Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 39: Neck Kisses and Absent Friends

2 weeks later...


Tiffany’s POV:

“Just one.”



I stare up at him, eyes narrowed as he continues making a pouty face at me. I smirk as he leans on the kitchen counter, eyes shifting back to the container full of chocolate, strawberry cupcakes in front of me.

I giggle at his face, as he pouts, “I know you said that they are for the football players, but I just want one.”

“You already had one!” I giggle, crossing my arms, “Actually, you stole one.”

“NUH UH!!!” He tries to protests, a silly grin on his face as he looks back at me. I shake my head, rolling my eyes, “Travis-”

“Pretty please? They look so good,” He begs, snuggling his head into the crook of my neck. “I know they do, but no,” I state, rubbing his hair from his face.

He then reaches over to grab a cupcake, completely ignoring what I told him, “I won’t ask for anymore-”

“No!” I laugh, smacking his hand away, “There are just enough for Daniel and the boys. Not an extra one for Travis Reel.”

He groans, throwing his head back in frustration as I put the lid on the cupcakes. I pick them up and carry them to the fridge.

“Babyyyyyyyy!!” Travis whines, and I try to hold back the smile threatening across my face.

“Don’t baby me!” I laugh, putting the cupcakes in the fridge and closing it. I walk back over to stand next to him again.

I scrunch my nose at him, leaning my side on the counter, “I said what I said. ”

“And I said,” He says, straightening his posture. He leans in, making our faces inches apart, “that I would only help if I got a cupcake in return.”

I raise a brow and smirk up at him. I put my hands on my hips, “Yeah?” He nods, a soft smile on his face, “Yeah.”

“Well, I don’t remember saying that, babe.”

Slipping my hand onto the nape of my neck, Travis leans in closer. Our noses brush against each other now, and I stare into those soft green eyes of his.

His touch feels like magic...

“Well,” He whispers, eyes glancing down to my lips. He gently traces my bottom lip with his thumb, “maybe I could jog your memory a little bit~ ”

I find myself staring at his lips and reply, “I’m sure you could. But I doubt it’ll change my mind~ ”

“Don’t knock it before you try it, Bella~ ” He mumbles, his eyes completely fixated on my lips.

Gently pressing my lips against mine, Travis grins. I smile and kiss him back, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I gently pull away, and he plants a soft peck on my lips, and my smile widens.

His eyes search mine and he mumbles, softly, “Was that enough to change your mind?”

“Nope,” I reply, sassily, and he playfully frowns, “Although, the kiss was very enjoyab-”

Interrupting me, Travis wraps his arms around me, picking me up, “I guess you leave me no choice.”

I laugh loudly, wrapping my arms around his neck, and my legs around his waist, “What are you doing?!”

His hands slipping onto my bare thighs, Travis grips them as we walk out of the kitchen.

He carries me to the living room and throws me onto the couch. Crawling on top of me, Travis grabs my hands and pins them down above my head.

I blush profusely, shocked by his sudden actions. He smirks devilishly at me, and my stomach becomes swarmed with butterflies.


Suddenly, Travis bombards my face with sloppy kisses. I laugh loudly, feeling his lips smile on my skin.

It’s officially been 2 weeks since Travis and I declared ourselves a couple, and it’s been the most magical two weeks of my life.

Being with him feels almost unreal.

Fairytale like...

Travis is unbelievably sweet and just all-around the man I never realized I needed in my life. I love him to the moon and back.

He’s the only guy I’ve ever found myself crushing on in my life who doesn’t want anything more from me than to just be with me.

I was almost ready to give up on dating and just focus on school and fulfilling the promise I made to Mom.

Until he came and completely changed my mind...

As for school, people already were well aware of who I was because of everything that went down with Luka at the party.

So, with Travis and I being an item, I’m most certainly the chatter of the school.

Jennifer and her lackey, Pearl, haven’t said anything to me in a while. Neither has Amelia and we work together.

