Rebellious Nightingale

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I was sitting in Amantha Vasilia’s office and As usual, she was making me wait. Every time I entered this office it gave me chills. It not only reminds me of my past but also how we, me and my mom- Amantha Vasilia- had reached here. Though the office was the same for the last fifteen years but still all things had changed. The same desk from the last fifteen, same Window, same interiors but still felt like everything was changed because one person who should be here with us was not anymore.

He should be the one sitting in this room, he should be the one who should lecture me on how to behave in public. He should be the one to protect me, to taught me how to handle the people like Dobra but he was not here.

He left us. He left mom, He left me.


His own daughter, who needed him the most at that time.

When I look out the picture frame which was on my mother’s desk, My heart aches because the smiling faces of a man, woman and girl of ten years, looking at the camera, enjoying their picnics was not something I would like to remember but still it felt like yesterday, when all things had happened.

A painful memory, a sudden ache appeared on my body. Even still after twelve years, the memory was still fresh but I know nothing could be done now. That was all in the past and by thinking I was making things a lot difficult for me.

Mom still didn’t come to her office. Where the hell was she? If Like she had managed this office then how the hell did her employees keep up with her. Though I already knew what was going to happen in this office. The same, usual things that happened every time I came into this office and this time it was for the stunt I pulled in my last concert. I know it was a bit more than my previous ones but it was nothing new now.

Though I could totally agree that with all the police things I did get a little bit of negative publicity but it’s fine, I’ll do nothing for a week or two to get in the media or magazines. But the problem was what I was going to say to my mother? Of course, she would never get what Dobra did or said because she’ll only think it was all my fault because of What I did and she won’t even ask why I did it? What Matters to her was my image and how my latest stunts affect me or my singing career and everything else comes second. Even me.

That’s the truth, She cared more about my singing career than me and I had learned about this on many occasions but of course, that’s reasonable as well because she made me. From my singing lessons to my first competition, From my first Live concerts to my music Albums, It was all because of her and because she gave importance to my career, not to me.

Even in the earlier stage of my career, she was the only one who managed all sorts of things, like with whom I should do the concert or whose parties I should attend, From the food which I should eat to my friends. Even She used to find and approve my “show off” boyfriends as well. She had control of everything in my life. Every-fucking-thing.

When three years back she backed off from my manager post, I thought she was now giving me some freedom, Freedom of everything but no, she appointed one of her ass-kissers for that job and oh god! She was more of a Hitler than my mother. I meant she used to speak to my mother-about me-in front of me as if I was not even there and she was not even acknowledging me as her boss but she was answering to my mom. At that moment I had enough and decided to take a stand for myself. I taught her the amazing lesson and to many others as well who came after her.

That’s how I became Rebellious nightingale by the Tabloids.

Amantha Vasilia entered the office and behind her was her minion of hers-I couldn’t recall her name hence the minion- but before her minion could enter she told her to wait outside and closed the door behind her. She came forward and sat down behind her desk and when I saw breath hitched. I was meeting her after three months and nothing was changed and plus It was like I was seeing myself in the mirror. She was all same, the same brown colour small eyes like mine, same Asian brown skin colour. The only difference in her appearance and mine was the difference in height as she was five feet four inches and I was five feet seven inches and the hair colour; she was blonde and I dyed my hair into the red.

My mother has never changed anything in herself since my father died. She was all same it was just she had got a lot of stress lines on her face and as I look at her face with more concentration she ...does look a little different. She looked ...tired, Stressful and a little bit..old. I guess people are allowed to look like that at the age of forty-nine but of course, she never looked like that.

She came and sat in front of me, behind her desk, “Well, What a pleasure to meet you The rebellious nightingale. So, How was the fun at that concert? I guess you enjoyed a lot while doing it.” She said.

After this line, I knew exactly what was going to happen. It was the same lecture every time and I was just going to sit down and listen to the lecture.

