Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 22: "I'll take the shot."

“You, wanting to go to a party?” Daniel asks, Sebastian, Simon, and Luka all staring at me funny. I carefully put my prescription eye contacts in so I don’t ruin my makeup.

I decided not to wear them tonight, and I’m definitely not used to it. I figured if I’m going to a party, willingly, why not go trying new things.

My eyes water a little as I nod, “Yes, I want to go to a party.” Daniel stops the car at a red light, and looks over at me, “Why? Since when do you like parties?”

As of currently, it’s Friday afternoon, and Daniel is driving us to this party Travis had texted me the details about.

I originally was just planning on sending the boys so I could binge watch The Witcher and Hemlock Grove, but then I realized that I have to be there to try and get Daniel and Travis to get a long.

“I’m just wanting to try and do something different to celebrate my catering business! It’s taking off!” I reply, excitedly, “You guys all know how I got that phone call the other day!”

If you remember, I got another phone call, and they want me to come in for them Sunday. I called off work that day to do it! I’m super excited!

Means more money for culinary school and then eventually becoming a baker, and then, well, you know the rest.

With everything going on lately, it’s been hard to try and focus on anything.

With the whole Travis thing, and everything that came with that. But I’m still on a mission to fulfill a promise made to my Mom!!!

I just...gotta figure out how to balance somethings out first...

“Well yeah, that’s great! But partying usually isn’t your go to celebration type thing,” Sebastian chimes in from the back seat.

The light turns green, and we continue on down the street.

“Yeah. You usually bake a bunch of cupcakes, and celebrate like it’s your birthday,” Simon agrees, shrugging.

I look back at them, “Well, I’m just wanting to try something different! What’s the harm in that?” Daniel smirks, nudging me, “I’m happy for ya Tiff. Finally trying something new.”

Trust me, I’d rather be at home baking cakes than at a party full of drunk teens right now...

“Yep!” I reply, fake smiling.

We continue on down the road, and eventually reach an area where lights shine through a large two story house, white and black. I stare in awe as people stood outside this building, dancing, smoking, and other things you’d think would be more private. I also notice a pool area near the back of the house, seeing as girls are walking around in only bikinis.

I gulp, suddenly feeling regretful for even agreeing coming here. “Holy shit! This place looks lit as fuck!!” Daniel exclaims, excitedly, as he parks the car in the grass next to others.

“And let’s not forget about the babes walking around in basically nothing,” Sebastian agrees, staring out the window, practically drooling.

Simon, Sebastian, and Daniel all gawk as two girls walk by the car, wearing small two pieces sipping on whatever is in their cups.

"Damn~ " Simon grunts, biting his lip, and I roll my eyes.


“How’d you find a place like this?” Luka asks, tapping my shoulder. I laugh nervously, feeling awkward.

There’s something I forgot to mention...

I didn’t tell the boys that this whole party thing was Travis’s idea. Plus, Travis doesn’t know that I’ve invited them, so this should be fun...

“Well , uh, that’s the thing...” I reply, awkwardly. Everyone looks at me, raising a brow. I sigh, “This party was Travis’s idea. He invited me, so I invited you guys to come along...”

They all stare, blank expressions. The car falls silent as they continue to stare. I swallow hard, awkward tension building.

“This is Travis’s party?” Daniel asks, his brown eyes narrowed.

“No! This is just a regular party that Travis just so happens to be attending, and invited me to come!” I reply, shaking my hands to reassure him, “I figured this would be a good time to try and get you guys to hang out with one another.”

They all stare, slightly appalled, as silence fills the car again. The terrible, dreaded, awkward silence. I laugh again, gripping my handbag, “Sorry?”

“Tiffany!” Daniel shouts, slamming his hands on the wheel, “You didn’t say all of that!!”

“I know! I know! But you said you’d try and get along with him and his friends,” I retort, frowning, “And I figured that going to a party would be a great opportunity! I admit, it was wrong of me to not tell you guys ahead of time, but if I did, you probably would’ve said no!”

Daniel sighs, raking his fingers through his brushed out fro, “’re right...but still...”

