Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 32: "Hey...Beach Waves..."

Tuesday Afternoon...

"I love you. I love you so much that it hurts. I want to be with you more than anything...and yet...that thought terrifies me to my core."

"No! Don't say that!!! I love you!! And I want to be with you!!! No matter what!!!"

"This movie is asscheeks-"

"SHHHHH!" May, Stormy, and I shush Daniel, we all sitting in a row at the very front of the theatre.

"I couldn't agree more with you, Dan," Travis agrees, frowning, tossing a piece of popcorn in his mouth. He's sitting next to me, and Daniel is sitting on the other side of him.

"Don't fucking call me Dan, Travis. Just because I can semi-tolerate you, doesn't mean shit..." Daniel whispers harshly, shooting him a glare.

"And just because I can semi-tolerate you, doesn't mean I semi-respect you," Travis retorts, an evil grin on his face. Daniels frown deepens and he then flips him off, "Fuck you..."

"We are in a theatre, so do us all a favor and shut up," Sebastian hisses, smacking Daniel's head from behind.

Daniel whips around, "Don't be putting yo hands on me, bruh."

"Just watch the damn movie, man," Joshua chimes in, throwing a cornel at Daniel's head from around Stormy. Daniel then whips around to look at him, "Don't start with me, Joshua."

"God, do we need more girls in this group..." May grumbles, crossing her legs, Jamie sitting on the other side of her, "There's way too much testosterone around me..."


Everyone goes quiet hearing the loud snoring. I look around, confused, and Jackson does the same, he sitting on the other side of me. "Who's asleep??" Jackson asks.

"Christian's asleep..." Jamie laughs, quietly. "Ooo! Anyone got a sharpie?" Travis asks, excitedly, pushing the bucket of popcorn into my lap, "Imma draw buttcheeks on his forehead!!"

I look over at him and whisper harshly, "Travis! We're supposed to be watching the movie..."

"Where's he sitting?" Travis says, completely ignoring what I had asked. I roll my eyes, as everyone continues to bicker with one another.


As you can see, we're currently at the movies watching some romance movie that Stormy, May, and I wanted to see, and the boys decided to tag along.

It's going great...

Exactly how I'd imagine it...

We hung out at the park Saturday, and everyone seemed to enjoy each other's company and had fun, with the occasional argument every now and then of course. We've been hanging out ever since, and honestly, it's been fun!

I'm glad everyone's enjoying each other's company!!

For the most part...

Travis and Jackson seemed to be acting a little different after the park. They both seem to have this tense atmosphere whenever they're together. And if I'm around, it's even worse.

They'd look at each other with these almost angry glares...

I'm not sure what's going on...

"Can you guys please shut up!!!"

We all turn and see an older man, standing in the aisle beside us holding up a flashlight.

"My Wife and I are trying to watch this!!" He shouts, gesturing to the screen. I sink into my seat, feeling awkward.

I open my mouth to say something, but Travis cuts in.

Oh shit...

"Sorry about that sir!" Travis says, cheekily, picking popcorn from my bowl, "We were just talking about how shitty this movie is, and I'm almost positive you think the same way..."

The man's glare deepens as Travis continues to grin at him, chewing. He then grabs a handful of popcorn and holds it out to him, "Want some?? You know what they say, sharing is caring."

"Just be fucking quiet or I'd have to get the fucking manager!!"

"Okay, Karen..." Daniel mumbles, and suddenly everyone begins snickering.


"Hey! Stop yelling in the theatre, people are trying to watch!" Travis says, gesturing to the screen, smiling mischievously. Daniel nudges him, they both snickering as the man continues to become angrier by the minute.


"Is there a problem here??" A theatre employee says, appearing beside the angry man, her arms crossed.

The man whips around to face her and says pointing at us, "YES!! These rude ass children are being disrespectful while we are trying to watch the damn movie!!"

"Lies!" Travis chirps, still eating popcorn, "We were sitting, like so, watching the movie, and this man had the audacity to say that we were being loud when none of us even made a peep. If anything, he's being disrespectful. Cussing, and yelling at kids, the hell is wrong with you..."