“ You really like getting on my nerves every time right? And you are not even ashamed for what you did Am I right?” I just smiled at her face.

“ You are finally getting your daughter. Congratulations!” I said and I knew exactly how to press the buttons.

She looked at me and after five seconds she chuckled,” You know what I think, I think whatever I am going to say It’ll going to reach deaf ears. So, I don’t think it will do any good to anybody let’s just cut to the chase.”

“ With Pleasure,” I replied while smiling.

“Sponsors are not happy what you do every time in your concert. Your fans might support or enjoy it but let’s not forget the part that you are the celebrity and you are going to influence the people in large numbers, If you are going to keep your attitude like this they are going to take your money out and if one took out their money, everyone is gonna follow them and let’s not forget how the police were involved in this. We are hanging through a thread right now Aidle, and one wrong move is all it takes to—“

“Blah Blah Blah I know okay, I don’t need another lecture on this. I’ll keep things in control for now and you don’t have to worry about sponsors, You’ll not lose your money and your wealthy living standards of yours. I guess there’s nothing else that you would like to discuss so, I’ll take your leave.” I stood up and move towards the door. I could not stand this woman for more than five minutes. It’s just too painful.

“You are just like your father- Irresponsible, reckless, imprudent and what not! Don’t forget I made you Emeldia, What you are is because of me don’t you dare show me that so-called attitude of yours.” And all I see is red, She can say all things to me but not to my father.

“Take. It. Back. Take it back to what you just said! How can you disrespect him like that, whatever he did but he was my father and I will not allow you to disrespect him like that? Moreover, I could never forget that you made me because you did the worst job doing it.” Those were the last words that I said to my mother and left her office.


“Will you please slow down? That’s your eighth drink of Vodka and I don’t get it what just happened in just seven minutes that all of a sudden you wanted to come to the club for the drink.” Naseer said.

After that argument with Amantha, I didn’t even see the time and called Naseer to get us into someplace to drink. It was just too much emotional imbalance and I was not the kinda person who cries and failed to control emotions but this was too much, I was a ticking bomb at that time. Thankfully after my third drink, I stopped thinking about it but that was not enough. I wanted to numb my feelings. That woman brings the worst out of me.

“Nothing, Just the casual mother-daughter talk time,” I said with a little rough voice. “One neat, Please.” Said the guy behind the bar.

“Oh please, as if I don’t know what happens behind the closed doors,” Yup, He knew but only the tip of the iceberg because I have never told anyone, anything. That’s not me. I don’t share anything with anyone but that definitely doesn’t mean that he was less of a friend or I don’t mean him, my close friend. It’s just..some things are hard to describe especially when you are a closed-off kinda person. “And Why are we not celebrating with your team for the success of your new album? You know it was all you then why are we sulking here and not doing anything but drinking. C’mon Woman I need to find some guys for myself as well. I need to release stress. Have some mercy on me.”

“It’s not like I am telling you to stay here. Go ahead and enjoy yourself with a group of your friends. I am not stopping you and at least you’ll leave me alone for the time being.” This was getting harder. “Another drink please.”

“For Goodness sake, just stop! I am calling the Taxi so just wait here. ” He took away the shot glass from my hand. “And Don’t you dare give her another drink.” He warned the bartender.

“Hey, Now that’s not fair! I am getting another drink.” As I was in a mid of a debating conversation my phone pinged. I took it out to see who messaged me and all eight shots got wasted. My hungover was over. It was not even Four hours after our latest fight and I got a new manager from a new management company. This woman was really testing my patience.

“C’mon Let’s Go, I’ll take you home. Taxi is waiting outside.” Naseer said.

“Yes, We have to go somewhere but not home. We have to arrange the grandest welcome for someone.
“I said As I took my purse and walked out of the club.

“We Do?” He asked in confusion.

“Yes, and you have to make sure it will be the best one,” I smirked while getting into the taxi.

“uh-oh” I laughed out loud.

This was going to be fun.


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