Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 11: "Naugthy Tiffany~"

“You sure you don’t want to get in the water, Tiff?” Stormy asks, looking over her shoulder at me. I nod, “Yeah! I’m sure.”

“Suit yourself!!” Stormy says before running off the dock and into the water, splashing.

Christian jumps back before the water could land on him, “AGH! This is why I decided to stay in the cabin the first time!!”

I laugh as Travis looks over at him, frowning, “It’s just lake water. You act like it’s going to kill you...”

“It might!” Christian protests, sitting cross-legged on the grass next to me, “There are all types of bacteria in that water.”

“Right...” Travis nods slowly, clearly not buying into that, “If you say so, germaphobe.”

Currently, school just let out a few hours ago, and I’m at the spot with Travis and the others. Almost everyone jumped into the water except for me, Travis, and Christian. It’s around maybe 8 o’clock at night and we’re just out here playing in the water.

Well, most of us are.

We baked cupcakes this time instead of cake, and everyone got to decorate their own. It was cute, until my clumsy self spilled some of frosting on Travis’s shirt.


God, I’m surprised he doesn’t hate me for always ruining his clothes...

Anyway, May hopped in first along with Jamie, and now they’re off doing their own little thing while Stormy and Joshua are competing to see who can make the biggest splash.

So far, Joshua is winning.

“HA! That splash was weak!” Joshua teases, as Stormy surfaces. She rubs her hair from her face and glares at him, “NUH-UH!! THAT WAS HUGE!! EVEN TIFFANY CAN AGREE WITH ME!!”

She whips around to look at me, “TIFFANY! TELL JOSHY THAT THAT SPLASH WAS HUGE!!!”

“It was pretty big,” I agree, shrugging. “But bigger than Josh’s? Nope.” Travis says bluntly, eating the last of his popsicle, “SORRY STORM!”

“No, you’re not!” She pouts, swimming away, Joshua following close behind, laughing. I giggle, and Travis shrugs raising his hands defensively, “You asked for my opinion!”

Stormy looks over at him, angrily, “YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY SIDE?!”

“I can’t tell a lie!!!”

“And that’s a lie,” Christian says, sipping his sprite. Travis shoots him a look, leaning back in his chair, frowning, “I didn’t ask you, now did I, Christian???”

“Hey! Freedom of speech!” Christian states, raising his hands defensively, “I have the right to say what’s on my mind.”

Travis narrows his eyes at him for a long moment before asking, “Shouldn’t you be at football practice, or something???”

“I decided not to show up today...and the other day,” Christian explains, standing up, finishing the last of his sprite, “Missing two days wouldn’t hurt nothing.” He then turns and walks off toward the cabin, “I’m going to go take a nap!”

He then whips around shooting us glares, but mostly Travis, “Don’t think about drawing on my fucking face, Travis.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it, Chris!” Travis shouts back, waving him off, “I love you!!!”

Christian just rolls his eyes at that and walks away. Travis frowns, “He doesn’t love I not good enough???”

I look over at him, raising a brow, “You can’t be serious...”

“He never says it back...” Travis mumbles, a sad expression on his face, “I knew it...” I laugh, shaking my head, “Aww! I’m sorry Travis.”

“Nah, it’s okay. I’ll find somebody new,” He replies, eating the rest of his popsicle, "And then he'll come crawling back. They always do..."

We sit in silence for a moment, just us watching Jamie, Joshua, May, and Stormy play in the water. Listen to the water splash rapidly, and the sound of crickets and frogs.

But mostly listening to Stormy, Joshua, May, and Jamie...being couples...

I sigh, reminiscently, remembering my last “relationship”. We only went out on, like, three dates, kissed a couple time, and it all ended.

Let’s just say, he only wanted one thing from me...

Ugh, I swear men can be such pigs...

A soft breeze passes by, and I shiver a little.

We’re closer to the cooler months. It's currently September 10th if you're curious, so October isn't that far off.

How nice...

“Okay,” Travis suddenly says, and I shift my gaze into his direction. He stretches, his shirt slightly raising revealing his v-line.


I blush profusely and look away down at my hands. I swallow hard, feeling sweaty, my heart beating uncontrollably.

Oh my god...oh my god...

“I guess I’ll show you.” Travis says, pulling me out of my thoughts. I peek back over at him, fiddling with my fingers as he pulls his plain white t-shirt down.


