Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 36: "Wow, you"

“I swear if you steal another fry from my plate, we are gonna fight,” I threaten, pulling my fries away before Travis could reach for another one.

He chuckles, shoving two fries in his mouth, “But I ate all of mine!!”

“And that’s not my problem!!” I retort, eating the last of my fries, legs stretched out across Travis’s lap as we sit in the school parking lot.

He playfully glares at me and throws his empty wrappers at me, “Cruel!” I laugh, covering my face using my arms.

Travis and I drove to Chick-Fil-A and grabbed a few chicken sandwiches, some drinks, some waffle fries, and then drove to school.

School starts in about 25 minutes or so, and Travis and I are just chillin’ in the parking lot.

I’m currently trying to protect my fries from being eaten...

I grab the wrappers he had thrown at me and throw them back at him. It smacks him dead center of his face causing him to yelp.

I giggle, pointing at him as the wrappers fall onto my legs, “This is just like last night!!! You suck at this game!!”

He rolls his eyes, smiling as he throws the trash back at me, “You be cheatin’...”

“I do not!!!” I laugh, taking the wrappers and shoving them into the empty bag our food came in. I set the paper bag on the floor of the car and lean my head against the window. I wiggle my brows at him, pushing up my glasses, “I don’t cheat!! You just really suck at playing these types of games.”

“Mhm, cheater,” He says, sticking his tongue out at me. “Sore Loser,” I reply, sticking my tongue out at him.

He leans his head back in the seat, rubbing his hand up and down my leg. Smiling softly at me, Travis agrees, “Okay, I guess I am a bit of a sore loser...”

“A bit?” I repeat, raising my brows at him. “Okay! So maybe a lot of a sore loser,” He corrects himself, shaking his head at me sassily. “That’s what I thought,” I reply, shaking my head back at him.

He chuckles, still dragging his fingers over my legs. He pauses, thinking, that same soft smirk on his face. He looks up toward the ceiling of the car, becoming lost in thought.

I wonder what’s on his mind??

After a few seconds pass, his eyes light up. He looks back to me and grins cheekily, stating, “We should go out tonight. Like a date.”

“Ooo~ Sounds fancy~ ” I reply, wiggling in my seat, grabbing my drink from the cup holder. I take the straw and sip Hi-C from it, asking, “What do you have in mind?”

“We could go out for dinner,” Travis says, thoughtfully, as I let him sip my drink. I put my cup back in the cupholder as Travis shrugs, “If you want to that is. It doesn’t matter to me what we do. As long as I’m doing it with you.”

Well, there goes my heart~

“Aw, Travis~ ” I swoon, reaching over and cupping my chin. I kiss the tip of his nose, “You’re so sweet~ And going out for dinner would be nice~ ”

His cheeks redden as I let go of his chin and he smiles from ear to ear. He stares at me for a lingering moment, and I can’t help but laugh at how cute he looks.

He looks like a little kid, his black hair falling in his face, and his face flushed pink. His green eyes are soft and loving.

Leaning in, Travis positions his head on the side of mine. Gently, he begins to nibble at my ear, and the tips of my ears start burning.

I laugh loudly at the feeling, leaning away. I pull my legs up, trying to scoot away, but Travis grabs my waist. Travis tugs me closer to him and continues.

“TRAVIS!! STOP!! THAT TICKLES!!!” I laugh, and his lips smile against the lobe of my ear. He then murmurs, voice soft, “I love your laugh~ ”

He continues nibbling at my ear, I still laughing. Pulling his lips from my ear, Travis gazes into my eyes, and I stare back.

His nose brushes against mine as I grab his face. I press my forehead against his, gazing into his eyes, “I love you~ ”

I gently press my lips against his, and he kisses me back. Our lips slowly move against one another as Travis takes my bottom lip and gently sucks on it. This continues for a few minutes, our lips glued to one another as the kiss becomes more intense.

He grips my waist, we both pulling away, faces flushed and we panting a little. Travis plants a kiss on my cheek and buries his face into the crook of my neck.

I slip my hand into his soft, fluffy hair, pulling at it as he whispers, dreamily, “I love you too, Tiffany~ ”

I lay my head on top of his, sighing happily.

