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A collection of short stories. I am a first time writer so please forgive me for any errors. Would love to hear what you think about them. Read at your own risk, because i can't guarantee they'll be any good....

Romance / Erotica
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First time

It was just like any other day for Tina.

A normal day which usually consisted of her going upstairs to the office and start studying. She was out of college for almost three months now and was preparing for the competitive exam. She had gotten a job offer but rejected it completely to focus on studying for the exam.
And so far, it had been going pretty well for her. But lately she has been feeling something strange. Something unlike what she'd ever felt before. This feeling had been giving her a lot of sleepless nights lately. She'd always had issues while sleeping, but of late it wasn't her usual insomnia.
She was finding herself aching down there. It wasn't the kind of ache that hurts. But she wanted to relieve it. She'd squeeze her legs together in hope of finding some relief. But to no avail.
And yesterday she felt her panties getting wet while squeezing her legs together,and she thought it was her period. But it was the white discharge.
Wanting to distract herself from this thing she couldn't figure out, she decided to study because this something she had control over.

But little did she know that she was soon going to figure what has been bothering her.

That was a few days ago. Now it was the diwali week. The study centre had very few students coming in during this time. Tina's mother had gone to visit her sisters and parents. She was all alone in the house.

So, she was upstairs studying in the office and managing the study centre. There were barely any students today. But she noticed that Viraj had come today. She never got into any boy drama. She had never had a boyfriend. But she noticed Viraj.

She realised she was lost in her thoughts,and reprimanded herself for daydreaming again.

It was dusk when Tina decided she was done studying for the day. She locked the office and went downstairs. The study centre was open till 10 pm. So she had alot of time to spare until she had to go to shut it.
She decided to get some cleaning done. She decided to get dressed in shorts and a tank top to get comfortable while cleaning.
An hour later,she decided she was done cleaning as she had no more energy left and decided to take a shower. She completely stripped down and stood in front of the mirror to look at her body. She had been working out and taking care of her body and took time to admire it everyday in the mirror. This was her form of self love.
She smiled looking at her reflection. She was proud and happy. She was in great shape.
That is when she noticed that had to shave her legs. So that is exactly what she decided to do.
After about an hour Tina found herself in front of the mirror again,admiring her body which was as smooth as marble. But she also did something else. She had completely shaved her pussy. She thought the hair down there was the reason she had a strange feeling down there, so she shaved it. It was so smooth down there, she was not used to the feeling. It was something she had to get used too.
It was 9 pm so she quickly got dressed and decided to order some food. But before that she wanted to take a round of the reading hall and see how many people were still there.

And with that thought she headed upstairs.......

The reading hall was eerily quiet and looked quite deserted. All the rooms were locked except the one farthest to her. She could see light coming from the glass pane on the door.
She walked towards the room to see who was in the room. Once she reached the door she looked into the room through the glass pane. It looked empty. She went into the room to look behind the first set of seats to see if anyone was there.
She tiptoed inside the room as if in a haunted house and didn't want to make any noise.

And when she reached behind the first set of rows she saw Viraj. She stood there looking at him trying to think what are the odds of her running into him like this. Then she realised that the odds were very less because they weren't a lot of people coming due to the festival.
As she came to this realisation,Viraj looked up and saw her.
They both were startled because neither did he expect someone looking at him nor did she think she would get caught.
She was embarrassed, so she tried to cover it up.
'Hey', she blurted out. 'I was actually taking a round to see if everyone had left', she explained.
'Hey, I was just a bit startled. I certainly wasn't expecting you at this time', he chuckled.
'Yeah. I was not expecting you here either', she replied.
'Let me know when you are done.I'll be in the office', she said as she didn't want to make a fool of herself.

'Listen, I've seen you studying a lot. What are you preparing for?' he asked curiously.
She was caught off guard by the question as she didn't expect him to make conversation.
'I am preparing for MPSC', she said.
'Ohh, that's amazing. All the best. I'm sure you'll make it', he said.

And that was how everything started. Everything that led to self discovery.

