Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 30: "So, you would date me?"

Travis’s POV:

“You and Tiffany were not here today!!” Stormy shouts, it echoing throughout the entrance. I open my mouth to say something, but she barges into my house. I look back at her, “Yeah, so???”

She whips around, glaring at me, “So!! Why?! She never misses!!”

That’s true...

“Yeah, well, maybe she was sick,” I shrug, about to close the front door. Suddenly, I feel the door push against me, and I jump. I look back and find a black boot wedged between the door the threshold.

I pull open the door and find Christian, Joshua, and Jamie glaring at me. I gulp, and smile awkwardly, “ three favorite dumbasses?”

That sounded more like a question...

“You skipped out on us, you douchebag!!!” Josh shouts, angrily pushing the door open. I stumble backward as the three dumbasses walk in, shouting, “WE HAD A MATCH YESTERDAY!!!”



“WHAT MATCH?!” Stormy asks, her long black hair falling over her shoulder.

I look from Jamie, Josh, and Christian to Stormy, awkwardly, feeling overwhelmed, “Well, I, um...”

I went home shortly after I convinced her to come into the house to dry off from dancing in the rain like a crazy person. The rain slowed down just enough for me to drive home in it. I’ve been home for maybe 6 hours or so.

Of course, as soon as I got home, my mom was pissed. Asking why I didn’t come home last night. Why I wasn’t answering my phone. Why I was soaked in rainwater.

I lied to her about most of it. Except for the dancing in the rain part.

But I did lie about me being in love with Tiffany...

My Mom would blab her mouth to Stormy and May, and they’d tell Tiffany.

And boom!

There goes my shot with her...

I want to tell Tiffany how I feel but on my terms. I could take her somewhere nice. Fancy dinner, or something like that...

Or we could go back to the spot together. Just us two.


Imagine what we could do...alone~


Fuck, I’m creepy...

Anyway, before my mom could ask any more questions, I ran to my room and took a long, hot shower. Then she left out with the commander of peace...

Richard Hampton.


And currently, I’m being yelled at for not knowing where Tiffany is and skipping out on ‘da boys’ night...


“I didn’t...” I stammer, as they all glare at me, “I just...fucking...I don’t know!! I didn’t want to do it!!”

“Why’s that?!!” Christian asks, harshly. “You promised!!!” Josh whines, face stern, “I was embarrassed as shit walking away from that match!!! Someone called me fat!!!”

“That’s completely irrelevant as to why we came over here!!” Jamie shouts, shoving him. Josh frowns, going quiet.

“And you!!” Jamie says, pointing at me now, “We get that you didn’t want to do it anymore and that was your last one, but where did you drive away to drunk?! That’s what I’m concerned about!!!”

“I drove....home??”

Me and my questionable answers...

“LIES!!!!” Christian says, also pointing at me. “AND SCANDAL!!!” Josh chimes in, pointing a shaky finger at me.

I look to him, then to his finger as it continues to shake. I back look to him, concerned, “You okay? What’s with the shaky-” “THIS ISN’T ABOUT ME?!!” Josh interrupts, aggressively.

I nod slowly, as Jamie asks, “Well?! Spill!!!”

I sigh, scratching my neck, “I drove to Tiffany’s house last night...” They all gasp, eyes wider than saucers.

“WHOA!!!!” Stormy shouts, jumping into the conversation, “What match?! What do you mean you drove to Tiffany’s house?!”

“Who drove to Tiffany’s house?!” May says, poking her head into the house, face contorted with concern.

Can I ever catch a break??

I groan, rubbing my hair from my face, “YES! I drove to Tiffany’s drunk last night!! Are you happy?!”

“Why???” Josh asks, looking me up and down, “Y’all didn’t do the do, did you?”


“Damn...I was hopeful too...” Stormy grumbles, crossing her arms, pouting. “Why did you drive to Tiffany’s?” Jamie asks, brushing off that last comment.

“Because I wanted to...” I reply, shrugging a little, “Plus, I told her everything.”

