Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 17: "Say less!!!"

The Next Day...

Tiffany’s POV:

“I bet neither of you can catch this grape in your mouth!” I taunt, wiggling my eyebrows at Simon, Sebastian, and Daniel. They stare at the grape in my hand, intently.

"MOVE, SEBASTIAN!" Simon says, annoyed, pushing Sebastian. Sebastian shoots him a glare, and shoves him, “Don’t fucking push me, Alvarez!”

“Y’all might as well back out now, ain’t no way you’re going to catch it acting like that,” Daniel says, smirking. Sebastian and Simon both shifts their glares over to him, and I giggle.

It’s currently lunchtime, and we’re outside, playing a good game of catch.

But with our mouths.

“Okay, ready?” I say, holding up the grape. They all begin fidgeting, as I toss it in their direction.

"I GOT IT!!!" Simon shouts, pushing Sebastian’s face. Sebastian yelps, falling backward and off the bench, ”YOU BITCH!!!" Suddenly, Daniel grabs Simon’s shoulders and jerks him back, and off the bench.

Catching it in his mouth, Daniel also falls off the bench. I laugh hysterically, they all laying on the ground. Sebastian smacks Simon in the face, hard, as he sits up. Simon hisses, bringing his hands to his face, ”OW!!"

“Asshole! Why’d you do that?!” Sebastian growls, as Simon sits up, still holding his face. Daniel lays on the ground, laughing, “I told you I’d catch it!”

“Yeah, by cheating,” Simon says, bitterly, sitting back on the bench. Sebastian climbs back onto the bench too, glaring at Simon, “You cheated too, dumbass.”

“What’d I miss?” Luka says, walking over, tray in hand. I look up at him, and shake my head, “Nothing, just a good game of catch...”

Luka chuckles, sitting next to me, “Sounds fun.”

“Daniel cheated!” Simon complains as Daniel climbs back onto the bench. Luka chuckles again, “Sorry about that, Simon, but what did you expect he was going to do?”

“Not cheat..”

Luka rolls his eyes, “Anyway, Tiffany, you hear about an upcoming field trip for AP History courses? It’s a trip to the museum.”

“Oh! No, I didn’t know anything about that. Sounds exciting!!! I love the museum and just history in general!” I reply, excitedly, and Luka chuckles a little.

Luka smiles softly, “I figured you would. Which is why I had ask if you knew about it. It’s all based on a project we’re doing, and we have to have a partner for it.”

“Oooo! Sounds fun!”

“Yeah,” Luka agrees, still smiling, “I hope I get you as a partner.” I smile, and rub his black, short, curly hair, “Me too.”


All my classmates walk into the Auditorium and sit near the back seeing as there are other classes in here already. I stumbling in back, seeing as people keep pushing. I awkwardly keep walking forward, and end at the very back, with a whole row of empty seats to myself.

I pull at my hoodie and try to style my curly bangs a little better. I tap my foot rapidly on the floor, feeling uncomfortable.

Suddenly, I notice Luka walking in, his class not far behind him. He sits next to me, his friends filing in next to him. I smile, pushing up my glasses, “Hey Luka! You excited? I know I am!”

“I can tell,” He laughs, his soft, blue eyes staring into mine, “I am too.”

“Yo, Luk!”

We both look to Luka’s right and find a guy with long, dirty blonde, wavy hair nudging Luka. He looks from him to me, his eyes dark blue, “Who’s this?”

“Oh! Jackson, this is Tiffany Green. Daniel’s little sister.” Luka says, pointing from him to me, “Tiffany, this is Jackson Ramsey. He paints for the school.”

Jackson Ramsey. I’m heard of him a few times, but I never met him. Everyone says he’s pretty chill, and the most laid-back guy you’ll ever meet.

I’ll be the judge of that...

I wave a little, “Hello!” Jackson smiles, I now notice a slight stubble on his chin, “So this is Tiffany. The girl you’ve been talking about since Junior year.”

