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Rebellious Nightingale

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Aidle Vasilia Singing was my only passion, my redemption, which was the only thing that I could think of. Until he came. I hated him, no scratch that, I loathed him. I loathed him soo much that he was soo deep in my skin that I couldn’t just resist him and I had fallen for him. only because of that stupid Prank war. But it was not easy to accept this, my past was not allowing me to accept this. My darkness was only going to taint him. So I could do the only thing which I am good at, I walked away. Away from him. Zian Reyes My life was fine, in fact amazing, a not-so-great job, a pair of useless friends, I mean isn’t that how life works? So yes, it was Fabulous. Until that insufferable woman made it hard for me. That woman is nuts, a total gone case. She has made my life hell a lot tougher since I met her. And now I am not ready to go back to my simple life, it became boring. I need her, I breathe her. I am ready to fight for her, only because of that stupid Prank war. If you Like books with: Prank War Enemies to Lovers romance Passionate towards Careers An Unsolved Mystery Then please Go ahead, This book is for you! PS- As the book is still ongoing so I could change the blurb in future

Rhea D'Suez
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I knew I had to go outside, I knew there were thousands of people out, they were for me. They were waiting for hours, only for me.

Groups of friends, families, shouting my name, calling me to come on the stage. So that they could enjoy, what I enjoy doing.

So that they could feel, what I feel. So that they could find the meaning of every word which I wrote in those papers and sing in front of them.

Yes, Singing.

My Passion.

My redemption.

The only way that I could make them feel, make them understand my pain, My feelings.

Many people said that I would get used to the crowd when I go on that stage but no, every time there was the same level of nervousness as it was at my first concert. There was always a new feeling, a new fight to overcome, a new fear. Fear of not doing the things right on the stage. Fear of not singing the music note correctly, fear of not playing the guitar correctly, and whatnot.

But unfortunately, I had stopped listening to people otherwise I would be doomed. People were the only ones who made things bigger than they actually were. One mistake they would make fun of you. One mistake and those cheering and clapping will turn into hootings and they would start throwing rotten tomatoes on the stage. One mistake and they would make you regret whole your life. One mistake and they would make your life fucking miserable.

It was not like I don’t cherish my fans. I love them. It was because of them only that I was here, and I knew they didn’t like to keep waiting. That’s the reason, why I will go outside but there was always somebody who stopped you to give your best. Always somebody that made you feel unworthy for so many people’s love and support. There was always somebody who will always tell you that you were not enough.

But thank god, I was not the kinda girl who would get dishearten about these things and felt bad about it.

Far from it.

I had already understood this game of people who not only gave fake support, fake encouragement but also showed their true colours and I knew exactly what they actually were. Bloody Snakes.

Since, somebody had to make them understand that ‘Dude, you can’t live like this in this amazing world. Let me teach you a lesson for your own good and you won’t ever forget it. Even if you wish to try it.’

I had personally taken these things into account and I started making changes. Slowly and gradually we’ll achieve this. Pun intended.

Until that time, I was going to make sure that somebody, they regret their opinion because nobody had asked them about one. So they could shove it up to their fucking ass and keep their So-called opinions to themselves.

They would be able to realize that minding their own business was the right thing to do but who knew what they do next because they were soo coward that they would not be able to say it in the face so, they would be doing some wrong deeds after this and then again I would had to make them understand that they done the wrong thing in my unique way and again they would do something wrong again and the process continues.


It’s Tuff, Man. It’s Tuff.

Though, It would be a sad thing that they will not be able to realize it themselves. If they could understand it themselves then I would not be doing these things and perhaps would be rehearsing.

I am a star. I had stopped these things but still once in a while I had always encountered one person who was a self-obsessed, Arrogant, Selfish person, Who needed my help and It was not in my nature not to help one who was in need.

It would be soo much exciting that how Amazingly, Fatambulously they will learn it that they won’t be able to forget this rest of their fucking life.

