Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 27: "Have I ever told you..."

Did he say street-fighting???

For money??

What is he talking about?!

“You quit...fighting...for money???” I ask, confused. He nods, smiling goofily at me, “YEAH! I did it for you, Princess...”

I stare at him completely at a loss for words.

If you remember, there’s a rumor going around about Travis being a streetfighter. I just assumed that that was a lie seeing as so many of the rumors are.

But now, I see that this is a true statement because he told me himself.

He stares back with a blank expression on his face before he suddenly blurts, “Well! I’m going home! That’s all I wanted to say!” He turns to stumble away, and I panic.

“WHOA!!” I snap, coming back to reality. I grab his arm pulling him back, and he looks at me questionably, “You can’t go home like this! What about your mom??!”

“What about my-my-my mom?” He asks eyes narrowed. “She’d lose her shit if she saw you like this?!” I state, looking him up and down.

“Oh yeah...” He replies, slowly, swaying back and forth again. He goes quiet for a second before he says, “Batterò tutto il tuo assto quando ti svegli domattina...”


“What?” I ask, confused.

“That’s what she’d say if she saw me like this...” He explains, then in a mocking tone, “Picchiero il tuo culo domani mattiniquando to sveglierai tutto!! It means, ‘I’m going to beat your entire ass when you wake up in the morning’. Th-Th-This wouldn’t be the first time she caught me like this...”

I nod with understanding, and he giggles, “My Mamma is sssssscary...”

“I can see that...”

“OH! I know! I’ll just drive over to Sam’s house! I’d get less of an ass-whoopin’ when I get there!” He says, excitedly, trying to walk away again.

“No!” I retort, pulling at his arm again, “You can’t drive like this either!! I’m surprised you got here without getting pulled over or getting into an accident...”

“I ran into 2 mailboxes and 4 trashcans.” He explains, giggling again. He then leans in and whispers, “And I almost hit a dog too...”

I bring my hands to my mouth, a look of horror on my face.


“You!” I shout but stop, remembering Dad and Daniel are asleep. I sigh, balling my hands into fists, “ could’ve died, Travis. You could’ve died...”

“But I didn’t,” He smirks, “I’ve done this before, Ti-Ti-Tiffany! Y-Y-You, don’t need to worry about me!” I shake my head, grabbing both of his arms now, “I can’t let you go anywhere like this, it’s too dangerous...”

“Where am I gonna go??” He asks, his words slurring.

I don’t know...

I have no idea where he’s going to go, but I do know that he can’t drive anywhere like this. Plus, it’s really late so I don’t think I could call anyone.

Besides Joshua, Christian, and Jamie.

I’m sure their girlfriends, except Christian, will be pleased to hear that their boyfriends street-fought in secret...

“Maybe I could call Joshua or-”

“No!” Travis yelps, I letting go of his arms, “Don’t! They-They-They don’t know I’m here!!!” I stare up into his concerned filled eyes and can’t help back think of him as a child. I sigh, coming to a conclusion. I tug at my blue tank top and grey-white shorts, nervously.

I have to bring him into my room. I don’t want him getting hurt or worse, and if he doesn’t want to go back to Jamie and the others, this is the only other option I’ve got.

Ugh, I get the feeling this is going to be a long night...

“You’ll just have to stay in my room for the night,” I reply, and he pauses thoughtfully. I help him into my room, and suddenly a lustful smirk spreads across his face.

“Oh, Tiffanyyyy~ I didn’t know you were l-l-like that~ ” He swoons, wiggling his eyebrows.

I blush, looking up at him, “NOT LIKE THAT!!! I’m saying you can sleep here.”

“Sleep with you?? ” He asks, that lustful smirk widening, “Look, I’ll be as gentle as possible with you-”

“NO!!!!” I whisper-shout, feeling extremely sweaty, “That’s not what’s about to happen!! ”

I can’t believe any of this is happening...

Lord give me strength...

I walk him over to my bed, and sit him on it as he laughs, “I’m kidding!!” I shake my head, as I walk over to my closet, pulling it open.

He looks around the room precariously for a few seconds, and suddenly asks, “W-W-Who’s room am I in???”

“Mine,” I reply, digging through my closet. I groan with frustration and close my closet. I walk over to my dresser and begin digging through the drawers.

I need a shirt for him to wear. I can’t have him sitting in my room shirtless all night...

