Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 35: "I'm not ready..."

1:45 am...

Cupping my chin, Travis plants a soft kiss on my lips, he shirtless and a towel resting over his shoulder. I grip my windowsill, feeling my stomach flutter.

I kiss him back, my hand sliding onto his and gently playing with the ring on his finger. He gently pulls away, grinning, now grabbing my hand. I stand on my tippy toes, planting a kiss on his nose.

I stare dreamily into his eyes and whisper, “Goodnight, Handsome~ ”

“Goodnight, Princess~ ”

“Oh,” I yelp, realizing I’m still wearing his hoodie, “I should probably give your hoodie back-”

“Keep it.” He says, smirking, as he looks me up and down, “It looks better on you.”

I smile softly as he steps back, letting go of my hand, “I love you~ ”

“And I love you~ ” He replies, as I slowly reach to close my window. “Goodnight~ ” I say, smiling. He makes a heart using his hands, “Goodnight~ ”

I slowly close my window and lock it. I watch as Travis slowly walks backwards to his car, with just the biggest, goofiest grin on his face. He turns around and stops for a moment before pumping his fist into the air.

He keeps it there as he walks around his car to the driver’s side. I giggle quietly, closing my curtains. I blush, reminiscing about tonight.

I love him...

I truly love Travis Reel...

We swam in the lake a little while longer.

Made out a little too~

And then finally hopped out and went home.

I, of course, panicking because of the woods we were walking in to get back to the car. I was climbing on Travis to stay away from the bugs and scary sounds.

Travis, being the wonderful guy he is, just laughed at my “hysterics”.

Some boyfriend he is, right???

I giggle at that thought.

Travis is my boyfriend.

My loving boyfriend~

“That feels good to say...” I mumble, looking at the baggy sleeves of the hoodie Travis had given me.

This hoodie swallows me whole. It goes down just a little past my knees, and the cuffs of the sleeves go past my hands. I pull the hood over my damp hair, smelling Travis’s cologne.

I love it.

“Did you just climb in through your window?!”

I jump, whipping around, finding Daniel standing in my darkroom. The only light on is my lamp. He stares at me in shock and disbelief, his fro tied back using a hair tie.

He stole it from my room obviously...

I stare back, like a deer in the headlights. My stomach drops, and I suddenly find myself stumbling all over the place.


“I did no jus come in through de windew!!!” I laugh, nervously, regaining balance. I scoff, putting my hands on my hips, awkwardly, “Whatmakesyouthinkthat?!”

That was not English...

“I don’t know, Tiffany. What WOULD make me think that? Because I TOTALLY didn’t see you CLIMB in through THE WINDOW!!” Daniel whispers, harshly throwing his arms into the air.

We stare at one another, waiting for someone to say anything, and yet nothing comes. Just silence. Horrible, tense, awkward silence.

The type of silence that you wish was never discovered...

I break out into a cold sweat, and simply smile awkwardly at him.

Why am I smiling??

My jaw drops, inaudible noises coming out, “HA! I-YOU-WINDOW-OPENED-AIR-HUH?!”

What did I even just say?!!

I give up on speaking and just take a deep breath. I open my mouth and begin stuttering like hell, “I-I-I-Whaaaa?!”

What the fuuuuuuuuu...

“You just came in through your window!! I saw you!! And some guy!! He looked like Travis...” Daniel says, whispering loudly, his words trailing off.

I gulp, my sweat worsening. My blush deepens, as Daniel goes into thinking mode.

I could imagine what he’d say if he realizes it was Travis...

I’m so screwed...

“You and Travis both left the group chat so suddenly...” He says to himself as if solving a puzzle. There’s a moment of silence and I just know he’s about to figure this out.

Gasping suddenly, he points at me, eyes widening. He brings his other hand to his face, “It was Travis, wasn’t it?! You went out with Travis?!”

I spoke too soon...

“STOP YELLING!! DAD WILL HEAR YOU!!” I whisper harshly, glancing at the door, praying to not see him come walking down the hall.

“What did you two do all night?!” Daniel asks, taking a step back, appalled, “Don’t tell I’m gonna be an uncle...”

I a step back into my nightstand, taken aback by his words, “Nothing?! We did nothing!!! And no, we didn’t do anything remotely sexual!!!”

We made out while we were half-naked and Travis kept touching my derrière, but that doesn’t count...


“Why would you think that we did something sexual?!” I ask, offended.