The car falls silent again, and I shuffle in my seat waiting for anyone to say anything. After a minute or two, Daniel sighs with defeat, “Fine. Let’s go inside...”

I smile happily as he unbuckles his seatbelt. I quickly do the same, as everyone hops out the car. We all stand outside the car, Daniel locking it.

Daniel looks around, as girls stare at him, lust in their eyes.

I don’t know why. He’s literally wearing a white t-shirt and some blue jeans...

And for once, he combed his hair.

“Okay, where’s this asshole at?” Daniel asks, nudging me. I glance around the area, loud, muffled music and bright flashing lights coming from the house. Suddenly, I notice Stormy and May near that black Ferrari Sports car talking. As well as her car too.

I grab Daniel’s arm, and tug him with me, “Over here!” We all walk over, and May notices me.

She smiles brightly, “Hey, Pretty Lady!! I almost didn’t recognize you without your glasses.” I let go of Daniel’s arm, and hug her, laughing, “Yeah, I figured I’d try something new.” She hugs me back, I now noticing her outfit.

A white tube top, and black skinny jeans. She’s also wearing black boots, and her hair is tied back.

“You’re outfit is too cute!!!” I state, looking at her outfit. “Thanks, Sweetie! Yours too!! I had to look good for Jamie. He’s doing his Dj thing tonight,” May says, smirking, “I figured I should invite him over to mine tonight.”

I laugh, shaking my head, as Stormy walks over. She then hugs me tightly, “Hey!!!! I’m glad you showed up!!!”

I hug her back, also noticing her outfit. A black, fitted, off the shoulder dress. It really brings out her curves.

“Your dress is amazing!!” I reply, smiling at her dress, “I honestly don’t think I could pull that off.” She grins, “Thanks, babe! I’m sure you can rock this dress better than me. I was going to wear it for Josh, but he’s not coming.”

I raise a brow, “How come?”

“He’s going to Louisiana to visit his family for the weekend.”

“Oh...sorry Stormy.”

“It’s no biggie! I’ll just show it to him another time.”

May looks from me to Daniel and the boys. “I see you brought your brother and his friends.” May states, and Stormy looks over at them too.

“Hey!” Stormy says, waving, “What’s up?!” I turn around, finding all of the boys staring in surprise.

Sebastian becomes awkward, staring at Stormy.

He’s always had a lil crush on her, it’s cute.

“Hey, May.” Daniel says, looking her up and down. He smirks a little, and May rolls her eyes, annoyed, “Hey, Daniel.”

Daniel looks over at me, “You didn’t tell me you knew Stormy and May too.” I nod, “Yeah! We’re friends.”

“Besties!!!” Stormy says, excitedly, hugging me. Daniel looks back to May, and smirks seductively.

“You still with Jamison?” Daniel asks, trying to make his voice sound deeper, and Stormy giggles. May groans, and she nods, holding up her hand showing off her pretty diamond ring, “Yeah. You still with Jennifer?”

“No. Why would you ask that?”

“Because, I saw you and her walk out of the janitors closet looking rather flushed. Not to mention, clothes were a little out of place.” May explains, placing her hands on her hips.

I knew it...

“Wow!” Simon yelps, looking over at him, “You and Redwood are back together?”

“No! Shut it!!” Daniel shouts, shoving him, “Where’s that asshole, Travis?!”

So quick to change the subject...

“Right here!” Travis shouts, appearing behind me. “Finally!” Daniel says, putting his hands on his hips. I turn around, and immediately blush. I look him up and down, noticing his outfit.

A black, fitted jacket, white shirt, black jeans, and some black boots.

I swallow hard, his usual wavy hair looking messier than the norm.

Why is this man so goddamn fin-

Let me stop...

He glances down at me and smirks, “Hey, Tiny.” Suddenly he pauses, staring into my eyes thoughtfully. There’s a long silent pause between us, tension building.

Luka’s POV:

I watch as they stare at one another, while the rest of us continue to talk amongst ourselves

“You’re not wearing glasses...” He whispers, voice gentle. “Yeah, decided to try something new,” She replies, shyly, his bright green eyes searching her brown ones.