Tina was currently wrapped up in a blanket with Viraj. She was surprised how she ended up there with him. They were sitting on the terrace with empty pizza boxes sitting beside them.
Her laptop was in front of them,with the movie paused.
She had never thought they would get along so well. After he asked her what she was preparing for, they found themselves in a full-blown conversation. They didn't realise how time flew by. They were so much into the conversation that they didn't realise they ordered pizza and decided to watch a movie.
It was Viraj who suggested we go out on the terrace. About a quarter into the movie, they abandoned it and continued talking. They were talking about their lives and experiences,which were so very different.

She was glad she talked to him. Sometimes talking about your lives to strangers feels so therapeutic. Maybe she should do this more often.

Their conversation drifted into comfortable silence. Each in their own thoughts.

Viraj moved a little to get into a more comfortable position, which if anything, pushed them closer.

Tina felt his shoulder, his entire arm against hers. She suddenly became too aware of his body touching hers and her breath quickened.

There was a tightening in my stomach. Maybe it was the butterflies. And then he felt his pinky finger creeping onto hers.
Then she knew she wasn't the only one.
She was nervous. She was scared.
But she wanted to see where this went.

She was so scared of ruining the moment that she held her breath in anticipation.
She slowly tilted her towards him to see his face. To see what he was feeling.
At that exact moment, Viraj looked down at her. Tina felt an urge. A primal instinct took over her mind and body.
And then,
She slammed her lips onto his.........
It was like he knew this was coming. He instantly responded by moving his lips. She just followed what he was doing.

This was her first kiss. It was very slow, tender and it made her feel some kind of way. She felt like she was melting. It made her hot all over.

After what felt like a lifetime, they pulled away slowly. Her heart was racing so fast. They looked into each other's eyes trying to gauge what the other felt.

And as they both were looking into each other's eyes,they knew they were thinking the same thing, wanted the same thing.

They wanted more.
Their movements were so clumsy and erratic as they stood up. The clock was ticking with anticipation as they made their way downstairs to the office.

The atmosphere was filled with need and want.....
As soon as they entered the office,Viraj closed the door and pushed her against it. His mouth came down on hers.

The kiss was so passionate that Tina felt a familiar ache in her legs. And this time she figured what it was. She was feeling horny. So horny.
She wanted to feel the entire length of his body against hers.

She wanted to be touched. Touched so bad.

She felt Viraj move his hand from behind her and then it was dark. He had switched off the lights.
The darkness gave her comfort knowing he could not see how scared and excited she was. And as they were kissing he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

And after what felt like an eternity, he moved from the wall and set her down on the table. He pushed her down slowly,laying her down. She could feel the entire weight of his body, which if possible was turning her on even more.
Viraj then started peppering featherlight kisses from jaw down her neck.' Ohhhh', she moaned, not being able to keep quiet any longer. She threw her head back back to give him more access to her neck. ' Ohh god....', she breathed as she tried to pull him down to her.
'Ohh god, what?', he whispered.
'Ohhhhh, please...more...', she begged. She didn't want to beg, but she needed him to continue what he was doing.

The sound of Tina's moans were acting as a driving force for Viraj. He wanted to hear them more. He wanted to taste her skin.
He licked a trail down to her swell of her breasts. He placed a small kiss there. He was hard as a rock. He wanted some friction. He started moving her pelvis. 'Fuck,' he grunted,he started rubbing faster.
Tina could feel his rock hard dick rubbing against her making her even wetter. She was completely speechless as these sensations were new to her.' Please...', she cried as she pushed her chest towards him. She wanted her hands on her boobs.

Viraj moved his hands down to the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Tina was only in her bra, she crossed her arms over chest to cover herself.
She was feeling too self conscious. She'd never been this exposed.
'Hey,' Viraj said,' if you don't want to go ahead, I respect your wishes. But if you are just uncomfortable, then...', he removed his shirt with a teasing smile.
She blushed. He was so sweet, considerate and funny. She slowly removed her hands and tried to keep them from covering herself again.