“Because Tiffany!! I see you two googly eying each other n’ shit all the time! I thought it was all in my head, but nooooo!!”

I go silent, feeling tense as Daniel says, face stern, “First you sneak out, then you try to lie?! Who are you and what have you done with my sister?!”

Lord, I don’t know what to say!!!

“Promise me you won’t tell Dad!!” I blurt, breathing heavily, and quickly.

“What?! Why would I do that?! You snuck out!!” Daniel says, in a duh-tone.

“And you act like you haven’t and I haven’t had to cover for your ass!!!”

“Yeah, I never said that that didn’t happen!! I’m saying, you’re supposed the good, well-behaved, innocent one!! Not sneaking out and having sex!!”





“Because! I’ve never seen you in a hoodie like that!!” Daniel says, pointing at it, “It’s obviously not yours!!”

“Get out!!” I blurt out, panicking.

I don’t know what else to do!!?!

Imma just hope he doesn’t tell Dad!?

Daniel jerks his head back, surprised by my sudden outburst, “What? No, we need to have a serious talk-” “GET OUT!!” I interrupt, stomping my foot.

“You can’t make me-” “GET OUT!!!” I shout, running over and shoving him toward the door. He stumbles, as I push him out, “What is your-”

I slam the door shut, breathless. I lean my head against the door, my heart racing.

What if he tells Dad??

My stomach drops at that thought, and I become tense.

I honestly just want to jump right back out the window and not turn back...

Dad would freak out if he found out I snuck out with a boy...

“Great...” I mutter, annoyed. I take a deep breath, and I carefully pull back open my door. I peek my head out, and notice Daniel has left, his bedroom door shut.

I glance around the hall one last time, and I heave a sigh with relief. Quickly, I tiptoe out and run to the bathroom.

I need a shower...


I open my eyes groggily, hearing my phone alarm going off. I reach over and grab it off my nightstand, checking the time.

7: 00 am.


It’s time to go to school...


I read my notifications and seeing lots of them are from the group chat. I scroll through them and notice one is a text from Travis. I smile, blushing, and open it.


goodmorning, Bella~

you awake??

I giggle, grabbing my glasses, and slipping them onto my face

I giggle, grabbing my glasses, and slipping them onto my face. I sit up, leaning my head back on the headboard.


Goodmorning, Travis💕


and she’s awake!!!!😘💕

you sleep well?


I did🥰

However, Daniel saw me climb in through my window last night.

So that was nice.

Super nice...

I almost forgot about that. I have to figure out if Daniel told Dad or not.


well shit

he didn’t tell your dad did he?


Honestly, I don’t know.

I might’ve freaked out and denied everything then admitting it and then shoved him out of my room.




I’m crying😂😂


Stop laughing at me, meanie😭

It was awful. Daniel was just standing there when I entered, and it was unbelievably awkward. He just stared at me, and I just stared back. I don’t even know what he was doing in my room. And when I told him to get out he was like ‘no! We need to have a serious talk’ or something like that. I’m sure he’s snuck out before, so I don’t know why he treated this any differently. When he left, I was seriously considering jumping out of my window and just never coming back.



sounds like you were having a hard time after I left last night


I was and you’re laughing at my struggles😢


I’m sorry love 💕

it’s just that story😂😂

I can just imagine your cute little face when he saw you😂💕

too cute🥰


And you’re still laughing😑



look I’m trying to get you to loosen up a little

I wouldn’t worry too much about it la mia bella principessa

(Mia Bella Principessa - My Beautiful Princess)

I doubt Daniel is the snitching type even though he is known for being petty like that


Let’s hope he’s not that petty.

My Dad would freak if he found out.


don’t stress too much😘💕

hey, I just got the greatest idea ever

you should ride to school with me

I blush at that statement, feeling a huge smile come across.

I’d actually like that, however...

With Daniel knowing about everything, I’m afraid he might tell Dad if he hasn’t already.

But I’ll take my chances.


I’d like that💕

When are you coming over?


getting dressed💕💕💕

I’ll see you in about 15 minutes🥰

I toss my blankets off and hurry to get dressed. I slip on my fluffy house shoes and hurry to my closet. I grab a pair of blue jeans shorts and a yellow sweater.

I pull open and jump back, “AGHHH!!” Daniel stares down at me, suspiciously, eyes narrowed. He’s shirtless, wearing grey, black checkerboard sweatpants, and some slides.

