The Blind Boy Next Door

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He was the blind boy next door, now he’s not.

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1. Pinky Promise


10 years ago

Third Person

There are days when you have that uncanny motivation to do things for a person you have just met─or in Ava’s case, the person she has met just a week ago.

Her heart thumped against her chest as the fingers curling the branch of the tree tightened, holding it for her dear life, trying to make balance as her knees shook. With the hand that was holding two headphones by the head, she tried to move the leaves away from her face and her sight. Leaving the only hand holding the branch, she slowly raised her body, standing up, balancing herself on the thick branch as she took one step.

The lump in her throat got heavy, so she swallowed it down, leaving heavy breath, taking another step and trying not to look down. A grin stretched on her face when her gaze fell on the opened window frame, the worries and anxiety departing from her body as she looked at the figure standing in the middle of the window frame, his little hands rested on the window stool, and those beautiful amber eyes gazed deadly in front. “Ava?” he called out, his gaze still deadly set in front of him, waiting for her response.

Ava smiled, “Just some inches away,” she said, and took another step, getting closer to the window frame. Just when she was centimeters away, she hesitantly kept her foot on the window stool just beside the boy’s hand, and grabbed the window rail with her empty right hand, and lowered her body, stretching her leg in to find the floor as she jumped in.

The boy carefully heard her movements, turning around and trying to spot her with the sounds, but failing again as his eyes gazed beside her.

The sound of a glass smashing against a hard surface made both the kids flinch in their position. The pieces of glasses falling on the floor, followed by the loud yelling and a string of curses made their way to the boy’s room from downstairs.

Ava extended her hand holding two white headphones that she was successful in stealing from her parents’ room, “Here,” she said.

The boy brought his hand up, searching the air for the headphones, but not able to find anything. Ava noticed this and brought the headphones closer to him, and as soon as his skin touched the cold surface, he wrapped his fingers around it, bringing it to his chest.

Ava looked around the room carelessly, but the lights were out, making it dark, and the only light was the moonlight coming in from the window.

She noticed a stack of books, wrapped in plastic paper, still packed. “You haven’t unpacked them?” Ava asked, tipping her head at the book, unknowingly that the boy can’t see what she’s talking about.

“Unpacked what?” the boy asked.

Ava realized her mistake and spoke instantly, “Your books,” she said, walking over to the boy’s bed and at the nightstand where the books were kept. “You are joining tomorrow, right?” she asked, wanting the answer to be ‘yes’ so bad. It would be so much fun talking to Seth outside of these four walls, having to be able to play in the playground, and introducing him to her friends.

The boy nodded, but then quickly replied ‘yes’ not knowing if she saw his nod.

Ava grinned, “Let’s unpack them,” she said, plopping down on the boy’s bed and gliding her hand over the smooth surface of the new books. “We can use those barbie name stickers─”

“No,” Seth replied almost instantly, walking closer to his bed and searching the surface with his hands. “Not barbie ones,” he found the surface of his bed, and climbed up, sitting beside Ava, their knees touching each other.

“You don’t even know what they look like!” Ava exclaimed, but not loud enough.

“I know they are for girls,” Seth replied.

Ava shrugged, knowing she would exchange his car or bike name stickers with barbie ones later on. She grinned at the thought of it.

Ava took Seth’s headphones and put them away, for now, till they were awake. She picked up the bundle of books and kept them on her lap, feeling the weight of it all on her thighs. She tore the plastic wrap from them while Seth waited for further instructions. She picked up the mathematics textbook in her hand, sighing at the heavyweight. “Math book is so thick,” Ava said.

Seth brought his hand up to touch the math book, wanting to feel the width with his hands, but his hand landed on top of Ava’s. No one made a move, but then Seth slowly retrieved his hand from on top of hers, muttering a small sorry, and touched the side of the book, feeling its width.

He nodded, “Yeah,” and brought his hand back.

Both of their legs dangled from the bed, because they weren’t tall enough.

Ava flipped open the first page, looking at its contents and sighing seeing everything that she hated on there. She hated math, always and forever.

She kept the book back on the nightstand and started inspecting the other textbooks. “Seth,” Ava called immediately.

Seth hummed in response, swinging his legs in the air.

“Do you see black?” she asked, out of the blue, turning her gaze to him to read his expression.

Seth shrugged, “What do you mean?”

“Like...Like when I close my eyes, I see black, do you?” Ava asked.

“I don’t know what black looks like,” Seth said, still swinging his legs back and forth.

Ava opened her mouth, “, uh like…” she searched for words to explain what black looks like, but couldn’t find anything. “Then what do you see?” she asked.

Seth searched for words, but could only find one, “Nothing,”

Ava stared at his beautiful face, not knowing how he can just see nothing. But she just shrugs off the topic and makes a mental note to search the internet for how to describe the color black, because she was curious.

Another string of curses could be heard from downstairs, followed by plates and glasses breaking making Seth shift in his position uncomfortably, feeling embarrassed for letting Ava hear her mother fight with her newest boyfriend.

