Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 20: "Right?"

Travis’s POV:

I stare at my ceiling, feeling conflicted. I tap my fingers on my chest, and gnaw on my bottom lip,

I’m supposed to be getting up and doing my morning workout, but...

“Fuck,” I groan, bringing my hands to my face. I rub my hair back, trying to ignore what had happened last night. Immediately, I begin thinking about her and that damn smile of hers.

Don’t even get me started on her laugh.

I held her in my arms after she told me the news about her catering business, and it felt nice...

“I just wanted to kiss her, what’s the big deal??” I say aloud to myself, feeling heat come to my cheeks, “That doesn’t mean I like her...”


Don’t tell me I’m trying to catch feelings...

I raise my hand staring at the ring on my middle finger. I spin it around my finger a few times, “I’m not catching feelings. Not for her, not for anyone.”

She didn’t seem awkward after I held her in my arms, and leaned in to kiss her.

She actually seemed like...


I pull my pillow over my face, feeling sweaty.

I hate feelings, and how you can just catch them out of no a fucking disease...

I hate that...

Suddenly, my phone vibrates, and I reach over and grab it from my nightstand. I read notifications seeing that they are all from the group chat. I laugh a little as I read the texts.

Maybe this could get her off my mind. Dealing with these dumbasses...

😈🖕Ma Bitches 🖕😈



anybody got 5 dollars? I need it for somethin


for what?


why you need to know CHRISTIAN


da fuck yall texting the group chat for? its 5 oclock in the mornin

the damn disrespect


how’d you put my name in bold print like that? that’s some cool shit


I’ll tell you if you cash app me 5 dollars


you petty bitch


I got 5 dollars


hell yeah!! Imma send you my cash app!!!!


but you have to answer Christian’s question if you really want it




yeah!! answer the damn question!!!


its for personal reasons you asshats!!!


well thats not very nice of you to say now is it?


you’re right Travis its not


why are yall still texting the group chat?


spill the tea Josh!!!!


spill it!!!!


Stormy is spending a night at my place tonight

you know what that means ; )


Im suddenly having regrets asking


you and me both


you asked dipshits and I gave you the answer

now am I getting that 5 or what?


yea ya nasty son of a bitch

I’ll cash app it to you


as you should


well Im officially awake now thanks a lot assholes


anytime James anytime

I shake my head, setting my phone to the side. I sigh, I realizing I’m still thinking about her. I scratch my chin, staring up at the ceiling again.

I’m not catching feelings.

At least...I don’t think I am...


I step out the shower, and grab my towel. I wrap it around my lower half, and carefully step out of my bathroom and into my room. I shiver from how cool it feels in here. I walk up to my mirror, and carefully put my jewelry for my eyebrow back in.

Sometimes I forget I even had my eyebrow pierced...

I got it when I was 15...

I shake my hair, water droplets flying everywhere as I make my way over to my closet. I walk in and grab a random pair of shoes, and some black ripped jeans. I then grab a white t-shirt, and a red check-a-board flannel.

I throw on my clothes, and put in my studded earrings. I adjust my flannel, and brush up my hair a little. I frown at how floppy it looks.

I need a haircut, and soon...

I make my way out of my room, and into the hall. I walk down stairs and into the kitchen, finding my Mom making breakfast.

She turns around, “Travis! Morning.”

“Morning...” I reply, plopping down at the kitchen table. “You don’t seem like you slept much.” Mom replies, walking over, and placing a plate pancakes in front of me.

That’s because I didn’t.

There was a cute girl running a damn marathon in my head.

And she’s still going...

“Yeah, well I was a little insomniac last night, but maybe I’ll get better sleep tonight.” I reply, taking a bite of my pancakes.

That’s only if she’s off my mind before then...

“Morning, Travis,” Richard says, walking up behind me, wearing nothing but basketball shorts. I jump back, appalled, “What the hell?! When did you get here?!”

He laughs, “Last night after you went to sleep to see Andrea.” I narrow my eyes, “Gross.” Mom laughs, “It’s not gross, it’s love.”

“And that’s what makes it gross.”

“Oh, don’t be like that. One day you’ll find love too.”

Maybe with Tiffany.

I choke, and begin coughing. Mom and Richard both turn to look at me, as I struggle to reach for a napkin.

Why’d I think that!?!!

Richard walks over, and pats my back, “You alright, Travis?”

Yeah, I’m totally okay. Just choking on my breakfast, no biggie...

“Yeah, just,” I cough, grabbing my bottled water, “a piece of pancake went down the wrong hole...”

“Oh, well, try not to eat so fast, ” Mom replies, shaking her head. “I wasn’t...” I reply, still feeling flustered, sitting my water bottle on the table.

“Right, anyway, ” Mom says, rolling her eyes, “Finish up soon...”

Middle Of The School Day....

I walk through the halls, Joshua, Jamie, and Christian by my side.

We, of course, talking about random shit.

We’ve currently talking about Joshua and Stormy’s relationship. Apparently they’re having problems.

Despite her coming over at his place tonight.

