Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 33: "Tiffany…"

“Thanks for the ride again, Jackson, and thank you for getting me dinner,” I state, smiling at him softly as he parks the car in front of my house.

“Yeah, of course. I figured you might be hungry, so...” He replies, timidly, and my smile only softens even more.

Jackson really is sweet...

I look down at my seatbelt and unbuckle, “You’re really sweet, you know that Jackson? I’m glad to call you my friend.”

I lean down to gather my stuff from around my feet, “I only wish Luka didn’t have to go away.”

I lift back up and find myself looking at a car across the street that looks an awful lot like Travis’s.


I turn back around, and find Jackson’s face inches from mine. I tense up, brows furrowing as I notice his eyes are closed and his lips are slightly puckered.

He leans in close, and I jump back, “Woah!! Wh-What are you doing?!”

“HUH!!!!” He yelps, his blue eyes flying open. They meet mine, and he gulps as I ask again”What are you doing??”

His face flushes, and despite how dark it is outside, I can still see it. He laughs, grinning awkwardly, “What? Oh, I uh...was just...”

I continue to stare at him, confused, “You were just...what?” He leans back in his seat, clearing his throat and avoiding my gaze, “I...uh....was...uh....”

It looked like he was trying to kiss me...

And I wouldn’t want to do that...

I think I’m in love with with someone else...

I haven’t confirmed it yet...

“I was....trying to see...if you had something in your hair. You know?” He says, an embarrassed look on his face, “Just trying to help a friend...”

“Oh...” I mutter, laughing uncomfortably, “Okay...thanks....I guess...”

“’re welcome...” He mumbles, giving me a thumbs up. My brows furrow at that, and I simply nod, “Cool...”

I push open the car door and step out. I look back up and at Jackson and awkwardly wave at him., “GoodNight.”

" ’Night.” Jackson replies, waving awkwardly at me, his face buried in the stirring wheel. I nod, closing the car door.

I turn and walk off, heading straight to my porch. As soon I step up onto my porch, I hear Jackson honk his horn.

I turn around around and see Jackson slamming his head repeatedly on his stirring wheel. I cringe at, and suddenly he stops. He looks over in my direction and we make eye contact.

His eyes widen and he frantically steps on the gas, and zooms away from my street. I watch, staring down the street feeling embarrassed for him. His break lights disappear as he turns the corner, leaving my street.

“I guess he really was trying to kiss me...” I mumble, feeling guilt for previous events.

“He was trying to kiss you?”

I jump and look straight ahead, finding Travis standing a few feet away from my porch, a serious look on his face

When the hell...

I freeze up and stare at him, coming to a realization.

So that car I saw across the street across was Travis’s...

“Travis! Hey! I didn’t expect to see you here.” I chirp, feeling a little sweaty from nervousness. I play with my purse strap noticing the sternness on his face.

His eyes almost look hazel green in the dark, they seeming intense. His hands rest in his jacket pockets as he stares me down.

The sound of crickets and night insects fill in the tense silence between us. I push up my glasses, clearing my throat.

I laugh nervously, “So, uh...funny story!!! You just missed Jackson!!! He gave me a ride home-”

“And tried to kiss you apparently...” Travis adds, taking a step closer to my porch.

“Yeah, well, I’d say that that is hardly important-”

“And I’d say otherwise.” Travis interrupts, stepping onto my porch and standing in front of me. I look up at him, feeling so small under his intense gaze.

His broad shoulders take up my line vision as I gaze into his eyes, sending that he maybe he’s angry.

I don’t know why he would be...

But he seems angry...

I swallow the lump that had formed in my throat, as Travis gazes down into my eyes, clearly not playing around with me. His eyes search mine for a lingering moment, and suddenly they’re consumed with worry, “You didn’t let him kiss you, did you?”

“No...why would you be worried about that?” I ask, feeling concerned with his sudden change in emotions.

He sighs, looking relieved, “”

“Travis, you have to tell me what’s going on between you and Jackson,” I say, absent-mindedly, and Travis’s face softens, “Clearly you two don’t like each other and I just want to know why.”

He laughs awkwardly, running his hand through his hair, “Tiff, there isn’t any problems between Jackson and-”

“Stop lying to me!” I shout, interrupting him feeling frustrated, and he squeezes his mouth shut, “I can tell that there’s something going on!! All I want is for you tell me what?!”