“Ohhhh...” He says, bobbing his head around happily, trying to keep upright. He looks around my room, looking at the pictures and posters hanging on my walls.

Mostly pictures though. And one plushy animal cat hanging on my wall. His name is Happy. He’s from an anime known called Fairytail.

Really good by the way...

He looks up at the ceiling, seeing my LED’s wrapping around my room. The setting set on white.

Smirking, he says, softly, “Cute room...”

“Thank you,” I blush, moving deodorants and other hygienic products aside. “This a picture of your mom?”

I look over my shoulder at him and find him holding the picture frame that was sitting on my nightstand. He turns it over revealing a smiling picture of Mom.

I smile softly at it, and nod, “ is...”

“Oh...” He replies, his face suddenly becoming sad. He looks back at the picture and frowns, “She’s pretty...”

“Thank you...” I reply, looking back at my closet and digging through it again. Travis sits in silence for a moment and says softly, “You’re seems like she was very nice...”

“She was. All of the time. She worked in Foster Care. She was a counselor for the kids, plus a teacher. If she were alive now, she’d love you...”

She really would’ve...

“Foster Care?” Travis suddenly asks, it peaking his interest. I nod, “Yeah. She was great with kids too, they loved her...”

I grab a t-shirt and turn to face him. My brows furrow as I notice the serious calculated look on his face, “You okay there, Travis?”

“Mrs. Green...” He mumbles, staring at the photo reminiscently, “Wow...I completely forgot about you...and here I your daughter’s room...I didn’t know you had a kid...”

“What?” I asks, confused, “What are you talking about?”

He looks up at me, face flushing, “What? OH!!! YEAH!!!” He quickly sets the photo on the nightstand, clearing his throat awkwardly, “Nothing!! I said nothing, just something I saw on Instagram!!”

I stare at him, suspiciously and he simply stares back, smiling awkwardly.

I don’t believe him, but okay...

“Ooookay...” I reply, looking him up and down. I look back at the shirt in my hands, noticing its size. Suddenly Travis begins to squirm, and I walk up to him, continuing to stare at the shirt, thoughtfully.

This T-shirt is too big for me to fit, but maybe Travis can...

But then again, Daniel is 6′2 and Travis is 6′4...

This might fit a little awkwardly on him...

“Hey, Princess, I gotta go to the bathroom. I think I might piss myself...” Travis pouts, as I hand him the shirt.

“Please don’t pee on yourself,” I reply, grabbing his hand. I pull him off the bed, and suddenly, he falls forward, landing on me.

I yelp, trying to hold him up. My legs wobble and shake under his weight, as I try not to fall on the floor.

My lord, this boy is heavy!!

“Sorry, Ani,” Travis chuckles, finally standing on his own. He stares into my eyes, and smiles dreamily, “You smell strawberries...”

I blush, “Thanks...”

I grab his hand, and walk to my door as he continues, “But you always smell good...I don’t think I ever told you. I also like your hair, it’s big and soft and fluffy, like a pillow. And curly too! It fits your personality. Have I ever told you that you’re my curly-headed cutie? Not anyone else’s!! MINE. All mines!!! If I didn’t, I have now.”

I turn around and stare up at him, “I’m your what?”

“My curly-headed cutie!!! It fits you!!” He explains excitedly, “You have curly hair and you’re really cute. Plus, you’re my sweet, sweet princess.”

Oh lord, this boy is beyond drunk...

I laugh nervously, blushing profusely, “Oh! Thank you...”

“I also really like your eyes. They’re a pretty brown color,” He continues, leaning a little closer to my face, “And I also like your lips...they’re round and full...”

I tense up, as he leans in face inches from mine. His eyes glance to my lips and stay fixated there. I swallow hard, feeling that familiar tension between us build again.

Why, Jesus...

Turning away, I feel my heart start racing. “C’mon, let’s just get you to the bathroom...” I mumble, blushing. I pull open the door and peek my head out, glancing around the hall.

The coast is clear...

I step out, dragging Travis behind me. I drag him into the bathroom, and step out, “I’ll be standing right outside this door, okay?”

I close the door, pressing my back against it. I take a deep breath.

Hopefully, he goes quick...


I jump, looking to my right. Daniel peeking his head out of his room, rubbing his eyes, asks, “What are you doing up?”

“I, uh, using the bathroom, ” I stutter, praying that Travis doesn’t flush the toilet. “Oh...” Daniel mumbles, yawning.

