Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 42: "I'll be back."

“You’re a crazy person, you know that?! Real fucking crazy!” I shout over my shoulder at Jackson, and he grins at me.

“I’m not crazy, you’re just stupid for thinking that I wouldn’t get revenge for your selfishness,” Jackson states, grinning as they drag me toward the school parking lot through the grass.

I continue to try to resist but they only tug me forward aggressively. We arrive in the parking lot in front of a large, black truck. They turn me around so that I’m facing Jackson.

I glare at him as he and these random men gather around me. I glance to my right and notice my car and a bag of bats lying beside it.

My stomach drops at that realization as everything falls silent and all I can hear is the sound of insects and other outside animals.

I look back at him and these random dudes, “The hell did you bring me here for, and why the fuck are there bats near my damn car?”

Jackson looks back at my car and grins smugly, “Oh, so you noticed it didn’t you?”

“No shit, sherlock,” I reply, jerking at him but I’m dragged back, “Kind of hard not notice your own car and something out of place beside it.”

“Listen here, smartass,” Jackson says, face shifting from smug to annoyed in just a few seconds, “I get it. You’re mad. Annoyed. Confused. And just all-around angry because I decided to interrupt your night with baby so you and I can have a little chat. I get it.”

My glare deepens and my upper lip twitches with annoyance as he continues, “So if you cooperate then I’ll do the same, okay??”

“I’m not about to let you treat me like I’m a child. Get to the fucking point, asshole,” I say through gritted teeth, wanting to take a step forward but these dudes won’t let me.

It’s pissing me off.

God, everything’s pissing me.

“Don’t take that tone with me, Reel,” Jackson says, taking a step forward, his blue eyes locked on mine, “Remember who almost got their ass beat in front of the bathroom only minutes ago!!!”

“Yeah, and don’t forget who was brave enough to try and fight me but then invited a whole gang of men because he’s too fucking pussy to fight me alone!!!” I retort, leaning in close to his face.

I glare at him, and he narrows his eyes, face reddening with anger.

“You ain’t nothing but a little bitch and you know it,” I whisper just loud enough for him to hear.

I grin at him, and this pisses him off even more because he balls his hands up into fists. There’s a tense silence that falls over us.

He gnaws on his bottom lip before shouting, and I smell the alcohol on his breath, “EVERYONE GRAB A BAT!!!! WE’RE GOING TO BE DOING SOME REMODELING!!!”

He’s drunk...

That explains a lot...


He steps away and I turn to watch as he and a few dudes walk up to my car and grab bats. Immediately, I’m consumed with anxiety as they all stand around my car.

I break out into a cold sweat and swallow hard as someone stands behind my car and two other people stand on opposite sides.

Jackson stands in front of my car, swinging his bat loosely, grinning like a psycho. He points the bat at me and says, sadistically, “BE SURE HE’S WATCHING!!!”



And just like that, they all begin smashing in the windows of my car and then smashing the exteriors. My eyes widen as I watch them destroy my car and my heart sinks as I watch the most expensive birthday gift I’ve ever gotten be turned into spare parts.

I listen to the sound of glass shattering and the sound of my car dent. I begin hyperventilating, feeling completely helpless.

“Stop...” I mumble, feeling like this isn’t really happening, “Stop...”

I try taking a step forward but struggle to since these assholes behind me are holding me in place. They snicker to one another, and suddenly I’m overtaken with anger, “STOP IT, YOU ASSWIPES!!!”

I try shaking them off, but it’s not working. “LET ME GO, DAMNIT!!!” I shout trying to shove these oversized assholes off, “THAT’S MY FUCKING CAR!!!”

They continue regardless of my shouts of protest. Suddenly, someone pulls out a pocketknife and pops my tires and my heart feels like it just shattered.

I just changed those tires the other day...

They all laugh hysterically at my reaction and Jackson tosses the bat onto my car, grinning triumphantly.

He spins around to face me and plasters on a fake sympathetic frown, “Aw, Travis. It must hurt seeing something you love being taken from you...”

I shoot him a look, feeling my blood begin to boil again just looking at his ugly ass face. He continues talking his shit as he walks over, smugly; his lackeys following, high fiving one another, “Now you know how I feel...”


Everyone falls silent again, watching me closely, especially Jackson as I continue, “ME DATING TIFFANY AIN’T SHIT LIKE WHAT YOU JUST DID!!! PLUS!!! YOU DON’T EVEN LOVE HER!! YOU ONLY WANT HER FOR HER BODY, YOU SICK FUCK!!!”

“YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!!!” Jackson shouts, spitting in my face, “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW I FEEL, YOU EGOTISTICAL DOUCHEBAG!!!”

“You’re drunk as fuck right now,” I state, firmly, and slowly, “You think you love her, knowing damn well, you only want to get into her pants.”

“THAT’S IT!!!” Jackson shouts, aggressively, his blonde hair shaking, “You’re going to get it, now!!!” He whips around and shouts, “Cutthroat!!! He’s here.”


Why does that name sound oddly famili-

Suddenly a giant man emerges from the crowd of also large men, but he’s like a giant compared to them. I stare in shock, recognizing that bearded face, the tattoos, and the scars from anywhere.

I was supposed to fight him before I quit street fighting...

But didn’t for reasons you all are aware of...

He stares down at me, and the dudes that were holding me back let me go and shuffle away. I swallow hard, staring at him as he says, voice deep and gruff just like I remember it, “Hello, Reel Fighter.”

Well, I’d hate to be a pessimist especially considering my current circumstances, but it appears that I am royally fucked...

And that’s the worst kind of fucked you can be...

“Travis, I’m sure you’re familiar with Mr. Cutthroat,” Jackson chuckles, now standing in front of I and ‘Mr.’ Cutthroat, “I know all of your little secrets. And find this one is most certainly my favorite...”

“Yep...” I mumble staring at him, feeling nervous, “I, uh...I remember that...face...”

“And I definitely remember yours, you coward,” Cutthroat says through clenched teeth, anger written all over his face.

I smile awkwardly at him, clenching my fists, “I wouldn’t call myself a coward for quitting. I’m still in high school, so...”



We stare at one another, thick, suffocating silence consuming the space around us.

God, at this point, just kill me...

“I’m glad!!” Jackson chirps, pulling a flask from his pocket, and popping off the cap. He chugs it and tosses the empty flask onto the ground.

He burps loudly, swaying a little, “Looks like I’m out of booze, imagine that...” He then slaps his hands onto my and Cutthroat’s backs, and sings, “Have fun! Oh!”

He leans over and whispers to Cutthroat, staring dead at me, “Remember, you’re being paid for this. Don’t mess him up too bad. We don’t want to kill him...”

“No promises,” Cutthroat says, grinning maliciously at me, and Jackson chuckles hysterically.

I was kidding about the whole kill me thing...

*Aggressively knocks on wood*

“Hahahahahaha! You’re fun, you know that? Real fun. I should invite you more often just for the hell of it!”

He moves his hands away, and I turn to face him, “How did you find out about-” “One name,” Jackson interrupts, “Joshua. He’s quite talkative when he’s comfortable with people.”

Fucking Josh...

“Great...” I grumble under my breath, as Jackson proceeds to walk away.

“Karma’s a bitch, Travis!! You should know this already!!!” Jackson shouts as he turns to face me.

He stops, and stares at me, curiously, “Does Tiffany even know about you street fighting? She probably doesn’t!! A crook like you shouldn’t be with a girl like her. Sweet. Innocent. Damn there the sexiest thing on two legs.”

“Piss off!!” I shout at him, angrily, “You horny bastard!!”

“Rude.” He scoffs, rolling his eyes. Walking backwards through the parking lot, he proceeds to say, “But anyway!!! While you’re doing that, you know? Dealing with your karma for street fighting in the first place? I’ll be seeing what Tiffany’s up to!”



“YOU LEAVE TIFFANY OUT OF THIS!!!” I shout, feeling angry again. I shove Cutthroat out of my way and grab Jackson’s shoulder.

I yank him back, aggressively, and he yelps shocked, “HEY!! THIS WASN’T PART OF THE PLAN!!!”

“FUCK YOUR PLAN!!” I grab him by the shirt and draw my fist back, but suddenly get kicked in the back of my leg

I grunt, jerking forward and reaching for the back of my leg. I drop down onto one knee, letting go of Jackson’s shirt, wincing.

“Your fight is with me, kid!!” Cutthroat roars standing over me, as Jackson stumbles backward. He awkwardly clears his throat, and quickly darts through the parking lot and eventually toward the school building.


Daniel’s POV:

I leap into the air and feel the ball in my hands. I clasp it, and immediately the crowd goes wild. I land hard on my feet and spin out of the way of someone on defense for the other team. I dash down the field as fast as I can, dodging as many people as I can.

