Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 23: Tipsy Kisses

Tiffany's POV:

"No, Math is the best subject hands down! How could you choose History over that?" Travis asks, confused. "Because! Math is confusing! Numbers and letters should never be put together, ever!" I protest, "History makes more sense than that!"

We both laugh loudly as I continue to explain my reasoning, "I get it! Math is easy for you, but to me? Math makes no damn sense! Simple equations like 2 + 2 and 2 x 2 make sense to me, but the whole trigonometry, imaginary numbers, and anything that is remotely related to that? Are a big fat hell no!"

"I never would've guessed that you hated Math," Travis states, raising a brow at me. I nod, "Yeah, it's my Kryptonite."

Currently, Travis and I are sitting at the pool still. We both are just talking about random stuff and asking questions. Plus, we both are pretty tipsy if I were being honest.

We both had 3 shots already, and I surprisingly can handle my liquor pretty well.

He chuckles, "I'll be sure to remember that. Okay, my next question." He glances at my hair, and asks, "Can I touch your hair?"

I raise a brow, and laugh, "What?"

"I know that's a weird question, but I've always wanted to touch your hair. It just seems so soft and curly." He replies, laughing a little. I pause thinking, "Okay...if I let you touch my hair, you have to let me touch yours."


Reaching over, Travis grabs the big Afro puff on the top of my head. He whispers, voice soft, and eyes staring in awe, "It really is soft..."

I giggle, "Thank you! It takes a lot of hair products for it to get like that."

My hair likes to do what it wants instead of what I need it to do. Which is why I wear it down most of the time.

It's untamable...

He continues playing with my hair for a few more minutes, and I laugh at his face. Letting go of my hair, Travis leans over for me to touch his hair. I reach over, and run my hand through his wavy, black locks slowly.

God, his hair is so soft~

"Whoa~ " I reply, and he smirks smugly. "Yeah, I know, it's super soft." Travis states, cockily. I roll my eyes at him, and he chuckles. I remove my hand from his hair and start thinking of another question to ask.

"Next question, are you a player?" I ask, and he stares at me, confused. "A player?" He asks.

"Yeah. That's one of the many rumors I've heard about you around. Are you a player?"

"Hell no! I've only had like 3 girlfriends in my entire lifetime."



"Look," He starts, "I don't date around like Daniel and his friends do, no offense. Dating is overrated, and girls get mad at me because I tell them no when they ask me out. It's not my fault that I'd rather be single."

"And that's why you get called an asshole by girls?" I ask, and he nods. "Yep. That's not the only reason, but one of them."

"What's the other reason?" I ask, suddenly curious. He shrugs, "Because I'm me? I don't know. I be honest with somebody and then they get so easily offended because I told them the truth. How I genuinely feel. It's kinda funny."

I giggle, "Yeah, I could see that." There's a long pause as both sit in our thoughts.

"How come you want to be a baker?" Travis suddenly asks, "If you don't mind me asking."

I pause, feeling a sting of sadness, " Mom was my inspiration. She used to bake a lot, and I used to bake with her. That's how I found the cooking class I go to now. She wanted to be a baker more than anything, and start her own bakery but couldn't because she wasn't able to afford culinary school..."

Travis's brows soften as I continue, "She gave it up, and decided to do something else. And I made a promise to her that we'd start a bakery together, Mother and Daughter when I was 7 or 8. But then..."

I feel a tears come to my eyes as I recall the night of the accident, "we got into a car accident, and my mom was in critical condition while I sustained a couple of broken bones. I was in the hospital for months, and she passed the same day she was brought in..."

Travis's face becomes solemn, as I stare down into the water, "She was the best Mom I could ask for...and she was my motivation for why I wanted to even start baking. And since I made that promise to start a bakery all those years ago, it's important to me that I keep it...for her..."

Nothing but silence fills the space around us as I find myself lost in thoughts, remembering her.

The reason why I'm doing this in the first place...

"I'm...sorry..." Travis mumbles, pulling me out of my thoughts, "I'm sorry, Tiff, I didn't mean to..."

