Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 21: "I think you're amazing~"

End Of School Day...

I walk through the halls, people staring as I walk by. My legs tremble as I make my way toward the end of the double glass doors, ignoring my untied shoe. I glance around the hall, now noticing people whispering things.

Ever since I basically shouted at Daniel and the boys, people have been talking about me. In other words, I’m the talk of the school.

The school’s nobody, is now somebody.

And I hate it.

I push open the school doors, and run out into the parking lot. I spot Daniel’s car, and run toward it. I pull open the passenger car door, and climb into the seat.

His car is pretty big, don’t judge me.

I sit down, and sit in fetal position. I bury my face into my knees, and take long deep breaths.

I hate when people stare at me, my anxiety goes through the roof. And to make it worse, everyone knows who I am now.

Well, they know my face.

I relax, and pull my head from my knees and lean my head against the seat. I sigh, knowing I’d have to face Daniel and all of the boys when they gets in the car.

There’s no football practice today, so I’m stuck with facing them.

I dig into my pocket, pulling out a picture of Mom. I stare at it, taking deep breaths, “Mom, I’m in some pretty deep shit, and I could really use some advice. What would you do in this situation?”

I stare at the photo, thinking of what would Mom do in this situation. Knowing her, she’d just continue on doing what she felt like was right.

What I said earlier, I meant every word. I said what I felt was right...

Suddenly, I hear talking coming from outside the car, and I look over towards the sound. I notice Daniel and the boys walking over, and a sinking forms at the pit of stomach.


Daniel walks over to the drivers side, as the boys pile into the back seat. I put my feet onto the floor, as Daniel climbs into the car, closing the door. I look over at him out of my corner of eye, as the car falls silent. I glance at the boys through the rearview, and I swallow hard, trying to ignore the awkward tension.

I put my seat belt on, as Daniel does the same. We continue to sit in silence as Daniel plugs the keys into the ignition, starting the car. We pull out of the parking lot, and make our onto the traffic covered road.

As we make our way down the street, I stare down at my fingers and try to think of Mom would do in this situation.

How would she fix this?

She was a good problem solver...

So now, what do I do?

I clear my throat, breaking the silence, “So...I take it that you’re still shaken about what happened earlier?” There’s a long silent pause, one that makes me feel sad. My eyes water, and I sniffle.

I’d hate for them to be mad at me...

But I don’t take back anything I said...

I sigh, and pull my glasses off my face. I wipe my face with the back of my arm, ruining my mascara thanks to my tears.

“I don’t take back anything I said,” I state, putting my glass back on, “I meant every word. Travis and his friends aren’t terrible if you would just get to know them. I don’t know how any of this happened or why you guys hate them so much, but just know that I’m going to continue talking to them whether you like it or not. I consider them my friends, and I don’t care how mad you get at me. You can’t tell me who I can and can’t be friends with. That’s not for you decide.”

The car falls silent again, the tension lessening. After a few minutes pass, Daniel suddenly says, sighing, “Tiffany, no, we’re not mad at you, we never were.”

I look over at him, feeling a wave of relief wash over me. He continues, his brown eyes softening, “We just...I don’t know. It was just a lot to digest. Especially since I don’t like Travis all that much, and then finding out my little sister is hanging out with him just...blew my mind.”

I didn’t think I’d be hanging out with him.

Not even in a lifetime...

But here we are.

“But you’re right,” Sebastian chimes in, leaning forward, placing his hand on my shoulder. I look back at him as he says softly, “We don’t get to say who you can and can’t befriend, regardless of how we may feel about it. And we should be happy for you since we always pressured you into socializing.”

How would they pressure me you may be wondering?

By forcing me to go out to parties, and what not...

I know, torture...

“Yeah,” Simon agrees, “We don’t get to decide who you can and can’t befriend. We just all kinda wish it wasn’t Travis and his hooligan friends.”

“And since it is him and his “hooligan friends”, will you at least try?” I reply, doing air-quotes, “At least try getting to know them, and don’t just based who they are because of what the school thinks about them.”

