Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 31: "...let's call it truce."

Tiffany’s POV:

“A park?”

“We aren’t kids anymore...”

“I’m 18 years old! I’d like to go down the slide one last time, damnit!!”

“Of course you do, Simon...”

Daniel rolls his eyes, as Simon stands next to the car, glaring at him.

“Look, Tiffany, like I said. I’ll try and get along with Travis, but I don’t think that is hanging out at a park would be a clever idea...” Daniel grumbles as I look around the car to frown at him.

I reach to push up my glasses but realize I put in contacts.


My cheeks flush with embarrassment, but I brush it off. I pretend to scratch my nose and clear my throat, pulling on my grey sweater dress.

Daniel closes his car door, shoving his keys into his pocket, as I say firmly, “C’mon you guys! You promised you’d try. I figured why not try hanging out at the park today?”

It’s currently Saturday afternoon, and I set up a meet between Daniel, the boys, and Travis and the others.

Are Daniel, Sebastian, and Simon looking forward to this??


But did they have a choice?

Of course they didn’t.

I also invited Jackson to tag along even though he doesn’t have anything against Travis or any of his friends. So thankfully, I have one person who isn’t against this idea.

Daniel sighs, fluffy his curly fro, it combed out slightly, “Alright, Tiff...” He looks around the empty park, and narrows his eyes, “Where are they? I’d like to get this over with.”

“You and me both,” Travis shouts, we all turning around to see his black Ferrari parked on the other side of the parking lot. I look him up and down, noticing his outfit.

Plain blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and some black boots. He also wearing sunglasses, his hair slicked back just a little.

Anything and I mean anything...he wears, he can make it look good...

My mind wanders off to yesterday when we had danced in the rain together. He smiling at me, joining me in my craziness. Of course, we danced for only thirty or so minutes before Travis just insisted that we go inside and dry off so I wouldn’t get sick.

He’s really sweet...

And it’s not making my feelings for him disappear any quicker...

He walks up to me, smirking, chewing gum I’m assuming. He raises his glasses, revealing his bright green hues, “Hey, Tiffany.” His eyes scan me up and down, and his smirk widens.

*Insecurity intensifies*

Leaning in a little, he whispers in my ear, “I like your outfit~ It suits you~ ”

I blush and laugh nervously as I lean back. I look up at him and smile, “Yours isn’t too bad either...”

“In other words, you think I look good?” He asks, taking a step closer. I giggle loudly, “Let’s not jump to conclusions now, okay?”

“Alright, Cutie. I won’t. Oh! And don’t think I forgot about what you said last night.” He winks, grinning smugly. My blush deepens, as I find myself avoiding his gaze.

Dear lord, my legs just turned into jelly...

“Cutie?” Simon, Sebastian, Jackson, and Daniel all say in unison, confused.

I look over at them quickly, trying to push up my glasses but realizing that I’m wearing contacts. My cheeks begin burning up as I begin stuttering, “What! He-I-we-talk-phone-last night-”

“It’s a compliment, Dan. Something that I feel you get few of,” Travis interrupts, annoyed, shooting him a look.

I glance back over at Travis noticing his smile completely wiped from his face and replaced with a scowl.

I swear this man can change emotions so quickly, it’s almost concerning...

“I do get compliments, thank you very much!!” Daniel retorts, defensively.

Blowing a bubble and it popping, Travis chuckles, “If that’s the case, then pigs must fly...”

“But...pigs can’t fly...” Daniel mumbles confusedly, “They don’t have wings...”

“Daniel!” Sebastian says, smacking him upside his head, “You’re an idiot!!!”

“Oh my god...” Jackson laughs, shaking his blonde from his face.

“Daniel you poor dumbass...” Travis says, smiling, “Honestly, I didn’t think you could get any dumber. But here we are...”

Daniel frowns and he soon begins yelling at Travis. Travis continues laughing, still giving Daniel snarky remarks.

I look around, Simon and Sebastian both chiming in on this suddenly heated conversation. I play with my fingers nervously, feeling anxious.


I’m starting to think this wasn’t such a bright idea...

But I’m determined to get these two to get along!!!