"No, Travis, it's okay," I reply, reaching over and placing my hand on top of his, "It's fine. It's okay that I talk about it. It's a good for me to be able to talk about her. You don't have to apologize..."

He grips my hand in his, and looks to me, concerned. He stares at me for a long moment, and gives my hand a light squeeze, "Are you sure?" I nod, also gripping his hand in mine, "Yeah...I'm okay. I promise."

We continue to stare at one another, I feeling closer with him since I told him about my Mom. "Okay. As long as you're okay with it, I am too," He replies, smiling softly at me.

Here comes the blush...

I laugh, nervously, "Thanks...that means a lot to me."

We both stare at one a little longer, and I can't help but want to stay just like this. Him holding my hand in his, and I doing the same as a comfortable silence falls over us.

I of course feeling sweaty since I'm sitting so close to him...

Slowly, tension begins building. So much so that it's almost impossible to pretend it doesn't exist. I laugh softly, gently pulling my hand from his, "Sorry for being all sad..."

"No, no. You're allowed to talk to me about whatever it is you want to talk about," Travis states, firmly, "You don't need to say sorry..."

My eyes soften, "Thank you..."

What's with this tension between us??

It's so thick, I could through it with a knife...

We sit in silence for a few more minutes. "So...can I ask you my next question?" I ask, basically mumbling.

"Yeah! Yeah, of course...However, we should take another shot."

"Of course we do," I reply, smirking. Travis takes the two shot glasses from between us, and grabs the bottle. He fills them up, and sets the bottle to the side.

I grab my glass, and he grabs his. "Okay, before we drink this 0and become even more tipsy," Travis states, and I laugh, "we need to make a toast."

"A Toast?" I asks, and he nods.

"Yeah. We need to make a toast to something."

I pause, brainstorming. "Ooo! I got one!" I yelp, excitedly. I hold my glass into the air, "A toast to our catering business!!!"

"Our?" He asks, confused, raising a brow. I nod, blushing a little, "Yeah, I figured...since you were such a big help last time, I should invite you to come with me again...if you don't mind that is."

He smiles, raising his glass, "A toast to our catering business!" I instantly feel happy, as we clink our glasses together. We both take them, drink the fiery liquid.

I only say that because that shit burns your throat like hell...

Luka's POV:

I make my way towards the back, and finally find the pool area outside the glass sliding door.

Not many people are out there, surprisingly.

I look out it, and find Tiffany sitting at the pool, her feet in the pool.

God, she's just good...

I narrow my eyes as I notice some guy talking to her, they both drinking shots.

That's odd, Tiffany doesn't drink...

And who's the guy?

I watch as she shakes her head, face scrunched, setting her glass next to her. She looks up at the guy, her brown doe eyes gazing into his. Her cheeks turn a light shade of pink, even though her skin is the prettiest shade of brown.

They continue staring at one another, huge smiles on their. After a few seconds past, they both suddenly burst out into a fit of laughter.

I open the door carefully, and listen in on their conversation.

"Never going to get used to that burning sensation or the taste." Tiffany states, making a sour face, as the guy laughs. "It's really not that bad," He states, setting his glass down.

She shoots him a look and he laughs, "Riiiight."

"That is right."

"Okay then, Mr. I Drink All Types Of Alcohol. It's really not that bad."

He playfully nudges her, raising a brow, "I don't drink all types."

"Then what is it you don't drink?" She asks, making a face at him. He looks over at her and laughs, "I don't drink Wine."

"HUH!!!" She gasps, "The Travis Reel doesn't drink wine?!"


"Yeah! If I'm going out to get booze, it's definitely not going to be wine. That stuff is weak. I'm purposely trying to get wasted." Travis explains, "I'm looking for something strong."

"Wow..." Tiffany replies, thoughtfully, "That's a fact about you I'm definitely going to remember."

Fuck, of course she's a lone with him...

Out of all people...him...

I take a deep breath, "It's okay, Luka, it's okay..."