'Wow....', Viraj said. He was staring at her bra-clad boobs. They were big. They were hidden under loose clothes always.
He slowly raised his hands to cup those big globes.' fucking good,' they felt so good. Feeling the weight of her boobs in his hands, his thoughts ran wild at the dirty things he could do to them.
He got a sudden urge, and he latched onto her nipple through the bra.
Tina jerked feeling his warm tongue on her nipple.'Ummm....uhhhh', she breathed, she felt the pleasure shoot right to her clitoris. He did the same thing to her other nipple and without even realising she commanded him,' Take the bra off now!'.
Viraj was ecstatic that he would be able to touch those huge tits of hers, he nodded his head and obediently did what he was asked to do.
He instantly cupped her boobs squeezing them, playing with them.'Mmmm....more', she breathed and he took her right nipple into his mouth and while playing with the left one.
The pleasure was even more intense without the bra, and she pushed his head into her chest leaving no space in between.
'You've got gorgeous tits. I could keep sucking them all day.', he said with admiration in his eyes.
Tina had never felt so beautiful before. She felt like she was the sexiest person in the entire world. She grabbed him and said,' Kiss me now!'. And then they kissed.
He placed warm wet kisses making a path from her mouth down to her stomach. She wanted him to go lower. So she pushed his head down to signal him to go down further.
Viraj slowly started pulling her pants down like he was opening a present. And she was a present. He loved her sighs, her moans and would do anything to hear them more. He wanted to look at her pussy. The ultimate present.
He spread her legs wide,' I want to make you feel good. I want you to cum.' he said looking straight into her eyes.
'I want to taste you, Tina. I will make you feel pleasure like you've never felt before.', he promised.
Her pussy clenched at his words. She was blushing as she had never been talked to like that. But she was loving it.'Yes, I want you to taste me too.', she revealed.
He pushed her pussy lips apart to get a good look. Her pussy looked so ripe and pink, ready to be devoured. And he didn't need any other signal, he dived into her pussy like he was starving.
Tina felt a warm breath near her pussy. She squirmed with embarrassment, but he held her by the thighs.
'Hey, don't feel embarrassed. Your pussy is beautiful. I want it. Just feel, no thinking.', he assured her and bent down and took her clit in his mouth and started sucking on it.' Arghhhh.....', he grunted.
'Oooooo',she moaned in a perfect o shape. She was in another dimension. She never knew her clit was so sensitive. The pleasure was so intense that she needed to hold on to something. She held on to the edges of the table.
She held her breath in anticipation to see what he was going to do next. He licked right from her clit all the way to her slit, and then all the way back up.
She pushed his head into her pussy even more.'Ohhh.......please...', she begged, she needed more. He licked all the way back to her slit and started tongue-fucking her. In,out,in and out. He started rubbing her clit with his thumb. Tina jerked. She held on to the table so tightly that her knuckles turned white.
She felt a tightening feeling in her abdomen and felt like she was about to explode. Viraj was rubbing circles on her clit and then she couldn't hold that feeling in any longer.
'Ohhhh.... that's it.....I can't.....ohhhh', she was so delirious with pleasure that couldn't piece words together. She just had her first orgasm. She was still feeling the after effects of it. She hadn't experienced anything better.
She opened her eyes to see Viraj looking at her. She didn't realise she had closed her eyes.
He didn't say anything because he could see how she felt. He was happy that he had done such a good job at pleasuring her.
He wanted to have sex with her,but didn't know how to bring that up as this was his first time too. He dick was so hard that it was painful. He needed to find his release too. As he was trying to adjust his jeans, he winced with pain.
'What happened?', Tina asked with concern. She was still on the table leaning on her elbows.
He was hesitating to tell her about his discomfort. But she couldn't figure out why he was so uncomfortable. She started to get doubts about everything.
'Is it because of what just happened? Are you regretting it?', she asked with hesitation.
She started to collect her clothes, preparing to leave. Viraj panicked knowing she had assumed the worst. He grabbed her arm to stop her.' Listen,'s not that..i don't know how to say it', he fumbled over his words.
'Just say it!', she barked.
Viraj was stunned and tried to placate her,' My dick is so hard that it is hurting now. I want to fuck you so bad,but i don't know if you want it. I didn't know how to say it.I'm sorry.'
'Ohh', understanding and embarrassed by her reaction.
'So do you want to do it?, he asked hoping she would say yes.
'What do i want?.....ohhh!', she blushed, finally understanding what he meant.
'Yes,I want it.', she said with exhilaration. She found him too cute when he told her about his discomfort. She wanted to do this with him. Otherwise she would regret it.