They kind of give me these side glares but that’s about it.

Other than that, nothing from them.

I guess they meant what they said...

Plus, Victoria hasn’t said anything to me either. Then again, she hasn’t been at cooking class in a while. In the past two weeks to be exact.

I’m not complaining. It’s nice not having some annoying bitch constantly talking shit about you to your face.

“TRAVIS!!!!” I chirp, and he finally quits with the kisses. He stares down at me, a playful look in his eye, and I playfully glare at him.

“Was that necessary?” I ask, arching a brow. “Of course it was, Sweetness~ ” Travis purrs, a smug grin on his face, “Since you had told me no about the cupcakes, a punishment was needed.”

“A punishment?” I reply, raising my brows, and he nods. I narrow my eyes at him, “Well, I’m sorry to inform you, but your punishment was a little on the weak side.”

He gasps, and I burst out into a fit of laughter at his face, “You take that back.”

“Why would I if what I’m saying is a fact??”

“Oh! So, you think you’re right??”

“I know I’m right.”

“Oh yeah? Let’s see how right you are after this.”

Positioning his head in the crook of my neck, I feel his lips land on my skin and slowly begin moving. I gasp at the feeling, his lips beginning to slowly travel up my neck. Every part of my neck his lips touch leaves behind a burning sensation.

My stomach feels like it’s doing cartwheels and flips!!!~

My whole-body trembles as shivers shoot down my spine. He begins to nibble, and I squeeze my eyes close at the pinching feeling.

I’ve never felt this before...

It feels...


All he’s doing is kissing my neck and yet it feels so damn good~

I tilt my head back into the cushion of the couch, allowing him more space. All of my muscles relax as I moan involuntarily with pleasure. His lips suddenly land on the sweet spot I never knew I had; just right underneath my jawline.

I let out another soft moan as he kisses me softly there. He lets go of my arms, his hands slipping onto my hips. I grab his shoulders and pull him closer to me, a new feeling igniting within me.

I don’t know what it is, but I don’t want him to stop~

My hands slowly slide up his neck and into his hair. He moans as I run my fingers through his wavy locks, and I tug at it. I urge for him to continue, my hands grabbing the back of his shirt as the kiss becomes a little more aggressive.

“Travis~ ” I bite back a loud moan, and he bites a little harder. I begin panting, feeling my skin between his teeth and he sucks a little harder. He continues this for a few more seconds, repeating the same kissing, biting, and sucking motion.

Eventually, he pulls away, panting. His lips are a bright pink and shiny, his breath fans over my skin.

“Wow...” I mumble, feeling a large, tender, warm spot where his mouth had abused.

So that’s what a hickey feels like...

Kissing up my neck and eventually reaching my lips, Travis pecks them, a lustful smirk playing on his lips.

He stares down at me, his green eyes full of mischief, and murmurs seductively, “How was that for weak?~ ”

I bite my bottom lip, gazing up at him in a daze. I blink a few times in astonishment, unsure of what to say.

I glance down at his lips and my eyes stay fixated there. “Yeah...well...” I breathe, “that was...something. And...I’m tell you...that...”

I continue to stare at him, struggling to find the right words. I shake my head, feeling annoyed with myself but also frustrated, “English, how could you fail me...”

I grab the collar of his shirt, and his eyes widen with shock. I smash my lips against his, aggressively, and he moans, grinning. Our lips melt into one another, and we continue aggressively kissing each other.

This continues for a long while, as Travis’s hand slides onto my thigh and he grips it. His hands slip under my shirt, his fingers dancing on my skin. I grab the nape of his neck, feeling his fingers rub my leg.

This feels like bliss~


Pulling his lips from mine, Travis looks up and I do the same. We both breathless and blushing, our gaze looks toward the front door. My eyes widen seeing Daniel, Simon, Sebastian, Christian, Joshua, and Jamie standing in the living room the front door wide open.