Just because he's here, doesn't mean anything...

They continue talking, she asking him questions about himself, and he doing the same.

It's frustrating...I wish he'd just leave...

Travis's POV:

"Okay, on the scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself?" Tiffany asks, leaning back; her arms propped up behind me.

"An 11." I state in a matter of fact tone. "An 11?" Tiffany says, narrowing her eyes at me. I wiggle my eyebrows, "What can I say, I'm pretty damn sexy."

She rolls my eyes, giggling, "You are so full of yourself!"

"I am the school's egotistical asshole, I might as well live up to the name," I shrug, smirking, and she laughs.
"I guess you have a point..." She replies, gaining some composure. I stare at her as she smiles softly, gazing down at her legs.
"Okay..." I mumble, suddenly curious. She shifts her gaze back at me as I ask, clearing my throat, "In all seriousness, what would you rate yourself on the scale?"

Thinking, she looks to the water, "Well...a solid 6."


What did she say?!

"A 6?!" I repeat, surprised, eyes wide. She nods, laughing, "Yeah! Like, hear me out!" She begins explaining her reasoning, but I'm not listening. I'm too busy staring at her.

How could she think she's a 6, when she's literally the most prettiest girl I've ever seen?

Let alone met...

I stare at her lips and my eyes slowly look her up and down, noticing her outfit. A black, long sleeved crop top and some black biker shorts.

I never noticed how curvy she really is...

Wide hips and a small waist and these thick thighs that I can't help but- I blush, realizing that I'm checking her out.

I didn't even notice that I was...fuck...

I glance back up at her face and smile at how pretty she is. More than pretty, just downright gorgeous...
Her hair tied back revealing that angelic face to me. Plus no glasses.
Her soft, milk chocolate like skin seeming flawless. No a single blemish on her face.

What is wrong with me???

"I wouldn't say that I'm all of that and a bag of chips. I'm pretty average looking..." She sighs, looking away. I frown, feeling annoyed by her negative self talk.

Suddenly, I reach over, cupping her chin. I force her to look back at me and despite her brown skin, I see a deep blush spread across her face.

Everything about her is beautiful, how could she not see that? Her soft, black, curly hair, her contagious laugh and smile, her soft, coffee, brown skin, and not to mention those eyes.

Those soft, honey brown eyes that I could get lost in for hours. I may be a little tipsy, but I'm certain of one thing.

That this girl in front of breathtakingly beautiful...

"Trust me, Tiffany," I mumble, staring into her eyes, they glancing to her lips, "nothing about you is average."

Before she could react, I lean in a little and gently press my lips against hers. My eyes close slowly, and she yelps in surprise. Slowly though, she kisses me back, our lips moving in sync. I taste cherry from her lip gloss and suck on her lip.

Just the two of us in this space... bliss~

Slipping my hand onto the side of her thigh, I grip it, and she grins. Without a second thought, my other hand grabs the back of her neck, and her hands slide up onto my shirt.

Her hands slip into my hair, grabbing handfuls of it, and I moan with pleasure. Our lips move in response to one another, and I find myself smiling. I bite her bottom lip, and she giggles. I gently let go, and she pulls my hair.


My hand slides up her thigh and onto her hip. I grip it, and she moans. I smirk, as she whispers in between kisses, " Travis~ "

Wait! Travis, what hell are you doing?!

My eyes fly open, and I quickly pull away, breathless, "" She stares at me, her cheeks a bright red, as I struggle to find words.

I don't know what came over me!!! Fuck!!!

I shouldn't have kissed her...

Now things might get awkward because I don't know how to control myself...

Tiffany's POV:

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..." Travis mumbles, cheeks flushed. He moves his hand from the nape of my neck, and I laugh, "YEAH! Me neither! I didn't mean to..."

Well...this is embarrassing...

"Yeah..." He mumbles, nervously, hand still on my thigh. We both look down at it, and he quickly moves it away. His touch lingering behind with a burning feeling, and I shiver.

I miss his touch...

I move my hands from his hair, "Yeah..."