Viraj was so happy to hear that. He grabbed her and kissed her hard. He suddenly pushed her away slightly on realising something.
Tina was looking at him questioningly.
'We don't have a condom,' he said with disappointment.
It was past midnight. The shops would be closed. It then struck Tina that she had condoms hidden deep in her cupboard.
Her best friend, Naina had gifted it to her on birthday as a prank. Right now she was feeling grateful to have a friend like her. She was always there when she needed help.
She quickly put on her shirt,which reached to her thighs and asked him to wait. She went downstairs to retrieve her condoms from her mess of a cupboard. She quickly went upstairs after grabbing the condoms.
When she reached him she passed him the box of condoms.' Where did you get this?', he asked confused. She shushed him by putting a finger on his lips and asked,' Is that really important?', she asked rhetorically.

'No, but chocolate flavour?', he asked teasingly.
'Yes, my favourite,' she replied with a smile.

Viraj was opening the box of condoms, when he felt something tugging his pants down. He looked down to see Tina kneeling down and doing it. She then asked him to pass a condom. She then slipped the condom onto his penis with ease.
Tina stood up and pushed him onto the table. Viraj leaned on his elbows, surprised that she was taking lead and also waiting to see what she would do next.
She then got onto the table and hovered over him, and kissed him hard. She straddled and started grinding her wet ass pussy against his hard dick. She was so lost in the pleasure that she was about cum right then.
Viraj felt like he was living his absolute fantasy. He had always had this fantasy of having sex in the office on the table. He also loves when a woman takes control. He rested his hands on her hips to urge to go forward.
Tina took his penis in her hand and started feeling it. She started jerking it up and down until she felt ready to put it in her hole. She was nervous because if she did this she would lose her virginity and there was no going back. She was also afraid about the pain she may feel.
'Everything alright?',he asked, noticing the conflict on her face.
'Umm...I am a bit scared that it is going to hurt', she said nervously.
'Listen, I know it may hurt but I'll be gentle with you. Whatever you want, okay?', he said assuringly.

Tina felt better about it because he was such a sweetheart. He was worried about what she felt and tried to make her as comfortable as possible. She didn't say anything. She took his penis, her pussy hovering over his penis and she took a deep breath and slammed down onto his hips.
'Fuck', she whisper-shouted. There was a pinching pain down there. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths. The pain was subsiding. Viraj was trying to comfort her by rubbing her back.
She started rolling her hips slowly, then she started rolling it faster as she felt pleasure overtaking the pain. She was riding him in cowgirl position.
'Fuck yes', she moaned. His huge penis had filled her up. She felt the pressure building and started riding him even faster.
Viraj grabbed her boobs as leverage and started thrusting into her too.
'Faster,faster..... Yes fuck, fuck me', she moaned.
'Fuck yes', his dick was being squeezed deliciously. He was going to cum soon.

Tina laid down on him pushing their chests together. He continued thrusting into her chasing his release. He changed his angle a little to get comfortable and continued to thrust into her when he found her g-spot.
'Ooooo..... that's it right there', she started moaning loudly.
A few more thrusts and Tina came undone. Her eyes rolled back and she could see stars.
And just like that Viraj came too. The table was a mess of sweaty tangled bodies. They were tired and laid together.

They had sex a few more times that night. They had used up almost all the condoms.
Except one. Tina had decided to keep that condom as a souvenir of that night.

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