My hands ball up into fists, noticing the way he’s staring at her. I mean, I can see why. She’s beautiful, however, she’s not going to available for very long.

All of that is going to change tonight...

I’ll make sure of that...

He chuckles shaking his head, “I’m sorry for staring, it’s just-” “Travis.” Daniel interrupts, glaring at him. Travis looks up from her and frowns, “Hey Dan.”
He then looks over at Sebastian, Simon, and I, grinning, “And his football friends.”

“Will you cut that out!?” Sebastian says, defensive, “We’re not just his football friends.”

“And I don’t remember asking.”

“Okay!” Tiffany shouts, intervening, “Let’s not argue, guys, we’re at a party! We should be enjoying ourselves!” Travis looks back over at her, placing his hand on her shoulder, “I’m trying, but Dan’s making it hard for me.”

He’s touching her...

“My name is not Dan, you asswipe!” Daniel retorts, fists clenched. Travis raises a brow, “Oh, sorry. I don’t care!”

“C’mon guys!” Tiffany states, tiredly, “Please, let’s not fight...”

“Look, Tiff, you can hangout with him all you want, but I’m going to go somewhere else,” Daniel says, staring daggers at Travis, “Have fun, and be safe. C’mon guys.”

We turn to walk away, as I glance over my shoulder. My mind wonders off thinking about Tiffany and Travis being alone together.

I shake my head, turning away, “Remember the plan, Luka...”

Tiffany’s POV:

Daniel and the boys begin walking toward the house and I try calling out to them, “GUYS! You said you’d try!!!” I sigh, feeling sad, gripping my bag. I watch as they continue walking further and further away.

This is going to be harder than I thought...

May and Stormy come to my side. “Awe, Tiff,” Stormy says, rubbing my shoulder, “I’m sorry, honey...” May mutters, “Rude asses...”

I sigh again, “It’s don’t have to apologize...they’re stubborn...”

“Well...” May mumbles, thoughtfully, “Like you said, we’re at a party. We should be enjoying ourselves. Boys suck!”

I yelp, as May and Stormy pull me forward, Travis following us, “Wait! Christian’s not coming?”

“No, he’s babysitting. It’s just us.” Travis replies, as we continue to walk through the somewhat tall grass. We walk onto the concrete driveway into a small crowd of people. People watch us in awe over the fact that I’m walking with Travis, May, and Stormy.

3 very popular people.

As we walk through the crowd, I pick up the smell of alcohol, and weed.

How nice...

As we make our to the front of the house, the music noticeably gets louder, filling my eardrums. We step inside the dark yet flashy house. Lights flash blue, green, and red as the music becomes unbearably loud. I look around the room, people dancing, drinking, smoking, and other things that people would do at parties.

This house is surprisingly really big, and spacious. I look to the very back, finding Jamie Dj-ing. May claps her hands together excitedly, “This place is fucking amazing!!!”

“Hell yeah it is!!!” Stormy agrees, wiggling with excitement. She turns around, facing us, pumping her fists into the air, ”WHO’S READY TO GET WASTED?!?"


"YEAH!!!" May says, slapping Stormy a high five. May then grabs my arm, and drags me with her. I look back at Travis as he chuckles, and turns to talk to some people. I gulp turning back as May, Stormy, and I squeeze our way past people. We make our way to the drink table, where people are gathered around.

May lets go of my arm, as she and Stormy grab cups, handing me one. May grabs the ladel from the punch bowl, pouring each of us some into our cups.

She sets the ladel back into the punch bowl, and holds her cup into the air.

"TO US BAD BITCHES!!!" She says, and Stormy also does the same. I do the same, awkwardly as Stormy screams, ”BAD BITCHES FOR LIFE!!!!"

We clink our cups together, and they both chug their drinks. While they’re not looking, I pour my drink back into the punch bowl, pretending I had drank it.

Probably should’ve told them I don’t drink...

You know what they say!! A sober party is a fun party!!!!

Wait...I don’t think anyone says that...