I sigh, looking down at my feet, my hair falling in my face. I look back at them and clear my throat before shouting, “GUYS!!!!”

I jump, bringing my hands to my mouth startled.

Wow, that’s new...

A few weeks back, I would’ve never been brave enough to do that...

I’d just give up, and go home...

They all stop and look over at me, surprised. I stare back, also surprised. I then plaster on a brave face, straighten my posture.

Despite feeling completely out of place...

I have to pretend I did that on purpose...

“I-I didn’t bring everybody here to a-a-argue!!! And I-I sure as hell don’t want to sit here listening to it!!” I continue to shout, stuttering, and they all go quiet, awkward looks on their faces.

I glance over at Jackson and frown, “I’m sorry, Jackson...” He shrugs, waving it off, “It’s fine. It was funny.”

I giggle shaking my head at him. I look back at the others and asks, sternly, “Why are you guys fighting???”

“I just don’t like him,” Daniel states, awkwardly, a sour look on his face. “Yeah, I second that.” Travis agrees, blowing another bubble.

Well, no fucking duh...

“Really? I had no idea,” I say, pretending to be dumbfounded, “I had no damn clue you two didn’t like each other.”

Everything’s quiet for a long moment and everyone is taken aback by my newfound voice.

I clear my throat, fluffing my hair a bit, “Okay. Since everyone’s calmed down a bit.” I turn to face Travis, bringing my hands together, “Where are the others??”

“Well, Christian’s in my car. He fell asleep on the way over here, and then Stormy, May, and the other two dumbasses are on their way.” Travis explains, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

“Okay! Great! Soon everyone will be here, and everything will be perfect!!” I giggle excitedly. Travis looks over at me and smiles softly as I look up at him, “We can finally squash this beef between you Daniel and call it a truce!”

I pause, my face contorting into curiosity, “Wait...” I look back at Daniel and ask, “Why do you and Travis not like each other??”

“Because.” Daniel says, frowning, “He’s an arrogant asswipe who constantly undermines me...”

“Aw! Daniel used a big word!!” Travis says face softening. He brings his hand to his chest, saying softly, “And here I thought you were going to be a dumbass for the rest of your life...”

Growling, Daniel takes a step forward, grabbing the collar of Travis’s shirt. He jerks him closer to him, face stern, and I yelp.

Oh my god!!

“Daniel!” I shout, grabbing his arm, trying to pull him away, “Daniel stop!” The tension begins to build as Daniel stares Travis dead in his eye, beyond angry.

Travis simply smiles down at him, “So, is this where we kiss and makeup???”

Daniel says, angrily, vein protruding from his forehead, “You fucking-”

We all jump, as Travis’s car alarm suddenly goes off. Daniel’s face relaxes as he lets go of Travis’s shirt. Travis whips around, confused as I let go of Daniel’s arm also looking at Travis’s car.

“What the fuck...” He mumbles, as the passenger door of the car quickly opens, and out comes Christian’s head, breathless.

Oh, thank the lord...

“Oh!” Travis chuckles, pulling his keys out, “I forgot I locked him in there.”

He steps out backward, and then falls onto the concrete, startled by the car, “I WASN’T TRYING TO STEAL IT!! I SWEAR!!!!!”

“Christian, you dummy!” Travis cracks up, waving his keys, “We all know you weren’t trying to steal the car!! I locked you in!’”

Christian looks over his shoulder at him and stumbles to his feet. He stomps his way towards us, glaring at Travis, “You locked me in the car?! Why’d you do that?!”

“Because,” Travis says, grabbing Christian’s shoulder. He then sighs, his facial expression sad, “I didn’t want the love of my life getting kidnapped while napping...”

“Stop calling me that...” Christian grumbles, shoving Travis’s hands off his shoulders, “I’m not the love of your life.”

“But you are.” Travis playfully frowns, and Christian shakes his head. “No...” He says, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

He then looks to Daniel and the boys. His frown deepens, “I forgot this is why we came here...”

“We aren’t thrilled about this either...” Sebastian grumbles, a soft breeze passing by.

45 minutes...