“And then, she said she was upset with me because I haven’t given her a promise ring.” Joshua whines, throwing his arms into the air, shaking his head.

“Damn,” I reply, laughing slightly, “that’s why she’s upset with you.”

“Why haven’t you given her a promise ring?” Christian asks, his blonde hair flopping a little with every step he takes, “I mean, you guys have been together for about 6-7 years now. What’s holding you back?”

“I just didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” Joshua replies, awkwardly, scratching his head, “I just thought that she knew I wasn’t going to give her up. What’s the point in giving a promise ring?”

“I gave May a promise ring,” James admits, “Girls really like that shit. It shows you care.”

Yeah, and I never understood why...

“Yeah. It’s like when a girl gives a guy her scrunchie, or when a guy gives a girl his hoodie.” I state, as we arrive in front of my locker, “It’s like a promise to stay together. I mean, I ain’t never done shit like that, but if you’ve been with someone for a while, why not give a promise ring?”

Yeah, why not??

“Pretty Boy’s right,” Christian agrees, “Which is oddly surprising seeing as his relationships don’t even last a month.”

Here we go with the pretty boy shit...

“First of all, don’t fucking call me Pretty Boy, and second,” I reply annoyed, “It’s usually the people who are single, who give out the best relationship advice. It’s a proven fact.”

“That may be true, but I don’t think that statement applies to everyone, bud.” James laughs. patting my shoulder.

And this is coming from the guy who asked ME for relationship advice just the other day...

I glare at him, “Fuck you...”

James chuckles, “You don’t mean that.”

We stop and stand near my classroom as James begins saying, “Oh! By the way, I got another DJ gig at this club down by south street. Ya’ll in? May and Stormy said they were.”

“When is it??” I asks, raising a brow.

“Friday Night.”

“Damn! Sorry bro, can’t make it,” Josh says, sadly, “I’m going out of town to visit my cousins down in Louisiana.”

“It’s cool. What about you Chris?” James asks, looking over at Christian. He sighs, “No can do, Jamison. I’m babysitting for my sister that night. Pretty lame if you were to ask me...”

“Damn. Well, Travis, you busy that night too?”

I begin belly laughing, “When am I ever busy, James?”

“Fair point. I’ll see you there. Oh! And I might need a ride home. Oscar said he might be working nightshift, and I live closer to you than I do May so.”

“Noted,” I reply, “I’ll be sure to find you at the end of the party. And I see you finally let me call you Janes. Does this mean-”

“Not shit.” He interrupts, “I didn’t correct you this time because I don’t feel like it.”

“Oh, and here I hoped you finally accepted my nickname for you. How could you like Jam Jam better than James??”

“Because I know you’re only saying that to piss me off.”

“Whaaa?? Nooooo...”

Christian begins to rant, “Hey! You know what I just realized? People on the football team, have no respect for me.”

“Well yeah, I could’ve told you that,” I reply, raising a brow, “Hell, I don’t even have any respect for you.” He shoves me, and I chuckle, “I don’t remember asking, douchebag.”

“Look, Chris, I know that this must be a hard revelation to make, but it is a fact that everyone knew besides you,” Joshua states, and Christian and I just stare at him, “And, if I were to be frank, that would make you the most oblivious man on the entire planet.”

Christian, Jamie, and I stare at him. I ask, genuinely curiosity, “Josh, do you even know what revelation even means?”

Josh shrugs, “Yeah, I mean, who doesn’t?”

“Well then, Mr. Smart Guy, tell us.”

He pauses, stuck in thought. There’s a long pause as we wait for him to answer. “Well?” James chimes in, raising a brow. “It means, uh...” Josh mumbles, and I try to hold back my laughs. He continues to think, brows furrowed, “It means...”

I stare at him, and shake my head, “It’s okay, Josh. It’s okay to be a dumbass.”

Joshua glares at me, and I simply smirk as Christian and James laugh. Flashing us the middle finger, he then grumbles, “Assholes.” James chuckles, “Love that.”

Christian rolls his eyes, laughing, “So sensitive.”

I glance around the hall, noticing people staring at us. I frown, “The hell ya’ll staring at?” Immediately, they all look a way, continuing on whatever the fuck they were doing. I roll my eyes, and the others laugh.

I hate when people do that.

Like they’ve never seen people before...

Which makes me wonder why I even came to school.


I blush, “Fuck...”

“You okay, Travis?” James asks, nudging me. I nod, “Yeah, just got a headache.”

I’m lying obviously...

I glance around the hall, people shooting me glares, and smiles as they walk by. As well as a few confused looks here and there. I ignore them, as I try to think about something else and not her.

Her small hands in mine and how easily nervous she is. As well as her-


Stop thinking about her!!!!


I jump, recognizing that little voice from anywhere. I turn around, heat rising to my cheeks as an involuntary smile stretches across my face. Tiffany runs toward me, smiling, and I can’t help but stare at that adorable face.

