Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 40: Football Game Disaster??

Sunday Night...

Daniel’s POV

“We have to win this game!! This could change everything for all of us!!! We’ve got colleges from different states watching us tonight!!!” I state firmly to my teammates, holding my football helmet.

I stare out into the crowd, a stern look on my face, “Last year, they whooped our asses, but this year with the talented rookies in the mix and not to mention better support from our school, we stand a better chance!!! And even if we lose, we still tried!!! We’re taking that title as the best tonight and we’re taking it home!! There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it!!”

They all nod, determination in their eyes. I take a deep breath and shout, “I believe in every single last one of you!!! So, tonight let’s go out there and make our school, our families, and most importantly ourselves proud!!!”

“YEAH!!!!” They all shout, hooting and hollering. “WHO ARE WE?!!” I shout, pumping my fist into the air.





“A TEAM!!!!”



They all begin roaring with excitement, high-fiving, and chest-bumping each other. Christian smirks, nudging me. I look over at him as he nods, “Good speech, Cap.”

“Someone had to give one.” I smile, shrugging.

“I like the energy in here!!”

We all look toward the door and find Coach standing there, a proud smile on his face, “You boys are hyped for the big game tonight, I like it!!”

He claps his hands together excitedly, “Alright boys!! Let’s head out!!!” Everyone hoots and hollers in response. Slowly, they make their way to the exit, helmets in their hands.

Christian takes a deep breath, nudging me, “You ready?”

I nod, looking over at him, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Hey, uh...Daniel?”

Christian and I look over and find Luka standing in front of us. We both become stiff, staring into those familiar blue eyes of his, and his loose, curly black hair. A light scar lays over the bridge of his nose, as he looks from Christian to me awkwardly.

We haven’t spoken in weeks. It’s weird now...

Christian and I stare at him, intensely, as I’m the first to speak, “Hey...Luka.”

“Luka,” Christian, grumbles, grabbing his helmet. He looks over at me, “Imma catch up with the others, aight?”

“Yeah...” I reply, my eyes glued on Luka. With that, he looks back at Luka and frowns. Pushing his way past him, Christian makes his way toward the exit, and Luka sighs with defeat.

“The hell do you want, Luka??” I ask, grabbing my helmet. “Look, hear me out,” Luka says, shrugging, “I didn’t come over here to beg for you to forgive me. I understand that that ship has long since sailed.”

I look him up and down, eyes narrowing with suspicion, “Then what is it that you want?”

“It’s about Jackson and Travis.” Luka replies worry growing in his eyes, “You know as well as I do that they don’t like each other.”

“Yeah. What about it??”


“How’d you know that???” I ask, curious, raising a brow. “He told me himself,” He states, “He called me up saying he wanted to talk to me, and we met up at some old park.”

What the hell...

“What did...” I ask, stuck in thought, “What did ya’ll talk about?”

“Something’s going down tonight in the school parking lot,” Luka explains, face contorting with fear and concern, “Jackson’s running the whole shebang, and it’s all about Travis.”

Tiffany’s POV:

“WOOOOOOOO!!!! GO CHRISTIAN!!!!” Joshua shouts, wearing the school colors; yellow, blue, and white.

It’s cold outside and he’s wearing shorts and a tank top I might add...

Stormy facepalms, as Joshua stands up pumping his fists into the air shouting, “AND SEBASTIAN!!! AND SIMON!!! AND DANIEL!!!! GO!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!”

Everyone sitting around us looks in our direction, annoyed or laughing hysterically.

“And this is why we should’ve sat closer to the top of the bleachers instead of the bottom...” Stormy mumbles and Travis and I laugh.

Currently, Stormy, Joshua, and I are at the school’s big football game. Jamie and May haven’t arrived yet and Dad’s here, but he ran to the concession stand.

“Damn, and you’re dating that, Stormy,” Travis says, gesturing to Joshua, his arm wrapped around me.

Stormy looks back at Joshua, face reddening with embarrassment as she pulls at her black, long-sleeved, sweater dress.

It’s pretty chilly outside tonight...

“WOOP SOME ASS!!!!” Joshua shouts, shaking his fists, “MAKE US PROUD DAMNIT!!!!”