Let’s pretend I didn’t just think that...

He stands up, grunting a little, and walks over to me, slipping his hands into his pockets. He then lightly kicks my back, and I jump, rubbing the area he kicked, “ACK! Why’d you do that?!”

“C’mon, I wanna show you somethin’.” He responds, kicking my back again. I jump again, giving him a dirty look, and he simply smirks.

I sigh and stand up, wiping the dirt off my clothes, and stare up at him.

God, Travis makes me realize just how short I really am...

I only come to about his chest, so he can see clear over my head.

He smiles and turns around, walking away from the dock, “C’mon.” I raise brow, “Where are we going?” I quickly run after him as he continues to walk. I look around him and see that he’s heading straight for the woods, and I gulp.

What the hell?!

Why are we going into the woods?!

Why’s he trying to take me to the woods?!

“Um, Travis,” I whisper, shyly, grabbing the back of his shirt as we slowly enter the woods, “where are we going?” He looks over his shoulder at me and chuckles softly, “It’s a surprise.”

“In the woods??” I ask, eyes widening, “Do you even realize what you’re saying right now?”


“But, what if we get lost, or worse?”

“Tiffany, nothing bad is going to happen. I know these woods like I know the back of my hand. We’ll be fine.”

We continue on through the woods, I listening to the sound of sticks and leaves crunching under our shoes. The sound of crickets echo throughout the silence, as well as the rustling sound of leaves and shrubs.

I swallow hard, instantly getting a bad feeling in my stomach.

Suddenly something falls into my face, and I jump, “AGH!” Travis stops and looks down at me, concerned, “You okay??”

I shake my hair from face and sigh with relief, “Yeah...”

It was just my hair. I thought a spider fell in my face...

Damn my curly mane...

“Good,” Travis replies, grinning, and we begin walk again. I stick close behind him, grabbing his shirt and clinging onto it like my life depends on it.

I try to remain calm but doing that only makes me lightheaded since I’m holding my breath.

Maybe I should stop holding my breath...

“Travis, are you sure about this?” I ask worriedly, looking around. Travis looks over his shoulder, and his face softens, smiling, “Yeah. I wouldn’t have brought you here if I wasn’t.”

“But we’re in the woods, anything can be lurking out here...”

“I’m sure there’s nothing out here-”

“Anything! Bears, Coyotes, Wolves, Creeps. Hell, even Serial Killers-”



“Tiffany,” Travis interrupts, laughing softly. I blush as he turns to face me, walking backwards, “I’m not going to let anything happen to me or you while we’re out here. I promise.”

I nod, feeling a little reassured. He turns back around, and we continue through the scary, dark woodlands.

A few minutes pass and suddenly, the bushes begin to rustle a little. I yelp running into Travis’s back, grabbing his shirt, “What was that?! Did you hear that?! I know I wasn’t the only one who heard that!”

We stop walking, as Travis sighs. He turns around, laughing, and I let go of his shirt.

Wrapping his arms around me, Travis pulls me into his chest and gently rubs his hand up and down my back, soothingly, “You worry too much, you know that, Shorty?”

Lord, he smells good~

And I like the way he's holding me...

“You really do...” He mumbles, just holding me close to him. I look up at him, as he unwraps his arms from around me. He grabs my shoulders, staring down into my eyes, his green eyes seeming sweet and gentle.

There goes my heart...

He leans a little forward and says softly, “Instead of grabbing my shirt, I’ll just hold your hand, okay?” I nod slowly, and he grabs my left hand and holds it tightly in his.

We begin walking forward again, I staying close to him. After a little more time passes, and we suddenly come to an abrupt stop. I bump into him and stumble backward, “Aghhh!”

I push up my glasses, my hands feeling clammy, “W-Why’d we stop?”

Letting go of my hand, Travis steps out of my line of vision, sliding his hand onto my lower back. He urges me forward as we walk into a clearing.

My jaw drops at the sight of the whole lake.

The moon and a few straggled clouds reflect into its surface as soft ripples flow through it. I get a view of everything. I can see the cabin and the dock from here, as well as a wide view of the lake itself. I can see May, Stormy, Joshua, and Jamie swimming and playing in the lake. Dragonflies fly over the lake and I notice lotuses littering over its surface.