Christian, Josh, and James all look towards her and smile. “Hey Tiffany!” Josh says, waving. “What up, Tiff,” Christian says, smirking. “What up, T,” James chimes in.

Accidentally tripping, Tiffany falls right into me with a little “oof” sound. I chuckle softly, grabbing her small shoulder, and slowly raising her off me. I stare down into those honey brown eyes, still laughing, “You’re so clumsy, it’s kind of ridiculous.”

She smiles, awkwardly, pushing up her glasses.

Is it me, or does she look ten times prettier?~

Her soft, caramel, brown skin seems to be glowing, and her pearly, white smile just makes me happy. Plus her black curly hair, half up, half down and her bangs framing her face perfectly. She’s wearing baggy, blue jean overalls, some dirty white converse, and a white t-shirt. I find myself staring at those lips of hers. Full and pouty, and with that red lipstick she wearing, I can’t seem to not stare at them.

God, these thought just came out of no where...

Images of her and I together begin to invade my headspace. My blush deepens, as I imagine us in different scenarios.

So many scenarios....



“Sorry...” She mumbles, standing upright. Pulling me out of my thoughts. I let go of her shoulders, clearing my throat. I then laugh, awkwardly, “Y-you don’t need to apologize.”

Did my voice just crack?

“Right! Right!” She quickly replies, her cheeks flushing, “Sorry.” I laugh, and she face palms. “Damnit!” She retorts, shaking her head, “It’s not easy changing old habits...”

I chuckle, and Tiffany blushes with even more embarrassment. “Stop laughing at me...” She whines, pushing my shoulder. “I’m not laughing at you, Principessa,” I reply, smirking.

She rolls her eyes, “Right, anyway, where’s May and Stormy?”

“They went to McDonalds for lunch,” Josh replies, shaking his head, “I swear they’re obsessed with Mocha Frappes.”

“I don’t blame them. They’re so addictive.” Tiffany agrees, mouth basically drooling at the thought. I chuckle as she says, “I used to get them a lot when I was younger with my Mom but my Mom stopped taking me to get one because she said I would bounce off the walls.”

“That’s exactly how they get when they get one,” James laugh, shaking his dreads. Tiffany giggles, “I could imagine Stormy and what she’s like. She’s already hyper as it is.”

“She speaks truth,” Christian agrees, and Tiffany laughs. “You know, there was one we had...”

They all talk and I watch as they all laugh, smiling, and telling jokes. She’s naturally a magnet for attention...

“Aw. That’s sweet of you to say,” She says, sarcastically to James, and he chuckles, “That joke was not as funny as you think it was.”

The only reason I came to school...was for her...

Even when we first met, I started showing up more because of her. I guess I’ve been thinking more about Tiffany than I thought. She’s been on my mind since the day we met.

And I’m just now realizing it...

I sigh, feeling that sting of worry and stress.

God, it’s not even that serious, and yet I’m stressing over it...

“Hey Tiffany!!”

We all look toward our right, and find Daniel, Sebastian, Simon, and Luka walking our way. I frown.

Daniel walks over, hands in his hoodie pockets, “You partners with Travis for your AP project?” Tiffany looks over at Luka, and her brows furrow softly, “So, I see you told Daniel.”

“Had to.” Luka admits, awkwardly, “Travis isn’t a good guy. You know all of the shit people are saying about him.”

“And that includes his friends,” Sebastian states, staring daggers at Josh. Josh glares back, “I know you’re not talking to me, you ugly bitch.”

Tiffany looks around as everyone begins to argue. People in the hall stop to watch, and Tiffany sighs tiredly.

“And you’re hanging out with him?” Daniel asks, raising a brow, staring angrily at me. “And what if I was?” Tiffany rebuttals, and everyone looks at her in shock. Everyone stops arguing, as Tiffany stares at Daniel seriously.

Usually she’ll say something like, “I needed a partner, and he kinda was my only option...”

*insert nervous noises*

But, she’s not...

“Travis isn’t as bad as this school makes him out to be,” Tiffany states, softly, “And neither are his friends. My friends.”

“What?” Simon says, eyes narrowed, “You’ve been hanging out with him and his friends?”

“I have, and they’re really fun to be around. I know you guys hate him and his buddies for whatever reason, but I like them. I want them to be my friends, and I want you guys to be okay with that. And even if you aren’ least pretend you are.”

She stares at them, hopefully, “Like you said, Daniel, it’d be nice for you to meet my new friends. And I’m finally letting you meet them. You and the boys are always telling me I need to make friends, and stop being so antisocial. I did just that...and I hoped you would’ve been happy for me...”

Everything goes quiet, everyone just stares at her. She glances around the hall, and goes stiff. She takes a few shaky breaths, realizing the whole hallway has gone somewhat still. People look to us, probably expecting a fight to go down, but didn’t.

Thanks to Tiffany and her cute little voice~


Okay, so maybe I like her a little bit....

She gulps, her hands shaking, “I-I-I hope yo-you’d be happy for me...Daniel...” Gripping her backpack straps, she then darts off down the hall, head down. She of course stumbling as she runs to class.

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