Suddenly my phone vibrates within my pocket, causing me to jump. I reach into my pocket, still rubbing Travis’s hair. I scroll through my notifications and see a text from Daniel.

Big Brochaco🙄💓

have you made it to school yet??

it’s almost eight

I glance at the time and notice it’s 7:45, and my eyes widen.

Wow, time really does fly by when you’re having fun...

I look down at Travis and gently pat his head, “Travis! We gotta go!” He sits up, brows furrowed as I move my hand from his hair, “What time is it?”

I show him my phone screen, and his eyes widen, “Oh! It’s 7:45.”

“Yeah! We gotta get to class!!” I reply, moving my legs off his lap. I grab my backpack from the backseat, adjusting my glasses.

After gathering our things, Travis and I hop out of the car. As soon as I close the car door, I notice people in the parking lot staring at us in shock. Heat immediately rises to my cheeks, I noticing people staring from me to Travis.

Dear God, I forgot about the people...

And what they might think about Travis and I being together...

The same people who do nothing but make a fuss over things that aren’t even that big of a deal...

Dramatize any and every damn thing...

I feel my heart start beating rapidly and my palms start becoming clammy. I suddenly become tense, yet my legs feel weak. I swallow hard and before my mind could begin to overthink, Travis steps in front of me.

I look up at him as he takes both of my hands and smiles warmly at me. “I can see you panicking,” He states, his voice soft. “I’m n-n-not...?” I reply, laughing awkwardly.

That came out more like a question...

“Right,” He mumbles, clearly not buying that, “Relax, Tiff. I’m right here with you. Let them stare.”

I nod, feeling a little less anxious. He grips my hand tightly in his, letting go of the other, and gently tugs me closer to him. He drapes his arm onto my shoulders and pulls me into his side.

He stuffs his other hand into his pocket, and whispers planting a kiss on the side of my head, “I’m more than happy to show off my girl regardless of people’s opinions.”

I smile up at him, reaching my hand up to grab his. We weave our fingers together and walk through the parking lot beside the various stares and looks.

We walk up the school stairs through the crowds and into the school building. Teachers watch us walk by, also surprised. More people watch, mouths agape.

Yep, cause everyone in this building is mature and not obsessed with anything that isn’t their business.


Travis and I both jump, turning around to see Stormy running toward us. Travis and I both yelp as Stormy crashes into us, wrapping her arms around us. Travis’s arm unwraps from around me, our fingers disconnecting.

“CONGRATS!!!!” Stormy squeals, Joshua, May, and Jamie walking up to us from behind her.

“That’s another one of my friends who’s been taken by a man...” May sighs, disappointedly, shaking her head as Jamie hugs her from behind her.

Jamie plants a kiss on May’s neck and lays his head on her shoulder. He laughs, “Babe, you said this when Stormy and Joshua started dating.”

“Yeah! Because now that Tiffany and Travis are together, she’s going to be changed like Stormy was. Am I not allowed to have an innocent friend?”

Unwrapping her arms from around us, Stormy grabs our shoulders, staring up at Travis, and slightly staring down at me, “I saw you guys walking down the hall holding hands!!! I take it that you guys are an item now!!!”

I smile and blush at the thought of Travis being my boyfriend.

Not to mention, my first love.

A huge grin spread across Travis’s face, as Stormy lets go of us, “Yeah.” He slips his hand onto my waist, and I look up at him, feeling warm and fuzzy inside, “Tiffany and I are together.”

I smile up at him, slipping my arm around him. May, Jamie, Josh, and Stormy all stare at us surprised.

“Wow...congrats,” Jamie mumbles, his dreads falling in his face. “Hell yeah!!!” Joshua grins, clapping his hands together.

“Sad girl hours...” May sighs, shooting Travis dirty looks. “Awwwwww!!!” Stormy says, bringing her hands to her chest, “This is so going on my Instagram.”

Travis looks to her, and sighs, “Storm, you really don’t-” Taking a picture, Stormy says, interrupting him, “Aw that’s cute!!! Now all 98k of my followers will see how cute y’all are!!”