Stormy sighs, nodding, “Yep...that’s mine...that’s my man...”

“You’re mine too, baby!!!” Joshua shouts, plopping back down next to her, “You’re my girl.” He leans over and plants a kiss on her cheek, and grins softly at her, “I love you with yo sexy ass~ ”

“AWWWWEEE!!!!” Stormy swoons, face softening up, “I love you too, with yo fine self~ ” Immediately they smash their lips into each other’s, kissing passionately as Josh’s hands grab her waist.

Stormy leans back a little on me, wrapping her arms around Joshua’s neck as she moans. Travis frowns, pulling me closer to him as I mumble, “Well...that escalated quickly...”

“Yeah, and if they start dry humping each other next to us, then I’m leaving...” Travis mutters under his breath, disgusted, and I laugh, rolling my eyes.

I look over up at him and push up my glasses, “I’m sure they wouldn’t start doing that.”

“Trust me, things get nasty when they start doing that,” Travis retorts, grinning, his green eyes playful, “Tongues start exploring places and some more shit. It’s like they forget they’re in a public place or something...”

Suddenly, Joshua raises his middle finger at Travis as he continues making out with Stormy. Travis and I laugh loudly as Joshua and Stormy part, both slightly panting.

Stormy looks back at us and giggles, “I guess Travis has a point.” Red lipstick is smeared all over her lips and chin, and it’s also on Joshua’s lips and chin as he glares at Travis.

“What you mad about, Josh?” Travis asks, grinning, “Upset that I ruined your face-sucking session?”

“Yeah, I am, actually,” Joshua says, angrily. “No PDA,” Travis tsks, shrugging, his fingers playing in my hair, “Don’t be mad at me, be mad at where you are.”

“Fuck you...” Joshua grumbles, wiping his face using the back of his arm. I giggle as Travis simply grins at him.

“Hey, guys and gals!!” Jamie says, appearing on Travis’s left side, tugging at his jacket; May following close behind.

“Yo!” Travis says, looking over and chucking up the peace sign as they sit down. May looks over at us, face flushed, “Hey! Sorry, we’re kind of late.”

I study her for a second, noticing what’s she’s wearing. A white crop-top, black jean jacket, skinny black jeans, and black leather boots. I narrow my eyes, noticing the light bruises on her neck that I’m assuming she was trying to cover up using makeup.

I had to do that to hide it from my dad.

“I see why you guys are late~ ” I smirk, wiggling my eyebrows at them and they both tense up, “Don’t worry~ We’re completely okay with it~ ”

“Tiffany.” May says, sternly, cheeks turning a bright red, and Jamie tugs at the collar of his shirt, biting his bottom lip, “Stop that! You know how they are.” She gestures to everyone, and I laugh as she says, harshly, “Immature as fuck.”

“Oh, so you two did it before you came here,” Joshua blurts, and everyone looks to him, “Just say you did it. We’ve all done it here.”

Well, not me...

“JOSHUA!!!” May and Jamie say in unison, glaring at him, eyes wide. “Say it louder, I’m pretty sure the people in the back couldn’t hear you!!!!” Jamie grumbles, shaking his head.

“What?” Joshua says, defensively, “Y’all think we’re going to be immature about this.” Suddenly, he pauses, becoming lost in thought.

Abruptly, he begins laughing uncontrollably, pointing at them, “Wait, I was right?! You two did it before you came here?! HA!!!! That’s funny!!! And you say we’re nasty, Travis!!! They probably did it in the car, didn’t ’cha?! Did you wash hands before coming over or nah?! Classic May and Jamie-”

“JOSHY!!!” Stormy interrupts, hitting his arm, “THERE ARE CHILDREN PRESENT!!!”


I raise a brow of concern as Travis burst into a fit of laughter. I stare at her, seeing the seriousness on her face, and Travis continues to laugh, “Oh shit she’s being serious!!!”

“Stormy, I’m 17 and live with Daniel Green,” I explain, pulling her hands from my ears, “I know what ‘doing it’ me-”

“Shush, Sweetie, shush, I will protect you from Josh’s profanity,” Stormy interrupts, shoving her hands back onto my ears, messing up my edges. I huff with annoyance as everyone begins shouting at one another.


