Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 25: Catching More Than Z's

I stand, staring into Luka’s guilt-filled eyes, feeling sad. I swallow hard, remembering that night at the party all too clearly.

“Tiffany, can we please just talk,” Luka pleads, talking a step closer. I step back, as Travis steps in front of me.

“I don’t think that’d be a good idea, Luka,” Travis says, voice low, and shoulders tensed. I grab Travis’s arm, “No, it’s fine, Travis.”

I wanna hear what he has to say...

Regardless of recent events...

Travis looks back at me confused, “Are you sure?”

I nod, “Yeah...It’s okay...” He frowns, as he looks back at Luka. Shooting Luka a nasty glare, Travis steps behind me, crossing his arms.

I look back at him, and give a half-smile, before turning back to look at Luka.

And here I hoped not to bump into him today...

“Thank you, Tiffany...” Luka mumbles, awkwardly. “You have 5 minutes,” I reply, and he stares at me sadly.

He nods, scratching his chin, “Right...I’ll make this quick then...”

He takes a deep breath, “I’m sorry about the other night. I don’t know what I was thinking...doing that to you. I was just so angry that you and Travis were hanging out, and doing this project together...”

I narrow my eyes at him, as I ball my hands up into fists.

Why did that statement make me angry???

He continues, “I’m so very sorry, Tiffany. I really am...I don’t know what got into me...I hope that you can-”

My hand collides with his cheek with a loud smack. My heart beats quickly, Luka’s head whipped in the other direction, eyes widened. My hand stings, a burning sensation lingering behind. Shaking, my fingers tingle.

Did I just slap him?!

I didn’t even realize that that’s what I had done...

Hot tears come to my eyes, as I bite my bottom lip. I hold my hand, feeling pain, but I ignore it. My eyes close, and as I try to bite back a painful hiss growing in my throat. Travis looks from Luka to me, his green eyes full of worry.

“You...okay???” He leans down and whispers in my ear. I nod vigorously, a tear rolling down my cheek, “Y-Yeah...”

Damn, that shit hurts!!

How hard did I hit him?!?

I take a deep breath, and state firmly, “I don’t care how sorry you are, Luka...”

I stare him dead in the eye, and continue, “You think telling me sorry is going to change anything that happened?”

He looks down at his feet as I profess, “You were supposed to be my friend, and instead you turned out to be a big asshole when you claimed Travis was...” My bottom lip quivers as I confess, “Anger and jealousy is not an excuse for what you did...”

I swallow hard, dropping my hand down to my side. “And for that, Luka...” I mumble, “I can’t forgive you...I’m sorry...” I walk past him, Travis following close behind.

"BUT TIFFANY!!!" Luka shouts, but I don’t turn back. I keep walking forward, my eyes looking downward.


I walk onto the bus and take my seat, Travis filling in next to me. I sigh, leaning my head back against the seat. I stare at the ceiling, lost in thought.

That just happened...

I really slapped him...

“I can’t believe...I slapped someone today...” I say aloud, “And it wasn’t like a petty slap, it was a brutal one...”

Travis looking over at me, smirks, “Yeah, and you slapped the shit out of him too. I didn’t know you had it in you, Tiny.” I look over at him, genuinely concerned.

I didn’t know I had it in me either...

“Did I really hit him that hard? I didn’t even realize I had hit him until my hand started hurting...” I ask, and Travis stares at me for a long moment, surprise on his face.

"BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” He belly-laughs, and I blush with embarrassment. I look around, noticing people looking at us now, “I’m being serious, Travis!! Stop laughing!!!”

“You didn’t realize you hit him?! I would’ve hit that prick one more good time honestly...”

“How hard did I hit him?”

He shakes his black hair from his face, calming down. His face softens, he still laughing a little, “I don’t know how hard you hit him, but it was pretty damn hard. I could feel the pain and I wasn’t even the one slapped.”

I nod awkwardly, “ hand felt like it was on fire afterward.” He looks from me to my hand for a moment. He looks back at me, motioning to my hand, “Can I look at it?” I nod, noting the worry in his voice. Grabbing my hand, Travis stares at my palm with concerned-filled eyes.

Wow, he changed emotions quickly...

He was just laughing a minute ago...

“How is your hand by the way? I meant to ask earlier.” He asks, looking back up at me. “It still kinda hurts, but I think I’ll be okay...” I reply, looking from my hand to him.

“Hm...” He continues to examine my red palm, his fingers grazing my skin ever so lightly and I begin to squirm at his touch. I begin sweating, as his fingers graze up my arm and my legs tremble.