I jump, spin, and dodge feeling sweaty as fuck as well as hot. Adrenaline is pumping through my veins and my heart is pounding within my chest.

I’m nearing the ‘finish line’ when I hear someone shout, “YOU AREN’T GOING TO WIN THIS, GREEN!!!”

Anthony Stevenson.

A total douchebag. He’s his school’s golden boy and star football player. A total prick if you were to ask me.

Their basketball team is better than their football team.

I hear him come closer and instead of dodging him, I do a front flip which lands me right in the touchdown. I pant, as Anthony collapses in front of me. Other players walk slow down, and eventually stop, catching their breath.

“OOOOO!!! TOUCHDOWN FOR THE WILDCATS!!!” The speaker says, everyone cheering loudly. I grin, glancing up at the scoreboard.

It’s officially 20 to 8 and the other team isn’t doing so hot.

Welp, sucks for them.

I look down at Anthony as he stumbles back onto his feet, catching his breath, “You were saying, Ant?”

He looks up at me glaring, and I hold up the ball, “Looks like you’re the one who isn’t winning this. And I don’t think you’re going to. Not tonight.”

With that, I throw the ball onto the ground and roar with excitement. The people in the bleachers all jump up excitedly as I bang my fists against my chest, shouting, “LET’S GOOOOOO!!!!”

Immediately, my teammates surround me, praising me excitedly. They all lift me into the air, chanting my name, “DANIEL!! DANIEL!!! DANIEL!!!”

After cheering with and the points being settled, it’s officially halftime. We all head over to relax and rehydrate.

“You all are doing fantastic!! Keep this up, and we’re sure to win the championship!!!” Coach says, we all sipping on our Gatorades, “Now, remember, we’re already 20 to 8 so I’m positive we’re going to win but let’s not get too cocky, alright?”

“Yeah, Daniel, “Simon says, grinning and Sebastian and Christian all shoot me a look. “Yeah!” Everyone says, laughing.

“Aye! Don’t get on my boy, Daniel,” Jamal says, his black, kinky curls with light brown tips pulled into a man bun, “He out there whooping ass and taking names!! He has the right to be a little overconfident. We all know he’s going to the NFL.”

“Y’all trippin’! NFL? I don’t know about that, bruh.” I reply, laughing, shaking my head.

“Yessir!! Yessir!!” Ethan says, pulling his Gatorade bottle from his lips, “And when you become famous, Daniel, be sure to remember me.”

“FOR REAL!!!” Joseph says, chuckling.

Everyone continues chatting with one another as I talk with Simon, Sebastian, and Christian. I glance around looking for a Luka.

I’m not sure where he went...

I saw him out there on the field and was completely lost in thought about what he had told me earlier...

I didn’t believe him when he told me about what Jackson was planning to do tonight.


“It’s about Jackson and Travis,” Luka replies, worry growing in his eyes, “You know as well as I do that they don’t like each other.”

“Yeah. What about it??”


“How’d you know that???” I ask, curious, raising a brow. “He told me himself,” He states, “He called me up saying he wanted to talk to me, and we met up at some old park.”

What the hell...

“What did...” I ask, stuck in thought, “What did ya’ll talk about?”

“Something’s going down tonight in the school parking lot,” Luka explains, face contorting with fear and concern, “Jackson’s running the whole shebang and it’s all about Travis.”


“Something’s going down in the school parking lot tonight...and...Jackson’s behind it all?” I ask curious, and Luka nods, vigorously.

“Okay...” I mumble, confused, “...what is it?”

“Did you not hear me?” Luka says, annoyed, “It’s about Travis!! And probably Tiffany too since she and Travis are together!”

I raise an inquiring brow at him, and he heaves a sigh of frustration, “Daniel, don’t you get it? Travis could be in some serious shit, as well as Tiffany if we don’t act fast.”

Why do I not believe him?

It almost sounds fake...

Like some story...

“Luka, why would Jackson do that? That sounds made up as hell...” I state, bluntly, “I get that Travis and him really don’t like each other, but I seriously doubt he’d take extreme measures like that.”

Unless he got drunk and did some stupid crap.

Not saying that from experience concerning a certain ex...

“Daniel, why would I make this up?” Luka retorts, frowning.

I look him up and down and state in a matter-of-fact tone, “Because you’re a shit starter, yes. Remember at the party?”