"WHAT!?!" The man says in disbelief. He stares at Travis, face reddening, "YOU LITTLE FUCK-"

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave." The employee interrupts, shaking her head.

"NO! HE'S LYING!?!" The man protests in disbelief as the employee gestures for him to exit the room.

I glance around the room, noticing people staring, laughing or trying not.

"Sir, please leave, or else I'll have to get security." The employee threatens, sternly, and the man huffs with annoyance, looking back at us.

He glares at all of us, "YOU LITTLE SHITS!?!" He stomps upstairs, shouting, "Ruth! We have to leave!!"

The employee rolls her eyes and follows him, muttering, "I don't get paid enough for this..."

As soon as she's gone, Travis and all of the boys laugh, including May.

"Guys! We just got those people kicked out! What if they were enjoying the movie?" Stormy says, frowning.

"Well tough titties, huh!" Simon laughs, and all of the boys join him, high fiving and dabbing each other up.



We all walk out of the theatre, Travis on one side of me and Jackson on the other. Everyone walks ahead of us, as we talk about the movie.

"They fell in love too fast..." Travis shudders, and I laugh. "I think it's cute how they fell in love!" I reply, looking up at him, "Sure, they only knew each for like a week or two, but it was still cute."

"I kind of agree," Jackson chimes in, happily, "It was cute."

"Then you're weird," Travis says, bluntly.

"I wouldn't say I'm weird, just more opened to the idea of love at first sight," Jackson explains, smiling.

Travis scoffs, stuffing his hands into his jean pockets, "Bullshit...there's no such thing as love at first sight. He barely even knew the girl..."

They both begin arguing about who's right, and who isn't. I laugh, just listening until suddenly I trip over my shoelace.

I yelp, stumbling forward, and Travis and Jackson both say in unison, "WOAH!!"

Travis grabs one arm and Jackson grabs the other they both holding me up. I blush, looking at them both, my palms becoming sweaty.

Don't panic, two guys catching you before you face plant, no biggie...

I stand upright, Travis letting go of my arm and Jackson doing the same.

"You okay?" Jackson and Travis ask in unison, again, arching brows of concern. I look between them, slightly shocked.


They both then look back up at one another, eyes narrowing. "I got her, Jack. Don't worry about it," Travis says, plastering on a smile.

"Oh, no, Travis, I got her! Don't you worry your pretty little head!!" Jackson laughs.

"No, seriously, Jack, I got her," Travis says more firmly, his smile widening.

"No, I got her, honestly," Jackson replies, sternly, smiling.

"Jackson, it's okay. I got her."

"No, seriously, Travis, I got her."

I look at them both, completely stunned by this situation.

What the hell is happening?!!

They stare at one another for a moment, they both staring daggers into each other's faces. "Why are you just so insistent on not knowing when to step off?" Travis asks, laughing bitterly.

"I don't know, why do you think you can tell me what to do?" Jackson counters, fake smiling.

The tension grows between their heated stares, as I stand in between them, just watching. I awkwardly begin picking my finger, wanting nothing more than to see this madness end.

After a few more seconds pass, I clear my throat loudly and they both look back at me. All of the tension seeming to disappear, as I warily ask, "Um...I think the others left us..."

Travis looks up, only to see an empty lobby with a few employees here and there. "Damn, you're right," He replies, laughing sheepishly.

He looks back at me, his green eyes softening, "Sorry." I blush, smiling at that very simple action.


He's so cute!!!

"You don't have to apologize," I giggle, and he shrugs. "Yeah, well...I felt like I should." He states, smirking.

"Same here," Jackson chimes in, and I look up at him.

I laugh, shaking my head, "Guys, it's okay!! I was just concerned. You guys almost looked like you were going to fight."

They both laugh hysterically at that, and I jump, looking between them confused.

"Of course not!!! Why'd you think that!!" Travis chuckles, through clenched teeth, shooting Jackson a look.