I shuffle my way out the back door after being cat called for the 3rd times tonight. I walk out into the pool area and surprisingly find not a lot of people out here. Some people dancing, and swimming as well as a few people talking, smoking.

I sigh relieved, as I squeeze my way through people. I walk over to the edge of the pool, pulling my white Nikes off as well as my socks.

I sit down, slowly sticking my foot in. I jump back from how cold it is, and finally just stick both my feet in. I splash a little, and shiver.

Finally found a less crowded space!!!

I hung out with Stormy and May for about an hour or two, and then found myself running toward the back door when they both started dancing. Plus, singing drunkenly.

We’ve just danced, and laughed at dumb stuff we saw. Plus took a bunch of more than likely blurry photos with one another. I had fun with them, but I felt like I wanted to be away from the chaos for just a moment.

I take a deep breath, smelling the chlorine from the pool. I kick my feet around a little in the water, thinking about how I haven’t seen anybody since we came to the party.

Well, aside from May and Stormy obviously.

I haven’t seen Travis, Daniel, Sebastian, Simon, or Luka. I wonder what they’re all doing?

I hope Daniel and the others are having fun...

I look toward the sky, seeing the full moon and a few stars here and there. I smile softly feeling a lot less tense than I was when I was inside.

A cool breeze passes by, and shiver again.

“How did I guess you’d be out here?”

I turn around, and find Travis walking towards me. I smile up at him, “Hey Travis.”

“What’s up, Pretty Lady,” He replies, standing next to me. I raise a brow, and find myself smiling, “Pretty Lady?”

“I heard May call you that earlier.” He states, shrugging, I now noticing him carrying a bottle of some sort of alcohol, “So I figured I’d say it too.”

“How sweet,” I laugh, rolling my eyes, “How many nicknames are you going to give me before you feel like you’ve given me too many?”

“I don’t have that many nicknames for you, do I?”

I begin counting on my fingers, “There’s Tiny, Little One, Tiff, although, everyone calls me that, and then there’s Principessa, and then there’s Shorty.” I hold up 5 fingers, “That’s 5 different names you have for me.”

He stares at me for a lingering moment, thinking, and I can’t help but think he looks cute.

“I thought you liked all of the nicknaming,” He states, wiggling his eyes, smirking. I roll my eyes, smiling as he then says, “You never said to not call you that. Well...except for when we first met.”

I giggle, recalling the memory, “Yeah, I definitely remember that. But, I was just saying, that’s a lot of nicknames for one person.”

“Nah, not really,” He grunts, sitting Indian style next to me. He sets the bottle next to him, and continues, “It’s not if they’re all true.” I playfully push him, and he chuckles, “I’m not that small.”

I’m really not. In height, sure, but I’ve got wide hips, or as my mom would say, baby making hips, and then these thick thighs. I’m most certainly not a small girl, at least not in the hips, butt, and thighs.

“Yeah, well, you obviously don’t see what other people see.” Travis states, staring into my eyes, a gentle smile on his face, “You’re definitely tiny. It’s cute.”

I blush, and look a way towards the pool. I find myself smirk at that statement, feeling butterflies in my stomach.

Of course he makes me feel like this...

“Plus,” He mumbles, and I look back at him. He’s looking everywhere but at me, cheeks a little shade of pink, “you are pretty...and as a pretty girl you should know that...”

My heart just melted~

What’s with Travis giving me all of these compliments??

“Thanks, Travis,” I reply, and he looks over at me. He smirks, softly, “You don’t need to thank me...I was just being honest.”

There’s a long pause, as we find ourselves staring at each other again. That same tension from before, building between us again.

It’s not awkward, it’s something else...entirely...

His eyes glance to my lips, and mine do the same to his. They linger there for a moment, and more butterflies erupt in my stomach.

Do I want to...

Kiss him?

Breaking eye contact, I look toward the pool, feeling sweaty. Clearing my throat, “You should put your feet into the feels nice...”

Out of nervousness, I changed the subject...

“Nah, I think I’ll pass.” Travis replies, shaking his head. I giggle, looking back at him, “And why not?”


