Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 34: "Your eyes are like pools of honey"

Wiggling in my seat excitedly, I nod along with the music playing.

All Mine by Kanye West.

We drive down the street, the windows rolled as the wind circulates in fluffing my and Travis's hair around.

We've been driving for maybe 10 minutes, just driving around town, talking about random stuff, and listening to music.

My phone's been blowing up

I nod along with the music from the radio and Travis and I sing together, "I saw her and she hit me like, Tadow!!! Saw that thing so beautiful, Tadow!!! She just hit my heart, oh, Tadow!!! Full force and she got me like, Tadow!!!"

"I be like!" Travis sings. "TADOW!!!" I chirp, smiling, "Baby!!"

"TADOW!! TADOW!!!" Travis says along with the music. We stop at a red light and Travis says with the music, "Why you so fine?!"


"Gotta make you mine!!"


"So hard to find!!"


"Baby like oh!!!"

"OOOOO!!!" I yelp, grabbing Travis's arm. He looks over at me as I say excitedly, "We should get ice cream!"

"You want ice cream at this time of night??" Travis asks, laughing a little, curious. "I suddenly had a craving for it!!" I say looking up at him, grinning, laying my head on his shoulder, "Plus!! You said you didn't even know where we were going to go, so I helped you."

I let go of his arm and move my head from his shoulder. I wiggle my brows at him, "You're welcome." He chuckles, smirking, "Okay, Princess, if you say so."

The light turning green, Travis turning the car right and we drive into a McDonald's drive-thru.


I sip on my Mocha Frappe disappointedly since their ice cream machine was supposedly broken.

When is it never broken???

"Are you still upset with McDonald's?" Travis asks as we walk through the woods; I of course holding onto his hand for dear life.

I nod, continuing to angrily sip on my frappe, "Yeah..." He laughs, face softening, "I know, McDonald's sucks."

"Buttcheeks..." I reply, and he laughs a little harder.

Currently, we're on our way to the spot since we weren't sure of where we could go. The time is 11:55, and we're still out here walking around at night.

I feel a little less sacred with Travis by my side but just being in the woods gives me the creeps.

Anyway, we drove around for a little while longer before we decided to go to the spot.

"You're really upset about this Frappe, aren't you?" He asks, nudging me. I nod, looking at him, "Yes!! Sure, a Frappe is basically ice cream with coffee added, but I didn't want the coffee, just the cream part!!"

He grips my hand tightly in his as we finally walk out of the woods, "Okay, I see what you mean, Shorty."

I look around the area, and immediately memories of when I was here last time come rushing through my mind.


I remember the first time I came and met the people who I can say are my closest today. I remember the time Travis had shoved me into the lake and I pulled him in with me. The first time I saw this cute little cabin.

I remember a lot.

I smile, reminiscing on what all had happened here.

That was only a few weeks ago.

"What ya thinkin' about?" Travis asks, pulling me out of my thoughts. I look up at him and smile brightly, "I have an idea."

I shove my Frappe into Travis's hand and stick my phone into his pocket. I sadly pull my hand from his, and take off my glasses, handing them to him.

Travis looks at me concerned, "Um, Princess, if you don't mind me asking, what are you about to do exactly??"

I walk over to the dock and look over my shoulder at him. I take a deep breath, feeling nervous, "I'm going to do what I should've done the first time I came here."

I'm going for a swim.

I pull my shirt over my head, revealing my black sports bra underneath. I grab my shorts and pull them off revealing my black underwear. I take my hair down, shaking out my wild curls.

"Woah!!!" Travis yelps, his voice cracking, "TIFFANY!!! You-I-clothes!!!"

Something crashing to the ground, and I turn around to see that Travis dropped my stuff on the ground. I take a step back, feeling nervous, and finally with no hesitation run off the dock.

Travis's POV:

She made me drop her stuff...

She splashes into the water, I just continue staring slacked-jawed seeing as I just saw her wearing barely anything.

All she had on was a bra and underwear...

That's all she was wearing...


Oh fuck, I'm becoming Beach Waves...


I bite my lip, remembering her taking her shirt off then her shorts.

God, does she have curves on her~

Her body is so perfect~


I need Jesus...

"Fuck, Travis..." I groan, face-palming, feeling sweaty as shit, "Get a hold of yourself, damnit..."

Surfacing, Tiffany pops out of the water, the moonlight making her black hair glisten and her coffee brown skin glow as water rolls down her face and shoulders. She wipes water from her face as she looks over at me.

Damnit my knees just buckled...

I clear my throat, adjusting my hoodie and grey sweat pants. Her round honey brown eyes meet mine as she smiles at me. Her eyes twinkling with joy. I smile back at her like I have no control over my face.

Why are you so gorgeous, Tiffany Green??

It's honestly unreal...

It should be a crime to look that beautiful...

My heart flutters as she giggles giddily, blushing, "You should join!!! I'd hate to be swimming alone!!!"

She spins around, swimming happily through the water near the dock. "Is the water not cold to you, Tiff?!" I ask, slowly pulling my hoodie over my head.

