Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 44: "I quit my job..."

Tiffany’s POV:

“Thank you for coming!!! Have a good day!!” I smile, as the woman takes her ice cream. The woman smiles, “Thank you! And you too.”

She looks back, grabbing her son’s small hand, “C’mon, Jeremiah.” She then points to me and nudging him to look up at me, “Say thank you for the ice cream to Tiffany.”

He looks up at me with these round deep brown eyes, and smiles widely, “Thank you, Fany!!”

“You’re so welcome!!” I say back, feeling like my heart just melted into a puddle. He blushes profusely, and giggles. His mom laughs and urges him to walk to the exit while looking back at me, “Thank you again, Tiffany!”

“No problem!” I reply, smiling.

Jeremiah waves at me, and I wave back a little, saying, “Bye!” He giggles, as his mom opens the door. He then says, “Bye-Bye!!” I laugh a little still waving at him as he exits.

I swear, seeing babies come into the store, and say ‘hi’ makes my job ten times more enjoyable.

They’re just so stinking adorable!!

I sigh setting my hands down on the counter. I glance around the Desserts Shop, seeing everyone enjoying themselves and eating ice cream and baked goods.

Today was a special discount so a lot more people came in...

More than usual at least...

Anyway, it’s been about a good week since the incident went down with Jackson.

And it’s been a very stressful time to say the least...

Travis was taken to the doctor to get checked for any sign of severe injury after. Thankfully, it wasn’t anything too bad and he only had to have a few stitches on his eyebrow and had a few stitches in his lip.

Plus, he has a few bruised ribs but that’s about it.

I’m glad nothing major was wrong...

Andrea pressed charges and cussed out Jackson’s parents. But it was in Italian, so I have no idea what she said, but Travis and Samantha were both shocked at her words.

I laughed at their faces and asked what she said but not even Travis would say...

It’s currently Saturday afternoon, and I’m at work doing my usual thing. It’s boring to say the least...

Except for the occasional little kid that walks in and says hello in that cute baby voice

Suddenly my phone vibrates, and I pull it from my apron. I stare at my screen, seeing a text from Travis.


work sounds boringggggg

you should like come over and we could hang out and watch a movie or something


we could bake that really fancy cake you were telling me about the other day

and I could make the icing because you know I’m a pro at that

better than you

I giggle, reading his text. I shake my head, rolling my eye, “I’m pretty sure I’ve already told him why I can’t do that.”

We’ve been texting all day. I’m working late tonight so I won’t be able to stop by and see him today like I have been doing.

He’s on bedrest until his injuries are completely healed.


It is. Work is going by so slow. I’d much rather be doing homework than sitting here taking orders and counting money.

But you know why I can’t do that. I’m working late.

And you are not better at making icing than me😂

I’m the one who taught you how to make it.


I am too🙄

you’re just in denial


Okay, if you say so.

But seriously. I can’t come over tonight, but as long as I’m getting to text you, the better it feels sitting here at work.



you’re going to make me miss you even more than I already do talking like that🥺💖

stupid job keeping me away from you🤬



It’s going to be okay; I promise. I’ll just stop by your place tomorrow, how about that?


yeah okay😔

I’ll let you work in peace now

I love you, Bella😘💓💞


I love you too🥰💖💞

“Yo Tiff!!”

I jump, turning around and finding one of my coworkers, Aniya, standing in front of me.

She works in the kitchen.

“Oh! Hey Aniya. What’s up?” I reply, laughing a little at myself as I shove my phone into my pocket. “When is Amelia coming back? Isn’t she the manager?” She asks, putting her hands on her wide hips, her black straight hair pulled back.

Hell if I know...

I shake my head sighing tiredly, and state, “To be honest, I don’t even know. That girl does whatever she wants...”

Aniya rolls her soft brown eyes, “Ugh. I swear you’d be a better fit for the manager position...the fact that her mommy and daddy have money is so annoying...”

“Tell me about it...” I agree, laughing a little.

“Hey, while I still got you here,” Aniya suddenly spouts, “that whole thing that went down at the football game the other day, did that actually happen?”