I swallow hard, feeling my glasses slowly sliding down my nose. I clear my throat as a tense silence forms between us.

Just like the one from last night.

Or...should I say...

Earlier this morning...

“Ummm...” I hum, pushing up my glasses, thinking of what to say. I hang out in my thoughts for a moment and finally state, questionably, “Gooooooood mooooorrrrrning??”

Why did I draw it out like that?

God, when I get nervous, words fail me...

“And a good morning to you too...” Daniel mutters, his brown eyes narrowing into slits now, “NOT-SO-INNOCENT TIFFANY.”

“Oh my god, Daniel,” I sigh, facepalming, “I have to get ready for school, as you should be doing too.” I gesture toward the bathroom, looking up at him, “So if you’ll excuse me-”

“I didn’t tell Dad what you did last night,” He interrupts, sassily. He crosses his arms, “I figured you’d be happy to hear that since you wanted me to keep it hidden for you.”

I glance around the hall, worriedly, before leaning into whisper, “Is Dad here?”

“No. He’s doin’ morning shift.”

I let out a huge sigh of relief, “OH! Thank God!! I did not want to have to tell Dad that I have a boyfriend yet-”

I slap my hand over my mouth, interrupting myself.

I done let it slip...

Travis and I weren’t going to keep us a secret, but we were going to tell everyone together that we were officially an item.

And thanks to my loudmouth...

I stare up at Daniel, wide-eyed, seeing the shock evident on his face.

I just broke that...

“WAIT!! WHAT!!” Daniel yelps, surprised, uncrossing his arms, “YOU AND TRAVIS ARE A THING?!! SINCE WHEN?!”

“Since last night,” I state, my voice muffled since I still have my hand over my mouth.

I move my hand away, and confess, “That’s what we did last night. We went out and...confessed our feelings to each other...BUT THAT’S IT!! THERE WAS NO SEXUAL CONTACT!!!”

Besides Travis’s wandering hands. They seemed like they were going everywhere...

Not that that bothered me or anything...

“Right, mhm, no “sexual contact” my ass,” Daniel mutters. I roll my eyes, “Why were you even in my room??”

“I was dared to tie my hair into a ponytail by the groupchat. You would’ve known that if you hadn’t ran off with a boy!” Daniel shouts, stomping his foot.

Why is he acting like this??

I huff, annoyed, looking down at my feet, pushing up my glasses. I look back at him, and ask, confused, “Why is this such a big deal to you?! I thought you and Travis were okay with each other now!?”

“We are, kind of, but I want just don’t want-”

Suddenly, I hear a car honk outside. I blush profusely and immediately rush to the bathroom, “That must be Travis!! I gotta get dressed!!”

Daniel’s POV:

I turn around, watching Tiffany run into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. I frown at the thought of her...

Having a boyfriend.

Like, a legit boyfriend. Long-term commitment type shit...

Tiffany’s gone on a few dates with a few guys in the past, sure, but they never lasted more than a week. Mainly because they were all assholes who desired body over personality.

I hate people like that.

They fucking piss me off.

But this seems different. Something about this situation feels completely different from the other guys Tiffany found herself getting excited for.

And I don’t like it one bit...

I ball my hands up into fists and turn and walk down the hall toward the living room. I walk through the living room and pull open the front door.

I step onto the porch, the sun shining brightly, getting in my eyes. I huff with annoyance, squinting my eyes, and stomp through the yard and up to Travis’s dumb, fancy Ferrari.

Rich asshole...

I stand on the sidewalk, barefoot, and knock on the car window. A minute or passes, and slowly the window rolls down, revealing the bitch himself.

The guy trying to take my sister away...

Travis looks over, a huge smolder on his face, “Good morning Sweet- ”

His face drops as he and I make eye contact. He looks me up and down, confused as to why I’m standing here instead of Tiffany. We stare down one another for a long moment, an intense atmosphere forming between us.

“Sweet what?” I ask eyes narrowed. “Nothing about you is sweet, Dan, don’t flatter yourself,” Travis grumbles, disgusted.

He sighs, rubbing his black hair back, looking in the mirror, and adjusting his clothes. I continue to stare at him, as he glances at me from the corner of his eye.

“Hi, Dan,” He sighs, irritated. He looks back at me, a blank expression on his face, “How are ya? I figured I’d ask...since you won’t leave...”

