Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 14: "Oh, the irony..."

Friday Afternoon...

Friday Afternoon...

“Thanks again, Travis. This means a lot to me.” I state as we pull up in front of the Party Venue.

“Don’t mention it,” He says pulling into a parking spot. I grab my bag from the back, pushing up my glasses. I unbuckle myself and step out of the car. I close the car door, pulling my jeans up, and walk down the sidewalk.

My legs begin shaking at the thought of entering this building. It being the steppingstone for my future.

I’m so nervous, yet so excited!!

I can finally fulfill a Mom...

Tears come to my eyes at that thought, remembering Mom’s loving face and smile.

I miss her...


I jump, turning around, and find Travis running up to me. “I wanna come with,” He says, smiling at me. I laugh, awkwardly, “Oh! Um, look, Travis, it’s fine! I can manage things from here. Thank you for your help.”

“Oh, no, that’s the thing, I want to help out.”



“But why?”


“Travis-” “Tiffany.”

I sigh, “Travis, I can handle this by myself. It’s sweet of you to-”

“We should probably get going if you’re going to do this job,” Travis interrupts fixing his black leather jacket. He then trudges forward, and I immediately freak out.

I’m not ready to go in yet!!!

I’m not ready to go in yet!!!

“WAIT!!!” I say, harshly, “I said I’ll be fine, didn’t I?!” He doesn’t even spare me a glance as we walk up some steps. I glare at him, “I know you can hear me! You know, it’s rude for you to ignore people.”

Still, doesn’t say anything...

I grab his arm and try pulling him back, but he keeps walking forward, dragging me behind him. “Stop...walking...” I grunt, struggling to stop him from moving, “”

He laughs, looking back at me, “What’s wrong with you?” I groan, “YOU! THAT’S WHAT’S WRONG!!”

I keep trying to pull him away, but he’s got an advantage over me. We arrive in front of the double glass doors as I continue protesting, still pulling his arm, “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!!”

“Doing what?” He asks, looking over at me, genuine confusion on his face. I stomp my foot, arms wrapped around his, “This! Ignoring me!”

Shrugging, Travis smirks, “It’s funny seeing you upset.”

Of course he’d think that...

He then reaches for the door handle, and I yelp, grabbing his hand, “Don’t you dare open that door!” He looks down at me, mischief in his eyes.

“Don’t...” I plead, staring at him. We stare at one another for a moment, and I whimper, “Please!”

“Okay, okay,” He laughs, face softening. The wind rippling through his hair, and mine as he says, “I won’t.”



I sigh with relief, pushing up my glasses, “Okay, I guess you can come in with me I might need some help. However...I feel like I need to wait a minute to prepare myself.”

“Prepare yourself?” He asks, confused and I nod.

“I’ve never done this before. What if I mess up?”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t.” He replies, nodding slowly.

“What if I screw this all up, and there goes my future?”

“That’s a bit morbid, don’t you think?”

“What if this determines how people like me?”

“I like you just as you are.”

“Yeah but the-” “You’re overthinking. Just go in like you own the shit.” Travis interrupts, smirking.

He grabs my hand and pushes open the door, and I yelp, gripping my bag strap. We walk into the small lobby entrance, the door closing behind us.

“Besides, I’m going to be with you,” Travis reassures me, giving my hand a light squeeze, “so, don’t go freaking out on me. Okay, Principessa?”


My hands suddenly become sweaty, and just nod, “O-Okay...I won’t...”

We walk through the lobby and turn right. Immediately, we’re greeted with people.

Lots of people.

We stop looking around, listening to the music, and seeing people enjoy themselves. “Yo, this place lowkey lit for it to be baby shower...” Travis mumbles, glancing around the room.

It kinda is...

Various amounts of people gather around, some sitting on couches and others standing around. There’s a lot of loud talking and laughing in this surprisingly spacious room.

I didn’t think a baby shower could be this fun-looking...

“I’m telling you! They should have just had Victoria cater! Even if her cakes are a little off...”

“But her cakes taste like ass...”