I look down at my feet, feeling hot tears come to my eyes from feeling angry, “I didn’t stop my catering services just to have more discord between everyone...that’s opposite of what I wanted...”


God, what the hell do I do now?

All I want is for everyone to be cool with each other, is that so hard??

We’ve already had one incident between everyone, please don’t let there another one...

I sniffle, frowning as a tear rolls down my cheek. Thoughts of Luka come to mind, and I become ten times more sad.


I don’t want to lose...another...friend...

Suddenly, Travis cups my chin and forces me to look back up at him. I look up at him, as he gently grabs my face, and wipes away tears with his thumbs.

He whispers, “Tiffany...”

He lets out a struggled sigh and I simply stare up at him, trying to blink back tears, “Tiffany, don’t cry, please? I know that...with everything’s that’s been going on you’re...sad...”

I sniffle again as he slip his hand onto the nape of my neck and slowly slicking a strand of my hair behind my ear.

He leans in and presses his forehead against mine. He gazes into my eyes, lovingly, and my heart races from how close we are. I break out into a cold sweat, and feel my legs wobble.

“I...I just don’t want Jackson getting close to you...I’m not trying to start drama...” Travis states, voice quiet.

“Why would you not want Jackson getting close to me?” I ask, voice quiet too. I grab his arm as my eyes search his. “He’s not...he’s not who he pretends to be...” He explains, his voice soft and eyes glancing down to my lips, “That’s all I can say...”

We gaze into each other’s eyes, silence falling over us. Travis’s eyes look down at my lips again, and they become fixated there. My eyes glance down at his lips too, as he leans in a little closer, “Okay...”

Our lips brush against one another, and I feel butterflies erupt in my stomach. My eyes flutter close as his lips draw nearer.

But...the kiss never comes.

Instead, Travis groans annoyed and I open my eyes, confused. “What?” I ask, and he shakes his head. He moves away, and rubs my curly hair out of my face.

His face softens, as he mumbles, “Nothing,’s nothing...” Planting a gentle chaste kiss on my forehead, Travis whispers, “GoodNight, Bella~”

With that, he walks away, his touch lingering. He walks through my yard, and across the street to his car.

I watch as he hops into his car, starts it, and drives away, leaving me with my thoughts. My heart continues to pound and my knees buckle as I bite my lip.

Lord...this boy...

Thursday Night...

Tiffany’s POV:

GroupChat: 🐣🐤Ma Peeps And Geeks🐤🐣


What the???

Who added me to this group chat??


Oh thank god!!

I was afraid I was added to some weirdass fan groupchat...


Fan group chat???





What the heyday?!



Hey Pretty Lady!!!


May, what the heck is going on??

Who made this Goupchat??


I DID!!!


Joshy what hell!!

It’s almost midnight!!

Jamie Ren

I couldn’t agree more


Damn I was hoping these texts were from Jennifer






Lyin ass!!!




Jamie Ren



I finally found my people!!!!


*hugs aggressively*



*also hugs aggressively*

welcome home muchacho!!!🥺


I’m crying🤣😭


ya’ll weird asf

and Tiffany I can hear you laughing you might wanna be a little more quiet before Dad wakes up


Shut up🙄

I’m not that loud, you just listening too hard.


I’m finding this to be very enjoyable.


I agree😂😂😂



where am I???

why am I in a group chat with ya’ll??


I put you in it!!

It’s beautiful isn’t it???!!!


Jamie Ren:



I see!!!


I got one!!!




I go one that some of ya’ll need to hear!!



Yo what did I miss???


ew it’s Jack!!!

who put him in here?

get out of the chat


I didn’t ask to be here Travis

*DatBadAss_Travis deleted a message*


What you delete Travis?


don’t test me Jack


Who said I was testing you???


I’m being dead serious Jack




what ya’ll arguing about???


I suddenly am thirsty for ☕️👀






*squeals girlishly*


*also squeals girlishly*





As fun as it is to read ya’ll’s funny ass texts, I should probably go back to bed. There is school is in the morning.






We have a fallen soldier😔


’Night Tiffany!!!💖

I laugh, exiting the texting app. I notice the time.


I turn off my phone, putting it on mute, and set it on my nightstand. I lay down, listening to it vibrate.