"That's funny, Tiffany!!" Jackson continues to cackle, "You always make the funniest jokes!!!"

That wasn't a joke...

I glance around the lobby, noticing people looking at us weirdly.

I bet they are...

"Right..." I mumble, weirded out. I step away from them, "Well, we should probably go catch up with the others..."

"Most definitely," Jackson agrees, nodding, his hand brushing against mine. I jump, looking down at his hand lightly touching mine. Travis looks at Jackson, giving him the death stare.

Still very confused...

He then looks back at me and smiles brightly, "Lead the way, Princess."

Suddenly, he flicks my forehead. I yelp, surprised, "HEY!! Why'd you do that?"

"Because I wanted to," He replies, a mischievous smirk on his face. I frown at him, and he simply wiggles his eyebrows at me. Jackson stares at him, giving him a nasty look.

*Confusion intensifies*

I roll my eyes and turn around, walking forward, they following close behind, "Meanie."

"Aw~ You want me to kiss it to make it better??~" Travis purrs, his lips beside my ear. Shivers shoot down my spine as he whispers, huskily, "Because I can kiss it and make you feel better. All you have to do is ask~ "

I blush profusely, butterflies forming in my stomach as he says that. I pick up the pace, my heart beating wildly, "I'll be okay..."

Travis's POV:

That's a shame...

I laugh to myself standing upright, as her short legs move quickly ahead.

God, do I love seeing her flustered...

"And you say that I'm the perv," Jackson grumbles, and I shoot him a look. I laugh bitterly, "What? You mad that I got her to blush and you didn't? Weren't you saying something were going to make her yours?"

He looks over at me and glares as I say, "Looks like I'm winning so far. Even though we both know that there was no competition to begin with."

"Arrogant much? Who's to say she'd go out with you??" Jackson retorts, annoyed. "And I could say the same about you, you nasty bitch." I reply, angrily, "At least I like her for more than just her body."

"Why does that matter??"

Piece of fucking shit...

"Because, Jackson," I reply, stopping. I glare at him, taking a step forward staring him dead in his eyes, "If you think I'd let a piece of shit like you use her-"

I point at Tiffany as she exits the lobby, "you're sadly mistaken. And trust me, I won't hesitate to treat you like I treated Luka."

Jackson stands completely still and quiet, eyes narrowed. He's quiet for a moment before saying, "Get out of my face..."

"Or what?" I ask, leaning in closer, "What are you going to do besides stand here and continue to look stupid..."

Wednesday Morning...

Tiffany's POV:

"Jackson, I seriously doubt that you'd be able to do that," I laugh, as he and I walk down the school hall, people of course staring in my direction.

I've learned to ignore it.

"It's true! Just ask my Mom," Jackson chuckles as we stop at my locker. "Mmhm. I don't think I'll do that," I laugh, opening my locker.

So!! It's officially Wednesday...


Last night, everyone met up in front of the theatre and we talked until everyone drove home. However, when Travis and Jackson finally came outside, Travis immediately said bye, hopped into his nice car and drove off.

I was concerned, and Jackson simply told me that he wasn't sure what was up with him either. He seemed distant when he left.

I tried calling or texting him when I got home, and he answered but didn't say much.

He just said he was tired and wanted to sleep, so he left.

But clearly, something else is going on...

Jackson leans against the lockers next to mine as we both laugh a little. He then pauses for a moment, thinking, and asks, "Hey, I was actually wondering something..."

I look over at him, raising a brow, "Yeah, what's up??"

"You and Travis aren't a thing, are you?" He asks, curious. My eyes widen at that question, and my throat suddenly feels dry.

I blush bright red, thinking of all the things that's happened between him and I. Not to mention the kiss and thigh touching and cuddling. Plus, my feelings for him that'd I'd wish I could do something about...

But...the kiss was a mistake...

Travis and I agreed on it...

Avoiding eye contact, I laugh nervously, "What?! Travis and I?! Wh-Wh-Why'd you th-think that?!"

