready for them blows!


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