I close my eyes and yawn when suddenly, my phone begins ringing. I jump up and look over at it. I grab it from my nightstand and read the caller ID.

💓Travis💓 is calling...

I blush as he texts me, ending the call.


I smile widely, my heart fluttering. I giggle, feeling heat rise to my cheeks.

This boy has my whole heart...


Hey Travis😂


you weren’t asleep were you??

I’d hate to have woken you up


No, I’m not asleep yet.



okay cool!!!


whatcha doooooin’???



About to go to sleep, as you should.


I’d rather talk to you bella😁


We’ll see each other tomorrow at school😂💖


and risk beach waves joining our conversation??

hell no

I don’t like him very much🙄


and risk beach waves joining our conversation??

hell no

I don’t like him very much🙄


Yeah about that, you still haven’t told me why you guys don’t like each other.

Plus, you didn’t explain what you meant when you said he wasn’t who he pretended to be.

What does that mean???

I wait for him to text back but he doesn’t. He reads the message but doesn’t respond. My brows furrow, until I hear a light tapping on my window.

I whip my head over to look at it and my eyes widening.

Why do I get the feeling...

I set my phone down on the bed and pull my blankets off. I shiver from the cold air goosebumps appearing on my skin as I step onto my carpeted floor.

Hesitantly, I walk toward my window, grabbing my glasses off my nightstand. I slip them onto my face and grab the curtain and nervously pull it back.

What the hell?!

Does he not realize what time it is?!?

Travis smiles cheekily, waving at me, “Hey!!! Mind opening up the window???” He points to the lock and I just continue to stare at him in shock.

This boy...

He’s the only guy I know who’d do something like this...

And I oddly like it...

I shake my head coming back to the present moment, and quickly unlock and open the window. I stick my head out staring up at him in disbelief.

“Hey, Shorty!” He sings, still smiling at me. He looks me up and down. His eyes linger on my legs before saying, grinning, “Cute shorts.”

I blush, looking down at my Marvel printed shorts. I look back up at him, as he grins at me. I begin playing with my fingers and shuffle my feet nervously, “Th-Thank you...”


“What are you doing here?!” I ask, whispering harshly. “You,” He replies, his smile unfaltering.

My face begins burning up as he explains, “I came here-” He gestures to the house, “To see you.” He then points at me, before stuffing his hands into his hoodie pockets.

“How...” I mumble, still feeling completely lost, “how did you get here so fast??”

“I was already on the road when I was added to the group chat.” He shrugs nonchalantly, “So I figured why not see what Tiny’s up to.”


I was supposed to be sleeping.

“So you were texting and driving???” I reply, nodding slowly, my hair slightly falling in my face. He laughs, shaking his head, “No, Bella, I wasn’t texting and driving. I pulled over and just so happened to be in your neighborhood.”


I pause, thinking just staring at him. He stares back and waits for my response. A few seconds pass and he awkwardly begins rocking on his heels. He clears his throat loudly, waiting for me to say anything.

He’s probably thinking why is she staring at me like that???

“So...why are you even driving around this late??” I finally ask, cocking my head to the right.

“You sure are asking a lot of questions...” He replies, eyes narrowing, a smirk spreading across his face.

“And you think it’s okay,” I counter, smirking too and putting my hands on my hips, “to just show up at my house in the middle of the night like it’s completely fine and expect me to not be curious. I for one think I have the right to ask questions.”

He bites his lip staring at me with this look in his eyes.

I’ve never seen it before...

It’s almost lustful looking...

He suddenly chuckles, his face softening. He looks away for a moment before looking back, his green eyes dreamy looking. My blush deepens as he says leaning in a little close, his eyes locked on mine, “Fair enough, Bella. You make a good point.”

His eyes glance down to my lips, and my heart flutters. He then looks back to my eyes and says truthfully, “If you must know, my Mom’s boyfriend is spending the night and I don’t like him, so I left.”

I laugh, and he smiles softly, “So you’re throwing a temper tantrum?”

“And if I was??” He asks, a brow arched. “Then that’d make you childish,” I giggle, and he chuckles.

“Well, I guess I’m childish then...” He retorts, sassily.

We continue to laugh, and everything falls silent. We stare at one another just smiling. He gazes into my eyes dreamily his bright green eyes seeming to glow against the dark background outside.

I begin playing with a strand of my hair nervously, my gaze falling to the floor.