They all look at me, uncertain as I continue, “Please? At least try for me.”

There’s a long pause, and they all sigh and nod. “Okay, Tiffany, we’ll try for your sake.” Simon says, rubbing his black hair back. “Yeah, for your sake,” Sebastian replies, sitting back in his seat, letting go of my shoulder.

“Yeah,” Luka finally says, staring at me, smiling softly, “only because I love and care about you.”

I smile at him, “Thanks, Luka.”

“I’ll try, but there’s no guarantee,” Daniel says, reaching over and messing up my hair, “I still think Travis is an asshole.” I giggle, as I push away his hand away, “Okay! Okay! Stop, I laid my edges down today!!”

“Really? Didn’t notice,” Daniel says, and I gently shove his arm. He chuckles, flinching away, “It was a joke!!!”

Travis’s POV:

I’ve been fighting myself about it all day on whether or not I like Tiffany, and well...I guess you could say yes.

I kinda like her...

But, I’m sure these feelings will be gone in no time. It’s just a little crush...

I’m not going to tell anybody about this by the way. Mainly because like I said, it’s just a little crush, it’ll pass. Plus, people are immature, assholes who like to tease you about your feelings toward somebody.

Oh the society we live in...

I continue driving down the street, listening to Godzilla by Juice Wrld, and Eminem.

A total bop by the way...

I wonder if Tiffany’s heard of this one?

I wonder what’s her favorite genre of music?

So many question I’m going to have to ask next time I see her...

That includes the party on Friday James asked me to go to. Hopefully she’s available...

Humming along with the music, I turn right and drive down this empty highway. I pull up in front of an old broken down shack, and park the car. I step out, closing the car door as men wearing motorcycle jackets walk out.

I would be at home right about now, but I kind of had a few errands to run...

I grin, as I walk up towards the men and their large motorcycles, “What up? Heard ya’ll were looking for me.”

“Yeah, we have,” The one in front says, voice gravely, and low. His arms cross as he asks, “You beat June. Care to tell us how? He was our best fighter.”

“Matter of skill,” I state, stuffing my hands in my pockets, “Though June had more muscle than me, and was bigger, he didn’t possess the amount of skill I have. That’s not to say he wasn’t a good opponent.”

The man nods, and his crew all begin whispering to one another. The man then asks, causing everyone to go quiet, “You know how to ride a motorcycle, don’t ya?”

“And if I did?”

“Would you interested in joinin’ a gang?”

Joining a gang?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Lets back track a little...

“You want me to join your motorcycle gang because I beat June?” I ask, raising a brow.

The man nods, “Exactly. Obviously, June was not a good pick for the gang. He failed to beat a kid in a fight, and we lost cash because of that. Just imagine how much more money you’d be making if you were with us. You’re definitely a skilled fighter, I can see that, and so I’m askin’ if you’d be willin’ to join our gang.”

Well, the offer does sound pretty appealing, but being a part of a gang? Pretty sure that’s a rumor about me going around school already, and I’d rather not make it a reality.

“Uh, nah, I think I’ll pass on that, bud,” I reply, shrugging, “That’s not my cup of tea.”

His brows furrow with confusion, “Why not?” I walk back over to my car, stating, “Gang activity isn’t exactly something I want to get involved in. I didn’t start this street-fighting thing to join a gang. I’m doing this for the hell of it, and to get a little extra cash in my pocket.”

Which reminds me, Tiffany has no idea about this whole street-fighting business I’ve made for myself...

Am I going to tell her?


He and his crew watch in confusion as I then state, “So, thanks, but no thanks.” I pull open my car door, and set inside. I sit down, closing the door, and plugging my keys into the ignition. The man walks over and knocks on my window, and I look over at him.

I roll it down, “Yeah?”

“Are you sure you want to pass up this opportunity?” He asks, the wind picking up slightly, rippling through his long, curly, brown grey hair.