"Of course..."

We sit in tensed silence, my heart still throbbing and butterflies still dancing in my stomach. I clear my throat, looking everywhere but at him, and he does the same.

"I guess...those shots know..." Travis mumbles, glancing from me to his hands.

"Yeah! Totally! Being tipsy makes you do some crazy things..." I mumble, feeling slightly disappointed.

We're both tipsy, Tiffany, of course he didn't mean that...

But I can't help but think...maybe he did...

"You're right! Being tipsy will do that to you..." Travis mumbles, biting his lip.

We continue to sit for a few more minutes, the awkward tension consuming the space between us. I swallow hard, and Travis clear his throat.

"Well...I'm...I'm going to go to the bathroom really quick," I state, pulling my legs out of the pool, grabbing my shoes. "Okay! You do that! I'll just be...right here..." Travis states, quickly, also pulling his feet from the water.

"Cool!" I state, running toward the glass sliding door. Right when I'm about to step inside, Travis calls out, "Hey!"

I look back at him, as he says, "We should just keep this to ourselves..."

"Yeah! I couldn't agree more!" I agree, "Just our little secret! Just between us!!!"

"Yep! Glad...glad you can agree!"


We stare at each other for another long moment, and I quickly state, "Okay! I'm going to the bathroom now!"

"Okay!" Travis states, nodding, " careful!"


I run inside, squeezing my way past sweaty, dancing people. Eventually, I find a bathroom, and run inside, closing the door.

I lock the door, dropping my shoes on the marble floor. I press my back against the door, and find myself giggling girlishly.

I just kissed Travis Reel!!!


I just kissed Travis fucking Reel!!!

Sure, I've kissed other guys before, and by that I mean one other guy, but that was on a whole other level!!!

Recalling earlier events, I remember him biting my lip and grabbing my thigh. As well as his hand resting on the nape of my neck. His hand slid up to my hip, and I....

I begin blushing again, biting my lip. Butterflies erupt in my stomach, "Relax, Tiffany..."

We both agreed to keep it between us. What happened tonight, is something we'll keep to ourselves...

I lay my head back against the door, and sigh, "Oh Mom...I think things just got a whole lot more complicated..."

I walk over to the mirror, and look into it. Immediately, I notice my lip gloss smeared on my face. Not to mention, my bottom lip is slightly pink from Travis biting it.

I giggle again, as I wash off the remnants of my lip gloss. I look around the bathroom, wondering where my handbag went.

It's still outside with Travis...


I slip my shoes on, and dust off my clothes. I take a deep breath before walking out the bathroom. I glance around, noticing people still gathered around the bathroom.


I jump, and look to my right seeing Luka walking my way. I relax a little, "Oh! Hey, Luka!" He looks at me, with this serious look on his face. My brows furrow, "You okay? What's wrong?"

He stands in front of me, and shakes his head, "I can't tell you here. Let's go somewhere more private." I nod, "Yeah, sure."

We walk through a crowd, and find an empty room. He steps in first, and I step in behind him. I close the door behind me, "What's up?"

He turns around and looks at me, nervousness on his face, "Tiffany, need to ask you something."


He walks up to me, him looking down into my eyes, " know that we've known each other for like ever, and we've been through thick and thin together."

"Yeah! We have been through a lot together," I agree, smiling, "What's going on?" He takes a deep breath, grabbing my hand.

I jump, feeling awkward as he says, voice gentle, "I've been thinking...we've been friends for a while...and I was wondering if maybe we could be more than that."

I cringe at the thought.

Me and Luka?

"Luka..." I mumble, as Luka looks at me, hopeful, "" I pull my hand from his, " don't think that'd be a good idea..."

I've always seen Luka as my friend, or even as a brother.

This is going to be awkward...

"Why wouldn't it be? We're great friends, and I know everything about you. You also know everything about me," Luka explains, brows furrowed, "Why not give us a chance?"

"Luka," I say, feeling guilty, "I'm's just...I don't think us getting together would be a good idea."