“Yes, I remember-” “And when you tried to talk to Tiffany on that little field trip?”

“Yeah-” “And when you-”

“Okay!! I get it!! I fucked up!!” Luka interrupts, throwing his hands into the air frustratedly; annoyance etched across his face, “Can we get back on topic, please?? Your sister and her boyfriend are in trouble. I need for you to take this a little more seriously.”

“Why would you care about that when you clearly hate Travis?” I ask, and he groans.

“Because, Daniel, I care about Tiffany’s well-being, and I don’t hate Travis. Why would think that?”

“Because you’ve made it very clear you don’t like Travis.”

“That’s disliking, not hating. There’s a difference.”

“I don’t see it.”

“Well, good for you. Anywayyyy!!”

Luka sighs, bringing his hands together, “Listen to me. I need you to trust me when I say that Travis and Tiffany aren’t safe. Not from Jackson.”

“I can’t trust anything when it’s coming from someone who literally gave me every reason not to trust him,” I reply, narrowing my eyes at him, “Did you forget or-”

“How could I forget?!” He shouts, frustrated.

I go quiet, startled by his sudden outburst. I stare into his intense blue eyes as he shouts, “How could I possibly forget when you constantly remind me of it?! How could I forget I hurt someone who means the world to me that night?! How?! Tell me, Daniel!!!”

I stare at him, noticing the guilt in his eyes as well as the hurt. His face becomes sad, and his eyes tear up, as he mumbles, “How could I forget...losing some of my closet friends that night...”

My brows furrow at that statement, it resonating with me. My chest tightens as I start to remember all of the trivial things Luka and I used to do together.

He was shy as a kid...

But when you got to know him...completely different person...

I ball my hands up into fists, frowning, my gaze falling to the floor. He sighs, rubbing his face tiredly, “Godly...”

“Luka, hol’ up...” I mumble, kind of feeling bad, “I wasn’t trying to-”

“It’s fine, Daniel, it’s fine,” Luka interrupts, raising his hand, “I knew it was a mistake thinking you’d believe me...”

He turns and storms toward the exit of the room, and I call out to him, “WAIT!! LUKA!!” He doesn’t acknowledge me as he snatches up his helmet, and walks out, turning around the right corner.


Yeah, I might’ve been a bit of a dick...

But, I have my reasons for why I acted that way as you may already know.

I sip on my Gatorade bottle, looking around and partially hoping to spot Luka, he blends in pretty good.

“Did you hear what he said, Green? HAHAHA!!” Jeremy says, nudging me and pulling me out of my thoughts.

I jump, looking up at him as he stands, leaning against the fence behind us, “What?”

“You hear what Christian said?” Jeremy asks, chuckling, his blonde hair falling in his face, “Fucking funny, bro, I swear.”

I quickly nod, fake laughing, “OH YEAH!! HILARIOUS!!!”

Didn’t hear shit he said...

I look down at my feet and grab my Gatorade bottle from between them. I screw off the cap, and drink from it, completely zoning out any outside noise.

I look to my left and suddenly notice someone walking away from the group. I narrow my eyes, watching them sneakily walk away, I now noticing he’s wearing a football jersey.

That’s suspicious...

That’s weird...

I squint my eyes, trying to read the number on his back.



Where is he going??

Halftime is about to end soon and he’s one of our best offensive players.

I pull my bottle from my lips and screw back on the cap. I set it down on the bench beside me. I stand up, watching Luka turn a corner leading behind the bleachers and disappear.

“Hey, uh, coach,” I say, quickly, looking back at him, “Could I go use the bathroom really fast??”

“Make it quick. Halftime will be over in about 10 minutes.”

I nod, and quickly dash past people, and turn a corner. I stop, looking around, and finally spot him. Luka shuffles under the bleachers, phone in hand and flashlight on. I ball my hands up into fists, and quickly follow him, the grass crunching under my feet.

I try to stay as quiet as possible and eventually arrive near the school parking lot. I come to an abrupt stop, seeing and hearing a group of dudes shouting at each other in the parking lot.

One dude is being held in place by two big guys, and one giant guy is yelling at the dude being held in place.

“You sure do talk a lot of shit!!” The big dude shouts, aggressively, “And now, you’re going to pay for it!!”

The dude stares at him for a moment before chuckling hysterically. He shakes his head and mumbles, “Ah, that’s too funny to me...”