Luka blushes, despite his brown skin, and hisses at Jackson, “DUDE!!!”

“Alright, everyone!!!” A teacher shouts, using a microphone. Everyone settles down and the teacher continues, “As some of you may know, we are planning a field trip to a museum just outside of town. Before that, you’ll have to complete a project with a partner of your choosing. However, your partner has to be someone from your class or someone from the class you’ll be riding the bus with. We’ll be telling you that information shortly.”

Luka leans over and whispers, “I hope we ride the same bus together.” I smile, and whisper back, “Same. I don’t talk to anybody in my class.”

He chuckles quietly, and I do the same the teachers continue, “These classes will be sharing a bus. Mrs. Jefferson and Mr. Halls will be on a bus together.”

“What class are you in?” Luka asks. I sigh, “Mr. Halls. You?”

“Mr. Malcom.” I’m going to be stuck with somebody I more than likely won’t like...


“Well, this sucks...” Jackson mumbles, “I was hoping to get to know you, Tiffany...”

“Same...” I reply, feeling disappointed.

“Mr. Malcom and Mr. Jamison will be sharing a bus as well.” The Teacher states, “Those of you in Malcolm’s and Jamison’s, please report to the little gym.”

Luka waves bye and Jackson does the same as they walk off, exiting the auditorium. The teachers begin calling roles, and I just zone out.

Maybe I could make a new friend...

I don’t know...

“Travis Reel?” Mrs. Jefferson calls, pulling me out of my thoughts.

Wait, Travis takes AP History?

Since when?!

“Travis Reel? Is he not here?” She asks, raising a brow. She looks around the Auditorium one last time, and sighs, “Of course he’s not here, why am I not surprised...”

“Found it!!”

Everyone looks toward the entrance of the auditorium and finds Travis standing there; wearing a tight black t-shirt, some blue skinny jeans, and black boots. His black hair somewhat slicked back.

“Haven’t been in this auditorium since 9th grade, forgot where to find it...” He mutters, walking in, people staring in awe or envy.

He looks into the seating area, we make eye contact. Smirking, he winks at me and I instantly blush.

I know people can see it despite my brown skin...

I look away, adjusting my glasses, and he chuckles, shaking his head. “Travis, you’re late.” Mrs. Jefferson says, annoyed. Travis looks over at her, and shrugs, “Sorry, I didn’t want to be here...”

Everyone snickers a little, and Mrs. Jefferson rolls her brown eyes, “Just go sit down...”

“That’s what I was gonna do before you...never mind...” He replies, confused.

Walking up the stairs, Travis looks around the room, girls looking breathless and guys look toward him, envious, or in admiration.

Slowly, he makes his way to where I am, and my blush deepens. His bright green eyes stare into my brown ones. I tense up, noticing people looking between the two of us, confused.

He smirks, revealing his pearly white teeth, “What up shorty.”

He plops down in the seat next to me, his arm wrapping the back of my seat as I look at him surprised, “Travis, I didn’t know you had AP History...”

“Yeah, well I didn’t want to be here, but here we are.” He replies, truthfully, and I giggle.

He shrugs, before stating truthfully, “Just being honest...”

“Alright, everyone! Now that role has been checked, you may choose your partner!” Mrs. Jefferson says, and immediately everyone begins talking amongst themselves, some moving spots.

Why do I get the feeling...

“Oh! We can choose our partners?” Travis asks, his fingers tapping on the back of my seat. I nod, looking over at him, “Yeah. You can choose.”

“Oh! Say less!” He replies, excitedly. Before I know it, Travis wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me into him.

His cologne consumes my senses, and I bite my bottom lip, inhaling it.

God, he smells goo-

No, no, no...

Bad Tiffany!!!

“You’re officially my partner for whatever the fuck we’re doing in this class,” He states, as I look over at him, surprised.

I knew it...

This should be fun...

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