Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 13: Princess

My whole face burns up as Travis stares at Jennifer and Pearl, hands still on my shoulders.

I haven't seen Travis at all today, which is no surprise. He never usually comes to school on Wednesdays.

That's just an observation I've made...

"You've been looking" I ask, confused. He then looks from them, to me, and nods, "Yeah! I was afraid you didn't show up to school today."

I stare at him, still completely shocked at the fact he actually came to school.

He then leans down, and whispers in my ear, "It seemed like you might need some help, so I rushed over." His breath fans over my ear, and shivers shoot down my spine. He smirks, and I feel like I might just fall over.



"Travis?" Jennifer asks, taken aback by current events, dropping her hands down to her sides. Travis looks from me to her and says in a sarcastic tone, "No, I'm not Travis. I'm John Mulaney."

Jennifer rolls her eyes, "Don't be a smartass, Travis."

"I wasn't. You just asked a dumb question," He replies, bluntly, shrugging, moving his hands from my shoulders.

"Whatever. I was in a very important conversation with her here," Jennifer says, gesturing to me, glaring. I only glare back at her, my eye twitching as she continues, "So, how do you know fatty?"

I blush, and awkwardly look down at my feet. I gulp, remembering that Travis is standing behind me. I pull on my black striped crop top, feeling really uncomfortable now.

Why do I feel embarrassed?

I don't care about what they call me, so why do I care now?

"Don't be a bitch, Jennifer, it's really not as attractive as you think." Travis states, annoyed. I look over at him, as he continues, "And I wouldn't give less of a fuck if you were having an important conversation with the damn president, I'd still interrupt. You're not some important superstar. You're a regular girl with basic bitch tendencies."

"Ouch..." Pearl mumbles, now sitting Indian style on the floor as Jennifer's eyes water. "And because of that, Daniel isn't ever going to want you back," He says coldly, and she gasps.

Travis smirks, bending down to grab the text books I had dropped earlier and holds them with one hand. With his free hand, he grabs my hand tightly in his. He looks back to her and smirks devilishly as we turn to walk away, "Later, ladies."

With that, we turn and walk off, I stumbling close behind him. I look over my shoulder at Jennifer's face as she just stares with complete shock, and so does Pearl.

She's still sitting on the floor by the way...

I look back to Travis as we walk down the hall, I noticing people staring at us strange.

Of course they are...

Travis Reel is walking down the hall with some 'new' girl. I become really tense from the stares, as well as annoyed. I grip tighter onto Travis's hand from the nervousness.

"WOOO!!! GO NEW GIRL!!" Someone shouts, clapping his oddly small hands. "Finally someone put her in her place!!" Another person shouts, she clapping her hands, her hair pulled back in a bun.

And just like that, everyone in the halls begin clapping for me, and I look around, listening to them hoot and holler.




I shake my curly hair from my face and swallow hard. "Hey, uh, Travis," I mumble, which got his attention pretty quickly. Stopping in front of a locker, he looks back at me. I stare into his concern filled eyes, and blush.

He then says softly, brows furrowed and eyes searching mine, "You okay?"

I never thought he'd actually care this much...

"Y-yeah! Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because I saw how angry you were, and that also made me angry then she had pushed you. But then you shoved her back, but froze up. I could tell that you were upset which in turn made me upset."

He's upset?

"Plus, you looked sad when those mean bitches called you fatty and what not, and I don't like seeing you sad." He states, truthfully, frowning, and my heart flutters.

Did he just say??

"And calling them bitches, is me being nice by the way," Travis says, rolling his eyes, and I giggle, "I didn't like seeing how they were treating you. It made me...mad."

My face softens, and I smile ups at him feeling a warm and fuzzy feeling in my chest.


A soft smile tugs at the corner of his lips as he notices me smiling back at him. I reply, surprised and shocked, "Thanks for being concerned, but I'm fine. I was upset, but I'm not anymore. I'm used to Jennifer being...Jennifer. I'm used to it..."

"Used to it?"

"Yeah. They've always called me that, even when Jennifer was dating my brother. Plus, they've never really liked me much..."

Travis's face softens as I shrug, "I've grown to not care too much about what they call or say about me because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what they think of me."

He stares at me, as silence falls between us. His gaze becomes intense, and I gulp. I tense up, feeling awkward, and immediately my gaze begins to fall to the floor. I look over at my hand, notice it still in Travis's. I blush and break out into a sweat.