Slowly, tension begins to build, as he then whispers; voice loud enough that only he and I can hear, “Are you sure??” He looks up again, and my heart flutters. His green eyes lock on mine, and I can’t seem to pull away. His eyes search mine, as he awaits my answer.

What’s with all this tension between us???

It’s not awkward, it’s something else entirely...

I nod quickly, and he pauses thoughtfully, looking back at my hand. “If you say so...” He says, gently letting my hand go. I try to act casual, his touch lingering on my fingertips and arm.

This isn’t the first time I felt that spark between us...

And I doubt it’d be the last...

The bus begins moving, and Travis and I talk a little as the bus moves along. We begin talking about our catering service, school, and of course random stuff.

Before I know it, I start yawning, feeling tired. I look over at Travis and laugh as he also yawns. He rubs his hair from his face, “Damnit, Tiffany...why are you yawning?”

“Because I can?” I reply, raising a brow. I find myself yawning again, and Travis does the same, his black hair falling back into his face.

“You know what I need to do?” Travis suddenly asks, and I look over at him, eyes feeling heavy, “Get my hair cut. I don’t like it in my face...”

“Oh...that’s too bad...” I reply, raising my glasses to rub my eyes, “I think you look cute with your hair like that...”

He perks up a little, looking over at me.

I got a feeling that I shouldn’t have said that...

He grins, smugly, “So you think I’m cute??”

“No! No!” I quickly correct myself, feeling heat rise to my cheeks. “You sure? I’m pretty positive I heard you say ’I think you’re cute.” Travis says in a mocking tone, “Pretty sure you called me cute...”

I narrow my eyes as he continues to smile at me, “I didn’t say you are cute, I said you look cute. There’s a difference...”

“Yeah that may be true and all that jazz, but I know you’re thinking it...”

I shoot him a look, and he returns it. “I know you are...there’s no need to hide it...” He mumbles, wiggling his eyebrows.

We stare at each other for a long moment, and I roll my eyes, “Not at all.” I lean over, and lay my head on his shoulder, “Not even a little bit...”

“Be in denial all you want, Princess...” Travis mumbles, his voice trailing off, “I know you think I’m cute...”


I groggily open my eyes as the bus comes to a stop. I hear soft snoring, and I look up. I smile a little seeing Travis is fast asleep, head slightly rested on mine.

I raise my head, and he begins to stir a little. I look up at him, seeing how peaceful he looks. His breathing is slow and steady, and there’s a little drool rolling down his cheek.

He kind of reminds me of a little boy...

He looks so cute!!

A soft smile spreads across his face, and he mumbles, “Tiffany...” I stare at him, surprised.

He’s dreaming about me???

Suddenly, I feel his hand on my leg, and I jump. I look down, seeing his hand lightly gripping my knee. I bite my lip, as he continues to mumble things incoherently. Slowly, his hand begins to slide up and onto my thigh, and I tense up, feeling sweaty. I look over at him and see he’s still fast asleep.

I back down at his hand as it continues further up my leg, and to my inner thigh. I look back up at him as he smirks devilishly.

He’s still asleep!

What’s he dreaming about?!

“Um...” I mumble, tugging his arm, but his fingers begin drawing circles on my thigh. My legs tremble, and my heart starts racing. I look back to him, eyes widening, ”Travis!"

He jumps awake, his hand gripping my leg now. He looks over at me, and says, his voice huskier than the norm, “Huh???”

Why does he sound so damn sexy???

I look from him to my leg, and he looks down. His cheeks flush as he notices where his hand is placed. He pulls away quickly, and slips his hand behind his head. He looks back at me, “Aw shit! Sorry, Tiff!”

I shrug, pretending to be aloof, “D-D-Don’t worry about it! It’s no biggie...”

We sit in awkward silence, Travis looking everywhere but at me, and I doing the same. I glance over at him, noticing he was leaning a little forward, his arm covering his lap.


A few moments pass, and I find myself asking, “So, uh...what were you...dreaming about?”

“Things...” He mumbles, cheeks a bright shade of pink, “Lots of...uh...different things...” I nod, “Yeah?”

“ was...very cool...”

Suddenly, he begins pulling at his pants, clearing his throat repeatedly.

“It’s fucking hot on this bus...” He mutters, looking toward the front area of the bus. “Yeah, it is...” I agree, face probably as red as a pepper.


I hop out of the car, Sebastian, Simon, and Daniel following me as we walk toward the front door. I pull the keys from my pocket and unlock the front door. We all walk inside, Simon jumping onto the couch, and Sebastian heading straight for the kitchen.

“Thanks for waiting for me, Daniel,” I state, smiling. He smiles softly, “Of course, Tiffany.”

