Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 37: "GODDAMNIT!!!"

Tiffany’s POV:

I walk up to my house, Travis holding my hand tightly in his as we talk about something embarrassing that he had done tonight.

It’s usually me making awkward mistakes, lol.

“I thought it was cute to see you all flustered, nervous,” I giggle, and his face turns bright red, “I’m usually the anxious one.”

“You thought it was cute?” He asks, looking down at me as we walk onto my porch. We stand in front of the door, and I nod, “It was beyond cute.”

I stand on my tippy toes and plant a tender kiss on his cheek.

“Oh...well,” He mumbles, thoughtfully, “if that’s the case I did all of those things on purpose.”

I laugh, shaking my head, “Oh yeah, you definitely did all of those things on purpose.”

“I did!” He retorts, grabbing my other hand, “I was thinking of you when I did those things.”

“I bet you were.”

He gazes down into my eyes, a soft smirk on his face. Gently, he slicks a strand of my hair behind my ear and whispers, “It sucks that I have to go...and so soon...”

“Yeah, but I’ll see you tomorrow, won’t I?” I reply, gently caressing his face. “Of course you will, Bella~ ” He replies, taking my hand and kissing my palm, “Just tell me the time and I’ll be here.”

“I know you will~ ” I reply, mumbling just loud enough for him to hear, “I don’t doubt that you will.” We stare dreamily at one another, and Travis slowly leans in close, gripping my hand tightly in his. His lips brush against mine, and I close my eyes, my heart fluttering.

Slowly, our lips collide, the kiss slow and innocent. His hands slip onto my hips, and he pulls me closer to him, deepening the kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck and smile.

Slowly his lips move against mine, and he smiles, sighing with content. We both gently pull apart, and I smile up at him goofily, “I love you~ ”

“I love you too~ ” Travis swoons, grinning down at me.

“There you are!!”

We both jump, looking back at the house. Dad stands before us, the front door wide open.


Dad looks from me to Travis, curiously, and my stomach drops. Travis and I both become tense, especially Travis.

He has this deer in the headlights look on his face, it’s kind of funny.

“Dad! Hey!!” I reply, unwrapping my arms from around Travis’s neck, and Travis lets go of my hips. I stare Dad dead in the eyes, the sound of outside animals and insects filling in the never-ending silence.

Maybe I should just turn and run back to Travis’s car.

I’m sure his mom wouldn’t mind if I spent a night over at their house, right??

“I heard that you went on a date,” Dad says, eyes narrowed. I nod, “Yeah.” I gesture to Travis, “Dad this Travis, my boyfriend.”

Dad shifts his gaze over at Travis, and Travis instantly stiffens up. “Um-Hello, M-M-Mr. Green,” Travis mumbles, sheepishly, “H-How are you??”

Aw, my poor boy...

“You like my daughter?” Dad asks, raising a brow. “More than that,” Travis replies, quickly, relaxing a little. He glances over at me, and his face softens, “I love your daughter.” I smile up at him, slipping my hand into his.

Dad looks between us, and his face softens up too, “Aww.” He looks over at me and asks, “And you love him too, right?”

“More than anything,” I reply, still staring up at Travis. “AWWWWW!!!” Dad yelps, bringing his hand to his chest, eyes watering. He sniffles and sighs, a bright smile on his face, “Well, if that’s the case...”

He looks back at Travis and outstretches his hand, “That’s all that matters to me.”

Travis’s eyes light as he looks down at Dad’s hand. He carefully takes it, and suddenly Dad pulls him into a hug. Travis yelps in surprise but hugs him back. They hug it out for a few seconds and pull apart, Dad patting Travis’s shoulders.

“I’ll let you two have your little moment,” Dad says, turning and walking back into the house. I look back at Travis, and he lets out a huge sigh of relief, “Holy shit that scared me...”

I laugh, “I knew it would. I was trying not to laugh at your scared face.” He shoots me a playful glare, and I continue to laugh, “Mean.”