“Never mind...” Travis huffs, narrowing his eyes at her. I laugh laying my head on his shoulder.

“Travis you, son of a bitch!!!” Joshua says, excitedly, “Look at you!! In a relationship n shit!! And here I thought you were just going to continue being as single as a Pringle for the rest of your life!! I’m happy for ya, you asshole!!”

“Wait, was that...a backhanded compliment?” Travis asks, raising a brow. “What’s a backhanded compliment?” Joshua asks, confused, his face contorting with concern.

Travis chuckles, “Josh, you poor dumbass.”

“What? What the hell is a backhanded compliment?” Joshua continues to ask, everyone just staring at him, “Am I the only one who doesn’t know what that means?!”

We all continue to stare at him, completely dumbfounded.

Poor Joshua...

He isn’t the brightest crayon in the box...

“Yeah,” May says, pushing him in the side of his head. Stumbling back, Joshua glares at her, adjusting his black, white, grey flannel.

“Anyway,” Travis laughs, “Where’s Christian??”

“Probably with Simon and Sebastian,” May replies, rolling her eyes, “You know how they sent all of those memes in the Group Chat last night...”

“Well, I see you did make it to school.”

We all look over and Daniel walks towards us with Simon, Sebastian, Christian, and Jackson. Simon, Sebastian, and Christian are all showing each other memes, Jackson standing next to Daniel.

I become tense, feeling awkward as Daniel looks from Travis to me. Jackson does the same

“GUYSSSSS!!!” Stormy says, excitedly, “TRAVIS AND TIFFANY ARE DATING!!!!”

“I know...” Daniel replies, crossing his arms. “Oh...” Jackson mumbles, looking from me to Travis, shock evident on his face.

“WAIT!!! WHAT?!!” Sebastian and Simon yelp, nearly dropping their phones.

“Oh, so wait, Travis isn’t single anymore?” Christian asks, looking up from his phone curious, “Oh, cool!! Congrats man!!”

“Wow...” Sebastian says, shoving his phone into his pocket. “Wow is right...” Simon agrees.

They both look at Travis and I for a few lingering seconds. Their eyes begin to water, as Sebastian shakes his long dreads from his face.

“You’re...all grown up...” Simon mumbles, bringing his hand to his chest. Sebastian nods, playing with his finger.

He suddenly sniffles, everyone staring at him a little alarmed. “Um...Sebastian...” I reply, awkwardly, “are you okay?”

He nods, Simon starting to comfort him, “It’s alright bro...”

“What the fuck...” Joshua mumbles, concerned. “Tiffany, you’re all grown up!!!!” Sebastian suddenly wails, “Congratulations you two!!!”


Travis’s POV:

Standing on her tippy toes, Tiffany plants a soft kiss on my cheek before walking into her class. I sigh dreamily, feeling like I’m on cloud nine.

I’ve never been happier!!

I finally got the girl of my dreams!!

And it feels even better than I could’ve ever imagined!!!

Can I get a hell yeah?!

I whirl around, feeling like I could burst out into a dance sequence. People watch me closely from across the hall, and I don’t even spare them a glance.

I strut my way down the hall, Teachers staring at me questionably. I hum, thinking about my plans with my Princess tonight.

I wanna do something amazing for her. Something that’ll make her smile so wide that not even the stars can outshine it.

“I’m in a good mood today,” I hum, bobbing my head to the music playing in my thoughts.

There’s nothing that could happen today that could ruin my mood.

And if there was...

I’m not going to let it.

I arrive in front of my locker and pull it open. I grab a few random textbooks and close my locker, still humming. I turn around and immediately jump back into my locker, “WHAT THE FUCK!!”

Jackson stands in front of me, glaring, his long blonde hair pulled back into a man-bun. I laugh, relaxing a little, “Oh! Hey, Beach Waves!! You scared the shit of me...”

He continues glaring at me, and I stare back at him. A minute or two passes, and I clear my throat awkwardly, pulling at my t-shirt. I glance around the hall then back at him, waiting for him to say anything.

The silence between us becomes tense, and I can’t help but feel annoyed by the feeling.

The hell is his problem?

Oh! I might know what’s wrong...