“Wait, you told her EVERYTHING?” Christian asks, putting more emphasis on ‘everything’. I nod, “Yes. EVERYTHING.”


“What secret for ‘da boys’?” May asks, stepping in, closing the door behind her. She crosses her arms, as Jamie awkwardly smiles at her, “Well, I, we...We street fought for money.”

“WHAT THE FUCK, JAMISON!!!” Josh says, smacking him upside the head, “You weren’t supposed to say anything!!!”

“And he failed...” Christian sighs, facepalming.

“Y’all street fought for money in secret???” Stormy asks, raising a brow, “Well then...”

“Cool...” May mumbles, “Kinda badass.”

“Wait, so you’re not mad?” Jamie asks, looking back at her hopeful. “I never said I wasn’t for you lying to me about what you guys did during those boy’s night out events...” May replies, smiling sweetly at him.

Jamie’s face drops, as he looks at his feet, “Oh, okay...”

“That includes me too, Josh,” Stormy says, looking over my shoulder to shoot him a look. Josh laughs, playing with the buckle of his pants.

Christian looks around, and nods happily, “Man, I’ve never been happier to be single...”

“Well, now that that secret just came out, how come Tiffany didn’t go to school??” May asks, putting her hands on her hips. Stormy nods in agreement, “Yeah! How come???”

“I scared the shit of her this morning, so...” I state, awkwardly, “and her dad thought that something was wrong and so in short...he told her she could stay home, and so she did...”

“Lucky bitch...” Stormy grumbles, a look of betrayal on her face. “Say that louder for the people in the back!” May says, rolling her soft brown eyes.

“Wait,” Jamie says, thoughtfully, “How would you have scared her if-”

“I slept in her room because I was too drunk to go anywhere else.”

“So ya’ll did do the do!!” Josh chirps, excitedly. “No, dumbass! I said I slept in her room. Not with her!” I retort, shooting him a look.

Although, I was dreaming-

Never mind...

“AWWW!! That’s cute!!!” Stormy swoon, bringing her hands together, jumping. I blush and chuckle, “In a way I guess.”

“So...that’s all that happened?” Jamie asks, raising a brow. I nod, “Yep. That’s all.”

Except for the part where I fell in love with Tiffany...

“I’m going over to her house!” Stormy huffs, pushing past me and the three dumbasses. “Same,” May nods, pulling open the door to let Stormy walkout.

“Wait, but baby!!” Josh calls out, turning around, “You drove us here! How am I going to get home??”

“I don’t know. Ask Jamie or Christian. I’m not coming back to get you. Since you wanna lie to me,” Stormy says, giving him a stank look.

She then storms out, May following close behind, throwing up the deuces, “Peace out!”

They then slam the door shut behind them, and I laugh as Joshua stands mouth agape.


I step out of the shower and grab my towel. I wrap it around my waist, water rolling down my face, chest, and arms.

I decided to take another one...

Bobbing my head to music despite my wet hair, I walk up to my mirror and wipe the condensation off.

I grin at myself and grab my brush. Holding it like a microphone, I sing into it, “What you doin’?~ Where you at?~ Oh you got plans?~ Oh don’t say that, shut yo trap! ”

I tilt my head back, and sing aloud, “I’m sippin’ wine! Sip! Sip! In a robe! Drip! Drip! I look too good~ To be alone~ ”

I point at myself in the mirror, my wet hair falling in my face, “My house clean~ My pool warm~ Just shaved~ Smooth like a newborn~”

I spin around, tapping my feet on the marble floor, “We should be dancing, romancing, in the east wing and the west wing of this mansion, what’s happenin’? ”

“I ain’t playin’ no games!~ Every word that I say is comin’ straight from the heart!~ So if you tryna lay in these arms!!~ ”

Taking my brush and brushing my hair back, I sing, “Imma leave the door ooooooopen!!~ ”

“Imma leave the door open, girl!!~ ” I swoon, feeling good, “Imma leave the door open!!~ Hopin’!!~ That you feel the way I feel, and you want me like I want you tonight, baby!~ So tell that you’re comin’ throooooooooooooough!~ ”

Remembering when Tiffany and I danced in the rain together, I blush.

