Rebellious Nightingale

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I was sitting in my office and reading this file on my new client. Apparently, she had done a lot of big things in such a short period of time. I mean what.. she is just only twenty-five and she was already singing on the international stage. Well, Even for me, that was huge. But when everything was going well then why did she need our management company.

I meant sure our company provide management to the celebs but our work not only ends there. We guide each and every celeb with mostly each and everything in the starting years but she was already well established then when did she need their help. That’s really strange.

“Yoo baby, so you still here, Didn’t think I was going to see you here.”

My soo called pain in ass friend of mine entered my office. Alfonso Di Silva was one of the most annoying, Infuriating and irritating people I had ever seen.

“Still you came here without knocking and shouting – Yoo baby in this office. Why?” I replied.

“Ahh smartass, Don’t be soo mean to your one and only best friend. So, How did you convince that bastard to let you stay in this company? Though what you did was still – What should I say..′ Irresponsible Act’ in his language.” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Don’t ask, It was way too complicated this time.”

“Oh C’mon, tell me! What did you do this time? You know..only if you didn’t have sex with him or gave him a blowjob to save your job because that’s what I don’t want to listen to. Though on second thoughts, I think I would really like to know how does it feel to have sex with your boss. So, please humor me.” He came and sat on the chair in front of my desk with all the arrogant smile.

I gave him a tight smile. He knew how to push my buttons and he was doing a great job in it because he was really a fucking asshole and he always liked to infuriate me with all of his humoring sass, which according to him was quite funny.

Funny. My Ass.

“I didn’t give him any blowjob and before you get started with your dirty imagination I haven’t done anything which has any relation with sex and Just for your information I am still interested in pussies but since you are not getting that enough thus you’ll automatically assume that everyone is Gay. So that is not the case.”

His smile is all gone. He deserved that one. Idiot.

“Well, if there was no sex then how did he agree to still keep you in this company because last time I know he was firing each and every employee who made even a single mistake. Then how are you still standing in front of me?” He said.

" What can I say? I have my ways, but he was firing me and he said this wouldn’t change the policy of the company. So, I am still not clearly back on this company. Moreover, he gave me a new client.” He was shocked hearing this.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Did he give you a new client? I just asked him about a new client this week and he said there is no one for me and that he’ll contact me if there’s a new one. That son of a bitch,”

“What can I say? I am the charming ones.” I shrugged my shoulders.

He narrowed his eyes at me,” I want to know who is this Client of yours? What’s his name?”

“Her. It’s her and her name is Emeldia.”

“Yeah, whatever, and Emeldia who? Emeldia Roberts? Emeldia Jones?” He asked as if he knows thousands of Emeldia personally.

“Emeldia Vasilia.” I rolled my eyes, seriously, why was he so interested anyway?

“Who Emedia Vasilia? Just give me the file.” He stood from his chair and took the file that was lying before me.

He opened the file and read from the file, he opened his mouth to speak .. then closed it, again opened it and closed it like a fish. He was trying to say something but was not able to. This was soo fucking irritating. After spending a whole five minutes he spoke again,” Dude, Do you even know who she is?”

I raised an eyebrow because there were very few times when I missed out on the details on some client,” Well, Get it out with.”

“First of all, Emeldia is her real name. Her stage name is Aidle and she is way too wild. I mean she is always in the news for one thing or another. Though seriously, don’t you read those celebrities’ gossip magazines? She’s all over those.” Well, this was all new, of course except her stage name because that was mentioned in the file but everything else ..was way too new for me. “This doesn’t end here, She is soo bad that recently she did a prank on her manager and there was a live show was there for all the audience who was there in her concert. That manager filed a police complaint against her but she was lucky as the police left her with just the heavy fine due to her stardom.”

Fucckk. That’s why Brooks gave me this client. So that If by chance the client has any problem, he’ll get an excuse to fire me.

This was all fucked up. Why didn’t I see this thing earlier? That motherfucker played me.


“Damn it! Why didn’t I see this earlier that he won’t give me a new client because of course he still wanted me out of this company.” I stood from my chair and walk towards my office window which showed me the London traffic, it’s a good thing that my office was on the twenty-seventh floor. This view thing helps a lot in calming my nerves.

“Well, then I am glad that I dodged a bullet.” He sighed.

“But that Bullet is going to wreck me. Don’t you see it that..Ass boss just played? He just needed one chance all this time to get me fired from this company and he got one. Seriously, who made him the C.E O of this company, where he uses his personal grudges to make the living life hell of an employee. This is just too much.” I breathed deeply just to calm my nerve otherwise I would be beating the shit out of that boss of mine.

There was an intense silence in the room. Even Alonzo knew how deep things run between me and Brooks, It was like he doesn’t even like me a little bit and never knew the reason for it or would like to know. Seeing brooks it might be some rubbish or childish reason.

“I don’t think there is anything we can do about this. You could just do your work properly and hopefully, you’ll not come under her hitlist or something.” I looked at him as if he was kidding or something. “Hitlist? Seriously, We are not ten. She is twenty-five and there should be more than enough maturity in here and don’t forget these pranks and all is bad for her image as well. That is going to be the first thing that I will be going to work on as her manager and PR consultant.” I said and sat down on the couch that was near the window and parallel to my desk.

He nodded and smirked as he said, “Well, then good luck with that because this is going to be your last client in this company. Though on a second note, What was the reason that Ryan Will complained about you?”

“Don’t ask, that piece of shit, He was fucking some woman and she was all shouting no again and again. I thought he was doing something bad with that woman, so I broke the door and the scene which I saw...It was way too disturbing and later i came to know He was into some kinky shit.” I shuddered after telling him and he started laughing.

“Oh man, I should have been there to see your reaction. I mean that would be the most amazing moment of my life.” I glared at him but he continued his laugh for a minute.

I meant it was not even funny. And After I entered the office it took me some seconds to absorb that what exactly was happening. Of course, I left immediately but after an hour only I got a call from Brooks to come to his office. Apparently, that bastard complaint about the Privacy invasion. If I had any idea about this I might not be dealing with Brooks. Yes, that Ryan ordered some things like Ropes, oil, candles and all these things in front of me but I thought it might be for his house chores but not like this.

“Whatever, You should get back to your work I think. You have successfully wasted an hour of your precious time. Now, I think we should get back to work.”

“Of course, you would say this now and I think it’s time you should get laid too. I mean you are being very uptight nowadays. Do you want me to arrange something for you?” He said while wiggling his eyebrows.

“Just Get out.”

“Oh, you don’t want that? Do you mean you are gay? I can arrange male strip-”

“Seriously, Alonzo if you didn’t get out in one sec I am gonna beat the shit out of you.” He was just too infuriating to handle.

“Okay, fine, going. But Promise me you’ll are gonna call me if you got any problem while having sex. I’ll let you know how to do it.” Bastard.



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