I nod, “Yeah, I’m sure.”


Tiffany’s POV:

“I hope you have a wonderful evening, Ma’am.” I state, plastering on a fake smile. The woman then takes her bag of cookies, and walks out. I yawn, digging into my apron, and pulling my phone out.

I check the time, and nearly leap with joy noticing the time.

It’s 8:50 pm!

I have 10 more minutes before I can finally go home.

I’m currently at work, alone because my manager, Amelia Redwood if you remember her, went out with friends. Usually when it gets this late, she’s here with me working the shop, but it’s just me tonight.

Which, I don’t entirely mind seeing as she’s a total bitch.

I keep glancing at my phone, checking the time. I glance around the empty shop, praying that I don’t get another customer.

Until, I hear the bell to the door ring.


“Hello! Welcome to The Desserts & Ice Cream Parlor!” I state, looking up from my phone. I blush, as Travis grins, “Tiny! Hey!”

“Hey, Travis,” I reply, confused, “Funny seeing you here. How did you know I’d be working tonight?”

“I didn’t,” He shrugs, “I just had a taste for something sweet, and decided to go to the nearest dessert place. Never would’ve guessed you’d be working this late.” I nod, pushing up my glasses, “Yeah, well, me neither. Lets just say, my manager kinda sucks...”

“Amelia?” He asks, and I nod.

“Yep, that’s her.”

“I don’t like her either,” Travis admits, shaking his head, “She’s annoying as shit. Plus, she’s friends with my ex, so you could imagine how that goes...”

I giggle, walking into the break room, and hanging up my apron, “Just to make sure we’re on the same page, you are talking about Victoria, right?”

“Yep...that’s her...”

I peek outside the break room, and stare at him, laughing, “Ha! You dated Victoria!”

He shaking his head, his black hair flopping a little, “Yeah, okay, laugh at me all you want...”

“I hate her,” I giggle, rolling my eyes.

He chuckles, “I hate her too. Doesn’t she go to cooking class with you??” I nod, sighing frustrated, “Yeah! And she goes there with me...”

Travis says, thoughtfully, as I walk back into the break room, “You know, she always told me about her little cooking class, but I was never really interested in it. That’s probably why she called me an jerk 24/7.”

I giggle, as I walk out of the break room with my lunch bag, “That does sound like a jerk move.” He chuckles softly, “Yeah, I was never really interested in baking...until I met you.”

I blush as he stares dead into my eyes. Tension builds between us as we just stare at one another. His eyes stay fixated on mine, and mine do the same as my heart begins to beat uncontrollably.

His eyes glance from mine, to my lips, and linger there for a moment sending butterflies through my stomach.

Immediately, I begin to sweat. I swallow hard, and bite my bottom lip. I avoid his gaze, as I gather my things, “Really?”

“Yep,” He states, smirking, “When I was with Victoria, she would always talk about baking and what not, and ask me to help out. But, she wouldn’t really let me do anything. I’d just kind of stand there, and pretty much wait until she’d call me an asshole for not helping; when she’s literally the reason I couldn’t help.”

“Sounds like Vicky. She was always stubborn,” I reply shaking my head, as I grab the keys to lock up, “You want anything before I lock up? I know you came here for a snack or something.”

He pauses, thinking, “ any brownies?” I reach into my lunch box, and I toss him a brownie I had packed. He catches the ziploc bag, and opens it. He pulls a brownie out, and takes a bite.

“This is so good!!!” He chirps, and I giggle. “Thanks. I made them myself. It was my Mom’s recipe.” I state, smiling softly, as Travis finishes the brownie, “Plus, we’re all out of brownies in the back, so...”

“How come you’re not in the kitchen baking these yummy brownies?”

“Oh, well, to sum it all up, I just take orders. Amelia doesn’t particularly like me, so...”

Travis frowns, “Well fuck Amelia for not letting you cook.” I laugh, pulling my hair out of a ponytail, as Travis says, warmly, “I think you’re amazing.”