Her laugh and smile...

Something about it is contagious...

I’m jammin’ out to some good music by Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak...

Leave The Door Open.

You know exactly who I’m thinking about while listening to this...

My smile softens as I think about her. I glance at the ring in my middle finger, thinking of what I told her earlier about me.

I knew I was stressing for no reason...

I shake my head and continue to brush my hair back. I frown at the way it looks.


Way too long...

“Woah, it’s steamy in here...”

I whip around and gasp, seeing Samantha and Oscar standing in the threshold of my bathroom. Samantha glancing the bathroom precariously, and Oscar munching on a large bag of Cheetos.

“It’s also gross and,” Oscar shudders as he says the last word, “moist. ”

What the-

“What are you doing?!” I shout, gripping my towel, looking from the both of them frantically, “Why are you all just standing there like a bunch of fucking weirdos?!”

“Ooo! You said a naughty word!!” Oscar says, pointing a Cheeto at me, mouth agape. I narrow my eyes at him, “You act like you don’t cuss...”

“I’m trying to protect you, so you might want to watch your mouth before Dreah hears you because she’s downstairs, and she will beat yo ass...” He mumbles, tossing the Cheeto into his mouth, “And if that happens, not even God can save you...”

“BACK TO MY QUESTION!!” I grumble, my hair slowly falling in my face, “Why are ya’ll just standing there?!”

“We came to see you. Mamma said that you were in your room. So, we came here and saw your bathroom door wasn’t closed. So, us being the kind people we are, invited ourselves to take a peek in.”

“I could’ve been naked!??” I shout, glaring at her.

“It’s not anything I haven’t seen before, exhibit A,” Samantha says, pointing to her round belly.

“SAM!!” I yelp, disgusted, “WHY?! JUST WHY?!!”

The images!!

LORD, NO!!!!

“Let’s not pretend that that statement isn’t true. But aside from that, you should’ve been more worried about being seen naked when you decided to shower with your bathroom door open,” Oscar replies.

I shift my gaze over to him and glare. He then sings, “I see Bruno wasn’t the only leavin’ the door ooooopen~ ”

He then points at me with a Cheeto and sings, “You’ve been leavin’ the door oooooopen, boy~ ”

“He’s been leavin’ the door open!~ Hopin’!~” Samantha joins him, snapping her fingers, and swaying her hips. “That no one barges in to see his itty-bitty wiener and laughs at him tonight, but dude!~ ”

“It’s your towel we can see right throooooooooough!!~ ” Oscar and Samantha harmonize, they both pointing to my towel.

I look down frantically and see it’s still tied tightly around my waist.

“Cut it out!!” I blush, looking back at them.

And we’re going to try and ignore that last little insult about my...

No no square...

“We love you too, bud,” Oscar chirps, pouring what’s left of the Cheetos into his mouth. Samantha nods in agreement, “And since we love you, we must make you as uncomfortable as possible.”

“Well, that’s a shitty way of looking at that, now is it...” I sigh, setting my brush down on the counter. Walking up to Oscar, I smack the bottom of the bag. He gags, moving the bag away from his mouth.

“AWE SHIT!!!” He coughs, Cheeto crumbs falling in his small beard and onto his white tank top. Samantha giggles looking up at him and rubbing his back as he continues to choke.

I chuckle as I walk out of the bathroom, and sit on my bed, “That’s what you get for being’ an ass.”

Turning around, Oscar’s chestnut brown eyes widen, he balling up the now empty Cheeto bag, “It wasn’t just me!!” He points at Sam and says, “It was Sammy too!”

“Yeah but I’m pregnant, so he can’t do anything to me,” Sam, sings, smiling widely.

“I’ll just wait until after the baby is born to get you back,” I reply, grinning at her, “Which is in 3 more weeks right??”

“God, stop reminding me that I have to push a Watermelon out of me soon...” Samantha groans, tilting her head back, rubbing her round belly.

“And stop reminding me that I have to start being a responsible adult soon...” Oscar also groans. He throws the empty crumbled bag onto the floor and kicks it under my bed.