“We’re supposed to be supportive, Pearl, not ugly...”

I know those voices...

I grab Travis’s arm, and he looks over at me, concerned, “What?” I look up at him, “Amelia is here! Including Jennifer, and Pearl!”

He raises a brow, “What makes you think that?”


He and I both turn and find Amelia, and Jennifer Redwood as well Pearl standing behind us. They all dressed in casual attire.


“Oh! That’s why you would think that,” Travis mumbles, tiredly.

“Travis!” Amelia sings, her hazel-green eyes lighting up. She runs to hug him, but he moves, sliding me behind him. She stumbles almost face-planting but regains balance.

If only she had fallen...

Just flat on her face one good time...

“Oh, was that for me?” Travis asks, smirking, raising a brow.

Amelia turns around, glaring at him, “You’re such an asshole! No wonder why girls hate you...”

“Because I didn’t want to hug you...I’m an asshole?” Travis asks, genuinely confused, “I swear, y’all’s excuses for calling me an asshole get worse and worse by the day...”

“It’s not an excuse it’s a fact,” She rolls her eyes and shifts her gaze in my direction. Her eyes narrow, “Tiffany? The hell are you doing here?”

“I should be asking you that,” I reply, in a questioning tone.

“Fatty is here??” Jennifer chimes in. She looks over at me, and her eyes, “I’ve got a bone to pick with you!!”

Here we go with the Fatty name...

Why is it that the people I hate seem to go everywhere I go? I like it better when people just glare at me from afar.

It’s creepy but better than having them in your face...

“Wait, Fatty is here??” Pearl says, confused, her blue hair tied back.

“My name is not Fatty, Earl, it’s Tiffany, ” I reply, crossing my arms. “My name is not Earl! It’s Pearl!” She whines, balling her hands up into fists, “Rude bitch...”

Oh, the irony...

Amelia looks to Travis and frowns, “What is she doing here with you???”

“We’re catering,” I reply, confidently, and Amelia’s frown deepens.

“What do you mean you’re catering? You can’t bake!” Amelia protests in an “as-if” tone, “You’re a cashier who sits around doing absolutely nothing. How could you possibly cater?”

“You’d be surprised,” I reply, scowling. She looks me up and down and rolls her eyes, sighing, “We’ll see about that.”

Shifting her gaze back to Travis, Amelia grumbles, fluffing her short, brown hair, “You better to be lucky Victoria isn’t here or else she would’ve lost her shit.”


“Victoria who??” I ask, confused. “Victoria Frank. You might’ve heard of her. She moved schools a few years back,” Travis leans over, and whispers in my ear.

“Wait, Victoria Frank? I hate her!” I reply, looking up at him. He looks back at me, brows raised, “You know her?”

“She goes to my cooking class!”

“Oh shit!”

“Ew!!! Stop flirting!!” Amelia whines, sticking her tongue out.

Travis and I both turn to look at her, confused.


We’re just talking...

She rolls her eyes, “Anyway, I’m telling Vicky you’re cheating on her!”

“We aren’t even dating anymore!” Travis shouts, throwing his arms into the air.

Amelia ignores him as she walks into the room plastering on this fake smile, “Hey, Gladdy! How are ya?!”

Faker than Nicki Minaj’s ass...

Jennifer shoots me a dirty look, “Forget that I ever needed you, Fatty. I can get my man back without your help.” She flips her hair, and sashays away, Pearl following close behind.

Travis and I watch, we both looking completely drained. Those three bitches just sucked whatever motivation we had away from us.

I groan in frustration, “I’m seriously starting to rethink my life choices...”

“Same...” Travis agrees.

Honestly, I just want to say forget it and go home...

I hate those girls with a passion, what are they even doing here???


“You dated Victoria Evelyn Frank?” I ask, abruptly, looking up at Travis.

His cheeks flush and he shakes his black hair from his face. He looks away, tugging at his leather jacket, “Yeah...I did...”

“Why??” I ask, confused, and honestly curious.

What did he see in her?