“Oh,” I breathe, finding it hard to look away. “I know, it’s pretty,” Travis replies, voice barely a whisper, “Figured I’d show it to you.”

I look over at him, “Why?”

“Why not show a pretty girl, a pretty view?” He states, looking over at me. Instantly, heat rises to my cheeks, and thank god that it’s dark outside.

I look away, biting my bottom lip, feeling nervous, “Th-Th-That was...thoughtful of you...”

His smile softens as he looks back toward the lake, “I try.”

There’s a long moment of silence, we listening to the sound of the water, the woods, and the sound of laughter.

It all just seems so nice.

I glance back over at Travis, and I can’t help but feel like I should say sorry. Mainly because of the assumptions I made about him due to people at school.

I feel bad...

Travis nor his friends aren’t anything like how people describe them, and I feel awful for believing that.

“I’m sorry,” I suddenly blurt, and Travis looks over at me, confused, “I’m sorry for...people and rumors and believing in those rumors.”

I look over at him, feeling awkward, “And...I’m sorry for ruining your shirt multiple, and avoiding you when we first met, and-and making up excuses for not wanting to hang out with and the other. In other words...I’m sorry that I’m a socially-awkward, clumsy, mess...”

Travis just stares at me, surprised, and I look away, shuffling my feet nervously, "And a gullible, socially-awkward, clumsy mess at that..."

I begin adjusting my glasses, my chest feeling tight. Suddenly, Travis laughs, and I look back at him, embarrassed.

“Wow,” He chuckles uncontrollably, and I start to feel like an idiot, “You don’t have to apologize, Bella.”

Bella means beautiful...

I blush profusely at that realization. I tense up as he scratches the back of his head, still kind of laughing.

“I don’t mind that you assumed things about me,” Travis explains, face softening as he gazes into my eyes, “Everyone does, and honestly I couldn’t give less of shit about what people think of me. No one’s ever done that to me before...”


Well then...

“Oh...” I reply, feeling a little less awkward, "Well...uh...what do you mean by that??"

"I mean," He says with more emphasize, "No one's ever apologized to me before about that..."

"" I look downward, feeling sweaty, and suddenly Travis reaches over and cups my chin.

His touch feels so...

He forces me to look back up at him as he subtly cocks his head to the right. His face inches from mine as he whispers, voice rasp and low, “I’m saying thank you, Tiffany... ”

My blush deepens as he stares into my eyes, his green ones seeming like they’re glowing in the dark. We stare at one another for what feels like forever, I feeling like my legs are about to give since we’re so close.

His eyes search mine for moment and then he lets go. He steps back, and I feel like my heart is about to beat right out of my chest. I laugh nervously, stepping backward and nearly tripping on air.

Travis grabs my arms before I could fall over, holding me steady and I feel even more nervous.

This boy is going to make me faint...

“You okay?” He asks, concern in his eyes. I nod quickly, looking at his hands touching mine.

If I say something, it’s going to come out as gibberish...


Before I could react, Travis grabs me and pushes me into the lake. I yelp in shock and fall right in splashing. I resurface, my glasses hanging off my face. Travis begins laughing uncontrollably, as I shiver, tossing my long, curly hair out of my face.

My mascara is ruined...

I look over at Travis, and I scream, fixing my glasses, “TRAVIS FUCKING REEL!!!”

He continues to laugh as I proceed to shout, “YOU ASSHOLE!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!! I COULD’VE DROWNED, OR WORSE!! GOTTON MY PHONE WET!!!”


“OH MY GOD!!! WHERE IS MY PHONE?!!” I shout looking around the water frantically.

“I have it!” Travis snorts, holding it up in the air, “I pulled it out of your pocket before I shoved you in!!!”

I calm down a little, but still give him dirty looks, “WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?!”

He wipes the tears off his face and carefully sets our phone on the ground. He walks over and stands in front of me, reaching his hand out, “I’m sorry! Okay! I’m sorry! I won’t-”

I grab his hand and yank him into the water with me. He yelps, eyes widening. He falls in face first, “SHIT!!!”

I giggle, covering my face as he splashes into the water. He resurfaces and rubs his shiny black hair out of his face, “Oh fuck!! This water is freezing!!”