Ava ignored the yelling like a panda doing its own thing and ignoring humans. She continued looking through the books, and at last picked up the black and blue backpack, deciding to put the textbooks in the bag and cover them later on, because it was past ten p.m., and past her curfew. They have school tomorrow, the first day of Grade two, and much as she was excited to put the cover and her Barbie stickers, they had to sleep, or won’t be awake before her parents could find her gone from her room.

She handed back the noise-blocking headphones to Seth, and climbed up the bed, and sat straight on the right corner.

Seth felt the mattress dip and just understood that she climbed up. He tightened his fingers against the headphones and brought it up, hearing her mother’s boyfriend yelling, but as soon as he put them on, the noise was blocked away, and it was silent.

He put his legs on the bed and was about to put his head against the pillow when Ava hit him in the stomach, earning his attention as he removed his headphones.

“I said good night, why didn’t you say it back?” Ava asked.

Seth furrowed his brows, turning his dead eyes at her, “I was wearing headphones,”

Ava nodded, “Makes sense,” she said, “Good night,”

“Good night,” Seth said and turned to the left side, earning another hit from Ava on his back. Seth ‘owwed’, bringing down his headphones and snapping his gaze at the right, where he thought Ava was. “Stop hitting me,”

“Then face this side,” she said, her brows furrowed in irritation, “It’s so dark here, and you look like a ghost from your backside,”

“I don’t look like a ghost,” Seth snapped.

“Yes you do,” Ava said, and made him face her. “Now good,”

Seth sighed, putting on his headphones and closing his eyes, putting his head on the soft pillow. But then he felt the bed dip again as he figured Ava sat up. He furrowed his brow, “What are you doing?” he asked.

Ava didn’t reply and just clutched the folded blanket at the end of the bed, bringing it up and putting it over both of them.

Seth realized she was putting on the blanket, so he shifted closer because it was a small blanket. Once he felt her breath hit his face, he stopped shifting, knowing he was too close.

Ava laid her head down on the pillow, looking at Seth’s face that was inches away. A small smile lingered on her face knowing now he doesn’t look like a ghost and she can sleep.



Ava shifted on the comfortable bed, opening her legs and hands, stretching herself as she pushed everything and anything beside her, wanting to fully stretch her body. Her eyes still closed as she pushed the figure beside her over the edge, wanting to stretch her hands full.

Seth groaned as someone punched his guts and kept punching him, his eyes slowly opening but still not seeing anything. It was then that he woke up when Ava completely used all her force to stretch her limbs that he fell down the bed, rolling on his stomach, groaning.

Ava, happy with her morning stretch, heard her name being called from a distance again.


She shot up on the bed hearing her mother calling her name, her eyes snapping at Seth who was lying on the floor, slowly standing up and groaning at the pain. “Why were you on the floor?” Ava asked, rubbing her eyes, and yawning.

“Ava, open the door!”

Ava’s eyes shot up to the window, scurrying off the bed, “I need to go,” she said, leaving her headphones and climbing up the window stool and looking at that familiar tree.

“Careful,” said Seth, walking over to the window by following the light.

Ava stepped on the thick branch of the tree and balanced herself on it. She turned her head to look at Seth one last time, “You’ll sit with me in the bus,”

Seth nodded.


“Yeah, promise,”

“Pinky promise me!” Ava exclaimed, taking out her pinky finger.

“You are on the tree, how─”

“Just hold up your pinky,”

Seth sighed, bringing his hand up and taking out his pinky, holding up in the air, “Pinky promise,”

Ava grinned, turning her head back to look at the window in front. She kept walking, balancing herself, and climbing inside her room.

Seth, being worried, asked, “Are you there?”

“Yes, meet you at the bus stop!” Ava waved, forgetting he can’t see her.

Seth nodded, but still stood at the window frame whilst Ava ran towards her room door and removed the chair she put there to block anyone from coming in. She opened the door, and there stood her mother with her hands on her waist, looking at Ava suspiciously. Ava adjusted herself, squirming against her mother’s gaze.

“Why did you put a chair in front of the door?” her mother asked.

Ava put her hands behind her back obediently and looked at the floor, shrugging, “I thought ghosts were coming to hunt me down,” Ava lied, shrugging her shoulders, “You know, I was scared,” Ava said dramatically, “And I...I thought they were going to take me away from you, because ghosts hunt down children, don’t they?” Ava asked, dramatically sniffling but not able to make the sound.

Her mother sighed at her child’s wild excuses and just shrugged off the topic, “Get ready, breakfast is ready,” her mother said.

“Waffles?” Ava asked.

“No,” her mother said, but then looking at her sparkling eyes she sighed, nodding her head, “Alright, waffles,”

Ava grinned as she saw her mother leave.

She started putting on her uniform instantly, too excited for school today. She would meet her friends after the long summer break, and she would also introduce Seth to her friends.


I would go with this pattern, one chapter of the past and one of the present. The next one would be of the present ;)

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