Oh my god!!

I'm still holding his hand!!!!

Suddenly, he laughs, and I look back up at him. He continues to laugh, softly, and smiles down at me, "As long as you're okay." My blush deepens, as he stares deeply into my eyes.

Those same vibrant green eyes that seem to glow compared to his very mysterious personality.

I don't understand you at all, Travis...

I smile, and gently pull my hand from his. I shove my hands behind my back, and Travis just laughs again. He shakes his head lightly, turning to walk away, "Let's go, Tiny."

"Where?" I ask, running after him. I walk next to him as he looks down at me, raising a brow, "To class? Where else?"

"But..." I mumble, confused, "We don't have the same class, do we?" He shrugs, "No, but I'd like to walk you class if that's alright."

I smile, "How sweet. You never usually come to school, so I'm thoroughly surprised."

"Yeah, me too."

I giggle, and he sighs tiredly. I look up at him, "How come you came to school today?" He smirks, "If I tell you, you have to promise not to freak out."

"What do you mean freak out?"

"You freak out easily if you hadn't noticed. As well as clumsy."

"Okay, I agree with the clumsy part, but I don't freak out easily. What makes you think that?"

"Because you do."

"That's not good evidence..."

He chuckles, softly, "I for one think it is. Anyway, the only reason I say that is because the reason I came to school was for yo-"


Before I can react, Stormy tackles into me, nearly knocking my glasses off my face. She hugs my tightly, and I do the same, stumbling backward, "Stormy! Hey!"

Soon, May appears behind her, waving, "Hey pretty lady! We heard about what you did to Jennifer Redwood!!"


I smile awkwardly, as Stormy unwraps her arms from around me, bouncing up and down, "YEAH!!! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!! I would've shoved that bitch again."

I swallow hard, and glance over at Travis who simply shrugs, an annoyed look on his face. He sighs and mutters under his breath, "Forget I said anything..."

After school...

"So, it's Friday afternoon, it's 5-6:30 and Luka recommended me to be a caterer. I was wondering if you could take me since Daniel will be at practice."

Dad pauses to think, taking another bite of his mash potatoes. "I don't know, Tiffany. I want to help you out and everything, but I have to take the car to get fixed."

"What's wrong with the car?" Daniel asks, raising a brow, concerned. "The brakes are squeaking. I figured I'd get it checked. You know we've had that thing since the beginning of time."

School ended around 5 hours ago, and I just got off of work around 30 minutes ago. Now, we're having dinner, simple Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans. Plus, we're talking about my new catering gig. I'm trying to figure out a ride to get there since Luka's working, and Daniel's going to be at football practice.

And now, Dad's going to get the car fixed that day.


"Oh," I reply, sitting back in my seat, "Well that sucks..."

"I'm sorry, Anni." Dad replies, guilt lacing his words, "I wish I could take you. Maybe you could ask a friend."

Suddenly Daniel begins laughing hysterically, "Dad, Tiffany doesn't have any friends. You know that she's antisocial as hell."

"Daniel, stop being ugly." Dad says, rolling his eyes, eating his green beans. "Yeah! And I do have friends, thank you very much." I reply, defensively.

Daniel opens his mouth to say something, but I cut in, "And no, I'm not talking about just your friends."

"Okay, if you say so," Daniel replies, snickering. I glare at him from across the kitchen table, and he simply smirks, "I'm just saying."

"Tiffany does have friends. I met one of them. What was his name..." Dad says, thoughtfully, and I glance over at him, warily.

He's talking about Travis...

Oh no...

"Travis? I think his name was Travis." Dad says, in deep thought as he grabs his cup of orange Fanta. "Travis? Travis what?" Daniel suddenly perks up, looking at Dad, curiously, and my heart jumps.


"Travis Conley." I chime in, and they both look at me, "He-he's in my AP History class...real chill guy..."

"With tattoos...and piercings..." Dad mumbles, shaking his head, "I swear, y'all younger generations have an interesting sense of style."

Travis does that's for sure...

"Oh. Never heard of him," Daniel says, shrugging, face relaxing a little. I let out a silent sigh of relief.

Thank Jesus....

"Also," Daniel suddenly blurts, "I heard about the whole ordeal with you and Jennifer earlier at school."

Hasn't everyone??

"Yeah. I'm sure you have. The whole was basically watching when I pushed her." I state, dragging my fork through my food. "Woah, what?!" Dad yelps, surprised. He looks over at me, brows furrowed, "YOU SHOVED SOMEONE?!"