“What’s so funny, huh?!” The giant guy asks, menacingly. The dude simply looks up at him and grins. A few seconds pass and suddenly, he spits in the giant guy’s face, and I gasp.

The giant guy yelps, stepping back and rubbing his face, “AGHHH!!!”


He then leans in and whispers loudly, “Aka, Jackson’s...”



“YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!“The giant guy roars with anger and draws his fist back. It collides into the dude’s stomach, and I flinch hearing the loud smack. The dude grunts loudly and wheezes, “Motherfucker...”

That was sad...

Wait, why does that dude look like Travis??


I jump, pulling my gaze from the tragic scene in the parking lot. Luka speedily runs up to me and grabs my arm.

I yelp, struggling to keep up, “WHAT THE HE-” “SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU DINGBAT!!!” Luka interrupts me, we now sprinting toward a parked car in front of the fighting.

We crouch behind this silver Chevy, both of us out breathing heavily. I look to Luka in confusion, and whisper harshly, “What the hell is going on, and why does that guy look like Travis?”

“Because it is Travis!!” Luka whispers back, shaking his head at me, “I told you that this shit was going to go down, and you didn’t believe me.”

I click my tongue, giving him a knowing look, “Now you know good and well that that ain’t Travis...” Luka narrows his eyes at me, his blue eyes seeming to glow against the dark, “You’re a dumbass...”

Suddenly, the dude gets punched in the gut again, and Luka and I look back at the fight.

The dude grunts again, “FUCK!!!”

“HOW DOES THAT FEEL, HUH?!! TRY TALKING SHIT AGAIN!!! I DARE YOU!!!” The giant dude shouts, repetitively punching the dude in the gut, then the face.

Luka and I cringe, watching in genuine guilt and shock.

I squint my eyes at the dude being fucked up and notice his eyes open. Instantly, I recognize the bright, green color of them and the brow piecing. I gasp in realization, “Oh shit, that is Travis...”

“Told you...” Luka mumbles, watching intensely, “We have to do something to stop this. It’s awful seeing Travis get his ass beat...”

“Say that again...” I reply, eyes fixated on the scene playing out in front of me, “Where’s Jackson? I thought he was orchestrating this whole thing...”

“No clue...” Luka states, truthfully, “I would’ve thought he’d be here to watch Travis, but I guess he had other plans...”

The little bitch...

“Great. Got any ideas on how to stop this??” I ask, motioning to the fight. Luka sighs, scratching his chin, “Nope, I’m blank...”

I shake my head at him, disappointedly, “You suck, Luka.”

“Well, excuse the fuck out of me!” Luka retorts, sassily, “I don’t hear you making any suggestions.”

I glance around the parking lot, looking for anything that could potentially help us in this situation. I look over to my left, noticing Travis’s car is completely broken.

His tires are popped, there are dents and all sorts of other trivial things wrong, and his windshield and windows are shattered.


I look to the ground and notice some bats lying next to it, and suddenly a bright idea comes to mind. I nudge Luka and he jumps, whipping around to face me, “What?”

“I have an idea...”

Travis’s POV:

Cutthroat suddenly punches me another time in the face, and I wince. He finally quits, out of breath as my eyes flutter open.

I spit blood onto the ground, coughing, feeling dazed. I cough and look up at him, “You punch like a bitch.”

I spit in his face and grin, toothily, “Bitch.”

Cutthroat frowns at that statement and raises his fist. I squeeze my eyes close, bracing myself for impact but suddenly I hear a hollow bonk sound. My eyes fly open, as Cutthroat collapses onto the ground with a loud thud, his eyes closing.

I look down at him, breathless and shocked; my hair falling in my face, “Woah...” I

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TWO?!” One of the guys behind me says, confused, looking past Cutthroat lying on the ground.

I follow his gaze and find Daniel and Luka standing in front of me with bats in hand. My eyes widen and I smirk feeling excited, yet very confused.

“Daniel? Luka?” I say, looking from the both of them, “How the hell did you-” “Jackson told me everything, so Daniel and I rushed over,” Luka explains, truthfully, smacking the bat in his hand.

I notice that they’re still wearing their football outfit, they covered in dirt, “Wait, the game’s still going?”

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TWO?!” Both of the guys behind me shout in unison, clearly not happy about any of the recent events. They both let go of me, and I smirk at that realization.

Time to whoop some ass...

I whip around and punch the guy on the right in the gut as hard as I can, and he falls back, landing hard on his butt. The other one grabs me and puts me in a chokehold. I tense up, smelling the awful stench of sweat.