I laugh harder, and he shoots me a look, “How does it feel, Travis? Doesn’t feel nice now does it???” He bites his lip, water rolling down his face and brow piercing as he playfully glares at me.

“You’re right...” He replies before splashing me in face, and I jump, “Meanie!!”

I splash him back, “You’re the meanie!!” The next thing you know, we’re splashing each other. This goes on for a while, and eventually we climb out of the water.

Travis is the first to get out, his clothes dripping onto the ground. He reaches out for my hand, and I grab his. He pulls me out, my curly hair weighing me down a little.

I shiver, ringing out my hair, “You’re right, that water is freezing...” He chuckles, looking over at me, “You don’t say...”

He shakes his hair, it a little curly due to being wet, and I tug off my sweater, revealing my black tank top underneath. I toss my grey sweater next to my black boots, and shiver at the cool breeze passing by.

I glance over at Travis, and find that he's already looking at me. I blush, and he quickly looks away, rubbing his hair back and clearing his throat loudly.

I look away too, my mind wandering to all sorts of thoughts.

Was he...

I absent-mindedly stare as he starts raising his shirt. My eyes widen as I watch him pull his shirt over his head, his muscles flexing as he does. I look him up and down, and oh my Jesus, this man is so damn good looking!

He rings out his shirt, his chest and arm muscles flexing. I notice a large eagle tattoo on his chest, and my eyes slowly make their down to his defined, toned torso. Water slowly rolls down his body, and I just find it mesmerizing. I also notice a few scars here and there on his body, and I can’t help but be curious as to where they can from. He holds his shirt in one hand and looks at me.

Oh, dear lord...his face...

Water cascades down his face, onto his neck, and slowly down his chest. The moonlight shines over his him, outlining every inch of his face and muscles. The shadows make his facial and body features strong. Stronger than they were before.

Something about watching water roll down his body...

And seeing him half-naked in the moonlight...

He smirks, seductively, amusement in his eyes, “Wow! Shamelessly staring?”

Oh no!!

I jump, looking back up to meet his eyes, “What! No, I-”

“Naughty Tiffany~” He mutters, voice enticing, and flirtatious. Shivers shoot down my spine from that, and I look away, blushing furiously.

Why does he sound like that?!

“Oh my god!” I whimper, covering my face with my hands.

I step backwards, and suddenly find myself tipping over and falling right back into the lake. I scream, falling in face first.

I resurface, spitting out water as Travis rushes over to me laughing, “You okay?”

I cover my face with my hands again, blushing from the fact that he’s still shirtless, “Just peachy...”


We pull up in front of my house, Travis still laughing at me. I blush with embarrassment, “Stop making fun of me!!!”

“I’m sorry, Tiny, I can’t help it!!” He chuckles, a towel resting on his bare shoulders, “You fell back into the water, how is that not funny?!”

It’s currently 10:30 pm, and we just got back from the spot. The whole time Travis drove me home, he was making fun of me for falling back into the water.

My poor hair is going to suffer from shrinkage in the morning...

“Jerk!!!” I pout, unbuckling my seatbelt. I push open the car door and hop out, grabbing my sweater. I slam it closed and shout, “Goodnight, Travis!!!”

I stomp away from the car through my yard, and onto my porch. I dig into my pocket to pull out my house keys but realize that they’re not there. I search my pockets and my sweater pockets. I sigh, annoyed, “...great...”

Great, now I have to go back and get my keys after I just made a huge exit...

I turn around slowly and I jump seeing Travis standing behind of me. He grins, holding my keys, sweater, and my phone, “I think you forgot these.”

We stare at one another for a moment as I look from him to my keys and phone.

Didn’t realize I left my phone in the car too...

I blush with embarrassment again, and carefully take them from him, “Thanks...”

“No problem, Tiny.” He laughs, and I look everywhere but at him. I turn around to unlock my door, but suddenly, the door begins to unlock.

I tense up, and Travis becomes very still as the door opens revealing my dad. He looks at me, concern and worry on his face, “Tiffany? Where’ve you been, and why are you soaking wet? You haven’t been answering your phone...”

Dad’s home??!

He then looks to Travis, and his face changes from concerned to suspicion.

Oh no...

I look from him to Travis, and frantically try to explain, “Dad! It’s not what it looks like!!” He looks Travis up and down, and asks, eyes narrowed, “Who are you???”

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