"Not really!!" She says, turning back around. Her eyes widen, as I toss my hoodie to the side. I smirk, as she continues to watch. I slowly remove my tank top, pulling it over my head.

Shamelessly staring...

Naughty Tiffany~

Tiffany's POV:

My heart nearly stops as I see his toned, muscular body underneath his tank top. A blush spreads across my cheeks, I notice his v-line and the eagle tattoo on his chest. I look at the tattoos on his muscular arms and stare in awe.

Dear Lord, Tiffany....

I quickly look away, instantly feeling nervous. Before I know it, Travis splashes in, and I scream with shock from how cold the water is. I cover my face using my arms as I become soaked in the cool water.

I move my arms from my face and shout, "Travis!!!"

I wait for him to resurface but he doesn't. I raise a brow, concerned, "Travis?" I continue waiting for him to surface, but he still doesn't.

"Um..." I look around, not seeing him anywhere, "Travis?"

Oh my god!!!

Don't tell me he's drowning!!!!!

Why did my mind automatically think the worse?!

I begin trying not to panic, looking around worriedly, "Travis?!"

I start swimming in circles, "TRAVIS!!! TRAVIS!!! "

He still hasn't come back up?!!

Why hasn't he came back up yet!?!


"TRAVIS!!!" I shout again, worrying. Suddenly I feel arms wrap around me from behind and lips press against my ear whispering, "I'm right here, Bella~ "

"AGHHHH!!!! " I scream, looking over my shoulder to see Travis staring at me, grinning; his head resting on my shoulder. His hair soaked, and water droplets rolling down his face, chin, neck, and shoulders.

I glare at him, blushing. I pull his arms from around me, and turn around to face him, "TRAVIS FUCKING REEL!!!! "

He chuckles swimming back a little. He then comes closer still smiling. Our faces become inches apart as he whispers, grabbing my waist; voice low and tempting, "Aw, did I scare you?~ "

"Yes!! You asshole!!" I shout, feeling heat rise to my cheeks from how close we are. He laughs harder, I pushing him, "I was afraid you might've drowned!!"

His grip tightens around my waist, he pulling me closer. Our bodies press against one another, and my stomach starts flipping, and my heart starts pumping.




"C'mon! I was just playing around, Ani~ Don't be mad at me~ " He purrs, smirking. I narrow my eyes at him, trying to act like being in this position with him isn't driving me crazy, "Yeah? You were just playing around??"

I splash him in the face and he yelps, letting go of my waist. He jumps back, shaking his wet hair, "SHIT!!"

I giggle, feeling less angry, but still very flustered, "Ha! That's what you get for playing around too mu-" Travis splashes me in the face, interrupting me and I gasp.

He laughs, evilly, "And that's what you get for splashing me!!!"

"You can't do that!!!!" I shout, laughing, rubbing my hair from my face.

I playfully glare at him and splash him back, "I was getting you back for scaring the hell out of me!!"

"And what if I didn't want you to do that?!" He retorts, splashing me again.

We begin splashing each other, and somehow end up in the middle of the lake, away from the dock.

I giggle, swimming back as Travis tries to splash me, but I move out of the way. I splash him in the face and he yelps.

I continue to laugh at him, "HA! You suck at this game!!"

He playfully glares at me, rubbing his hair out of his face. He grabs my arms and tugs me toward him, I playfully smiling up at him.

He frowns, amusement in his eyes, "Rude." I scrunch my nose at him, "It's not rude if I'm telling the truth."

"And what if I said that that "truth" was a lie?"

"Then you must be in denial if you really believe that."

He chuckles, softly, "Okay, okay, fine. You win."

"I know I did," I state, confidently, wiggling my brows at him.

He stares at me, a gentle look in his eyes. His hands still holding my arms, Travis looks down at my hands. I suddenly start to feel nervous as his hands slide down to my hands. He grabs them and holds them tightly in his.

I take a deep breath as he takes them and brings them close to his chest. He then says, voice calm and gentle, "Tiffany...I need to tell you something that I've been thinking about lately..."

"Ye-Yeah?" I stutter the tension between us starts becoming thick.

Silence follows after that, he looking back into my eyes. We both just stare at one another, his eyes dreamy looking; a tenderness and a passionate look on his face. The sound of the water and night animals fill in the silence, as well as the sound of trees rustling in the soft breeze that passes by.

Tension continues to grow thicker, so thick you cut through with a knife.

It's almost suffocating honestly...

But it's not an awkward tension...

It's something else entirely...

Travis's eyes search mine, and mine do the same. He bites his lip, I suddenly sensing nervousness coming from him. His cheeks turn pink and he sighs.

He avoids my gaze, as he takes a deep breath, mumbling, "...I'm so damn nervous right now...fuck..."

What's he nervous about??

He begins rubbing his thumb across the backs of my hands, still avoiding my gaze, "Tiff...have I ever told you make me feel?" I shake my head, slowly, swallowing hard.