Suddenly, I hear rustling from behind the door and become tense. Daniel looks around the hall, confused, “What was that??”

“I don’t know! Probably something outside!” I explain, walking over to him. I glance back toward the bathroom and see Travis peeking his head out. My stomach drops and I just want to scream.


Quickly, I shove Daniel back into his room, “We have school in a few hours, so you should really go back to sleep. Okay? Okay, goodnight!” I close his door, and exhale deeply.

Dear lord...give me strength...

“I finished, ” Travis sings, and I now notice he put the shirt on.

It fits a little tight...

But just a little...

I nod and walk back over to him and grab his hand, “Great! Let’s get you to bed.” I bring him back into my room and quickly close the door behind us.

He sits on my bed, and I turn around to face him, feeling really nervous about this whole situation.

Was it the smartest decision bringing him in here?

No, probably not...

Did I have any real choice?

No, no I did not...

I stare at him, noticing his face become red. His face contorts a little, and he shakes his head vigorously.

Walking over, I ask, concerned, “Are you okay-” Running to my window, which I forgot I had left open, Travis sticks his head out and vomits. I gag at the sound as well as the smell but walk over and rub his back.

Thank God he didn’t throw up on my floor...

Our floors are carpeted...

He continues to cough up whatever the hell it is that he drank, and I try not to throw up too. After what feels like forever, Travis finally stops throwing up, spitting, “Fuck, that was disgusting...”

He wipes his face with the back of his arm, and I frown, “Yeah, it sure was...” I lean over and pull open my nightstand drawer. I pull out a water bottle and hand it to him.

I usually keep water bottles in my drawer, so I don’t have to leave my room for water at night...

I’m pretty damn smart...

“Thanks...” He replies, taking it. He screws off the cap and chugs it. After finishing, he tosses it onto the ground outside.

Right in the vomit, I might add...

I shake my head, trying to pretend that I didn’t see, let alone, hear that.

I guide him to the bed and help him get under the sheets and blankets. He grabs my pillow, and wraps his arms around it, laying his head on it. He turns to face the wall, his eyes closing.

Thank God I got him into bed...

I close my window and lock it. I kick Travis’s shoes under the bed, and sigh.

I didn’t even see him take them off.

I glance around the room realizing I have nowhere to sleep. I groan, “Great...”

I’d hate to sleep on the floor despite it being carpet.

It’s not the most cushioning of carpets...

I look back to the bed, noticing the space beside Travis near my nightstand.

I’m seriously contemplating laying there...


Do I have much of a choice?

I carefully slip into bed, pulling the blankets and sheets over me. I lay facing away from Travis, feeling on edge.

I try to relax and get comfortable. Taking off my glasses, I set them on my nightstand. I continue to lay in silence for a long time.

Maybe he’s already asleep...

“Hey, Tiffany?” Travis mumbles, sounding completely sober. “Yes?” I reply, surprised to hear he’s still awake.

He’s quiet for a moment, before saying, “I’ve been thinking about you all day...but I didn’t go to school to see you...because I felt bad...”


“Felt bad...for what??” I ask, feeling confused.

He admits, his voice sounding soft, “I felt bad when I woke up this morning...because I feel like I need to tell you something about me that you should know...”

I listen closely as he continues, “But I’m afraid of what you might think of me...if I told you...not that I already don’t care about what you think of me...I want to tell you...but I’m afraid you’ll look at me differently...”

Where is this all coming from?

He sounds so...worried...

Stressed out...

“What is it you want to tell me?” I ask, pulling my blanket closer to me. He goes quiet, completely still.

He wants to tell me something...but he’s not saying it. Whatever it is, it’s bothering him.

“You don’t have to tell me now...if you don’t want to...” I quickly explain, “I mean, you don’t have to tell me right now if you’re not ready. You don’t have to feel pressured into telling me’re not ready to tell. And chances are, whatever it is, I’m not going to see you much differently. I’m your friend, Travis, and I’m going to listen to anything you have to tell me with no judgment...”

For the most part...

“Just as you did for me...when I told you about my mom. I’ll listen...”

There’s a long moment of silence, and I can’t help but feel awkward. “Have I ever told you that I love you?” Travis confesses, and my heart flutters, “I love you, Tiffany Green.”

He what!!!!

“You what?!” I ask, whipping around to look at him only to find him fast asleep. I turn back around, feeling a blush spread across my face.

Did he say he loves me??

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