“But why?”


“But why???”

He playfully glares at me, and I smirk. We both sit, just staring at the water in silence for a few minutes.

In a comfortable silence I might add...

I glance up at the people at the other side of the pool, and suddenly have an idea. I look over at him, and nudge him, “I triple dog dare you to put your feet in the water.”

His eyes narrow, as he shoots me a look, “Oh, that’s not even fair.”

“It is too.” I protest, and he pauses thinking, “You can’t say no to a triple dog dare.”

There’s a long moment of silence before he perks up. His eyes light up with mischief, and I raise a brow.

“Fine, if I put my feet in the water, you have to take a shot of this,” He holds up the bottle, and I read the label. “Vodka? I have to take a shot of Vodka because I dared you to put your feet in the water?” I ask, confused.

“Yep. I’ll take one with you. We are at a party after all,” He explains, a mischievous grin on his face, “wouldn’t hurt to have a few shots.”

“I don’t drink.” I laugh, shaking my head. “Figured, seeing as how we met was because you spilt pink lemonade on me,” He teases, and I blush with embarrassment.

My gaze falls to my lap as I play with the strap on my purse, “I said I was sorry...” He laughs, as I slick a strand of my hair back. I glance back over at him, his green eyes already looking at me.’s just one shot. It wouldn’t hurt to drink just a little seeing as I’ve never drank before.

Add to my list of experiences...

“It’s just one little shot, but if you really don’t want to-” “I’ll take the shot.”

His eyes widen with surprise, as I mumble, shyly, “You’re right. We are at a party. It wouldn’t hurt to have a few shots, right?”

Luka’s POV:

I don’t know where Tiffany went, but it’s making me worried.

Usually she’d be somewhere hanging out by the wall, but she’s not there. I sigh, looking around as people dance to the music, lights flashing, and girls try to dance on me.

Tonight is the night I’m finally going to ask Tiffany out. I just hope she says yes...

I squeeze my way past people, and find Simon making out with some chick. I walk past him, and find Sebastian, chugging some drink while talking to a few people near the wall.

I walk up to him, “Sebastian! Hey!” He looks over at me, “Yo! What up, Luk.” He motions from me to the two guys in beside him, “Guys, this is Luka Martin. Luka, this is Mason, and Jacob.”

“Yo!” Mason says, raising his cup slightly. “What up chief?” Jacob replies, nodding at me.

“What’s up,” I reply to both of them, but turn back to look at Sebastian, “Have you seen Tiffany?”

Sebastian pauses for a moment, then shrugs, “Nope. She’s probably hanging out with May and Stormy somewhere. Or maybe Travis.”

“And you’re okay with her hanging around Travis?” I ask, thoroughly confused. He nods, slowly, then replying in a questionable tone, “Yes?”

“Why? We can’t trust Travis hanging out with her!”

“But we told her we would,” Sebastian retorts, “We promised her we would try and get along with him. Although tonight was a bit of a bust, we still made a promise.”

“Yeah, but...”

Sebastian stares at me for a long moment, and then his eyes light up, “Oh! I totally forgot about your little crush on her!”

Heat rises to my cheeks, “Will you cut that out!” He chuckles, “Let me guess, you’re going to ask her out tonight?” I nod, confidently, “That’s the plan. But I can’t do that if Travis is with her.”

“Whoa! Let’s go back a little,” Sebastian says, surprise on his face. He sets his cup on the nearest table, and shakes his dreads from his face, “You’re finally going to ask her out?”

“Yeah.” I state, taking a deep breath, “I’m finally going to do it.”

"HELL YEAH!! THAT’S MY BOY!!!" Sebastian says, excitedly, pulling me into his embrace, “Finally!” I pat his back awkwardly, smelling his sweaty pits accidentally, “Yeah, I am.”

“Well!” Sebastian says, letting go of me, “What are you waiting for?! Go find her! You know she love swimming, and there’s a pool around back. She’s more than likely out there.”

I smile, feeling hopeful, “Thanks, Sebastian.”

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