Did this man just...

I hunch over and stare under my bed. I look back at him, “What the hell?!”

“Your bed, your trash.” He quickly states, a blank expression on his face, “Anywho! Where’d you go last night?”

“Why does it matter where I went??” I ask, raising a brow.

“Because, if you’re sneaking off and doing drugs or some shit like that...” He replies, thoughtfully, “Count me in! Gotta do my last hooray before my son is born-”

“Oscar!” Sam hisses, elbowing him in the side, hard. “AGH! Baby! I was joking!!” He grunts, laughing, looking over at her, rubbing his side.

“Look, I’m not doing drugs, and I just been out,” I reply, and suddenly my phone vibrates. I pick it up, seeing a text from Tiffany.


Hey! Are you doing anything??


nope. what’s up???


Can I call you??


“Hey, can you two get out of my room??” I ask, looking up from my phone, smiling like an idiot I know.

“Who you texting??” Sam asks, peeking over to look at my phone screen. I pull back and laugh, “Just a friend!! No can you leave??”

“Why?” Oscar asks, raising a brow, “I don’t wanna sit downstairs with Dreah and her boyfriend. They’re probably down there doin’ the do on the damn couch!! Where I have to sit!!”

“They’re not, you looney, and I’m sure Travis would like to put some clothes on,” Sam says, grabbing his arm.

She then shoots me a wink, and I blush. “C’mon, Oscar, let’s go,” She yelps, dragging him out of the room.

Peeking her head back in, Sam grins, “I don’t know who Princess is, but I’ll leave you two alone.”

She then closes the door, and my whole face feels like it’s on fire.

She saw...


I roll my eyes, before texting Tiffany back.



A minute or two passes, and my phone begins ringing. I jump, as the phone continues to ring.

Why do I feel nervous???

I take a deep breath and answer it. I press it to my ear and say, “Hey, Princess~ ”

“HEY! What are you doing tomorrow???” She asks, excitedly.

“Nothin’. Why? You planning to take me out??” I ask, smirking, biting my lip. “Boy, no,” She laughs, and I chuckle.

“Ouch. So, you think I’m not dating material??” I ask, narrowing my eyes. She goes quiet at the other end of the phone, and I swear I can see her nervous face.

Including the blush...

“I never said that...” She states, firmly, and I suddenly find myself blushing, “I never said you weren’t dating material.”

Oh shit!!!~

“So, you would date me?” I ask, curious. That long pause comes back as I anxiously await her answer.

“So, you’re not busy tomorrow?” She changes the subject, giggling. “Oh, so that’s what we’re doing now??” I laugh, and she laughs too.

“Are you?!” She asks again, still laughing. “No. I’m not,” I state, and she calms down a bit.

“Great! I want you and the others to come and hang out at the park with Daniel, the boys, and me tomorrow at noon!” She says, sounding excited, yet apprehensive.

“With Daniel and his football friends?” I ask, raising a brow.


“I don’t know about that, Tiffany. You know we don’t like each other.”

“And that’s why I want you guys to hang out tomorrow!!” She says hopeful, “The idea came to me after I tried to comb my hair out a third time.”

“Third time?”

“I broke the other two combs...”

I laugh, “Aww. Having regrets dancing in the rain??”


“Of course you don’t.”

“So, would you wanna hang out??”

I sigh, knowing damn well I can’t say not to her, “Yeah. I’ll go.”

“YAYYYYY!!! THANK YOU!!!!” She says excitedly.

“Yeah, of course. Now back to this dating thing.”

“Oh my god...” She groans, but I know she’s smiling. “So would you, or would you not...” I say, more firmly, “date me?”

She goes quiet again, as I listen intensely. After a minute or two passes by, she says quickly, “Yes.”

“Wait, seriously??” I ask, feeling my stomach flutter, but I now realize she’s hung up.

I pull my phone from my ear, staring at my screen.

Welp, I got my answer.

She would.

I pump my fists into the air excitedly, dropping my phone, “HELL FUCKING YES!!!”

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