I shake my head, laughing still as I walk toward the entrance of the house. Suddenly I feel a slap on my butt, and I yelp, “AGH!!”

I whip around, blushing profusely, as Travis chuckles softly. He then whispers, huskily, “What?~ ” I smirk up at him, eyes narrowed., “You scared me, that’s what.”

“Well sorry, Sweetness,” He replies, leaning. His lips brush against my ear as he whispers, seductively, “but seeing you in this dress makes it really hard for me to not be a lil touchy~ ”

My eyes widen, as he pulls back, his face inches from mine. His eyes scanning over the length of my body, he smirking devilishly.

My face feels like it’s on fire!!!

I giggle, my gaze falling down to my feet.

He’s always teasing me...

So why not I tease him back??

I look back up at him, and lean and whisper breathily in his ear, “You might want to be careful about starting something you can’t finish~ ” I pull away, biting my lip, and find Travis staring at me in surprise, his cheeks a crimson red.

Mission accomplished.

I smirk seductively at him and gently peck his lips. I step into the house, grabbing the door. I lightly wave at him, while closing the door, “Goodnight, Travis.”

I close the door and laugh a little to myself.

I turn around, locking the door behind me. I look up and see Dad smiling at me warmly. I begin playing with my fingers, tugging at my dress.

I walk up to him and ask curious, “You really okay with me and Travis being together?”

“Of course, baby,” Dad says sweetly. He walks up to me and grabs my hand, “As long as he makes you happy, and treats you right, I’m more than okay with you having a boyfriend.”

He then plants a soft kiss on my forehead, and I smile, “I was worried you’d react the way Daniel did.”


“Tiffany. Psst!”

“Tiff!!! Hey!!!”

“Wakey Wakey!! Eggs and Bakey!!”

I roll over onto my other side, pulling my blankets over my face. I grumble, my eyes still closed and my brows furrowing, “No, Daniel, I’m not making pancakes...”

“Who said anything about you making pancakes?”

“But since we’re on the topic of pancakes, could we make some?”

My eyes fly open, I recognizing that high-pitched voice from anywhere. I pull my blanket off my head and look over to find Stormy and May standing over me, fully dressed.

I squint at them since I’m not wearing my glasses, “What the hell...”

“Good morning!!!” Stormy says, giddily, clapping her hands together, “How’d you sleep?”

It’s too early for this...

I sit up, rubbing my face tiredly, “What time is it? When did you get here??”

“It’s currently,” May mumbles, pulling her phone out of her pocket, and checking the time, “8:30.”

“And we came over to see how your date went!!” Stormy says, excitedly, “From what Andrea said, Travis came home with just the biggest grin on his face but didn’t know why!!”

Stormy then sighs, shaking her head, “That boy never tells his mom anything when it comes to his love life...”

I blush, recalling last night. I smile and giggle a little remembering Travis being all nervous around me.

It was too cute.

I rub my kinky curls out of my face and laugh, “Yeah, last night was...nice...perfect even.”

“AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!” May and Stormy both sing, grabbing each other’s hands and bouncing excitedly.

They both plop down on the bed, asking, their eyes wide, “TELL US EVERYTHING!!!!!”

Travis’s POV:

I sit at the kitchen table, munching on my captain crunch staring at my phone screen.

I’m contemplating if I should call Tiffany or not...

I don’t want to bother her if she’s asleep.

I’d feel bad.

I yawn, scrolling through tik-tok, my wet hair falling in my face.

I got up and did my morning workout at 5:30 this morning,

I was in a good mood.

“Morning, Neonato,” Mom says, walking by patting my shoulder. “Morning, Mamma,” I reply still scrolling through tik-tok.

I take another bite from my cereal, as Mom walks up to the coffee maker, glancing in my direction. I glance back at her, but she quickly looks away.

Okay, that’s not weird at all.