Heat rushes to my cheeks again as Travis looks me up and down, and my knees buckle. I laugh, nervously, slicking strand of hair behind my ear, “Thanks Travis.”

“Of course, Princess.” He replies, smiling softly, and my heart just melts.

Something seems different about him...

“Also, while I’ve got you here with me,” Travis suddenly says, as I walk out from behind the counter, “There’s a party on Friday night, and I was wondering if you’d want to go?”

A party?

I don’t like partying, but Daniel and his friends do! Maybe this is how I could get Daniel and the boys to like Travis and his friends.

“Yeah, actually, I’d love that!” I reply, looking forward to potential friendships to be born. He smiles happily, “Cool! I was hoping you’d be there. Also, could I use the restroom really quick?”

I nod, “Yeah, but be quick!” He rolls his eyes, “I just have to piss....” I giggle, as I walk out of the shop.

I walk into the cool night air, and take a deep breath. I stand on the sidewalk, holding the keys, and yawn, waiting for Travis. My eyes feel somewhat heavy, as I push up my glasses.

I’m sleepy...

“Tiffany Green!!!”

I look over my shoulder, and find Victoria, Amelia, Jennifer, and Pearl walking in my direction. I raise a brow.

Why are they here?!

"Green!” Victoria spits, her long, black braids pulled into a bun on the top of her head. She glares at me, “What do you think you’re doing with Travis?!”

"YEAH!” Amelia says, hands on her hips, shooting me a glare, “I see that his car parked outside of the shop!! What’s he doing in there with you?!” I glance behind them noticing Jennifer and Pearl texting a way on their phones.

I huff with annoyance, and look back to Victoria, and Amelia.

I glare at them, “What are you doing here?!”

Victoria shoots me a glare, “What does it look like I’m doing, dumbass? Who do you think you are?! Trying to date my ex?! That’s a low blow, even for you!”

What the fu-

“I didn’t know he was your ex first of all!”

Lies obviously....

“And second,” I reply, taking a step forward, staring her dead in the eye, “Who do you think you’re calling dumbass?! You’re a bitch who claims to be over her ex and yet stalks him and the people he hangs out with! You’re nothing but his ex! Not his Mom!”

“Watch it, Tiffany! I’m more than his ex,” Victoria hisses, “I’ve got more experience with him than you do!!!”

“And I’m sure you can say that about every boy in school!!!”

She and Amelia gasps, and Jennifer and Pearl peek up, also flabbergasted by my words.

“No she didn’t,” Jennifer says, looking over at Pearl.
“Yeah she did,” Pearl whispers back, her bright blue hair falling in her face.

When I’m pissed, I can’t bite back my tongue...

Whatever comes out, comes out.

We continue to argue back and forth, Pearl, Jennifer, and Amelia chiming in every once in a while. We continue shouting seeing as they were the ones who came here to start drama.

Suddenly, I feel hands grab onto my waist from behind, and I yelp. I notice Victoria and her little gang stare in awe.

I look over my shoulder at Travis who’s simply staring at Victoria. I blush, as I notice his tense face.

He seems angry...

His hands grip my waist, as he pulls me closer to him. I continue to blush, feeling sweaty, and knees feel weak. Victoria stares at us, in shock, “Why are you touching her like that?!? Who is she to you?! And why aren’t you answering my calls and texts?!”

“It’s none of your damn business who she is to me,” Travis practically growls, sending shivers down my spine. I look down at his hands, and my blush deepens.

Just imagine what he could do with his hands~


My damn mind is so inappropriate...

“We’re about to go now, so,” Travis mumbles, voice eerily calm, “Good night.” He then slips his hands off my waist, and grabs my hand. He tugs me towards his car, as I look back at Victoria.

She frowns, balling her hands up into fists, ”YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE, TRAVIS!!! I’M BETTER FOR YOU THAN SHE IS!!!!"

I look back toward Travis as he says, voice sincere, “Sorry you had to hear all of that, Tiff...I hate her too.”

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