Just another night hanging out with my friends...

“Guys!!” Travis shouts, chuckling, and they all quiet down. He removes Stormy’s hands from my ears, saying, “Quit being extra!! It’s annoyingly funny.”

“Joshua’s being immature...” May says, crossing her arms, giving his dirty looks. “For real,” Jamie agrees, rolling his eyes. I giggle, as Stormy continues hitting Joshua.

“YOU’RE 18!! ACT LIKE IT!!!” Stormy says, narrowing her eyes at him as she crosses her arms. “I get the feeling it’s going to be a long night...” I mumble, and Travis nods grinning.

“Yeah, but at least I’m getting to spend it with you,” He states smiling down at me, “My favorite person in the world.” I blush and grin goofily.

I giggle, and gently rub a little of his hair from his face, “Yeah. That’s the best part.”

Travis smiles from ear to ear and slicks my hair behind my ear. He leans in a little and plants big sloppy kisses on my cheek and I laugh. He pulls me closer to him, his arms wrapping around me.

“You’re so cute~ ” He purrs, gazing into my eyes, lovingly. “You’re cute too~ ” I reply, grabbing his face, and gently pressing my lips against his.

He kisses me back, smiling as he draws circles on my shoulder. My heart flutters as Travis deepens the kiss, his lips slowly moving against mine as I bite his bottom lip softly. He grins as I gently pull away.

I smile up at him, dreamily, and he leans in a little and kisses the tip of my nose, and whispers, “I love you~ ”

“I love you too~” I reply, leaning in and laying my head on his shoulder. “AW!!” Stormy chirps, as Travis wraps his arm around my shoulder, kissing my forehead, “TOO CUTE!!!”

“Aw! Jam Jam,” May whines looking over at him, “Why can’t we be that innocent?” Jamie stares at her dumbfounded and chuckles, “I don’t know, baby...that’s a good question...”

“Well from now on we’re going to be as innocent as Travis and Tiffany are,” May exclaims, grabbing Jamie’s arm, and burying her head onto his shoulder.

He yelps in surprise as May wraps his arm around her. “Yeah!!! Joshy, we should be just like Trivffany!!” Stormy chimes in, and Travis and I look over at her, curiously.

“Trivffany??” Travis and I ask in unison. “Your ship name!! Travis + Tiffany = Trivffany!!!!” Stormy explains in a matter-of-fact tone, as Joshua wraps his arm around her.

“Thank god you guys got front row seats!!”

We all look over to our left and find Samantha, Oscar, Andrea, and some guy walks over taking seats next to May and Jamie.

“Stairs are killing me,” Samantha breaths, rubbing her large, round belly, “I’m so ready to not be pregnant, I swear...”

“Maybe you could try to hold it in for just a little while longer...” Oscar mumbles and Samantha hits his arm, eating popcorn.

“Hey, guys!!” I shout, waving. “OMG!!!! TIFFANY!!!” Andrea chirps, squeezing her way past people and over towards Travis and me.

Before I could react, she wraps her arms around me, and Travis yelps, unwrapping his arm from around me.

“TIFFANY!!! OMG!!!!! YOU AND TRAVIS ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER!!!!” Andrea sings, hugging me tightly, and I laugh patting her back, “Thank you!! I’m glad you think so!!”

“Mamma, what are you, Sam, Oscar, and Richard doing here?” Travis asks, confused, “I thought you were working late tonight.”

“May and Stormy invited me!!” She explains, unwrapping her arms from around me, “I figured it’d be a pleasant change seeing as I’m always working.”

Travis shoots May and Stormy looks, and they both turn away, “Fun...” Suddenly, Andrea wraps her arms around him, kissing his face.

“AGH!!! MAMMA!!!” Travis yells as Andrea kisses his cheeks. “I’m so happy for you, Neonato!!!! Finding love!! You need to invite Tiffany to come over sometime!!”

I giggle as Travis continues protesting. Unwrapping her arms from around him, Andrea grabs Travis’s face. Her eyes narrow, “Travis, you have something on your face.”

She licks her thumb, and Travis’s eyes widen. “Wait, Mamma!!”