Is he about to confess something to me?

"Have I ever told you..." His eyes still fixated on my hands, my hands seeming so small compared to his, "how beautiful you are?"

He brings my hands to his lips and plants a soft, chaste kiss on them.

My heart speeds up, my stomach doing cartwheels as he says, lips still pressed against my hand, "How drop-dead gorgeous you are, so much so that I can't seem to pull my eyes away from you?"

I bite my lip, he falling silent again as if thinking of what to say next. "How..." He continues, now staring into my eyes, "your eyes are my favorite shade of brown?"

He lets go of my hands and his fingers lightly dance up my shoulder and neck, "Your eyes are like pools of honey that if I stare at for too long...I might just drown in..."

Shivers shoot down my spine from his touch, his green eyes full of sincerity, "And your it's a soft brown, like coffee and I'm obsessed..."

Running his hand through my hair, he slicking a strand of my hair behind my ear, "And your curly and soft it is..."

He leans in close, his lips brushing against mine, his minty breath fanning over my face. I swallow hard, honestly feeling completely calm.

Everything's calm, yet tense.

"How your lips..." His eyes stay fixated on my lips and bites his, "are a lovely shade of pink, soft and plump?"

His fingers trace my jawline, and he takes his thumb and gently traces my bottom lip, I noticing his ring on his middle finger shine as water rolls off it, "And how...I've been thinking about them...since the last time our lips touched?"

My eyes shift to his lips and stay fixated there.

Lord, will he just kiss me already?~

He leans in a little closer and gently presses his lips against mine. I kiss him back, my eyes closing as our lips melt into each other.

The kiss is slow yet passionate. I grab his shoulders pulling him closer to me, him cupping my chin, gently sucking on my lip.


I almost forgot what his lips felt like~

He gently pulls away and whispers, "I love everything about you, Tiffany. Your laugh. Your smile. Your personality. I just love you."

Did he just say that he loves me?!

My eyes widen in shock, and his face turns a bright red. " me?" I ask, raising a brow, my face burning.

"Yes, I'm in love with you, Tiffany Green," He admits, his eyes genuine, "I know I've only known you for a little while, but within that time...I've learned to love everything about you. All of that time we spent together is something...I'm never going to forget. I wanted to tell you sooner, but I wanted it to be special...for someone special to me..."

"I've been thinking about it...but then Jackson fucking Ramsey intervened and distracted me from everything. I fucking hate him...and everything about him."

"Why don't you and Jackson like each other??" I ask, confused.

"He likes you...but not for the same reasons I love you," Travis explains, gazing into my eyes lovingly. He then sighs and laughs a little awkwardly, "I was hoping to tell you in a place that was a little more magical."

I giggle, and he smiles awkwardly, saying, "And you can see how that turned out for me..."

He gently caresses my cheek, brows softening, "I wanted to take you out somewhere nice, and hold your hand, and for the moment when I told you to be enchanting. Or...however you would word that. Nonetheless, I wanted everything to be perfect for when I told you..."

Never would've guessed Travis Reel would love me...

The way I love him...

From the first day we met, to where we are now...I've never realized how much trust I put into him. A guy with a whole lot of secrets and flaws.

A guy who simply flipped my life upside down...

It's kind of funny...I used to avoid and believe in the lies people had said about him...and now...

I plant a kiss on his cheek, and his eyes widen in surprise. I stare up at him and smile, wrapping my arms around his neck, "I love you too. And I think everything turned out perfect."

He stares at me, a small smile on his face as I stare back at him. I giggle as he goes into thought for a moment.

"Wait, seriously??" He asks, looking down at me, completely shocked, "You think everything turned out perfect?"

I nod, giggling, "Yes! I think everything turned out perfect! You don't have to be all fancy with me, Travis. I'm most certainly not a fancy girl."

His cheeks turn a bright red as he then asks, " love me back??" I nod, smiling at his cute face, "Yes. I love you, Travis."

A big goofy grin spreads across his face, as he says, unwrapping my arms from around him, "Excuse me one moment..."

He turns around swimming a little away from me. He takes a deep breath and pauses for a moment. Suddenly, he pumps his fists into the air, shouting, "WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!"

I laugh hysterically, as he continues pumping his fists saying, "SHE SAID SHE LOVES ME!!! SHE SAID LOVES MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!"

He turns back around and swims back up to me, wrapping his arms around me, burying his face into the crook of my neck. He spins me around, I wrapping my arms around his neck, laughing happily.

We stop spinning, he just holding me in his arms, planting kisses all over my face. I giggle, grabbing his face and pressing my lips against his.

He kisses me back, our lips moving in sync. Smiling, Travis's his hand sliding up my back and the other sliding onto my butt.

He squeezes, and I laugh in between kisses.

He pulls away and gently presses his forehead against mine. Staring lovingly into my eyes, Travis smiles softly.

I bite my lip, feeling over the moon. I lean in a little and plant a gentle peck on his lips. I whisper, "I love you~ "

"I love you more~ " He murmurs, his brows softening.

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