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Introduction &Disclaimers

OKAY! some disclaimers before we start.

1# ALL RIGHTS BELONG AND GO TO ME! I came up with everything that has to do with this story. It means everything to me. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL FROM ME. And if you find out someone is stealing or has stolen my content please feel free to let me know.
Oh! And I almost forgot, please pardon any grammatical errors it’s my first time sharing what tugs at my heart to the world so, please take it easy on me. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section it fuels me and keeps me going and I will love to know your thoughts about my work, so feel free to leave a review as well.

2# I am not really a ‘mature’ content writer. Im a sucker for romance. But I believe I have my own way of showing it. so discretion is advised just in case. there maybe be sexual scenes, violence, drinking, smoking, and abuse. I will put in an announcement at the beginning of any chapter that contains such scenes. PLEASE...by any chance feel free to skip any sexual scene or abusive scene that makes you feel uncomfortable. the safety of my readers and their mental health is very much important.

3#THIS BOOK IS A STAND ALONE. I’VE had the idea of this book for a very long time. And I’m glad to be able to share it with you all. The plot of this story centers around family, it’s a slow-building story that mainly shines a light on the married life of the youngest son and his wife. It revolves around business, marriage, family, drama, laughter, sweet & heart-wrenching moments. Mainly the Padmore’s family, and little glimpses into the other families(which will one day...maybe have their own story told). It’s told through the eyes of a female character and it has dual pov’s. also, not every information concerning the business or professions mentioned in the story is true. my imagination gets the best of me sometimes. so please pardon. because the inner workings of the company and professions may be oversimplified, left out, or adjusted for the sake of fiction.

4# LASTLY, I want to thank you once again for giving this story a shot. I hope you fall in love with these characters as much as I have. Welcome to the PTfam once again.
I appreciate you all.
Much much Love, and Enjoy!!!

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