He frowns, and I look down at my feet, "I'm sorry, Luka. It has nothing to do with you..."

There's a long pause. Deafening, despite the loud music outside the room.

"You're right..." Luka mumbles, nodding, the center of his brows creased, "this has everything to do with Travis..." I look back up at him, "What?"

"Yeah...this is because of Travis..." He looks at me, angry, "What does he have that I don't, Tiffany?"

"What are you talking about? Travis has nothing to do with why I said no." I state, narrowing my eyes at him, "This is about me and you. Not him."

"Right, and I'm supposed to just believe that?" He asks, stepping back, "I saw you and him at the pool talking, drinking, and laughing! What the hell was that all about if you don't have anything going on with him?!"

"We're just friends and and partners for a AP History project!! And besides, what does that have to do with anything?!"

Aside from the kiss Travis and I shared a few minutes ago, we're just friends...

And partners for a project...

And working on my Catering Business together...

"I doubt it!" Luka shouts, fists, clenched, "And it has everything to do with me!! I'm way better for you than he is! Why him?! I've helped with so much, including your catering job!!! And you go and mess with Travis!? If anything, you owe me!"

"The hell are you saying?!" I shout, confused, "I don't owe you anything, Luka! And you have no control over who I let into my life!!"

What is wrong with him???

He doesn't seem like himself...

"I don't, huh?! Well I should!" He shouts, grabbing my arm, yanking me forward. I pull my arm away, backing up into the door, "Don't touch me!!"

"No, Tiffany?! You obviously don't get it! I've been after you for years, but you never noticed!! And now that I finally tell you how I feel, you push me away?"

He grabs both my arms, gripping tightly, and I try pulling away as he continues to shout, "Let me guess, you only see me as a friend?!"

"Let me go!!" I shout, trying to push him away, grip hurting my arms, "What's wrong with you?!"

"You!" He shouts, face red with anger, and I feel tears come to my eyes, "You're what's wrong with me!?"

My breathing quickens, and my legs shake as I try pushing him away. He continues to shout, and I continue trying to shove him off, "LUKA!!! LET GO OF ME!!" His grip continues to tighten, and I wince at the pain.

My bottom lip quivers, and I shout, "LET ME GO!!!" With a rush of adrenaline, I knee him in the crotch as hard as I can.

He grunts, letting go of my arms, "FUCK!!" I frantically turn around, opening the door, my palms sweaty.

I run out, pushing past people. My legs feel like jelly as I begin to cry, ruining my make up. Running into someone, I look up, Travis staring down at me, face contorting concerned.

"Whoa, what's-" "Fu-Fucking Luka try-tried t-t-to fucking!" I interrupt him, hyperventilating, "He wouldn't let g-g-go!!! He was shouting and-and-"

"Tiffany, slow down!! What did Luka do?!" Travis interrupts, grabbing my shoulders.

"Luka!!! Travis, it was Luka!!" I bawl, "He grabbed me, an-and wouldn't let go!!" Travis wraps his arms around me, pulling me into his chest.

"I don't even know...wh-why-" "Shh, it's okay, Tiff, I got you." Travis interrupts, in a comforting tone.


I turn around, finding Luka walking up towards up, angrily. Travis then slides me behind him, "What the fuck did you do to Tiffany?!"

"Nothing, asshole!! I'm just talking to her!!" Luka shouts, causing people to stop and look.

"Like hell you are! Don't you see her, she's scared!" Travis shouts angrily, voice booming across the room as I stand close behind him.

"Piss off!!" Luka shouts, lunging at Travis. Pushing him, Travis punches Luka in the face with a loud smack, and I jump, gripping Travis's shirt.

I could've sworn I heard something crack...

Everyone gasps, no one dancing anymore. Luka crashes to the floor, dark red, thick blood rolling down his face and into his hands. "Fuck!" He winces, more blood falling onto the floor.

"You even think about going anywhere near Tiffany again, I'll fucking end you!!" Travis growls, body tense, "So you might want to think twice before talking to her!!"
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