He shrugs, "I don't know. It just seems like you two are close, so I figured why not ask." I nod, shrugging too, "Yeah, we are pretty close..." I look back at him, seeing him staring dead into my eyes.

Intensely I might add.

A tense silence falls over us, awkward, and I dare say suffocating seeing as Jackson is staring me down. I clear my throat, pushing up my glasses, " there something wrong??"

"Are you??" He asks, a knowing look on his face. "Are...I..." I ask, confused, grabbing my textbooks, "what?"

"Together? You and Travis?" Jackson asks, laughing a little concerned. "OH!!!" I yelp, finally realizing what he's asking. I look down at the books in my hands, feeling conflicted.

We aren't together...

No matter how much I'd like to be...

I sigh and shake my head, feeling a sting of sadness, "No...we aren't. We're just close."


That hurt to say...

"," Jackson mumbles, a twinkle of hope in his eyes. I close my locker and smile sadly. Suddenly feel arms grab my waist from behind. I yelp, dropping my textbooks, "WHAT THE FUCK!!!"

I whip around to see Travis standing over me, grinning. He lays his head on my shoulder, and smile lazily at me, "Hey, Shorty~ "

"TRAVIS FUCKING REEL!!!" I scream, and he chuckles, his hands grabbing my waist now, "YOU GAVE ME A DAMN HEART ATTACK!!"

"LANGUAGE!!" A teacher shouts, scurrying down the hall. "Sorry!!" I shout, breathless, still glaring at Travis.

What the hell man...

I nearly peed on myself...

"Sorry, Ani, couldn't miss an opportunity like this," He laughs, winking at me.

"You can't call me Ani..." I pout, and he smirks mischievously. "Right, sorry, sorry. I forgot." He whispers lowly, that devilish smirk still on his face, "I'll stop just for you, Ani. "

I roll my eyes looking up at him, "You're exasperating..."

"And you love it."

"Never said that." I laugh, raising a brow. He frowns, pretending to be offended, "Mmhmm, but you were thinking it."

"Oh yeah! For sure!! Totally was thinking, 'I just love when Travis annoys me'!" I say in a sarcastic tone.

Partly true...

He narrows his green eyes at me, and I scrunch my nose at him. His grip on my waist tightens as he pulls me closer to him, "You love it~ "

His cologne fills my senses, and slowly a blush creeps across my cheeks.

Wait...his hands are on my waist??


And the fact that he's wearing a regular t-shirt isn't helping...

My eyes widen, as I come to that realization. My heart begins beating quickly again, and not out of fear. My face becomes overwhelmingly hot, and my gaze falls to the floor. I glance at his muscly tattooed and arms, and my heart throbs, butterflies beginning to play in my stomach.

Oh my Jesus~

I swallow hard, putting my sweaty hands on his chest. Try pushing him away, "Travis...your hands..."

"My what?" He asks, leaning in, and my legs tremble. I take a deep breath, still trying to push him.

He's not even budging, what the hell...

"Hey, Travis."

Travis looks up, and I look over my shoulder at Jackson. Travis frowns, moving his hands from my waist, "Hey...Beach Waves..."

"What?" Jackson asks, raising a brow, eyes narrowed with suspicion. "I said hey, Jack," Travis says, jaw tight, and eyes cold.

I stand in silence, as they just stare down one another. Awkward, tense silence falls over us, despite the loud people around us. I play with my yellow, baggy sweater sleeves and look between them, feeling this unbearable sense to just walk away.

I clear my throat loudly, "So...anything you guys wanna tell me??"

"What do you mean," Travis says, looking down at me, arching a brow.

"I seems like you guys don't like each's going on??"

"Nothing, Tiff, we're...staring at one another..." Jackson replies, smiling sweetly at me, "Y'know!! Like friends do!!!"

I nod slowly, ""

I bend over to pick my textbooks, but Jackson quickly grabs them for me. He hands them to me and smiles sweetly.

"Thank you," I reply, taking them, smiling. "Of course," He replies, his blue eyes staring at me dreamily.

I nod and quickly walk away.

