Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 4: Talk About Embarrassing

I hope you enjoyed Travis’s POV!! I certainly did!!!

Now back to current time!!

*time warp noises*



Tiffany’s POV:

“Y’all hear about what happened to Travis the other night?” Simon says, excitedly as he eats the rest of his muffin.”

“Hell yeah!” Daniel replies, a mischievous grin playing in his lips, “Served that asshole right. I don’t know who that girl was, but she put that douchebag in his place.”

That girl was your sister, and it was accidental, not on purpose...

“Yeah, that was some funny shit cause he didn’t even catch the broad’s name that did.” Luka states, as he takes a bite from his muffin.

I sink further into my seat, as Daniel turns a corner around the street and continues, “Damn. Plus, I heard the shirt that was stained cost $60. All that money went straight down the drain.”

He then stops the car at a red-light as Sebastian chimes in, “Fo-sho! AYE! Pass me another muffin.”

“How many have you had already?” Simon asks, as he grabs the container from my lap.

He shrugs, “I don’t know, I’m just hungry.”

As of right, we’re in Daniel’s car, and we just arrived in front of the school building. I made muffins earlier, and the boys are passing them around. Plus, discussing how ‘someone’, aka me, spilt their drink on you know who.

Everyone thinks it was some random chick who had done it, or even his ex, but you and I both know the truth...

I stare out the window, as we zoom by trees and a few houses, feeling the worst feeling at the pit of my stomach.

I hate this so much...

Opening the container of muffins, Simon gasps, “DUDE! THERE’S NOTHING IN HERE BUT CRUMBS!!” Sebastian tenses up, looking back at him, “Shit! Dude, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize.”

“Sebastian, you fat ass! How in the fuck did you eat all of them?!” Daniel asks, as he pulls the car into the school parking lot.

“Look, you guys told me that we could have some.”

“That didn’t mean eat all of them! I said you could have up to two muffins because Tiffany had made extras, and you go and eat all ten of them,” Daniel replies, angrily.

“I WAS HUNGRY DAMNIT!” Sebastian shouts, stuffing the muffin wrappers into his pocket.

Suddenly, Simon, and Sebastian begin attacking each other from around the seat, shouting at each other.

Typical morning drive to school...

Lots of shouting, and lots of hitting.

It’s the best thing ever.

“WAIT! WAIT!” Daniel shouts, as Sebastian, and Simon continue. “They’re not going to listen, Dan. Ain’t gonna happen,” Luka chimes in, chuckling.

“GUYS! STOP!” Daniel shouts, separating Sebastian, and Simon, “No fighting in my car!” Leaning back in his seat breathlessly, Simon protests, “He started it!”

“No, I didn’t!”

“I don’t give a fuck who started what! Ain’t no fighting in my car!” Daniel shouts, gathering everyone’s attention, “Enough of that! Now, what we need to worry about is what happened at the party.”

Luka’s eyes widen, “Oh Yeah!” Simon pauses, thinking, “Um...what happened that night exactly?”

So many things happened last night...

“You were too wasted to remember. Best night ever,” Sebastian says, reminiscing. “No, it was not! You all nearly drowned Luka for views!” I protest, brows furrowed.

Apparently after I left the party, Daniel, and the boys decided it was a clever idea to let Luka try to do an escape artist trick, and the guys took it too far. It was on an Instagram live, and I didn’t know anything about it until they showed me the video.

People were cheering them on and everything, it was sickening...

“It’s fine. He’s still alive, aren’t ya’ Luke?” Daniel says, looking back at him.

“I don’t know, man, Imma have to get back to you on that...“Luka replies, somberly. I glare at him as he chuckles. “Not funny...” I state, crossing my arms, “Didn’t laugh...”

Daniel rolls his eyes, “Anyway, ya’ know these girls are going to go crazy as soon as we open the car doors.”

As much as I would hate admitting that, it’s true. The whole school knows about what happened that night.

Plus, girls go crazy for them because they’re football players.

Not all football players are amazingly attractive, and God like.

I mean, look at my brother for example...

“Can I at least get out first? Last time, one of these girls tripped me while I was trying to go into the school building.” I state, pushing up my glasses. Daniel sighs, “I guess.”

I roll my eyes, as I grab my backpack.

Luka opens the car door for me, as I give him a tight hug. He gives me a light pat on the back, “See ya at lunch!” I untangle myself from him and begin climbing over him. I hop out the car, holding my backpack tightly, and stumble forward.

I almost fell!!


That makes the third time this morning...

“BE CAREFUL!!!” Sebastian shouts, a worried expression etched across his face. I giggle, as I look back at him, “I will, Sea, I will.”

I wave bye and walk off toward the school building, my anxiety heightening.

Relax, Tiffany, relax.

The guy barely comes to school, who’s to say he’ll be here today?

I sigh, feeling anxious.

God, I wish people weren’t talking about it all over school. At least they don’t know who I am so that’s reassuring...