Nasty, nasty...

I grab onto his arm and trying to pull him off. Scratching his arms, I grunt, “”

I push him back and into a car hard and he grunts, but his grip only tightens. I gasp for air, coughing, “I-I-can’t-”

Letting go of his arms, I decide to elbow him in the side, hard. He yelps, letting me go, and I whip around and tackle him back into the car. He tries punching me in the face, but I dodge, head butting him.

“YOU FUCKING!!!” The guys shout, pushing my face, tearing the piercing out of my eyebrow. I hiss with pain, we both struggling to push one another.

I grit my teeth together and push him as hard as I can. He falls onto his back on the car, denting it a little as he rolls off and onto the pavement. He lands hard on the ground, grunting, “Shit...”

I try catching my breath, staring down at him, but someone grabs me by the back of my shirt and pulls. I yank back, the collar of my shirt tightening around my throat.

I grab onto my shirt, choking and gasping for air as the other guy I had punched in the stomach before, whispers in my ear, “You almost forgot about me.”

He pulls my shirt tighter, and I gasp, squeezing my eyes close, but suddenly I hear that recognizable hollow, bonk sound. The guy lets go, tearing my shirt, and drops to the pavement with a loud thud.

I take a deep breath, gulping in air like a fish. I collapse onto the ground, bringing my hand to my neck, “Holy shit!! What the fuck!!”

I almost died!!!


I whip around and shoot Luka and Daniel glares. Daniel stares at me, shocked while Luka stands in front of me, bat held high, breathless.

I look between them and shout frustratedly, “WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU TWO?!! I COULD’VE DIED!!!”

“Sorry about that. Daniel was freaking out about you fighting that he forgot he could help...” Luka says, standing over me, sticking his hand out, “So, I decided to jump in.”

I pant, looking at his hand. I swallow hard, taking his hand as he helps me stand. The cool air hits my bare back and decide to just tear it off.

I yank it off and toss it onto the ground, rubbing my messy, damp hair out of my face. I take a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves.

After a few seconds of silence between us, I state, “Thanks for...saving my ass just now...” I look to them both and nod, showing my appreciation, “Thanks.”

“And Daniel,” I point to him, and state firmly, “You’ve officially earned my respect. I’ll no longer call you Dan.”

Daniel grins, goofily, “Wait, really???”

“No problem, Travis. We were only doing the right thing,” Luka chimes in, ignoring Daniel’s comment, “Jackson is out of control...the crazy bastard.”

“Crazy drunk bastard,” I correct, and he and Daniel both stare in shock, “He was drunk as a skunk last I saw him.”

“Damn...” Daniel mumbles, face dropping, “He told me he didn’t drink.”

“Evil, conniving, bitch...” I mutter, shaking my head, “What a douchebag...where is he anyway?”

“Hell if we know,” Luka states truthfully, tossing the bat onto the ground, “I wish I knew...”

“Same. He could be somewhere with Tiffany...and I hate that thought,” Daniel states, sighing, and I tense up.

OH NO!!!




I ball my hands up, getting all riled up again, “FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!” Daniel and Luka both stare at me, concerned, as I storm up to Daniel.

I’m going to beat the living shit out of him...

I snatch the bat out of Daniel’s hand, seeing red, “I’ll be back.”

Daniel’s POV:

“WAIT!!! TRAVIS!!!” Luka shouts, coming up next to me as Travis storms through the parking lot and into the grass towards the bleachers, “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!”

He doesn’t turn back, as he getting smaller and smaller as he walks away.

Damn, he’s fast.

And kind of badass...

“He was pissed. Like, pissed, pissed.” Luka says, sighing, “He looked like he wanted to kill somebody...”

“Should we follow him?” I ask, curious, and Luka nods his black hair floppy.

“Yeah, let’s follow him.”


Immediately, Luka and I turn around and find police officers standing in front of us.

A whole crew of them.

My stomach drops as they point their guns at us, the woman in the lead shouting, “PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!!!”

Luka and I just stare at the woman, completely still and sweating bullets. We continue to stare at the police officers, my heart feeling like it’s in my throat.




Who called 12?!

Luka and I share a look at one another as I ask, “You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” Luka replies, nodding. We look back to the police officers, and quickly whip around and make a run for it.

“HEY!!!!” The police lady shouts from behind us as we run through the parking lot and toward the bleachers.

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