I stare at him, blushing with awkwardness. Dad and Daniel both stare at me, waiting for me to answer.

I sigh, and drop my fork on my plate avoiding their intense gazes, "Yeah! I did! I shoved someone today! She shoved me first all because I told that she was a B-I-T-C-H, and that I wasn't going to keep doing stuff for her if she was going to treat me like chop-liver! She's also Daniel's-" I gesture to him, and his eyes widen, "crazy ex, Jennifer Redwood. And I'm sure you remember her."

She came over for dinner a few times...

Ungrateful bitch...

"Redwood? I thought you were done with her, Daniel?" Dad asks, shifting his gaze over to him, confused. Daniel tenses up, and I snort.

He has that dumb deer in the headlights look, lol.

He shoots me a look, scowling, and smirk at him. Groaning, he explains carefully, yet defensively, "I am!! I haven't met up with her in months!!! She just doesn't know how to take a hint!!"

"Well, why is Tiffany having to deal with her? She's your problem, not hers!"

"I know, I know!! But I avoid her!! I figured Tiffany would too..."

I try...

A for effort I guess...

"Well, talk to that crazy woman! And Tiffany next time you have anymore problems from her, let me know..." Dad sternly, and Daniel and I both nod in unison. Dad looks up me, and smirks proudly, "However, I am proud that stood up for yourself. Serves that crazy woman right."

"Thanks, Dad. I'm proud of myself too."

Suddenly, my phone rings, and I yelp. Dad, and Daniel both stare at me questioningly, as I scramble to reach into my sweatpants pocket. I pull my phone from my pocket, and read the incoming call from...


I answer it, and press it to my ear, "Hey! I wasn't expecting for you to call."

"Stormy just insisted I call you," May laughs, I hearing Stormy in the background saying my name. "HEY TIFFANY!!!" Stormy shouts, excitedly. I giggle, grabbing my forks and eating some of my meatloaf, "How come she didn't just call me from her phone?"

"Lazy." May states, flatly. "NUH-UH!!!" Stormy protests. I laugh a little harder, and Dad and Daniel listen closely, shock written on their faces.

Stormy tries defending herself, "I am not lazy!! My phone is dead!!" I nod slowly, "Right. Sure..."

"You guys suck..." Stormy pouts, and May laughs. "Anyway," She says, calming down a bit, "We were wondering if you were busy Saturday."

"No, why?"

"We were heading out to watch a movie, just the girls. Do you wanna come?"

"Yeah! Sounds fun! I'm down!"

"Great! I'll be by to pick you up at 6! I would've chose to do it on Friday but I'm stuck babysitting, and Stormy is going out of town and won't be back until midnight."

"Oh..." I reply, feeling slightly disappointed, "Well that sucks. I was going to ask if you could give me a ride for a catering gig that day."

"No way! You have a catering gig?" May says, excitedly, and I smile. "Yeah! A friend of mine recommended me to someone, and they said they'd be more than happy to let me cater! It's Friday from 5:00-6:30, and I need a ride. However, so far everyone I've asked is busy that day..." I reply, feeling doubtful.

I push up my glasses, "I wish I had my driver's license, but..."

Shivers shoot down my spine, as I remember Mom. I take a deep breath and say as an excuse, "I'm far too excited to be behind the wheel. I'd mess up in a heartbeat."

"Oh, well," May says, thoughtfully, "Did you ask Travis?"

No, I actually didn't.

I figured he wouldn't even show up for school that day, so I ruled him out automatically. But it seems like he's my only option.

"No, but I probably should, shouldn't I?"

"Is that even a question?"

I laugh, shaking my head, "Okay, May, that was a rhetorical question, no need for the sass."

"What are you gonna do about it?"


With that, I hang up, and shoot her a text. I shove my phone into my pocket, smiling. I take a bite of my mash potatoes.


See ya' Friday!! <3 <3 <3

I look up and jump because Dad and Daniel are both staring at me. I stare back and forth between them, feeling confused.

"Um..." I mumble, "is something wrong?"

"YOU ACTUALLY HAVE FRIENDS?!?" Daniel asks, thoroughly surprised, "Since when!?"

"Well, that's just plain rude," I state, offended, "You act like I'm incapable of making friends."

"You kinda are."

"Mhm, ask your friend who they like better, me or you. Chances are, it's not going to be you."

