Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 41: "PSCHOTIC B*TCH!!"

I didn’t expect to see Jackson here...

Especially after he disappeared and kicked himself out of the friend group...

I laugh nervously, “Jackson! Hey!!” I step back, unwrapping Jackson’s arms from around me. I gaze up into his blue eyes, they seem dull and empty.

What’s wrong with him??

“Hey, Tiff~ ” Jackson swoons, leaning close, the smell of alcohol consuming my nostrils.

Now I see what’s wrong...

I didn’t know he drank...

I lean back, scrunching my nose at the stench, feeling nauseous from it.

Oh god, his breath smells awful...

Suddenly, Jackson grabs my waist, pulling me close to him. “Jackson, what are you doing?” I say, tensing up, feeling uncomfortable. I try pushing him away, “Let me go.”

I continue trying to push him away, but he doesn’t budge. His grip around me only tightens and my heart thuds quickly from nervousness.


“Jackson,” I mumble, voice strained from trying to push him off, “Let-let me go...”

“Ya’know, Tiffany, I’ve always wanted to tell you that I love you~ ” He replies, his eyes glancing down to my lips, and my stomach turns.

“Jackson, let me go.” I whimper, grunting while still trying to shove him off.

“Travis is no good for you, Tiffany~ ” Jackson purrs, my breathing quickening and my legs trembling, “A sweet, charming girl like yourself- ”

He pauses for a moment, his blue eyes looking me up and down. His eyes stop at my breasts, and he licks his lips, “should be with someone who knows how to treat you. ”

I shove him as hard as I can, leaning away from his smelly breath, “LET ME GO, JACKSON!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!”

“Relax, beautiful,” He says, his pupils dilated, “Let me please you the way you deserve to be pleased~ ”

Suddenly, Jackson spins us around and pushes me into the wall, hard. I gasp at the pain of hitting my head on the wall. Jackson stares at me, lustfully, and his eyes land on my neck. I squirm at the feeling of his hands on me, and he suddenly tries to lean in and kiss my neck.

“NO!!!!” I shove him off, and he stumbles back, letting go of me, “WHAT THE FUCK’S YOUR PROBLEM?!! DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME!!!”

“Aw, c’mon, Tiff, don’t play so hard to get, ” Jackson says, grinning, trying to step closer. I shove him away, again, feeling scared, “I SAID STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!!”

“UGH!!!!” Jackson suddenly roars, frustrated. I flinch, trying to remain calm. Tears come to my eyes, as I bite my bottom lip to avoid panicking any further. He rubs his dirty blonde hair out of his face, looking up towards the sky, “WHY?!!!!!”

He’s drunk...

This isn’t safe....

I need to get out of here...

But I’m afraid he might do something if I try to get away.

I glance around me, my lips quivering, and notice the girl’s restroom. I notice the door has a lock on it, and instantly become hopeful.

All I need to do is lock myself inside, call the police officers or someone, and I’ll be safe...

I look back at Jackson, who still isn’t looking in my direction, and slowly inch my way over to the bathroom door. My back stays pinned against the wall, as I try to control my staggered breathing.

“FUCK, TIFFANY!!!” Jackson shouts, looking back at me, his eyes wild-looking, “WHY ARE YOH BEING SO DAMN DIFFICULT?!!!” He throws his hands into the air and shouts, “DON’T YOU SEE I LOVE YOU?!! I’M CLEARLY THE BETTER OPTION FOR YOU THAN TRAVIS IS!!!!”

“WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING?!” I shout, swallowing hard, feeling my adrenaline pumping through my veins, “WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS OKAY?!!!”



He planned this?

“What-what do you mean?” I ask, cautiously, as I still inching closer to the restroom door, “You-You planned this?”

“I did!!! Just for you!!!” Jackson shouts, hurt in his eyes, “And you won’t even-”

He goes quiet, abruptly, as he rubs his tired-looking face. I glance back at the door, see that I’m just in arm’s reach. I slowly reach for it, praying Jackson doesn’t see.