Wait, what is she wearing???

An oversized shirt, leggings, her hair pinned back, and some house shoes.

I’m pretty sure she doesn’t own a shirt like that...

I narrow my eyes, turning to face her, “That isn’t your shirt, is it?” She looks back at me then down at her shirt. She suddenly snorts, her cheeks turning pink, “Oh, no! It’s Richards.”

I cringe at that and frown at that comment.

Of course it is...

Fucking Richard Hampton.

I set my spoon down in my bowl of milk and ask warily, “He’s here, isn’t he?”

“Yes, Travis, he is here.” She laughs, raising a brow at me as she grabs a mug from the cabinet, “He came in shortly after you came back.”

“EW.” I reply, trying to shake the images from my mind, “Gross. Love is gross....” She narrows her eyes at me, setting her Central Park mug down on the counter, “That’s funny coming from you...”


“Nothing. I said nothing...” She quickly turns away, continuing to make coffee. “Oooookay?” I reply, questionably.

Suddenly, I get a text and look down at my phone hopeful.

Nope, just the group chat with Christian, Josh, and James.


😈🖕Ma Bitches 🖕😈




and a good morning to you too Josh🙄


what is it that you want this time???


who said I wanted anything?


because that’s the only time you ever text the group chat



I’ve texted plenty of other times and not wanted shit!!!


so defensive

take a chill pill homie💊




stop Chris

you’ve been hanging out with Sebastian and Simon way too much


they’re my people!!!

they’re the only people who exchange memes with one another!!!


and I thought I needed a chill pill🙄


we should get together today and talk about Travis’s existing love-life


I like that idea let’s do it!!!


I’m in!!!



why me? why not James or Josh?


because their relationships are old!!!


well fuck you😡



I chuckle loudly, Mom looking over, concerned. I immediately start texting back.


he’s not wrong😂

make way for the new and fresh






not you too Travis🥺


sorry not sorry

and yes I’m down to hang

where are we meeting?


the spot duh

at maybe 2:30

I have run some errands this morning



see ya’ll thereeeeeeeeee


I jump, looking up from my phone to find Mom sitting at the table in front of me. I smile awkwardly at her, as she smiles widely at me, her soft brown eyes wide, “So???”

She throws her arms up into the air and asks excitedly, “HOW’D IT GO?!!!”

There’s a long reverberating silence that falls over us as I stare at her, confused. A few seconds pass and I finally ask, concerned, “What...are you talking...about...?”

“YOU’RE DATE WITH TIFFANY!!!” Mom asks, throwing her hands into the air. She moves her chair next to mine, and asks again hopeful, “HOW’D IT GO?!!”

My brows furrow as I ask, surprised, “HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT?!!”

I hadn’t told her about Tiffany and me yet because I know how she’s going to act.

Let’s just say, she’s already planning the wedding...

“May and Stormy!!!” Mom replies, in a matter-of-fact tone. She then says, offended, crossing her arms, “They actually tell me things, unlike someone who is supposed to be my son.”


I knew I couldn’t trust them...

“Damn...” I say under my breath, and Mom hits my shoulder.

“Language!! Neonato!!” She says harshly, and I smile awkwardly.

“Sorry, Mamma,” I reply, sheepishly.

She then grins, rubbing my hair from my face, “It’s okay, mijo.” She then urges for me to continue, “Now spill!! How was the date???”

“It was...” I mumble, finding myself blushing. Immediately my mind wanders off to earlier, and how I got to take my girl out.

I’m usually not the romantic type, but she brought out that side of me last night.

I was nervous as hell, and it was all because I wanted to make sure I didn’t say or do anything that would ruin the moment.

We went somewhere super fancy and expensive. I paid for everything and told Tiffany to continue sitting there looking flawless.

She was definitely turning heads and if I were being honest, I almost didn’t want to go anywhere with her looking that good.

And since she was looking like a goddess, I might’ve done some awkward things out of nervousness.

