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"I need your decision, Miss Daniela Aurora," those are words he whispered on me that almost touched my lips. "Stay outside or stay here with me. Decide NOW!" Simultaneously with his shout was loud lightning and thunder. The surroundings were very cold because of the storm but it could not match the heat of my heart as I stared into his deep and fierce eyes. What if you were one of the "Chosen Ladies" who will fight to make the notorious bachelor of the country fell in love.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

“Hey! Someone is drowning!” My classmate Lyra shouted. We are not close because she is rich, and I am just poor. Another factor is that we do not have the same height. She’s 5′6 “, I’m only 5′2".She seems to have a height limit for her friends, so that’s it. I still don’t even care.

“Have pity! Why are you not helping? If the one drowning is beautiful, you’ll save!” Luke, one of the famous in the university, told his troops. As far as I know, he targets the muses on their basketball team every game.

“HELP! HELP! Help the girl! SHE’S DROWNING! Hurry!” Bash shouted loudly, short for Basilio Crispin San Joaquin, my gay classmate who was known to be very rich at the University.

Well, his shout and voice every day in the room really hurts my ears, it’s irritating

But right now, it looks like I really need his sharp voice because I’M THE ONE DROWNING! Help! How come on earth that with a lot of students who happened to slip in the 6-foot pool, it’s really me?! And yet luckily, I CAN’T swim!

My classmates don’t even help me because they also don’t know how to swim that’s why we have a swimming lesson today or because they don’t really care about me.

I was having a hard time catching the air and I just tried to wave my hands until I could no longer cope. I had been calling for help before but no one dared to help me.

God, please help me, I am too young to die. Help! Have mercy on me. But I can’t say. That was the last breath I could take until I sank completely. The last thing I remember was when a man jumped in the pool and then I saw black.


I just felt palms resting on the center of my chest and repeatedly pressing on it. Satan?

“OMG! OMG!” I can hear the voices of my female classmates panicking. Their noise is very annoying. But why can I hear them? Am I really in hell?

“Miss! Wake up! Miss!” said a man’s voice. I can recognize in his voice the stress and the fatigue. I can hear him but I can’t open my eyes. Then I feel he is shaking my face, slightly slapping me. Then he pressed his palms again in my chest repeatedly.

I feel better now, I can breathe but I feel that my stomach is full of water. I just can’t really open my eyes because I really feel dizzy and drained. “Miss! Wake up!” his voice said again. I felt him shake me. Eventually, I felt he pressed my nose and I felt something soft touch my lips. Oh no.

I felt that his lips blew twice which startled me and pressed the palms to my chest again! I’m okay. I want to say but I can’t. I need to wake up. After a few seconds, he touched his lips to mine again to give me air. That’s two! Is it an angel? Am I in heaven yet? Where am I?

“I-I...” I tried opening my mouth while catching my breath. “I-I ’m okay” I tried to whisper. I tried opening my eyes gently and my eyes felt blurred. I am hearing loud commotion but I don’t understand what they are saying. “I’m okay,” I said quickly as I felt that my strength was revived. I opened my eyes completely and there, I first saw the man who had saved me. His face was too close to mine, holding both of my shoulders. His eyebrows are furrowed as if very stressed and worried. And then, I look into his eyes. I don’t know but I felt like I was drowning again as he also stared at me. Only now have I seen such deep and beautiful eyes that seem like connecting to your soul. We’re staring for some seconds. Why do the surroundings seem to stop and I hear nothing? He was breathless as well and obviously tired. He also looks worried about what happened to me.

“Shit,” I heard him say and he sighed. Shit? I don’t know why but I’m no longer comfortable with how I feel. I need to get rid of this! I sat up from lying down and suddenly I pushed him away.

“Oh my! He pushed our baby love!” I heard from the crowd.

“Seriously, she was already helped by our prince, and yet...”

“It’s alive, there’s no thrill. Let’s go to basketball!”

“I wish I was the one who got drowned because I was the one who will undergo CPR!”

“Our Prince’s sexy abs are scratched! Spell H-O-T friend! Oh my!” said one of my classmates.

He suddenly stood up and looked at me wickedly. B-why is his eye beautiful even though he is angry? Why do I seem to want to just stare --- that’s enough.

I was soaking wet and the man devirginized my lips. I wanted to be angry with him but I knew he helped me. He stood up and I stood up too. Gosh, I’m soaking wet. The man looked at his uniform and looked at me again.

“So, what now? I’m soaking wet because of you,” he said calmly but the sarcasm in his words was obvious. I’m wet too!

“I’m sorry. You want me to go home first and then I’ll dry your uniform. Thank y--”

“Nevermind. Seriously, tsk. Your strategy for me to conduct CPR to you is effective, anyway. You deceived me on that. ” he smirked. Did I want that?!

“Who told you I wanted that anyway!” I growl at him. Earlier I really wanted to treat him some fish balls because he helped me but now it seems like my nerves are coming out of what this antipathetic person is saying!

Woah! How boastful! I thought you’re shining shimmering armor.

“By the way, THANK YOU because I saved you!” He combed his hair with his right hand and turned to walk. When I look around me, they look at me badly.

How arrogant he is! I really want to thank him but --- aaargh! “You, arrogant jerk!” I shouted at him but he ignored me. When he was about 10 steps away from me, he suddenly stopped walking and faced me again. “By the way, I have a question,” he says.

“What’s that?!” I shouted back. I am so embarrassed about what he just did to me. Does everyone in this school have a very big head? They’re all annoying.

“Will you buy shoes when you don’t have feet?” he asked. Huh? What kind of question is that? Is he a fool?

“Probably not!” my answer. I saw him nod slowly but he still looked serious.

“If you don’t have a hand, will you buy a watch?”

“Am I stupid? Of course not!” I’m really disgusted. He’s just fooling around. What a jerk.

Then he looked into the distance as if absorbing what I was saying. Then he took a deep breath and spoke.

“I see, then, why are you wearing a bra? It’s useless,” he smirked and walked away.

The people around me laughed. Eventually, my blood rushed to my head and I felt like I was going to evolve.

“PERVERT!” I shouted at him but he didn’t look back at me and he walked straight away and left me. “You’re a rude, arrogant, indecent jerk!”

I will make sure you’ll pay me. That man is very rude. Me flat chested?! How could he say that! He’s an idiot. Maybe he’s the one who wants to give me CPR just to get a chance and kiss me. Annoying!

He told me that I want a kiss but he’s really the one who kissed me then he’s the cheeky one between us. He took my first kiss, he even underestimated my cup size, darn it!

And that’s when my path first met that annoying jerk.

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