Jackson looks back at me and says, melancholic, “I wanted to do this for impress you and show to you that I am better....”

Suddenly, his brows furrow with confusion as he notices where I’m standing. His eyes look from me to the door, a calculated look on his face. I hold my breath, as he says, words slurred, “’re...”

Suddenly, his face contorts into anger as he notices me inching closer to the door. I break out into a cold sweat, looking from him to the door.


There’s a standstill for a moment, I panting wildly as Jackson’s face reddens with annoyance. I gulp, and quickly grab the doorknob trying to twist it open. My sweaty palms somehow manage to get the door open, but Jackson grabs my arm.

He pulls me back towards him, and I yelp, slamming the door close.

He growls, spinning me around, “You don’t walk away from me!!” He grabs both of my arms, aggressively, and I wince at the pain.

“And you don’t touch me!!!” I shout, hot tears spilling down my cheeks. I stomp on his foot as hard as I can, and he hisses with pain.

“SHIT!!!” Jackson yelps, letting go of me. I run past him, but suddenly his arms grab me from behind.

“LET ME GO!!!” I shout, my voice breaking as I thrash wildly. My heart feels like it’s about to pound right out of my chest as I try to break free.

I try scratching his arms, but he drags me back, “AHHHHH!!!!!”

My and Travis’s phones fall out of my pocket, “LET ME GOOO!!!!”

“I’M GETTING WHAT I WANT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!?” Jackson laughs, evilly, his face buried in my hair.


A loud bonk noise echoes behind me, and I yelp. Jackson lets go of me and crashes into the ground with a loud thud.

I whip around, stumbling back. I start hyperventilating, noticing Jackson’s unconscious body sprawled out on the ground, “WHAT THE FUCK!!!!”

I look up, seeing Travis standing in front of me, panting wildly, a baseball bat in his hands. His face is a little bruised up, his eyebrow piercing bloody as blood rolls down the side of his face. His hair messy, and shiny looking and he’s shirtless, his body also covered in bruises.

“PSYCHOTIC BITCH!!!” Travis shouts, spitting on Jackson. He then throws the bat on top of Jackson, relaxing a little. He looks up at me, and I swallow hard.

I sniffle and his face softens, he calming his breath, “I almost...didn’t make it in time...”

I stare at him for a long moment, still trying to process what just happened. Almost immediately, I burst into sobs, recalling what happened only minutes ago.

It all happened so fast...

I run to Travis on two shaky legs and into his embrace. He holds me close to him, wrapping his arm around me.

He kisses my forehead and gently strokes my curly mane of hair. He hugs me tightly, and sighs with relief, “Thank God I got here when I did...”

I wrap my arms around him, shaking as Travis rubs circles on my back. We continue holding each other, Travis trying to calm me down as much as he can.

Suddenly, I wail, my glasses becoming foggy, “I’M SO HAPPY TO SEE THAT YOU’RE OKAY!!!”

“I’m happy to see that you’re okay,” Travis replies, firmly, as I bury my face into his bare chest.


“I know, baby, I know, ” Travis whispers in my ear, “But I got you now, okay? I got you. I’m right here. I’m okay and Jackson’s never going to put his hands on you again, I promise.”

I look up at him grabbing his face, “What happened to you? What are all of these bruises? Where is your shirt?” Travis grabs my hands and brings them to his lips. He kisses them and states, “I’ll explain it all to you I promise-”


Travis and I turn around and find Daniel and Luka running towards us, their football uniforms covered in dirt.

“WOAH!!!” Daniel says, coming to an abrupt stop. He stares down at Jackson’s body, and the black baseball bat lying next to him, “Damn...”

“So that’s where you went with the bat...” Luka mumbles, looking at Jackson, slightly shocked.

“He’s not dead, is he??” Daniel asks, worriedly. “No,” Travis sighs, shaking his head, holding my hands tightly in his, “I didn’t hit him that hard.”

Daniel looks to me, and his face contorts with concern, “Tiff! What happened? Did Jackson do something to you?”