“Are you sure She is going to come?” My partner in crime, Naseer Dua, whispered in my ear while giving me the stinky eye.

Okay, that would not be his real job. He was my personal stylist, make-up artist, dresser and full-time Best friend. We had been together since I entered this industry. Earlier he used to come for the shows only but since I had been doing photoshoots, interviews, shows quite frequently. So I had decided to keep him to myself.

Well, Not my fault.

It was difficult to find a person like that and he would make you fall in love with yourself over and over again. Yes, that talented.

I checked my watch, any minute now.

“Yes,” I whispered back.

We were standing on the balcony of my Dressing room and all the windows and the doors were closed. She’s going to enter my room to call me for the stage.

This was going to be fucking Iconic.

“Why are we doing this again?” he asked again. I am fed up with his questions. Why didn’t he just enjoy this and let me do my work?

“I had already told you this thing five times, Naseer. Five fucking times! And stop being such a spoilsport. Relax, Sit back and enjoy the show.” Sometimes he’s such a kid. No sorry, kids enjoy this shit but Naseer, he never enjoyed this thing. He thinks it’s all wrong to make people suffer. He had always said to me ′karma itself will teach them the lesson for their bad deeds.′ But I couldn’t agree. I had never believed in ‘Karma’, there was no such thing.

I always believed that we had to make our own path, it was our hard work, our passion, our struggle that made us stand here where we were standing right now. These were all my things. I made Myself and I would not let take this credit to anything or anybody and obviously not ′Karma.′

“Okay, Fine. But will you just tell me why are you recording this thing?” Why couldn’t he just stand here quietly? I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Because I am going to give my Audience a live show. Ta-Da!” I replied cheerfully.

He watched me in horror,” Are you fucking serious right now? You are going to play this live in concert?”

“Well, duh. What else did you expect from me?” I winked at him.

He closed his eyes, moved his head towards the ceiling, said a few words and was doing the criss-cross sign, “Remind me to never piss you off.” I laughed at his statement.

Not a second later, I heard the voice of the heels tapping the marble floor with each step.

C’mon, open the door.

I had already started the live video and now the audience could see what was happening in the room. They were soo going to enjoy this.

As the door opened the bucket full of white liquid fall onto her head, due to which she was not able to see the string of wire which was attached to the bottom of both doors, because of that she fell on the toilet paper which was already spread on the room by none other than me. She started screaming like a mad person and was trying to stand but as the string was still entangled on her ankle she fell again. And due to that, She was covered in toilet paper from head to toe entangled in many ways.

I couldn’t control my laugh, Naseer and I opened the balcony door and entered the room. I was still laughing, no doubt how she fell was a bit funny.

I came in front of her while trying to keep my face straight. “Oh my god, What happened to you? Who did this to you?”

“You little bitch! Stop pretending, As if you don’t know who did this. I will fucking complain to the police for harassing me. I will sue you! You dirty little Whore.” Dobra was shouting on top of her lungs. I was enjoying this thing until she started coming towards and she raised her hand to slap me. Just before I hold her wrist so she would not be able to do so. “I dare you to touch me again and you will not see your hands.” I was fuming with anger. She knew why I did this. She knew what was her fault and still she was showing me her dumb attitude which I will not tolerate a bit.

“You know what, Dobra? You know exactly why I did this and still, you are blaming me for this. That’s heights. Moreover, Do whatever you want, go to whomever you wish, I don’t give a shit! Oh oops, I don’t have time for this. I am getting late for my concert. Good luck with removing that shit.” I gave her a sarcastic smile. I just turned and remembered something “That’s a furniture glue on your hair, so again my condolence.” I whispered in her ear and started walking towards the door with Naseer on my side.

“One more thing, That was the last time you called me Whore and you are fired! Goodbye, Babes. See you never.” I took my guitar and walked out of the room.

“Man, that was something.” Naseer Whispered and again I laughed. He is really something else.

“Go, Kill it Aidle.”

“You know, I will.” I winked at him.

Here comes one of the amazing nights of my life.

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