I lean a little close and ask, raising a brow of concern, “Are you okay? Do need someone to talk to?”

“Don’t fucking act all innocent!!” He snaps, face reddening. I try to stifle a laugh, taking a step backward and rubbing my hair out of my face.

He did not like that statement...

He big mad.

“Geez! See if I ever offer to give you a pep talk again,” I scoff, continuing to toy with him. This makes him even more pissed, and I simply wiggle my brows at him. I turn to walk away, but he steps in front of me.

I come to an abrupt stop, and groan annoyed. I raise a brow, “What?”

“You and Tiffany are together?” He asks, voice eerily calm. I nod, smiling at that statement.

Tiffany and I are together...

That feels good to say~

“Yep~ ” I purr, grinning at him, “I’m pretty sure we established this earlier.”

“Yeah, I got that,” He replies harshly, “But I’m also pretty sure I told you that I wanted her.”

“Well, that’s just too fucking bad,” I reply, sassily, “She chose me. Not you.”

He laughs, shaking his head, “No, you see, you stole her from m-” I grab his shoulder, interrupting him, “Don’t finish that sentence.” I smile at him but feeling everything but happy at this very moment.

And here I thought I wasn’t going to let anything ruin my mood...

“I didn’t steal shit from you because there wasn’t anything to steal,” I state, coldly, “And Tiffany is not a fucking object, she’s a person and she doesn’t belong to anyone.”

He goes quiet, just staring at me with an icy cold glare.

“I oughta punch the shit out of you for being a pervy, dickhead.” I state, sternly. “Why don’t you?” He counters, narrowing his eyes at me.

“Because that’d be a waste of energy.”

I pat his shoulder, letting him go, “In other words, you are a waste of energy.”

His eyes grow dark, and I begin walking past him again.

“Oh! And one more thing,” I chirp, turning around to look at him, “What was it that you were saying about how you were going to make Tiffany yours before I even realized?” I ask, raising a brow.

I plaster on a fake sympathetic face, my brows furrowing, “Looks like that didn’t work out for you too well, now did it?”

His jaw tightens, and I smile, feeling pleased with myself. “See you around, Jack,” I say, through clenched teeth, and walk off down the halls.

Asshole better know his place...

After School...

Daniel’s POV:


I watch as Stormy and May continue dressing Tiffany up for her date in the bathroom. I sigh, leaning against the door frame, arms crossed.

Dad left out to the store, so it’s just the teens hanging out.

Suddenly, I frown at the thought of Tiffany going out on this date with Travis, feeling sad. I look to the pictures on the walls, some of them pictures of Tiffany when she was younger.

My brows furrow, as I bite my bottom lip.

God, where did the time go?

I remember holding her hand when it was her first day of second grade. She was so scared and wore these glasses that were obviously too big for her face. She was covered in bandaids since she was always falling.

She was super clumsy when she was younger...

There was also a time I had taught her how to ride a bike...

Then the time she and I had a karaoke contest in the living room, and Mom and Dad watched...

The first cake she had ever baked by herself...

The time when she had joined the dance team but ended up quitting the next day...

The first time she got behind the wheel and nearly crashed the car into a mailbox...

The time she had gotten braces...

I guess I didn’t realize how much time has flown by...

My brows furrow, seeing Tiffany isn’t the girl she used to be.

I overreacted last night and earlier about Tiffany and Travis being together, which, I’m positive you’re well aware of that...

I can see the way Travis looks at her and the way she looks at him. It’s obvious this relationship is going to last a long time.

And seeing that made me nervous. I’m not ready to see my little sister grow up on me. But I long as Tiffany’s happy...

I’m happy too.

“Tiffany you look good!!!” Stormy swoons, make-up all over her hands. Suddenly, I hear knocking at the front door.

That’s probably Travis...

I sigh, realizing I have to make amends with him. Especially since he’s going to be dating my sister.

I walk down the hall towards the living room. I walk up to the front door, and pull it open, revealing Travis.

He’s wearing a white button-down, sleeves rolled up revealing the tattoo on his forearm. He’s also wearing black khakis.