I nod as Travis raises my glasses, to wipe away my tears, “Yeah...he did...but I’m okay...” I pull off my glasses and use my shirt to wipe them. I put them back on my face and turn to face Daniel and Luka.

I ask, curious, “I thought you guys were supposed to be playing the game. What are you doing here?”

“We left during halftime,” Luka states, his blue eyes meeting mine, “I told Daniel about everything that was going to happen tonight.”

“And so, we left to go find you and Travis, but we found Travis first,” Daniel explains, putting his hands on his hips.

“But...the game. Isn’t this football game super important to you guys?” I ask, raising a brow.

“Yeah, it’s important,” Daniel nods, shrugging, “But it’s nowhere near as important as family.” I smile at him, and he smiles back. I walk up to Daniel and Luka and pull them both into a hug.

“OW!!” They both groan, and I awkwardly tense up. I quickly pull away, smiling up at them, “Sorry...I didn’t realize you guys were hurt too...”

By what? I still don’t know...

“So...” I mumble, looking around at them, “can anyone tell me what’s going on?”

“Yeah, so,” Daniel starts, clearing his throat, “It was a dark and scary this one, and a murder of crows covered the night sky as the wretched sound of revenge-”

“Shut up, Daniel,” Travis says annoyed, shoving him. Daniel stumbles back, “HEY!” He regains his balance, and frowns, “RUDE.”

“CRYBABY.” Travis retorts, shooting him a look. They both stare each other down for a long moment before Travis looks away, unamused.

“Anyway,” He mumbles, looking at Daniel from the corner of his before looking back at me, “I’ll tell you my side of the story and Luka and Daniel will tell you theirs.”

A little time earlier...

Travis’s POV:

“DANIEL!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!” Tiffany and her dad shout, jumping from their seats as Daniel scores a touchdown.

I smile up at Tiffany as she claps her hands together excitedly, bouncing around.

“Ooo!!! That was a close one!!! Daniel Green in for the kill!!!!” The Speaker says as the crowd goes wild, the cheerleaders cheering loudly.

“HELL YEAH!!!” Mr. Green says, grinning with pride as he and Tiffany sit back down. “YESSS!” Tiffany chirps excitedly. She looks over at me, “Daniel and his team are doing so good!!!”

She leans over and lays her head on my shoulder, smiling proudly. “I agree with you,” I reply, grabbing her small hand. I hold it tightly in mine, leaning my head a little on top of hers.

I feel like I got everything I need right now.

I got the girl of my dreams.

I’m watching football.

And eating snacks.

I am living the dream life.

“CUTIES!!” My Mom chirps, the sound of the camera flashing following after that. I groan, turning to face her, “Mamma! Why do you keep taking pictures?”

“Memories?! Duh!!”

Tiffany giggles, “You’re mom isn’t going to she?”

“Unfortunately...” I mumble, sighing. I look down at Tiffany, “Hey. I’m about to head to the bathroom really fast, okay?”

“Okay,” Tiffany replies, looking up at me. I smile down at her, dreamily. Her round, brown eyes, soft brown skin, and not to mention her black, curly hair falling in her face slightly.

I cup her chin, planting a chaste kiss on her lips. She kisses me back just a little as I pull away, gazing into her eyes again.

I smirk, whispering, as I plant a kiss on her nose, “Cutie.”

She giggles as I lean in and kiss her forehead. “CUTIES!!!!!” Mom shouts, and I hear another camera flash.

I roll my eyes and Tiffany laughs.


I wash my hands, deep in thought.

I’m contemplating if I should stop by the concession stand before going back to sit with Tiffany and the others.

I was thinking about honeybuns and how good that sounds.

I grab some paper towels and dry my hands. Shortly after, I turn the faucet off and toss the paper towel into the trash before heading toward the bathroom exit.

I grab the doorknob and step out. The sounds of the loud crowd, band, and cheer squad echoing throughout the spacious area behind the giant bleachers.

Suddenly, I hear a loud ding noise and jump. I look back to the bathroom, “That sounded like my phone.”