“Aniya, I’m pretty sure I’ve already told you that I don’t want to talk about it...” I state firmly, and she frowns disappointed.

That’s what I forgot to mention, the whole is back on my case because of the whole Jackson thing. People ask questions, but I don’t respond.

Too many people are asking questions all at once, and as you may already know, I stress easily.

It’s frustrating.

And to be honest, it’s starting to piss me off since I’m having to deal with it on a daily...

Anyway, now they’re producing rumors and ideas of what possibly happened that night and I just let them.

“Whatever...Debby Downer...” She mutters under her breath, as she shuffles back into the kitchen, her hair following close behind her.

I roll my eyes at her dramatics, as the bell rings to the entrance. I look over, announcing, “HELLO!! WELCOME TO-”

“Tiffany!!!” Amelia says, grinning as she sashays her way in, sunglasses on her face. I instantly frown, feeling annoyed, “Speak of the damn devil...”

Amelia walks over and behind the counter. She walks up to me, setting her expensive purse down, and pulls off her sunglasses revealing her deep brown eyes. She nudges me, grinning widely, “Hey girly!!! How’ve you been??”

Since when does she greet me like that?

“I see someone finally decided to show up for work today...” I mumble, looking her up and down.

She hasn’t been to work in weeks...

And get this, she said she was going on a trip to manage family issues, but her Instagram story said something else.

Family issues my ass.

So, technically, I’ve been in charge of everything.

It’s been amazing, everything’s been going smooth sailing!!!

But now that the she-devil is back...

“I told you that I was dealing with family issues,” She pouts, standing next to me while leaning on the counter, “mind ya own!!”

I roll my eyes as she continues, “Anyway, this has nothing to do with you and Travis if that’s what you’re thinking. As much as I hate to admit it, you two are too adorable together.”

Did she just compliment me?!

I smile at her, surprised, “You...just...complimented me?” Amelia’s cheeks suddenly turn bright red, and she stutters, “I-uh-I-You-Travis...”

She stares at me for a lingering moment, and I simply stare back, finding this to be amusing.

“Y-Yeah...I said something nice to you...and?” She suddenly snaps, looking me up and down, defensively, “Don’t make a big deal out of it...”

My smile softens and I shrug, “I-Well...I just wanted to say...thank you!! That’s...that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me...”

“Yeah, I know. Don’t expect me to do that again,” She replies, quickly, giving me the side-eye. She clears her throat, breaking the tension between us, “Anyway, as stated before, this isn’t about you and Travis, this is about Jackson Ramsey.”

For heaven’s sake!!!

Why can’t anyone ask other questions that aren’t concerned with gossip?

I smile instantly fades, and I sigh annoyed, “Amelia-” “Is it true that Jackson went to jail for Gang affiliation, or is that just a ruse?” She interrupts, curiously, and I narrow my eyes at her.

“And why would that be any of your business?” I counter, walking to the back of the shop.

“BECAUSE TIFFANY!!!” She huffs, following me.

I probably should’ve added that that was a rhetorical question...

“As you know, the whole school knows about Jackson and his beef with you and Travis, but no one has confirmation on what actually happened that night except the people who were involved. AKA you, Travis, Daniel, and apparently Luka Martin based off what I heard people say,” She explains as we walk into the break room, “So, for the sake of better understanding and, of course, gossip and...”

I stare at her dumbfounded as she continues on and on. I listen to the same questions I’ve been hearing all week all at once.

‘Were Travis and Jackson fighting over you?’

‘How did Jackson pull a stunt like that? He was weird, but I never would’ve guessed he was that weird. Why’d he do that?’

‘What happened? Don’t worry I’m not going to tell anyone except my best friend.’

‘I heard Jackson was going to expose Travis for something so Travis got his gang friends to handle Jackson, but it backfired. Is that true???’

‘Travis is an asshole for getting you involved in this...are you going to break up with him?? If so, when? Just asking for a friend and not because I find him to be hot...’

I ball my hands up into fists feeling my upper lip twitch with anger. I try to relax, but just hearing her voice is making me angry.