They all stare, mouths agape and eyes wide. Sebastian drops his bag of hot Cheetos on the ground, looking from Travis back to me.

When did they get here?!!

My blush deepens as they continue to marvel at Travis and me. Tense, awkward silence falls over us, my heart beating against my chest rapidly, and loudly. A few minutes pass and Travis clears his throat and swallows hard, still trying to catch his breath.

Slowly, he crawls off of me, adjusting his t-shirt, and I sit up, pulling at my shorts. I bring my hand to my neck to hide the large bruise Travis had given me only minutes ago. I sit upright, sitting cross-legged, and Travis does the same.

Thank God that my dad isn’t back from the car shop yet...

I gulp, feeling sweaty and not just from making out with Travis a few seconds ago.

“What’s up...” Travis says, voice full of uncertainty, “bitches...?”

Silence falls over us again, Daniel just completely flabbergasted.

“YOU TWO WERE ABOUT TO DO IT ON THE COUCH!!!!” Joshua shouts, pointing at us, his brown eyes wide.

“Hell yeah they were!!!” Sebastian agrees, wiping hot Cheeto crumbs on his pants.

“Is it bad that I wanted to watch?” Simon asks, awkwardly, and everyone looks over at him, disgusted.

“Ew, Simon...” Christian grumbles, stepping away.

“What the-” Daniel says, smacking Simon upside of the head, “fuck!!! Simon!!!”

Simon flinches, rubbing his head, “Ow!!!”

“May will be interested in knowing about this...” Jamie mumbles, pulling his phone from his sweater pocket. Walking back outside, he presses his phone to his ear, “Hello? Hey babe! I got tea.”

“Guys, it’s really not that big of a deal!!!” I shout, glaring at them.

“You two were basically about to do the dirty on the couch!!!” Daniel retorts.

“Now we know what they do when they’re home alone...” Sebastian mumbles, shaking his head.

“She really has grown all up...” Simon sniffles, shaking his black hair from his face. “Seriously?” Travis says, unamused, “you act like it’s the end of the world...”

“It might as well be...” Sebastian nods, his dreads falling in his face.

“Anyway, moving on from the topic of my sister and Travis potentially doin the do,” Daniel says, shaking his head. A wide smirk suddenly spreads across his face, “You guys ready for the football game coming up this weekend? It’s pretty damn important and I expect to see everyone there!!!”

“Yes, Daniel we’ll be there,” I laugh, still clutching my hand against my neck.

“It’s a shame Jackson isn’t in the friend group anymore,” Joshua shrugs, and Travis immediately frowns, “He was pretty chill...”

“Yeah, he was...” Simon agrees, a disappointed look on his face.

“Yeah, I beg to differ...” Travis says, rolling his eyes at their sadness. He then leans over and lays his head on my leg, “I didn’t like him...”

Yeah, I’m not sure if it’s because Travis and I started dating or what, but Jackson kind of just left the group.

He stopped calling, texting, hanging out. Everything pretty much...

I didn’t want the fact that Travis and I were together to be the reason we couldn’t be friends.

But I guess...that’s just how the cookie crumbles...

“Yeah, we know you didn’t!” Joshua says, shaking his head at Travis, “And you have yet to tell us why!”

“Yeah!!!!” Everyone chimes in, “Why not?”

“He’s a dick!!!” Travis grumbles, rolling over and burying his head into my stomach, “And I can’t stand dicks...”

“Well, opinions are opinions...” Christian says, understandingly.

“You think he’ll show up to the football game??” Sebastian asks, curious.

Everyone shrugs, unsure. “Hopefully not...” Travis says voice muffled. I run my hand through his hair, finding myself getting lost in thought.

I wonder what he’s up to??

“There are cupcakes in the fridge, right?” Sebastian asks, raising a brow. I nod, “Yeah, just like you asked.”

“HELL YEAH!!! I CALL FIRST DIBS!!!” Sebastian shouts, euphoric. He then shoves people out of his way as he books it to the kitchen.