I pause, narrowing my eyes, “Pretty sure I had left my phone in my pocket...” I pat my pockets, not feeling any outline of my phone at all.

Son of a bitch...

“Nice going, Travis....” I grumble, pulling at my blue jeans. I walk back into the bathroom and look around. I check beside the trash, under the sink, beside the toilet.

I raise a brow, confused, “What the fuck did I do with my phone??”

I step back outside of the bathroom and look down on the ground. “OH!! There it is!” I reply, feeling relieved. I kneel over and pick it up when suddenly a pair of black boots stand in front of me.

I look up, and become very confused, “Jackson?”

He stares down at me, this look of disgust on his face, “Travis...”

We stare at one another for a moment, and I slowly stand up, “Um...what’s up?”

Jackson continues to stare at me, his blue eyes dull, but pupils dilated.

He smells like...weed or something like that.

“Okay! Well....” I reply, feeling slightly uneasy, “I’m just...I’m just gonna go now-”

“I never said you could leave,” Jackson mutters, taking a step forward. We now are face to face, I gazing into his eyes, feeling annoyed.

The hell does he want?

“Yeah, well, I don’t remember you being in charge of what I can and can’t do,” I state, narrowing my eyes at him. I frown at him, and his angry stare only deepens.

I step past him and begin walking away. Suddenly, a big man steps in front of me from within the bleachers.

“Shit!” I yelp, coming to an abrupt stop. The man stares down at me, his brown eyes wide and hair patchy looking, “He never said you could leave, kid.”

I ball my hands up into fists, stepping away backward. I look down at his clothes, noticing the leather jacket with the symbol stitched into the left side.

Motorcycle gang...

I continue to step away but bump into something hard. I whip around and find another big ass man standing behind me. He’s also wearing a leather jacket with a symbol stitched into the fabric on his left side.

I glare at him, my heart starting to pound against my chest, “FUCK.” I look around me, noticing giant men gathering around me, they all wearing leather jackets.

I gulp, looking around, feeling on edge, “Didn’t I say I didn’t want to join your motorcycle gang?”

And how does Jackson know about that??

“They’re not here for that, Travis.”

I look over, seeing Jackson emerge from between the large men. He grins at me, “They’re here to help me with my revenge.”

“Revenge?” I ask, my brows furrowing with confusion.

Why would he want reve-

I glare at him, feeling my blood begin to boil. I walk up to him and grab him by the collar of his shirt.

He continues to grin smugly at me as I yank him forward, shouting, “You fucking weirdo!!! Tiffany doesn’t want to be with you!! What do you not understand about that?!!”

His smile fades from happy, to angry in a matter of seconds, “SHE’S NOT MEANT TO BE WITH SOMEONE LIKE YOU!!!”

He shoves me, and I stumble backward, “YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A BAD INFLUENCE ON HER!!! LUKA WAS RIGHT!!!!”

Balling his hand up into fists, Jackson punches me in the face. I stumble back, grunting, “Fuck!!”

“You’re a piece of shit who hides secrets from the people he loves!!!” Jackson shouts, kicking me in the leg. My knees buckle as I collapse onto the ground, hissing with pain.

Jackson stands above me, his eye twitching, “And you’re about to receive your karma for everything you’ve done!!”

He raises his foot to stomp on me, but I roll out of the way. I stumble onto my feet, as the crowd of men begin cheering.

Jackson whips around to look at me, a crazed look in his eyes, “STOP RUNNING AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!!!”

“FUCK YOU!!!” I shout at him, as he charges at me, I slide out of the way, and push my way through a few of the giant dudes.

I run past them and try to head around the bleachers. Right when I make it to the bathroom, someone grabs my leg, tripping me. My phone slides out of my pocket and into the bathroom.

I try kicking free, “LET ME GO!!!”

Hands grab my arms, lifting me off the ground. I grunt, trying to shove these giant dudes off me, “YOU FUCKING PIGS!! LET ME GO!!”

Jackson walks up to me, sipping from a flask, “This’ll all be over soon, promise.”

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