"And what makes you think that?"

"Because they told me? You know they talk crap about you when you're not around..."

Daniel gasps, and Dad chuckles.


I lay in bed, staring at my phone screen, scrolling through Pinterest and what not. I yawn, rubbing my hair from my face. I look over at my nightstand, and blow a kiss at the picture of mom, " 'Night, Mom."

Suddenly, my phone vibrates, and I look back to my phone. I see the notification, and my eyes widen seeing who it is.


you up???

I find myself smile at the text.

It's so random...

Why am I not surprised he's still awake?

Travis's POV

I grab a water bottle from the fridge, staring at my phone screen.

Maybe she's not awake...

It is pretty late, 11:30 to be exact.

I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't awake.

I lay my phone on the counter, leaning my back against it. I shiver from how cold it feels. I twist the cap off the bottle and chug it.

As soon as I finish it, my phone dings. I jump up, and quickly grab it, tossing my bottle into the trash next to me.

I smile as I read the notification.


You do realize what time it is, right? It's almost midnight.

Immediately, I text back, biting my bottom lip. I chuckle, imaging her confused face.


so, you are awake, gotcha.

Whatcha doin right now??

I smile as the text bubble appears, I imagining her little fingers typing away on her phone. I scratch my chin, and my mind wonders off to seeing her tomorrow.

The only reason I came to school today...


Yeah, I am awake, and I was just about to go to sleep.

You should too.



you no go to sleep!!!!




because!! I want to talk to you!!!


You're a pain in the butt.


you're not going to sleep???


No, crybaby.




But I'm not staying up for too long.


Of course, principessa.


What does principessa mean?


it's Italian for princess, princess.

Tiffany's POV

He just called me...Princess...

I bite my lip, feeling fidgety. I stare at my phone, unsure of how to respond.

My mind has gone completely blank...

I take a few deep breaths, remembering what May had said earlier. This is the perfect time to ask him about Friday.

And change the subject...


Can I ask you something?

I bite my thumb, waiting for him to reply. I can see that he's read it but hasn't said anything. I wait a few moments, and suddenly my phone begins ringing. I yelp in surprise, "WHAT THE HELL!!!" I slap my hand over my mouth, remembering that everyone is asleep, except me of course.

But besides that...


Sitting up, I reach over, and turn on my lamp. I grab my glasses and slip them onto my face and take a deep breath. After a lingering second, I answer it, my camera off.

"You answered!" Travis says, excitedly, "I thought you were going to decline."

"Why are you face timing me?" I ask, confused. He pauses for a moment, and then shrugs, "Because you said you wanted to ask me a question."

"I could've done that over text."

"And that'd be boring..." He says in a matter-of-fact tone. I roll my eyes, "Okay, whatever. Anyway-"

"Turn your camera on."

I jerk my head back, "What? No! I am not showing my face!" He chuckles, I now noticing that he is shirtless. A blush creeps across my face as I notice his muscular arms as well as chest. I then notice black ink lines spreading across his chest and down, and I can't help but be curious.

How far down those lines go I wonder?



Bad Tiffany!!

I shake my head, "Anyway, back to my question. I was wonder, are you busy on Friday?" He shakes his head, his black hair flopping a little, "No, and I know about your catering gig. May told me."

A smile spreads across my face, "OH! Well then that's great! So, can you give me a ride there? I have no one else."

"Yeah, I'd be more than happy to."


"But you have to do something for me first."

I stare at him, feeling nervous. I slick strand of my hair behind my ear, "Okay..."

Running his hand through his black locks, Travis wiggles his eyebrows, a mischievous look in his eyes, "Turn on your camera." I blush, as he brings a water bottle to his lips, and takes a sip, "Why?!"

"Because! I don't like talking to a black screen!" He retorts, laughing, "It just feels weird."

"I don't wanna!!!!" I laugh, shaking my head.

"Please! I'll never ask you for anything else."

"I highly doubt that! But! Fine!!" I reply, rolling my eyes. I turn on my camera, playfully glaring at him, "Are you happy, crybaby?"

He laughs, "Finally gave in." I roll my eyes, and smile, "Whatever! I'm about to go to bed, so Goodnight."

"Alright, I took a picture, Goodnight!"

"Wait! What!!"

Before I ask him anything, he hangs up, and I stare at my phone, dumbfounded. I drop my phone into my lap and pull my blanket over my face.

Of course he took a picture...

Sounds like something Travis would do...

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