But Tiffany found it to be cute and simply giggled at my “strange” behavior.

It was her fault that I was acting all weird and clammy.

I’ve never gotten that nervous unless I found out my mom was about to beat my ass for skipping school again.

And unbelievably...

I told her that.

And she laughed so hard that she was crying. I found myself just staring at her completely charmed by her giggles. Listening to that contagious sound that I swear I could listen to on repeat and never get bored of it.

She really is beautiful, inside and out and I feel like the luckiest man alive to have her as my girl.

My chest starts feeling all warm and fuzzy, and honestly, I want to call her right now just to her voice.

So, as my mom had asked, how did the date go??

“It was amazing~ ” I swoon, grinning. She squeals excitedly, bouncing up and down. I jump back, squeezing my mouth shut.

I said that aloud, didn’t I?


“Tell me more!!” She squeals, grabbing my arm and pulling me out of my seat. I yelp, surprised as she drags me out of the kitchen, and into living room area, “Mamma! Wait!”

She pulls me onto the couch so that I’m sitting next to her. She holds my hands, tightly, wiggling in her seat, “Spill!!”

I smile goofily and sigh, “Mamma-”

“OH WAIT!!” She shouts, causing me to cringe, “RICHARD!!! OSCAR!!! SAM!!! TRAVIS WENT ON A DATE LAST NIGHT WITH A GIRL!!”

Wait, Oscar and Sam are here?!

And ew! Why’s Richard getting involved in this?!

“Ooooo!!!!” Sam says, waddling into the room, wearing shorts and a tight black tank top. Her long black hair pulled up into a messy bun.

She plops down on the couch next to me, grabbing my arm and laying her head on my shoulder; her round belly pushing into my side.

“WHAT’S HER NAME?!” She squeals, excitedly, gazing up into my eyes, “I BET IT’S TIFFANY!!!!”

“IT IS!!!” Mom reassures, and Sam begins wiggling in her seat excitedly.

“YASSSS!!!! NOW YOU HAVE TO TELL US!!!” She squeals, shaking me slightly. My blush deepens and I open my mouth to say something, but suddenly Oscar barges in, wearing a black t-shirt and some baggy sweats.

Of course Sam and Oscar are wearing the same damn outfit...

“So Travis is a lady’s man now, huh?” He says, rubbing his hand through my hair, “That’s surprising.”

“HEY!! WATCH IT!!” I yelp, pulling away.

He chuckles, as I glare up at him. He sits next to Sam, slipping his hand onto his thigh, “So, you got a girlfriend? Finally!! We can talk about relationship problems together.”

Sam looks over at him, brows furrowed, “The hell do you mean relationship problems? We don’t have relationship problems!”

“WOAH!!” Oscar says, raising his hands defensively, “Babe, I never said we had relationship probs!! I was just saying that he and I can talk about relationships in general!!”

“Oh...” Sam says, relaxing a little. She then smiles brightly at him, “OKAY!!” She looks back at me, and starts shaking me wildly again, “GET BACK TO TALKING ABOUT YOUR NEW SHAWTY BAE!!!”

“STOP SHAKING ME!!!” I shout, grabbing her arm. “She isn’t a bitch like Victoria was, right?” Oscar asks, face contorting with curiosity.

I huff, annoyed, “No! She’s-” “Ooo!” Richard interrupts, as he walks in wearing shorts and a tank top, “Who is she?”

“GOD DAMNIT!!!” I shout, standing up, and being sure to not hit Sam’s round belly. I look around at them, angrily, “Will you guys just listen for just a moment, please?!! You all wanna know the same thing but won’t even let me speak!!”

“Language, neonato!!” Mom says, hitting my leg. I sigh, “I’ll tell you guys everything but just know the reason I hadn’t told you sooner was because of this.”

I gesture around the room, and they all frown. “Fair enough I guess...” Mom says, crossing her arms.

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