THE PADMORE'S Tower-Michael(Book One)

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The moment he stopped in front of me, his mouthwatering scent invaded my senses. He just stared at me, not saying a word.. Suddenly, it came rushing down. the tears. I couldn't help it. He lifted his hand , and with his thumb he wiped the one tear that escaped. "why are you pretending?" he spoke softly. "hmm?" he urged rubbing my cheeks. I naturally leaned into his touch. "I don't know what you're talking about Michael" I broke the silence, more tears streaming my face. Why is he deliberately hurting me. He didn't say anything. does he believe me? i- I don't know whats going on in that head of his. The huge silence spoke volumes. "okay." he finally spoke pulling me into his warm embrace. he wrapped his arms around me. I released a sigh I didn't know I was holding in. I closed my eyes, relief flooding my system. what was all the commotion about? I tried to relax calm down my racing heart and stop the tears but I guess these tears were a week old and needed to be set free. they desperately needed to be released. If only my mother-in-law and brother knew what was conspiring in my husband's mind. only the supreme being knew. Michael released a sigh of his own as he gently placed his palm behind my head...Suddenly he started applying pressure, pushing my head into his chest, stopping the air from reaching my nostril.s. I struggled to break free. but, he didn't let go.

Romance / Drama
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Introduction &Disclaimers

OKAY! some disclaimers before we start.
#1. I am not really a 'mature' content writer. I believe I have my own way of showing it. so discretion is advised just in case. there maybe be sexual scenes, violence, drinking, smoking, and abuse. any chance feel free to skip any sexual scene or abusive scene that makes you feel uncomfortable. the safety of my readers and their mental health is very important.
#2. The plot of this story centers around the family. and it's told through the eyes of a female character and at some points other characters. also, not every information concerning the business or professions mentioned in the story is true. my imagination gets the best of me sometimes. so please pardon. because the inner workings of the company may be oversimplified, left out, or adjusted for the sake of fiction.

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