Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 18: Pissy V. Fergooson

“So, this project is due next Wednesday?” Travis asks as we exit the auditorium. I nod, “Yeah. So, we have about a week to get it done.”

“Okay...we’re doing the project over what now?” Travis asks as we walk down the hall. “I don’t know. What do you want to do it over?” I ask as we stop at my locker. He leans against the locker next to mine, thinking, “Um...whatever it is you want to do.”

“You don’t care what I pick?”

“Nope. You’re probably better at this than I am.”

“Oh, well...” I reply, shrugging as I dig through my locker. I pull out my textbooks, “Okay. I’ll text you what I choose. I want to choose the easiest one.”

To catch you up to speed, our project has to be something over an event from history the teachers chose. We’re to create a slide presentation describing the event, and the period. As well as explain why this event was significant. There were so many events, I didn’t know what to choose.

“Yes! Please choose the easiest one! I suck at History.” Travis states, shaking his head. I raise a brow, closing my locker, “What? Then why are you in AP?”

“Because I figured why not? It’s a change in pace, but honestly, this class is kicking my ass. I’m failing.” He sighs, tiredly, “I’m passing all of my classes but this one, so...”

I frown, “Oh wow. I’ve been there. It sucks.”

“For real...”

Maybe there’s a way I could help.

Like...tutor him maybe??

I turn to face him, feeling flushed suddenly, “Maybe...maybe I could help you study. Tutor you even, if you’d be okay with that.”

“I’d be more than okay with that,” Travis says, perking up, “My Mom was telling me to get a tutor for that class, but I don’t like people...”

I laugh, shaking my head as he continues, “Most of the time, those people who can tutor, end up being those who hate me the most, but now I have you! You don’t hate me! At least...I don’t think you do...”

“I wouldn’t say I hate you, more so that I find you annoying,” I reply, and he playfully glares at me. “Rude,” He says, snatching my books from my hands. I giggle, as he walks away. I follow him, reaching for my textbooks, “Travis, give those back.”

“No! You hurt my feelings,” He protests, holding my books out of reach. I jump, trying to grab them, and he grins, “You’re so small.”

“And you’re a bully!” I grab his arm and try pulling it down.

It, of course, is not working...

I stare up at him, annoyed. He stares down at me, “Why the long face, Tiny?” I continue stare at him, feeling even more irked, and find myself noticing a few things I didn’t notice before. A light bruise on his cheek, and a band-aid on under his chin.

Instead of feeling angry, I begin to feel curious. I raise a brow, “What happened?”

“What?” He replies, brows furrowed, confused. “There’s a bruise on your cheek. What happened?” I ask, letting go of his arm. “Oh! Yeah, I hurt myself doing something stupid,” He replies quickly, clearing his throat.

“Okay...” I reply, nodding slowly.

Why do I not believe him?

I look from him to the books in his hand and smirk. I stand on my tippy toes reaching for them again. My fingers just barely graze them before he pulls away.

I fall forward and faceplant into Travis’s chest. I groan, annoyed, “Travis!!!”

He chuckles, “I can’t believe you tried that.”

“I can’t believe you think this is funny!” I retort, looking up at him, eyes narrowed.

He pats my head with the books, lightly, and I yelp in surprise, “That’s because it is.”

I glare at him, and he chuckles again. His eyes soften, as his black hair falls into his face a little, “You’re cute when you’re mad.”

“I am not!!!”


Travis and I look to our right and find Luka staring at us in shock. I freeze, as he looks from between Travis and I, confused. I gulp, “Luka! Hey!”


“Hey...” He replies, his blue eyes wide. Travis notices this, “What up, Luk. Long time no see. How’s football going for ya’?”

Luka stares at Travis for a lingering moment, the tension growing thick between them. Rolling his eyes, Luka looks back over at me, “What’s going on, Tiffany? Why are you with him?”

“Well, I-” “We’re partners,” Travis interrupts, wrapping his arm around me, “for whatever the hell this project is about.”

“I wasn’t talking to you, Reel, I was talking to Tiffany.” Luka snarls, glaring at Travis.

“He’s telling the truth, Luka.” I chime in, nervously, pushing up my glasses, “We are partners for this project.”

Luka stares at me, confused, “Wait, what? Why?”

“Does there have to be a reason?” Travis asks eyes narrowed, “And why the hell are you interrogating her? She doesn’t have to answer to you.”

“I was just asking a question.”

“More like several.”

Luka opens his mouth to say something else, but I cut in, anxiously, “Luka, it’s just one little project. It’s really not that big of a deal.”

He looks back at me, eyes softening with concern, “But Tiffany-”

“Luka, it’s okay. We have to go and get started on this project. C’mon, Travis.” I grab his hand and drag him with me.