Well, school is officially done for the day, and I’m at home. I just got home from work and cooking class all on the same day.

Today’s been so busy for some reason...

Anyway, the boys all decided to hang out at Daniel and I’s house to play a good game of Mortal Kombat.

I walk to the back of the house, and into my room. I throw my stuff onto my floor, and belly flop onto the bed. I roll over onto my back and sigh heavily. I stare up at the ceiling, and yawn, “So tired...”

Suddenly my mind wanders back to Travis and I sitting on the bus. My cheeks burn, I remembering his hand slowly rubbing my leg, and onto my thigh.

I bring my hands to my face, “Oh my god...oh my god...”

I’ve been thinking about it all day. Getting distracted at work, and Amelia yelling at me. Then getting distracted at cooking class, and Victoria talking shit about it to my face.

Ever since that happened, I can’t seem to get it off my mind...

Just like when we kissed...

I still wonder what he was dreaming about seeing as he had said my name in his sleep. I bite my bottom lip, feeling really sweaty.

God, Travis...

“YO!!! Jackson!!! Glad you could make it!!!” Daniel shouts, opening the front door.

I perk up, sitting upright. I look toward my room door, Daniel walking down the hall, Jackson following close behind.

Jackson’s here???

Had no idea that Daniel knew Jackson...

Plus, this’ll be a great way to get my mind off of Travis...

“This is my room,” Daniel says, showing Jackson the room across from mine. He laughs, awkwardly, before pulling his door close, “It’s a little messy...”

A little is an understatement...

Two words: Clothes. Everywhere.

Somehow he hides the mess from Dad. I think he just shoves it all under his bed...

He then walks over to my room, “And this is Tiffany’s room.” Jackson looks around my room, and then at me. He smiles, “Hey Tiffany.” I smile back, “Hey!” Daniel looks from him to me, confused.

“You guys have already met?” Daniel asks, brows furrowed. Jackson and I nod, I sitting up, “Yeah! We met through Luka before the whole big thing that happened at the party.”

Speaking of which, I haven’t told them I slapped him...

I know Daniel would be extremely proud to hear his awkward, anxious, little sister slapped the shit out of someone.

“Ohhhh,” Daniel drawls out, nodding in understanding, “Makes sense. Okay.” He claps his hands together, “Well you, Tiffany, can come play MK with us if you want. I’d like to see you whoop Simon’s ass again.”

I smirk, pushing up my glasses, “Oh trust me, I’ll be there.” Daniel smiles excitedly, before running out the room, “Hell yes! Hey Simon!!! Tiffany’s play MK with us!!!”

"NO! SHE’S NOT!! SHE CHEATS EVERY ROUND WE PLAY!!!" Simon whines, Sebastian laughing. I shake my head, “Poor Simon...” I look back toward Jackson, and immediately I tense up.

He’s already looking at me...

I look away, playing with my fingers, feeling nervous. There’s a long pause before Jackson says, “So...from what I hear, your pretty damn good at MK. Who’s your favorite character?”

“Mileena. OH! And Sub Zero.” I reply, looking back up at him, “I’m also pretty good at Scorpion, and Raiden.”

“Scorpion is pretty badass.” Jackson agrees, smirking, his blue eyes softening, “I don’t like Sub Zero though.”

I stand up, raising a brow, “Why not?” He shrugs, as we walk out of my room toward the living room, “I just don’t like his character. He’s kinda lame...”

I gasp, bringing my hand to my chest, offended, “How dare you say Sub Zero is lame.” He chuckles, hands in his pants pockets, “He is.” I narrow my eyes at him, “And how’s that?”

“Well,” Jackson begins to explain, and I listen. He shakes his long, wavy, blonde hair, as he continues his theory. Suddenly, I start seeing Travis standing in front of me instead of Jackson.

Heat rushes to my cheeks, as he wiggles his eyebrows, “Hey, Tiny~”

“Travis, what are you doing here?!” I reply, looking him up and down, “Go away!!” He frowns, “Well that’s’s not my fault you’re catching feelings for me...”

“I’m not!!!” I retort, feeling flustered.

“Riiight,” He mumbles, narrowing his eyes, a playful smirk on his lips, “Then explain why you’re talking to me instead of Mr. Beach Waves over here?”

“Beach Waves?”

“Yeah, Beach Waves. He’s got the long, blonde, wavy locks, and tan skin. Definitely the surfing type.”

“You’re stereotyping him??”

“What?” Jackson asks, and I jump, “Did you say something?” I stare at him for a moment, realizing Travis is not even here with me anymore. I glance around the room for a few more seconds, seeing that that was all in my head.


I am catching feelings...

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