Suddenly, I accidentally run into somebody, pulling me out of my anxious thoughts. I stumble backward, looking upward, “Oh! Sorry about-”

“Watch it!” Some girl growls, whipping her head around to snarl at me. She pulls her vape from her mouth, giving me a dirty look.

I simply roll my eyes, “Never mind. I take my apology back, you rude bitch.”

She stands there, mouth agape, a surprised look on her face.

Not a lot of people expect me to be so cold towards them sometimes.

It’s probably because I look like I’m 12...

I push my way past her, and other people too. I walk up the steps, and into the school, still accidentally running into people, and repeatedly saying sorry. Strolling down the hall, I yawn, as teachers shout ‘good morning’ to everyone that walks by.

Fake smiles, and fake greetings.

The essence high school...

Finally arriving at my locker, I unlock it, and toss my backpack inside. I grab my English textbooks, notebook, pencil pouch, and other school necessities.

Suddenly, someone taps on my shoulder., and I sigh.

Probably another kid who doesn’t pay attention in class and wants to copy the answers from me...

I turn around, tiredly, “No, I do not have the answers to the homework assign-“

I jump back, running into my locker. My eyes widen as I stare at up at him. I take a shaky deep breath, regretting ever talking myself out of thinking he wouldn’t actually show up to school.

I just jinxed myself!!

Travis stares at me, confused, “ good?” I continue to stare at him, breathing heavily.

The fuck am I supposed to do now?!!

“I, uh, I,” I stutter, swallowing hard. I take a deep breath, and state more firmly, “I have to go, now so...”

I turn around, my legs shaking as I close my locker. I gulp, feeling his presence behind me still. I turn back to face him, slowly, “Bye-Bye!”

Turning to walk in the other direction, Travis cuts in front of me. I stumble backward, running into the lockers again. His green eyes narrow, staring down at me.

He states, sternly, “We’re not doing this shit again.”

“Yee-uh!!” I yelp, and his face contorts with concern.

I need Jesus...

He sighs, shrugging off that last comment, “Why do you keep running from me?”

We stare at one another, things getting tense between us. I glance around the halls, praying that I don’t see Daniel or any of the boys show up.

Thank God none of them are here.


I start to notice people staring at us with strange expressions. They all gathered around, whispering things, and I swear my heart feels like it’s about to beat right out of my chest.

I bet this looks odd...

No, scratch that, I KNOW this looks odd.

I gulp, shifting my nervous gaze back to him, “I, uh, I...I, um...”



Can I speak it!!!

His face turns from stern, to concern in matter of seconds, “What?”

I squeeze my lips together and without saying anything, I slip my way past him. I run out into the crowded halls, and purposely get lost in it.


“You sure you’re all right, Tiff? You seem tense,” Luka asks, concerned. Sebastian nods, eating the last of his sandwich, “Yeah! I’m concerned, T. What’s up?”

I look back over at them and shrug as we continue walking down the hall, “Yeah, just tired...”

“You sure? You were like this after you left the party unexpectedly,” Simon chimes in, looking around Sebastian to look at me, “Nobody said anything, or did anything to you?”

I push up my glasses, awkwardly, “No, Simon, I just-”

“Who did it? Who needs they ass beat?!” Sebastian snarls, cracking his knuckles, “Say who, T, and you’ll never hear from them again.”

Laughing, I reply, “No, Sebastian, no one did anything to me. I’m just tired, that’s all.”


“If you say so, Tiff. But, just so you know, you can talk to us if you want.” Luka states, sincerity in his voice.

“Yeah. You can always talk to us,” Simon says, smiling his big toothy grin. Sebastian nods, his long dread falling into his face, “Fo-sho.”

I smile, as we stop at my locker. They all gather around me, and I pull them all into a big hug, “Aw! I love you guys!”

They all laugh, Luka blushing, and Simon awkwardly running a hand through his black hair. “C’mon, Tiffany, you don’t have to do all that,” Simon mumbles.

Sebastian rubs his hand through my hair, and I smile up at him, “What he means to say is, we love you too, T.”

I unwrap my arms from around them, “You guys are so friggin sweet. It’s unreal. You don’t ever treat your girlfriends like this.”

“Well, yeah, that’s because they come second to you,” Luka replies, and I blush, “You are my favorite girl, ya ’know?” I stare at him, as he winks at me.

He walks away, and Sebastian and Simon both watch in awe. I blink a few times, feeling lost. There’s a long pause, as they both begin ooing.

“Ah shit! Gotta go Tiffany! I gotta talk to Luka about somethin’! Bye!” Simon yelps, as he runs after him.

Sebastian just laughs, shaking head, “Bye Tiffany.”

“Bye,” I laugh, feeling confused, still thinking about Luka.

I wonder what he meant by that...

Luka’s a weirdo...

I open my locker and pull out my math textbooks. I grab my handy dandy pencil pouch and close my locker. Walking down the hall, I shuffle my way past crowds of people.

I stop by a classroom, waiting for people to pass so I don’t get trampled. I wait for an opening, and step forward.

I turn to the right and right as I’m about to walk further down the hall, someone grabs me from behind.

I yelp with surprise as I’m dragged into an empty classroom.

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