Luka’s POV:

I watch as she walks away quickly, Travis shooting me a mischievous grin over his shoulder. I ball my hands up into fists, feeling angry.

Why’s she working with him?

She literally could’ve worked with anyone else, why him?

My jaw tightens as she and Travis turn the corner, leaving me by myself.

The way he was looking at her...the way he just casually wrapped his arm around her...

She didn’t even push him away...

Suddenly, I feel a sting of sadness, remembering what Sebastian was saying about Tiffany finding herself a boyfriend. I stare down at my feet, my head spinning, still thinking about Tiffany and Travis.


The anger returns, and I find myself turning around, and walking down the hall. “Daniel’s not going to like this,” I mumble, turning a corner.

There’s no way I’m letting him have her...

Next-Day During Lunch...

Tiffany’s POV:

“The hell’s Pissy V. Fergooson?”

I burst out into uncontrollable laughter, and he frowns. I grab his arm, burying my face into his shoulder, “I’m sorry!! I just-” I burst out into another fit of giggles, and Travis pouts, “I hate you...”

We’re currently working on our project in the library, and poor Travis is having a hard time, lol.

He did say he hated history and was no good at it.

But...I think he may need glasses...

Lol, imagine Travis in glasses!


Wait, imagine him in glasses~

Anyway, after the incident in the hallway with Luka, I was afraid he’d tell Daniel and the boys about it. However, Daniel didn’t mention anything about Travis and I being partners, so Luka didn’t tell him.

Thank God!

But I’m still worried. Luka didn’t show up for school today, at least I don’t think he did. He usually rides with Daniel, the boys, and I every morning. But he was a no-show today...


Drama is such a pain in the ass...

I lift my head, and stare up at him, slowly regaining composure, “I’m sorry! It’s just...did you say, ‘Pissy V. Fergooson’? ” Travis pauses for a moment and turns back to study the book one last time.

“Is that not how you say that?” He questions, showing me his textbook, and pointing to the word, “See! Pissy V. Fergooson.”

I shake my head, letting go of his arm, “No, Travis. There’s an L beside the P, and that’s an E, not an I.” He nods slowly, “Okay, but what about the Fergooson?”

I giggle as he looks over at me, confusion written all over his face, “It’s not ‘Fergooson’. It’s Ferguson.” He takes another moment to think.

Is it weird that I think he’s cute when he’s confused?

His brows furrow and he bites his bottom lip. He plays with the ring on his middle finger, spinning it around.

His confused face is too cute!

Would I ever tell him that? Absolutely not!

“Oh! That’s how you say that...” He says, nodding with understanding, “So, it’s Plessy V. Ferguson?”

I nod, “Yeah! That’s how you say that.”

“Fuck yeah!”

"SHHHHHHH!!” The librarian shushes walking by our table. Her face was severely wrinkled due to her harsh expression. I cringe, “Sorry...”

“My bad,” Travis replies, bluntly, “Didn’t realize you were right there.”

“No shouting in the library.” She states, irritably.

“I know that, thank you Captain Obvious.”

“I’m sorry?”

“He said thank you!” I quickly cut in, everyone turning to gaze toward me, “He said thank you, and sorry. It won’t happen again.”

Her eyes narrow as she looks from me to Travis, “Mmhm. Well, it better not happen again.” She then walks off, speedily, and Travis laughs.

I smack his arm, and he flinches, “What?”

“You could’ve gotten us kicked out! That’s what!”

“Well, she was talking to me like I was an idiot. I know to be quiet in a library. Who doesn’t?”

I glare at him, and he simply smirks. We continue to stare at one another for a little while. I find myself shaking my head, “Don’t be a smart ass.”

“But I specialize in that,” He chuckles, and I smile, rolling my eyes.

“You’re a pain in the ass, you know that?” I reply, slicking my hair behind my ear.

“You don’t mean that, Tiny. You love me.”

“Says who?”

I look over at him, raising a brow. I look him up and down, and turn away, “You’re delusional.”

“Tiffany!” He protests, leaning in close to me. I move away, laughing, “We have a project to finish, Travis.” I push up my glasses, flipping through the book, as Travis stares at me, frowning. We sit in silence, as I read some pages.

A few minutes pass, and Travis whines, “Tiffany.” I ignore him and he huffs as I try not to laugh.


He’s acting like a little kid!!

Suddenly, Travis grabs my hands, and I yelp in surprise. He pulls me toward him, and I laugh, annoyed, “Travis, stop!!!”

“Why are you ignoring me?!” He asks, grinning at me.

“Travis fucking Reel! If you don’t let go!” I laugh, irritated, “We’re supposed to be working on our presentation!!” He retorts, grin still wide on his face, “I’ll stop when you start talking to me again.”

I narrow my eyes at him, quitting trying to pull away, “I’ll start talking to you again when you stop being annoying.”