His grin instantly drops to a frown. “Not who you were expecting, huh?” I reply, crossing my arms. Travis narrows his eyes at me, his frown deepening, “And a hello to you too...Dan...”

I stare up at him and he simply stares back. Silence consuming the space between us, it becomes unbearably awkward. A few minutes pass and Travis sighs, “Look, Dan, we did this this morning, and I’d love it if we didn’t do-”

I wrap my arms around him, laying my head on his shoulder. He tenses up, “What the f-”

“Listen, Travis,” I say, squeezing my eyes trying to ignore the awkward tension, “I’m accepting you right now...I’m giving you my okay to date my sister even were just going to do that anyway...I...accept you, and trust you wouldn’t break her heart...”

“I would never...hurt Tiffany,” He replies, body stiff and voice slightly strained, “That’s not something I’d want to do...”

“Good...and hug me back. Don’t make it weird...”

“You mean weirder than this already is??”

I huff with annoyance and say through clenched teeth, “Yes, damnit!! Just hurry up and get it over with!!”

Groaning, Travis slowly raises his hand and lightly pats my back. My eyes widen in shock that he actually did it.

The tension between us becomes ten times more uncomfortable, as he says, voice strained, “PAT. PAT. PAT.”

We stay like this for an unnecessary extra second and quickly pull apart. I step back, clearing my throat loudly, “Good deal...”

“Absolutely.” Travis nods vigorously, obviously having regrets.

“Wow, well that was painful to watch,” May says, stepping out from the hallway, Stormy following. “Excruciatingly painful...” Stormy agrees, nodding slowly.

I look back at them, glaring, “We are well aware of that.” Travis looks at them, surprised, “Oh, Storm, had no idea you were here.”

He glances over at May and frowns, “And I see you brought the thing with you.”

“You know what, Travis, I should beat your ass for dating my best friend. But Imma learn some self-control for her sake,” May snarls, rolling her eyes.

“Speaking of which,” Stormy chimes in. She then fluffs her long black hair, and gestures toward the hallway, “Introducing!! Tiffany Green!!!!”

The first thing we hear is a deep breath before Tiffany steps out. My eyes widen, seeing Tiffany and how pretty she looks. She wearing black heels and no glasses, and black dress.

She looks up at us, gnawing on her bottom lip and her cheeks pink. Shifting her gaze to Travis, Tiffany asks, smiling softly, “What do you think?”

Travis stares, mouth agape. His eyes scan over her and he breaths, “Whoa.” She walks up to him, staring up into his eyes, he blushing profusely.

He bites his bottom lip and carefully grabs her hands, saying, “Wow, you”

She giggles, “I look wow?” He shakes his head, smirking, “I-I-I...speechless...”

I watch as they stare lovingly into each other’s eyes. I smile softly, noticing the dreamy look on Tiffany’s face.

She looks beyond happy...

And I was upset about that...

“AWWWWW!!!” May suddenly says, and I look back at her, surprised. Her mascara runs down her face, and Stormy looks over at her; her mascara also running down her face.

“I KNOW!!!” Stormy wails, May’s bottom lip quivering.

“Why are they so fucking cute together?!” May asks, looking at her, sniffling. “I don’t know, bitch, they just do!!” Stormy replies, shrugging, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Bitch!!! Give me damn hug right now!!! ” May wails, wrapping her arms around Stormy, and Stormy doing the same, “I TAKE BACK EVERYTHING I SAID!!!!”

I chuckle, shaking my head. I look back at Tiffany and Travis. I sigh, feeling happy to see Tiffany happy.

Me too, May...

Me too...

“Hey, uh...” I mumble, everyone looking at me. I scratch the back of my head, feeling embarrassed, “Tiffany, Travis...”

They both look at me, Travis’s hand resting Tiffany’s waist. I sigh, “Look, I wanna apologize for acting...dramatic when you guys told me you were together...”

Tiffany smiles softly at me and walks up to me. She wraps her arms around me, and I yelp in surprise. She whispers, “It’s okay, Daniel, and I’m glad you know you were being dramatic.”

I chuckle, feeling my eyes water, , “Yeah, well, it was not easy admitting that...”

Yep, she’s all grown up...

She’s not as little as she used to be...

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