Amelia giggles, lightly patting my shoulder, “Ooh! I heard that Travis had blah, blah, blah. Plus!! I heard that you and blah, blah got together in secret and blah, blah, blah!!”

Lord, I’m about to say some things that Imma regret...

“And so, I’m not asking for much, I just want some form of clarification. Blah, blah, blah.”

Why can’t anyone just mind their own business...

“Blah, blah, school, blah, blah.”

Please just stop talking...

“Blah!! Blah, blah!”


“Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH!!!”


“So!!! Could you-” “FOR FUCK SAKES!!!” I shout, frustratedly. Amelia immediately goes quiet, an awkward look on her face.

“It’s none of your business, or anyone’s what happened that night!! What is your obsession with it?! It’s not like you actually care, you’re just being nosy and bratty like you usually do!!” I shout, Aniya peeking her head into the room from the restroom, flabbergasted.

Amelia stares at me, awkwardly as I continue, “I thought you were going to leave me alone!! You and your little girl group said that you would.”

“I am...I have been...” She retorts frowning, her chestnut brown hair falling in her face, “I’ve gone way easier on you than I used to. And I don’t like that you’re yelling at me like this...”

“Well that just too bad because I’ve got more to say!!’” I reply, grinding my teeth together, “I’m sick of everyone, especially people like you!! You make me want to rip my goddamn hair out!! You and your whiny voices when you realize that you’re not going to get your way!! Not with me at least!! So, respectfully, leave me the hell alone!!!! Hell!!! Leave everyone alone!! Not everybody wants to expose personal information to you so you can appease you and your followers!!! Get a new hobby or something that doesn’t involve you being an annoying bitch!! Like seriously!!! Because this ain’t it, sis!! And you know what, just because of you and just people in general, I QUIT!!”

“Wait, What?!” Amelia yelps, surprised, “But...Why?!!”

“Because!! I quit!!!” I reply, pulling off my apron and throwing it on the ground, “I just-I just-UGH!! I need to get the hell out of here!!!”

I grab my bag and jacket and force my way past her. “WAIT!! TIFFANY!! LET’S JUST TALK ABOUT THIS!!!” Amelia yelps, nervously following me out of the room and into the main room.

People sitting in the area all turn to face us as Amelia continues to beg, “I get it!! You’re stressed and need time to relax!! But you’re one of our best cashiers!! Plus, best employee!!! Without you, I can’t skip work like I usually do!!!”

I know she didn’t just-

I stop and whip around to face her. She tenses up, whispers, awkwardly, “Did I say that last part out loud?”

I stare daggers into her stupid eyes as I spit, “And that’s another thing!!! You’re never at work!!! I’m always having to run the store by myself!!! So, you know I really couldn’t give less of a shit that you have to do your job!! Cry me a fucking river!!!”

I whip back around and shove the door open. I storm out, the bell jingling as I stomp down the crowded sidewalk

I’m so mad right now I could strangle someone...


“You what?!”

“I quit my job.”

Dad and Daniel both stare at me shocked as I simply stare back at them, arms crossed as I sit on the couch across from them, “Look, I know what I did was abrupt-”

“Very,” Daniel interrupts, laughing slightly.

“But! I needed to do it!! I’ve thought about it and realized that I’m done with that job and the people I work with!! Sure, it was nice to have a job and save money and what not, but I need a break...”

“Preach!!” Daniel agrees, jumping from his seat excitedly, “Bullshit after bullshit just keeps happening left and right. A break would be nice.”

“Stop cussin’....” Dad mumbles, hitting Daniel’s leg. Daniel yelps, falling back onto the couch, “Agh! Dad!! I’m 18!!!”

“I don’t care!!” Dad retorts, giving him a look, glaring. He rolls his eyes, looking back at me, brows furrowing with concern, “I thought you were going to keep it for college and what not...”

“I’ll figure out another way...I’m not graduating yet...”

Still got a year and a half to go...

“So, you’re not catering anymore either?” Daniel asks, curiously. “Catering?” I reply, confused. “Yeah!” He responds, shrugging, “Remember??”

I tense up, thinking.


Why does that sound familiar?


Oh no!!

I forgot about that!!!