He gasps, and I giggle as he frowns. I pull my hands from him, “Awww! Are someone’s feelings hurt? What can I say? Truth hurts.” He grins, shaking his head, “Rude!!!”

“But it’s honesty!” I laugh, and he frowns.

“You’re mean...”

“I am not!” I reply, rolling my eyes, and adjusting my white sweater sleeves, “Anyway, as much fun as it is to sit here and talk, we have a project to finish.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll try not to disrupt you. Please explain what Plessy V. Ferguson is.” Travis states, trying to be serious. He crosses his arms and leans back in his chair.

I pause, thinking, “ put it simply...Plessy V. Ferguson, aka the Separate Car Act, was an act that required separate railway cars for blacks and whites. Homer Adolphe Plessy, who was Creole with a little Caucasian, challenged the act by sitting in the whites-only car. When he was asked to move since he was seen a black under Louisiana Law.”

“He refused and was arrested. As a result, his lawyer and he both stated that the act was against the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments. But the judge said the law could be enforced only if it affects the railroads within its boundaries. Plessy was later convicted, and that sums up what that was about.”

“Well, that’s shitty. I would’ve protested like hell.” Travis states, truthfully. “I couldn’t agree more, but back then, those laws were seen as okay and whatnot, so I’m not that I’m surprised...” I reply, shrugging.

Suddenly, Travis’s phone rings. He pulls it out of his pocket and reads the caller ID. He instantly becomes sour, and mutters, “Per l’amor del cazzo...”

(Per l’amor del cazzo - For Fucks Sake)

He puts his phone on silent, and I arch a brow at him, confused.

He looks back at me, and tugs at his black Rick and Morty t-shirt, “It was no one. Don’t worry about it...”

We continue reading and writing down more notes. Travis, of course, throwing us off course every now and then. I even squeezed in a quick tutor lesson within that time, I’m thoroughly impressed with myself.

Going off-topic here, I like hanging out with Travis. It feels nice, and I’m happy I’m getting to work on this project with him. He’s really funny, and even though he’s annoying sometimes, I still find him enjoyable.

The whole time though, his phone kept ringing, but he just ignored it.

I wonder who it was...

Walking out of the library, Travis walks next to me, laughing at something he said about the librarian.

“You can’t tell me that that’s not who she looks like,” Travis says, laughing. I shake my head, pushing up my glasses, laughing, “I refuse to agree with you.”

" ‘Mike Wazowski’,” He mocks, and I hit his shoulder.

“Stop saying she looks that monster from Monsters Inc!” I laugh, and he chuckles.

“Okay, I’ll stop.” He laughs, calming down. We both find ourselves staring at one another, both of us smiling. It’s quiet between us, but not awkward. I bite my bottom lip, gripping my books tightly. Slowly my eyes find their way to the floor, and I laugh again.

Mostly out of nervousness...

I look back up at him, and his green eyes soften. His smile becomes gentle as I simply stare up at him, the tension growing between us.

A type of tension I’ve never felt before...

My heart thuds quickly, and I swallow hard, my palms beginning to sweat. My eyes look back to the floor, slicking a strand of hair behind my ear.

I hate much...

“Hey Tiff,” Travis says, voice softer than I’ve ever heard it before. I look back at him, taken aback by this. He sighs, scratching the back of his neck, a light shade of pink on his cheeks.

He’s blushing???

A rare sight indeed....

“I just want to say, um....” He freezes up, stopping mid-sentence. He sighs, “I’m, uh...”

I stare at him, confused, as he struggles to find the right words. He avoids my gaze, scratching his chin, “There’s something you should...uh....”

What is he trying to tell me??

Sighing with defeat, Travis just says, “I just want to say...I really like hanging out with you...”

That’s not all he wanted to say...

“Same,” I reply, softly, feeling confused by his strange behavior.

He was going to say something but stopped...

“Yeah? That makes me glad. I actually was, uh, going to ask if maybe we could hang out again this afternoon if you’re not busy?” He states, brows raised, “If you are, then that’s completely okay.”

“Yeah, no. I’m not busy at all today,” I reply, nodding, “I already did my homework, and I don’t have to work until tomorrow, so...”

“Cool! Maybe...I could pick you up after school? Say we meet in the parking lot?”

“Yeah! Sounds like a plan to me.”

“Great! See ya then.”

He turns to walk away, but quickly whirls back around, “OH! And just so you know, May, Stormy, and the three, well, two dumbasses will be there!”

I nod, finding myself smiling, “Okay! I don’t know why you’re yelling!”

“Because it’s fun!!” He says as people look at us. I giggle, ignoring the stares as he winks at me before walking off. I roll my eyes, “Travis, you weirdo...”

My mind wonders off to earlier.

What was he really trying to tell me???

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