She’s the definition of “bitch”.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time! That was a year ago!” Travis huffs, a look of regret in his eyes, “But trust me, I’ve learned not to fall for girls like that again...”

“You say that and yet you still keep in touch?”

“It’s more like she doesn’t know how to leave me alone...”

I shake my head, “Sad, sad, sad. Victoria gets attached easily.”

“Clearly...” Travis mutters, annoyed, “Clingy, annoying, and possessive as fuck...”


I turn around and see Luka’s Mom walk up to Travis and me. She wraps her arms around me, giving me a tight hug, and I wheeze hugging her back.

Her hugs never fail to squeeze all of the air out of me...

Unwrapping her arms from around me, she smiles, grabbing my shoulders, “Hey, sweetie, how’ve you been?”

“I’ve been good,” I reply, staring into her soft blue eyes. “That’s good! I’m glad you were able to show up!!” She replies, smiling sweetly.

She looks over at Travis, her long curly wavy hair falling in her face, “Oh! I see you brought someone.”

I nod, sheepishly, “Yeah! This is Travis. He’s my helper.”

“Hey,” He says casually, waving a little. Mrs. Martin stares up at Travis, eyes wide, “It’s nice to meet you, Travis.”

“It’s even nicer meeting you,” Travis replies, smiling sweetly. “A gentleman, and handsome,” Mrs. Martin mutters under her breath.

She then leans over and whispers to me, “I think he’s a keeper.”

I blush, and whisper back, loudly, “Mrs. Martin!”

“What? I’m just saying. Maybe he won’t just be your helper for very long,” She winks at me, and my blush deepens.

Trying to play matchmaker...


“Anyhow!! Let’s get you two in the kitchen, shall we?” Mrs. Martin giggles, walking us into the room.

She walks past the people as we follow behind her, and I notice a pregnant woman laughing and talking with Jennifer, Pearl, and Amelia.

Maybe she’s friends with them...

That’s surprising...

She walks us into the kitchen, and I stare in awe.

This kitchen is gorgeous!!!!!


The kitchen itself is huge, with a smart fridge, electric can-opener, blenders, mixers, and an island in the center.

I marvel at it all.

I know you’re probably thinking it’s just a kitchen, what about it is so amazing???

I don’t know what it is about an expensive kitchen that’s just so pretty, but it is.

YoU ArE So BEautIfuL!! To MEEEeeeEEEEEeee!!!!

“Here are all of the ingredients you need,” Mrs. Martin says, grabbing containers full of flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt, “All of the cold ingredients are in the fridge, obvi, and if you need anything else let me know!”

She turns to walk out but looks back one more time, “Oh! And the cake is yellow!”

She then smiles and walks out. I stare at the ingredients and become excited.

Looks like we’re making a cake from scratch!

“Um, ” Travis mumbles, confusion on his face, “Where’s the cake mix???”

I look over, and laugh, “We’re making the cake from scratch.” He whips his head around to face me, “We’re what?”

“Have you made a cake from scratch before??” I ask, pulling my kinky curls into a ponytail.

“Yessssss...” He replies, eyes narrowed, brows raised, “Is what I feel like the answer should be...”

I giggle, “It’s okay if you don’t know. I can teach you.”

“Okay, cool. I was starting to get a little embarrassed,” Travis confesses. I giggle, pushing up my glasses, “Don’t be embarrassed. Now, I’m about to get the mixing bowls.”

I walk over to the cabinets, and Travis laughs, “Do you want me to get them? The cabinets are pretty high up.”

“I can reach them, ” I state, looking back at him, glaring. He smirks, “Okay...”

“I can!” I retort, turning back to reach the cabinets. My fingers just barely graze the handle, and I groan annoyed.

Suddenly, Travis clears his throat loudly and I look back at him. He simply crosses his arms, leaning against the counter.

Amusement twinkles in his eyes, as he asks, “Are you sure you can-”

“Yes, ” I interrupt, looking back at the cabinet. I stand on my tippy-toes and reach for the cabinet again.

I grab the handle and pull it open.

A little aggressively I might add...