“CRAPP!!!” I yelp, bringing my hands to my face, “I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!!!!”

“Welp...I was wondering whatever happened to that little job of yours...” Dad laughs, and Daniel joins him, “Now we know...”

“I forgot about that...I never started it again because of everything that was going on with Luka...” I mumble thoughtfully to myself.

Suddenly, I feel saddened by that memory.


He helped out when Jackson went rogue...

I haven’t seen or spoken to him since, and I don’t have his phone number anymore. Plus, he hasn’t been to school, so I have no idea where he is.

“Maybe I should start that back up again...that could be my new job...“I mumble, trying to shake off the sad feeling.

“Sounds like a promising idea to me!!” Daniel grins, relief on his face, but his chestnut brown eyes are consumed with worry as they gaze into mine. I stare back at him, confused. He stares at me for a long moment, and I shrug and mouth, ‘What?’

He doesn’t respond and only continues to stares at me as Dad goes on to say, “Well...if you don’t have any regrets neither do we...”

Looking Daniel up and down feeling slightly annoyed, I slowly shift my gaze from him to Dad. I plaster on a bright smile, “Great! Now we can drop it-”

“Woah!” Daniel interjects, raising his hands, “Dad never said we were going to drop it because he and I are okay with it!! You said earlier that you were angry and frustrated because Amelia kept asking you questions.”

I shoot Daniel an annoyed look, “Daniel, I’m fine! I’m okay now, promise.”

We’ve already talked about it...

I don’t want to talk about it anymore...

“Not to mention,” Dad chimes in, and I shoot him an annoyed look, “you said you were stressed out with everything that’s been happening lately. And we’re just saying maybe you should talk to someone about made a pretty rash decision-”

“Dad, I’m fine now,” I interrupt, laughing at them awkwardly. I shrug nonchalantly and the worry on their faces deepens, “I’m just glad I don’t have that job anymore.”

“Yeah, we figured that, but” Daniel replies, understandingly, “people usually don’t quit their jobs like that unless there was something wrong. You said you were angry and stressed, and Dad and I just want to make sure that you’re okay. You can talk about it with us if you-”

“That won’t be necessary!!!” I yelp, interrupting him, “There’s nothing to talk about!! I’m fine!! Sure, I had an outburst earlier, but I’m okay now!!”


“Dad, I’m serious! I’m okay!” I interrupt, standing up and adjusting my clothes, “Now, I’m free from a wacky boss who was only using me to get out of work. Freedom has never been so sweet.”

With that, I smile at them and quickly shuffle my way out of the living room, down the hall, and to my room.

I gently close the door behind me and sigh. I look down at my feet, feeling my heart pounding.

I take a deep breath, feeling my eyes begin to water as my knees buckle. I sniffle, feeling hot tears roll down my cheeks quickly.

I take a shaky breath inward and slowly find myself sliding down my door and into fetal position. I pull my knees close to me and bury my face in them, letting out quiet sobs.

A few hours later...

I lay back in bed, staring up at the ceiling. I hold a photo of Mom close to my chest and sigh tiredly. I sniffle, still thinking about earlier.

It just now hit me that I quit my job...

And called my manager a bitch...

But I don’t regret calling her a bitch, she is a bitch...

It’s currently night, around maybe 8 o’clock or something along those lines, and I’ve been laying here in self-pity and frustration.

My eyes water again, I feeling anxious from thinking about what happened only a week ago. Not to mention all of the things that happened before that.

I roll over onto my side now facing the wall. I pull the photo of Mom off my chest and stare at it. Her warm, bright smile and her long black dreads pulled into a bun.

She always wore her hair in a bun...

It was her signature style...

“I miss talking to you, Mom...” I mumble, gently tracing the picture with the tips of my fingers, “You always had the best advice...”

She always was able to get me to talk about my feelings whenever I was feeling down. I was, and still not the type to talk about feelings with anyone.

It makes me feel...

I don’t know, but I don’t like it.

And right now...I’m going through all sorts of emotions...

I never realized how much has happened within such a short amount of time...

In just a month or less...