Travis's POV:

I watch as she walks away, her long kinky curls bouncing slightly as she disappears in the crowd. I sigh, and Jackson says, "Damn, look at her as-"

I shove him interrupting him, and he stumbles, "You disgusting piece of shit!! Stop looking at her like that!?"

"I can do whatever the fuck I want to!!!" Jackson shouts, giving me dirty looks, "You can't tell me you weren't looking at her butt!!"

"I WASN'T!!!" I shout, shoving him again, my black hair falling in my face. I point at him, "STAY AWAY FROM HER, YOU PIG!?"

I stomp off, as he shouts, "YOU STAY AWAY FROM HER!?!?"

This dude is really starting to piss me the fuck off...


Wednesday Afternoon...

Tiffany's POV:

"Thanks for the ride, Jackson," I reply, as Jackson and I walk down the sidewalk to his car.

"Of course, Tiffany," He says, smiling, "It's really not that big of a deal. Just give me a call whenever, and I'll be there."

"That's sweet, Jackson, thank you."

I just got off of work, and Jackson had offered to give me a ride home.

He's really nice.

I reach to grab the car door handle, but Jackson grabs it before me. He pulls it open for me and says, "Allow me."

I laugh, "Why thank you, mister." He grins softly at me, as I step into his truck. He closes the door as I buckle up my seatbelt. He runs around the car and hops into the drivers side of the car, and buckles his seatbelt.

"Ready?" He asks, looking over at me, I now noticing his hair is pulled back into a ponytail. "Yep," I nod, and we drive off.

We listen to the radio and I hum along with the song.

I don't wanna seem the way I do.

But I'm confident when I'm with you.

Lately all I feel is bad and bruised.

Tired of tripping on my shoes.

But when he loves me I feel like I'm floating!~

When he calls me pretty I feel like somebody!~

Even when we fade eventually to nothing.

You will always be my favorite form of loving~

Cloud 9 by Beach Bunny.

Love this song.

As I continue to listen, I can't help but think of one person.


I smile at that thought, my heart fluttering as I imagine myself with him.

He really is...

"Aw!! You're thinking about me again!!"

I jump, looking in the rear view mirror and finding Travis -Imaginary Travis- sitting back there, a smug grin his face. I blush, and quickly look out the window trying to ignore it.

"You know, you think about me a lot these days. When are you ever going to tell the real instead of the imaginary Travis that I'm here dancing in your brain??"

"Never!!" I retort looking back at him in the rear view, "He made it clear that we don't have any going on between us, so why should I tell him that I love him?"

I smack my hand over my mouth at that, surprised at myself.

Did I just say that I love him???

"YEP!!! YOU SURE DID, SWEETHEART!!!" Imaginary Travis smirks smugly.

Shit!! He can hear what I'm thinking!!

"And that's exactly why you should tell him!!" Imaginary Travis swoons, giddily.

He then leans forward, peering his head around my seat and whispers in my ear, "You loooove me~You love me so much that it almost hurts~ And I'm positive that I could kiss it to make you feel more than better~ I could make you feel all types of good~ And that's a promise sweetheart~"

"OH MY GOD!!!" I yelp, covering my face with the sleeves of my grey cardigan, "YOU'RE NOT EVEN REAL!!!"

"I could be!!!" He objects, wiggling his brows at me. He looks to Jackson and snorts, "This poor idiot doesn't even realize that you are fantasizing about his rival."

"I'M NOT!!!"

"You're not what?"

I look over at Jackson, awkwardly as he glancing over at me, concerned. "I, uh..." I stammer, warily, as I look to the backseat from the rear view.

I let out a silent sigh of relief seeing that imaginary Travis is no longer here.


"Sorry, I was thinking about something Amelia said to me at work today that really pissed me off..." I lie, pulling at my jacket and pushing up my glasses.

"Oh...wanna talk about it??" Jackson asks, brows furrowed. I sigh and nod, "Yeah...let's talk about it."

And not the part about me loving Travis...

Because I didn't even know I did...

Or at least...I tried to pretend like I didn't...

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