“SEBASTIAN!!! YOU FAT ASS!!!” Simon growls, stumbling backward. He then chases after him, shoving Christian and Daniel out of the way.

“WHAT THE FUCK!!!” Daniel yelps, falling over and landing on the carpeted floor with a loud thud. Christian simply slips on-air and collapses to the floor.

I giggle as they both groan, “SIMON!!!”

“Line of fire, dummies,” Joshua grins, looking down at them, “Line of fire...”

Jackson’s POV:

I walk out to this abandoned warehouse, my hand clutching my car keys tightly.

They’re in love apparently...

The fucking audacity of Travis Reel...

Taking Tiffany after I had said I wanted her.

Ugh, as if...

I finally make it up to the door and push it open. The door creeks loudly as I step inside.

Lucky for me, I know a few people who know him.

And they aren’t very happy...

“Hello?!” I shout, glancing around the spacious, graffitied area. The door slams closed behind me, it causing me to jump as the sound echoes throughout the room.

I whip around, catching my breath as I stare at the door. I relax a little, pulling at my jeans and clearing my throat.

I turn back around, cautiously, and ask, “Hopefully!! I’m, uh, I’m not too late!!!”

I continue looking around, noticing motorcycles posted by the windows. Sunlight shines on them, causing the metal to glisten.

I don’t even want to know how they got those...

I could only imagine...

Silence fills the space and suddenly I hear a gruff voice with a country accent say, “You’re on time.”

I look to my right, spotting a large, boxy man and three smaller but still bulky men following. They all are wearing a black leather vest with some logo on the back.

The bigger man has a large gut, various tattoos, multiple piercings, and is completely bald.

Just the man I wanted to see...

I smirk, pulling at my hoodie, “Ah! I see! Good!”

“You have 5 minutes, kid, to pique my interest or else!” The giant man growls, standing in front of me.

I look up at him and grin smugly, “Trust me. What I’m about to say will definitely pique your interest, Cutthroat.”


“A street fighter which you were supposed to fight a few weeks ago but he was a no show. You might know him as-”

“The bastard who cheated me out of a fight!?!” Cutthroat suddenly yells, face reddening with anger. I cringe slightly and chuckle nervously.

“Yep. The Reel Fighter.” I reply, agreeing, slicking my hair behind my ear, “As you may already know, he quit street fighting a few weeks ago.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard,” He says, a nasty glare on his face, “He was supposed to fight me but fucking bailed!!”

He gestures to his men, “We were expecting to see that cheeky, egotistical bastard that night since he talks so much shit!!! But everything was canceled!! I hate being canceled!!!!”

“Me and you both,” I reply, nodding. I glance to his shoulder, noticing the various wounds all over his body.

Cut wounds, a blind eye, and many other things I hadn’t noticed before.

This guy would be perfect for what I want.

He already doesn’t like Travis.

“What about him?” Cutthroat hisses, his blue eyes screaming vengeance.

“You hate him,” I state pointing at him. I then point to myself, “And I hate him. See where I’m going with this?”

“What are you suggesting?” He asks, curious.

He crosses his arms as I explain, “We both have a mutual interest concerning a man we hate and would love to see fail. You want revenge and I do too. So, why not work together to make that happen?”

“What did he do to you?”

“It’s concerning a girl, but that’s not the point. Think about what he did to you.”

His brows furrow, his face reddening again. He balls his hands up into fists as I continue, “Think about how humiliating that was walking away from a fight that you basically won by default. A fight that wasn’t even done. Think about your gang and what they thought. The shame you had to go through. Take a moment to really let that set in.”

Cutthroat stays in thought for a moment, his allies conversing with one another while shooting me glances.

Cutthroat nods slowly, his followers looking to him curiously, “That bastard will pay.”

My grin widens, and bite my lip excitedly, “Perfect. We’re on the same page. There’s a football game happening at school Sunday night. I was thinking...”

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