“I’m not here to make small talk, Travis,” I retort, and he rolls his eyes, rubbing his face. He tries to peek around me, “Fine by me. Is Tiny out here with you or-”

“I know that you and she snuck out together last night,” I interrupt, grabbing the hood of the car, and leaning on it, and Travis’s face reddens.

He coughs, pulling his pants now, “Yeah...I know, she told me you saw her sneak in...” There’s a long awkward pause following after that, he avoiding my gaze.

“You, uh...” He mumbles, tugging at the collar at his sweater. He clears his throat again, “You didn’t tell your dad, did ya?”

“No. You guyses little secret is safe with me.”

He grins widely, relief falling over him, “Hell yes! Appreciate it, bro. Um...” He glances around me again and asks worriedly, “He isn’t here, is he??”

I raise a brow, curious, “Who? My Dad? No. Why? You scared of him or somethin’?” He narrows his eyes at me, leaning back a little, “And if I was?”

“I wouldn’t blame you...” I admit, also leaning back, “He is one scary guy.”

“I’m glad we share the same idea...”

We just stare at one another, our tense gazes making everything feel on edge. I open my mouth to say something, but suddenly Tiffany shouts, “HEY!!!”

I turn around, seeing my little sister running over, her backpack thrown over her shoulder. She pants, stumbling to a stop. She pushes up her glasses, straightening her posture, “Sorry I’m so late! I ran out of time this morning!”

I look at her outfit, suddenly feel some strange feeling building in my chest. She’s wearing blue jean shorts and a yellow crop top sweater.

Revealing a little bit of her abdomen.

Her long, kinky hair is slicked back into two low ponytails, and she’s wearing winged eyeliner and mascara. Plus, red lip gloss that makes her lips seem shiny.

I usually don’t have a problem with her wearing stuff like this, but for some reason...

I look back at Travis seeing him staring in awe at her. His cheeks turn a bright red, and a soft smile spreads across his face as he says, “You’re fine. I’m just glad you came out, Sweetness.”

She blushes profusely and looks down at her white butterfly crocs.

I look between them, feeling weird all over again.

I don’t want my little sister to be in a committed relationship yet...

I’m not ready.


Tiffany’s POV:

“I’m sorry about Daniel,” I state, thoughtfully, as we drive down the street, “He’s being super weird about all of this...”

“Nah, it’s cool. Dan has always been weird, so I’m not even surprised by that,” Travis admits, shrugging, glancing over at me.

I laugh, looking over at him, “Yeah, you’re right about that. Daniel has always been weird.”

We stop at a red light, and Travis grins, “Say that again.”

We both laugh, Travis turning to face me, and I doing the same. We gaze into each other’s eyes, dreamily, I smiling joyfully.

“I missed you when you left last night,” I admit, and his cheeks turn a light shade of pink. I reach over and gently rub his soft, black hair from his face. His smile softens, “I did too.”

A peaceful silence falls over us, we just staring at one another

“I just realized something...” He says softly, grabbing my hand and holding it tightly in his. He gently massages the palm of my hand with his thumb, bringing my hand to his lips. My heart melts at his touch.

“What did you forget?” I ask as he pulls his lips from my skin, “Was it anything important??” He smirks, “Yeah, it’s pretty important. I meant to do it before we drove off.”

I cock my head slightly to the right and raise a brow, beaming at him, “Wha-”

Before I could finish the word, Travis delicately crashes his lips into mine. I jump a little, surprised, but kiss him back. My eyes close as I sigh, my heart fluttering at the feeling of his soft lips pressing against mine. Our lips move in sync, the kiss sweet yet enthusiastic.

Travis’s other hand slides onto my thigh, goosebumps appearing on my skin. He gives it a light squeeze, and I giggle, butterflies erupting in my stomach. Gently, Travis pulls his lips from mine and licks his lips.

A curious expression spreads across his face as he asks, “Strawberry lip gloss??” I nod, grinning giddily, “Yep! You like it?”

“Do I like it?” He asks, pretending to be offended, “I love it. And it’s even tastier since you’re wearing it.” I laugh at his comment, and he plants a gentle peck on my lips.

He then looks back to the road, noticing the light has turned green, “Well, looks like we can start driving again.” He gently lets go of my hand, his other hand still resting on my thigh, and he grips it.

I look down at his hand, his fingers gently rubbing the inside of my thigh. I blush profusely, trying not to freak out from his touch.

We drive down the street, and Travis suddenly asks, “You hungry???”

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