I yelp, stumbling back. Suddenly, I fall back into Travis’s arms. I tense up and look back at him. My face flushes as he grins, “You were saying?”

I laugh, awkwardly, noticing he had taken off his jacket, revealing a red, muscle t-shirt. I notice his strong arms holding me, and my heart begins racing. The smell of his cologne fills my nostrils, and I breathe heavily.

God, this man so...

I bite my bottom lip, and quickly stand upright. Travis lets me go and with ease reaches the cabinet. He grabs the bowls and carries them to the island.

I turn around and see he’s already looking at me. He wiggles his eyebrows, a devilish smirk on his lips, “Don’t just stand there, Bella, come teach me how to make a cake from scratch.”

I scoff, jerking my head back, “Don’t rush me.”

I walk over, and he chuckles, “I’m not trying to rush you, Princess~ ”

My blush returns as I stand next to him, glancing over at him. I shake my head, “Just hand me the flour...”

“Oh! Before I do start, ” He suddenly yelps, digging into his pocket. He pulls his phone out, and turns it on showing me his screen, “Check out my home screen.”

The phone unlocks from facial recognition, and my eyes widen, “TRAVIS!!! Take that off your home screen!!!”

It’s a picture of me from last night, oh my God, why!!?

“What’s wrong with it??” He asks, a playful smile on his face, “It’s just a pic of you.”

“Yeah! A terrible one!!” I shout, trying to take his phone, but he moves. I stomp, “Travis!”

“We’ll just take a new one, ” He explains, switching to his camera. Holding up his phone, he smiles, “Say cheese!!”

“Wait!!” I shout, but he’s already taken the picture. He looks at the picture, “Aw, it’s cute.” I frown, and he shows it to me, “It’s cute, isn’t it?”

“No, no it’s not. I look a mess...”

“Aw, don’t say that Bella, you look cute, ” He retorts, playfully frowning, typing away on his phone, “You always look cute, no matter what you’re wearing.”


“The cake looks amazing...” I breathe, staring at the three-layer, baby blue cake in awe. Frosting in my hair, as well as on my arms, face, and shirt.

Long story short, we had a minor accident where Travis might have the mixer up too high and didn’t know how to stop it.

Poor thing, he was all over the place trying to figure out what to do, I was busy making the cake and decorations.

“Hell yeah, it does...” Travis agrees, also marveling at our masterpiece.

It only took us an hour and 30 minutes to get the whole cake finished. As stated before, the cake is three layers and a soft baby blue color. We used white frosting to represent clouds, and I make a baby carriage out of white chocolate to put on top of the cake, plus a stork carrying a baby.

I might’ve gotten carried away with the decor...

I taught Travis how to ice the cake after we washed the dishes, and I have to say, I’m a pretty damn good teacher.

Not to toot my own horn or anything...

He catches on quick, and I’m honestly surprised he’s never done this before.

“You did an excellent job icing the cake,” I say, nudging him. He looks over at me, and grins, “Yeah?”

“Yeah! For a rookie.”

He glares at me, and I giggle, “Look, I tried damnit.”

“Like that mustache you drew on Christian’s face?” I reply, wiggling my eyebrows at him. He playfully shoves me, and I laugh, “Rude.”

Walking into the kitchen Mrs. Martin asks, “Hey guys, how’s the-” She stops mid-sentence and stares, mouth agape, “Oh my...”

“What do you think?” I ask, nervously.

I’m afraid she might not like it...

She told me about the idea for the cake, and I kinda did just that except added my own thing to it.

Mrs. Martin continues to stare, and I feel my stomach sink. Suddenly, Travis slings his arm over my shoulders, and I look up at him.

He grins, and whispers, “Relax, you did great.”

I smile, feeling less nervous. I look back to Mrs. Martin and she suddenly chirps excitedly, “I LOVE IT!!!”

I smile widely, as Travis pulls me into a side-hug. “It looks amazing, Tiffany!!” Mrs. Martin says, clapping her hands together, “Emily and her husband will love it!!”

“Told you that you did good, ” Travis whispers, and I look up at him.

“Yeah, you did.”

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