Travis’s POV:

“Why are you sitting so close to me?!”

“What, you think I want to sit this close to you? Don’t flatter yourself...”

We both fall silent again, watching as everyone else plays on the playground equipment. Surprisingly, Simon, Sebastian, Josh, Christian, Jackson, and James are talking to each other like civilized people.

Telling jokes and everything...

And as for Tiffany and the girls, they’re swinging on the swings talking about only God knows what.

But, before Tiffany left with the girls, she forced Dan and me to sit on this old rusty, dusty bench and talk to each other for 15 minutes at least.

It’s only been three...

The silence continues, it becoming awkward and tense. I clear my throat loudly and find myself looking at Tiffany; seeing her smile happily as she talks with May and Stormy.

My face softens as I realize I have yet figured how to tell her how I feel without it being too abrupt.

I don’t want to freak her out...

I sigh with annoyance and blow yet another bubble.

I’m overthinking this...

“Hey...have I ever told you thanks?” Daniel suddenly asks, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I look over at him, confused. I jump, noticing him already looking at me, a calculated expression on his face.

I clear my throat awkwardly, “Thanks...for what?”

“My sister...” He replies, staring back out into the park, “And...everything you’ve done for her...”

What does he mean by that???

I shrug, still feeling confused, “No...I guess not...but you don’t have to-”

“And that’s where I’m going to stop you...” Daniel interrupts, raising a hand. He lowers it and says, “Thank you, Travis...”

My brows furrow, as Daniel continues, his face compassionate, “Thank you for helping my sister be less of a...antisocial, awkward, mess...she’s always had a hard time when it comes to people or any social other words, she’s always had anxiety about it...”

I look back at her, as Daniel says more softly, “The only people she ever really spoke to, were family, and my friends. Especially my mom. And so, you could imagine how hard it was after my mom had passed for Tiffany to really open up...”

His eyes become sad, “It was hard seeing her so...closed off...broken even. She would laugh and smile...but it wasn’t genuine. She wouldn’t ever go anywhere...and she was just always putting on this fake smile...I haven’t seen her genuinely smile like that-”

He points at Tiffany seeing her talk with Stormy, “In about 3 years...and for that Travis...I feel extremely grateful for you...”

He looks over and says with all honesty, “Thank you.”

I nod, slowly, “Yeah, of course...I...didn’t realize what you were talking about at first...but now I see...And you don’t have to thank me...I’m just doing what I usually do with people...but I will feels good...knowing that I helped her...just as much as she’s helped me...”

Because of her...I want to be a better person...

At least try that is...

Daniel smiles softly, before saying, “You know, Travis...I’ve always been jealous of you...”

I raise a brow, “What? Why??”

He chuckles, shrugging, “I don’t know...I guess it’s because you effortlessly get people’s attention...and that’s something I want. I like having recognition. That’s why I don’t like you...”

That’s funny...

I laugh, shaking my head, “Wow...the more you know...I just don’t like you because you’re a pain in the ass...”

He laughs hysterically and agrees, “Yeah, well, what can I say...I specialize in that...”

He then sticks out his hand to shake mine, “Even though I still find you to be strongly annoying, wanna call it truce??”

I smile, and grab his hand, “Yeah, and even though I still find you to be annoying, let’s call it a truce.”


We both jump and find Tiffany standing in front of us clapping her hands together excitedly, “OH MY JEEZ!! You shook hands!!! I’m assuming that that means good things in the future, right???”

Daniel nods, letting go of my hand, and I doing the same, “Yeah, we’re calling a truce.”

Suddenly, she leaps onto us, pulling us into a hug. I yelp in surprise and blush, her kinky hair falling in my face. Smelling her strawberry-scented hair, my blush deepens.

Oh fuck...

Daniel yelps, “AGH! Tiff!!”

“Thank you, guys...” She whispers, softly. We stay like this for a moment, and she sadly pulls away, unwrapping her arms from around us. She jumps around excitedly, as she stands upright.

Suddenly, she stumbles backward, and she yelps in surprise. I jump up quickly, grabbing her arms, and help her balance upright, “Careful, Tiny, you might hurt yourself.”