“Hold still,” Andrea says, as she begins wiping Travis’s face. Travis tries moving away, shouting as I begin laughing uncontrollably, “MAMMA!!”

“Hold still!!!”


“I’m back with snacks!!!” Dad shouts, walking up to us.


“THAT’S A FOUL!!!!! BOOOOO!!!!!” Joshua shouts, pumping his fists into the air. “I don’t think he knows football lingo all that well...” Stormy whispers over to me.

“No, he doesn’t...” Oscar agrees as we watch the football players chase after one guy running across the field, football in hand.

He’s only a few feet away from touchdown when suddenly he is tackled to the ground hard by the opposite team. Everyone cheers excitedly, seeing it was Daniel who had tackled him down.

Daniel roars, banging his fist on his chest as his teammates praise him.

“It’s officially 20 to 8, folks!!! The Wildcats could be taking the cup home tonight!!!” The speaker says, causing everyone to go wild.

So far, we’re halfway into the game, and Daniel and his team are winning.

They’ve been playing pretty well all night, and everyone’s been on the edge of their seats watching everything unfold.

“That’s my boy!!!!” Dad shouts, clapping his hands together excitedly. May continues texting away on her phone, and Stormy watches curiously. Oscar is also watching the game closely, so is Jamie, and of course Joshua.

Samantha is busy texting on her phone too, smacking on her chocolate and popcorn.

Andrea’s been chitchatting with her boyfriend, Richard, who Travis described to me as an asshole who spends way too much time at his house.

I’m not sure Travis doesn’t like him. He seems like a sweet guy.

I look to my side, seeing Travis hasn’t returned from the bathroom yet.

He left around 15 minutes ago and hasn’t returned.

I tried calling and texting him, but no answer.

I sigh, pushing up my glasses, looking at the chaotic area around me. I tap my fingers on my leg, contemplating if I should find him.

Maybe he ate something really bad, or some accident happened in the bathroom.

I pull at the leather jacket Travis had given me to wear because of the chilly weather.

“Hey, uh, guys?” I say, and everyone looks in my direction, “I’m going to go find Travis, okay?”

“You want someone to go with you?” May asks, concerned. “Yeah, you want someone to come with you?” Stormy asks, tapping my shoulder.

“No, guys, I’ll be okay,” I reply, smiling at them, “This shouldn’t be too long.”

“Well, be careful Tiffany,” Dad replies, staring intently out into the field.

I stand up and pull up my skinny jeans. I carefully squeeze my way past people and walk off the bleachers.

I walk around and behind the bleachers, the sound of grass under my old vans. I carefully walk through the dark, feeling nervous. I stuff my hands into my pockets and walk a little slower.

I walk past the large bleachers and towards the restrooms. Stopping in from of the door titled ‘Men’s’, I knock on the door.

“Um!! Travis!! Are you in there?” I ask, but no one answers. I knock again, but no one answers. My brows furrow with confusion, as I look down at the door handle.

I hesitantly grab it and push it down. The door opens, and I peek inside only to find no one.

Where is Travis??

I look on the floor and find a phone. I bend down, and pick it up, noticing the cracked screen. I flip it over onto it’s back and turn it on. My breath gets caught in my throat, as I study the lock screen.

It’s a picture of Travis and me.

This is Travis’s phone.

My eyes go wide as I stare at the phone in my hand, my heart beating faster than it’s ever gone.

Why’s Travis’s phone here, but he’s not???

I slowly turn around, studying my surroundings, feeling uneasy. My mind begins whirling with confusion.

Where’s Travis???

I stand completely still, listening to the loud crowds of people on the bleachers, and the sound of the cheerleaders chanting our school name.

What the fuck is going on-

Suddenly I hear loud shuffling and tense up. I look around, frantically, slowly walk forward. I shove Travis’s phone into my pocket, shaking.

Maybe if I stay completely still, whatever is out that’s here won’t see me...

I continue stepping forward, my hair falling in my face as I try to walk further away from the restrooms.

Suddenly, arms wrap around me from behind me, and I yelp in shock, “WHAT THE FUCK!!!”

I whip around and find Jackson standing in front of me, smiling.


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