I suddenly start imagine the other night...

When Travis had came over unexpectedly....

He was about to kiss me but didn’t. He kissed my forehead instead and left abruptly.

He seemed frustrated...

“Wanna go somewhere?” Travis suddenly asks, pulling me out of my thoughts. I look up at him, brows furrowing with concern, “What?”

“Wanna go somewhere???” He repeats, more firmly. “I, uh, what?” I stutter, uncertain, “Do you realize what time it is?? It’s basically midnight!”

“Yeah but I wanna go somewhere,” He whines, pouting. He then grabs my hands, his eyes gazing into mine, “I wanna go somewhere with you.”


My heart just melted!!!~

“I don’t know Travis, it’s pretty late and we have school in the morning,” I laugh, biting my lip.

“It’ll be quick! I’ll bring you home before it gets too late, promise!” He says, bringing my hands to his chest.

“Where are we even going to go??”

“I don’t know. Somewhere.” He shrugs, his black hair flopping a little in his face, “We’ll figure it out when we get on the road.”

I sigh, thinking, “Well...”

Maybe I could sneak out for just an hour or two.

I’m sure I could be back before Dad or Daniel notice I even left.

But what if I mess up and do something stupid?? Like rat myself out?

I’ve never done this before...

Which is something Travis always seems to do whenever he’s around. Somehow he gets me to do something outside of my comfort zone.

I take a deep breath, feeling my stomach drop with anxiety. I look back at Travis and nod, hesitantly, “Yeah. Let’s go somewhere.”

“Hell yeah!!′ He says excitedly.

“Do I need to change what I’m wearing??” I ask, looking down at my outfit; simple shorts and a baggy t-shirt.

“No. We’re not going anywhere fancy, Tiny,” He chuckles, letting go of my hands. I quickly walk over and grab my crocs. I slip them on, and pull my hair back; taking the hair tie from my wrist and tying it onto my hair.

One big puff on the top of my head.

I push up my glasses, turn back around. I walk back up to my window and take another big deep breath. I stare out it, think of how I’m going to do this.

My legs are too short for me to just step out...

Travis stares at me, concerned, “You okay?” I nod, “Yeah, it’s just...the window...”

He looks at the window, then back at me. Suddenly, he laughs, and smiles softly, “Awe, Tiff. Are you too short to get out of the window? Do you want me to help you?”

“No!” I yelp, raising a finger to his face. He jumps back a little and laughs. He raises his hands innocently and steps back, gesturing for me to continue, “Okay! Go ahead.”

I shoot him a look, before looking back at the windowsill. I grab it and push myself up. I try tossing my leg over it, grunting.

Travis watches in silence the sound of crickets and other night creatures filling in. This continues for a few more minutes, and I finally stop, breathless.

Placing both of my feet on the ground, I look up at him, my cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

“Need help now?” He asks a mischievous smirk playing on his lips. I shake my head, “I can do it...on my o-AGHHH!!” Interrupting him, Travis grabs my waist and lifts me out of my window.

“TRAVIS!!” I yelp surprised, eyes widening. Heat rises to my cheeks and I instinctively wrap my arms around Travis’s neck. I wrap my legs around his waist, looking over my shoulder, as Travis laughs softly.

He holds me close to him and says, voice soft, “Tiffany, you okay?” I nod, my glasses starting to slide down my nose, “Yeah, I just wasn’t...expecting you to pick me up...”

“You were struggling, I had to help you,” He states, closing my window. I look back at him, our faces inches apart. I sweat nervously, and he smirks. My eyes stay locked on his, they wide.

His hands grab my thighs, my legs wrapped around him, and my arms wrapped around his neck. My breath gets caught in my throat and my heart starts beating rapidly.

His eyes glance down to my lips and linger there before he says, “What’s with the surprised look?”

I didn’t realize I had climbed onto him like this!!!

"SORRY!!!" I yelp, unwrapping my legs from around him. He carefully sets me down on my own two feet, as I unwrap my arms from around his neck.

I stumble back feeling lightheaded, but Travis grabs my arms pulling me back towards him, snorting, “You okay??”

I nod quickly, avoiding his gaze. “Good,” He laughs, grabbing my hand. He then pushes up my glasses, I jerk my head back, surprised.

He smiles, as he walks me toward his car, gripping my hand tightly in his, “You smell good by the way...”

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