She looks up at me, those soft honey-brown eyes meeting mine. My heart instantly melts as she giggles.

Her face...reminds me of that of an angel...

I smile softly like I have no damn control over my face...

“Oops! Got too excited!” She says, her hair falling on her face. Before I know it, I rub it from her face, and she stares up at me.

A calming silence falls over us. Calming silence. My eyes search hers, and hers doing the same. A familiar tension falls over us, and I honestly just want to kiss her right now.

“YO TIFF! WE FOUND A BEETLE!! COME AND GET IT!!!” Stormy screams, jumping away, as May laughs.

Tiffany looks back at them and rolls her eyes, “Stormy, it’s outside leave it alone.”


She laughs, pulling her arms from my grasp. She looks back at me and smiles before saying, “Thank you for kind of getting along with Daniel. It means a lot to me.”

With that, she turns and walks back toward the swing set. I watch, as her hips sway back and forth.

Damn, her hips~

What I’d do to touch them again~

And don’t me started on her thighs and as-

I’m not going to finish that thought...

“You should come to the spot with us sometime. Things get pretty cool over there.” Josh says, sitting on top of the monkey bars.

“The spot??” Simon asks, hanging upside down on the monkey bars. “Yeah! It’s like a secret base,” James explains, sitting on the mulch.

“I’m in!” Sebastian yelps, sitting at the bottom of the slide. I watch them from afar, as Daniel makes his way over, “WAIT! WHAT SPOT?!”

“Hey, Travis.”

I look over and see Jackson.

He’s almost my height, blue eyes, tan skin, and long, dirty blonde, wavy hair.

Why do I get hippie vibes from him???

“What up, Jack, ” I reply crossing my arms, “I thought you were over there with the others.”

“Was, ” He says, shrugging, “but I figured I should try getting now you better.” I nod, “Cool.”

We both sit in silence, just listening to everyone laugh and talk, as well as listening to the breeze rustle through trees.

“Hey! Who wants to play tag?!” Josh suddenly shouts, looking in the direction of the swings. “Ooh! Me!” May says, jumping up excitedly.

“Me second!!” Stormy agrees, also standing. “Sure,” Tiffany nods, awkwardly, “W-Why not.” I smile at the nervous look on her face.

She’s so cute...

“You think Tiffany would go for a guy like me?” Jackson suddenly asks, and I whip around to look at him.

“What?” I ask, raising a brow.

“I said, do you think she’d go for a guy like me?” He asks again.

He shifts his gaze in my direction, a mischievous look in his eye, “I usually don’t date black girls, but I’d be more than willing to change that for her. And now, it’s a matter of whether she likes whiteboys at not.”

“What, you planning on asking her out???” I ask, feeling a sting of jealousy.

Does he want to ask her out too??

Well fuck...

“Yep.” He admits, tugging at his jeans, “She’s a cutie with a wonderful personality. It’d be a shame if someone didn’t claim her already.”

He then nudges me, “So, consider me your competition.”

My brows furrow, as I laugh, “Competition??”

“Yep, I can see the way you look at her, Travis. You’re in love with the girl. And I don’t blame you for loving her. She’s fine as hell. I mean, just look at the curves on her. Goddamn goddess...”

I ball my hands up into fists, feeling slightly angry. I laugh bitterly, “Look, Jack, I don’t feel comfortable talking about Tiffany like that, so...”

“Why not?” Jackson asks, confusion written on his face, “I can only imagine how good she could be in...private occasions.”


I turn to face him and ask, sternly, “Do you even like Tiffany? Or do you only want her for her body??”

I swear if he says her body, I might just drop him...

He grins lustfully as he stares at her. His eyes scan her up and down, “Personality is one thing. Her body is another. My favorite? Her body.”

Okay, now he’s really pissing me off...

“You fucking sick piece of shit...” I say lowly, “You just want her for her body...”

He chuckles, shaking his head, “Hey! At least I know what I want. It’s always good to try something new.”

He looks back at me, and says threateningly, “I’m going to make her mine before you even know it.”

“We’ll see about that, now won’t we?” I reply, jaw tense.

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