There was the whole stress thing of me trying to keep Travis and me being friends a secret so I wouldn’t start drama. Then it was the whole massive thing where Daniel and the boys found out I made friends with Travis because someone ratted me out.

Then there was Luka and his crazy talk about him being in love with me. Plus, the school started bombarding me with questions concerning that situation and I was no longer hidden away in the crowd as just the new girl...

Then there was the stress of trying to get everyone to like each other, and Jackson turned out to be no different than Luka...

Except he was much worse than Luka was...

And now it feels like everyone is watching my every move waiting for yet another “entertaining” disaster to happen. I’ve never been under this type of pressure before, and not even when I baked under a certain time limit.

This is all new to me, and if I being honest, I’m not sure how to express these feelings.

Which brings me to my dilemma...

“If I can’t talk to you, Mom, who can I talk to?”

As stated before, I always talked to her about my problems.

Even when I didn’t want to...

Suddenly my phone rings, but I don’t bother to check.

I’ve ignored all sorts of phone calls after I came home from work...

May and Stormy...

Simon and Sebastian...

And the list goes on...

I’m not purposely trying to ignore them, it’s just...

My phone begins ringing again, but I don’t bother to check it again. After a few rings pass, I hear tapping at my window and I jump. I look over my shoulder at my window and stare at it confusedly.

I grab my phone from my nightstand and check the time.

8:45 pm.

I look back to my window and the tapping continues.

“Hey, you awake, Bella?”

I laugh softly, recognizing that voice from anywhere. A smile spread across my face, and I reply, “Yes, I’m awake, Travis.”

I roll out of bed, setting Mom’s picture on my nightstand. I lay my feet onto the carpeted floor, and stretch, my elbow joints popping. I stand up and walk up to my window. I pull back the curtains, revealing Travis standing there.

He’s wearing a flannel, some jeans with a black leather belt, and his usual jewelry.

Minus the brow piercing of course...

He grins down at me, his green eyes seeming to glow against the dark. A relieved look spreads across his face as he says, seductively, “Hey, Sweetness~”

I smile back at him, feeling my heart flutter and a little less sour, “Hey, you~”

I unlock the window, and Travis lifts it open. I step back as he hops into my room, closing the window behind him, “I wasn’t expecting you to stop by. Aren’t you supposed to be resting?”

“I’m not too badly hurt, Bella. Plus, I’ve been missing you all day, and just texting isn’t enough. So, I did the next best thing. I came over,” He says truthfully, smirking, “Plus, something told me to come and see you because you weren’t answering your phone.”

I tense up, at that feeling awkward. “I, uh, my phone died, so it’s charging, and I put it on mute.”


“Sorry. Didn’t mean to make you worry,” I giggle, staring up at him, “And as stated earlier, you should be in the bed resting, not driving to my house. You don’t listen.”

He grins, cheekily, “Of course I don’t. Not when the rules are keeping me from seeing you.”

I smile at him, feeling butterflies erupt in my stomach. I blush, playing with my fingers, “You are too sweet, you know that?” He walks up to me and gently cups my chin, “What are boyfriends for?”

Soft and slowly, Travis presses his lips against mine, and I just melt. I kiss him back, the kiss feeling slow and passionate.

Gently, he pulls away and I smile dreamily up at him. He gently kisses my nose, “I never realized how much I’ve missed kissing you~”

“Neither did I, and I just saw you yesterday~” I giggle, as he lets go of my face. He grabs my hands, and holds them tightly in his, “I didn’t just come here to see you because I missed you, I came over to see if you wanted to come over to my place.”

I raise a brow at him, “You want me to come over? What about your mom, Sam, and Oscar?”

“Mom’s working late tonight, and Sam and Oscar are at their house instead of hanging out at Mom’s. So, it’s just me. All alone...unless...”

He tugs me closer to him, a playful look on his face. I giggle, smelling his cologne as he whispers, “Maybe you’d like to come over and stay awhile~”

I gaze into his eyes, lovingly, contemplating that suggestion.

I’d love to hang out with Travis for a while~

Plus, it’d be a wonderful way to get my mind off these feelings that came out of nowhere.

“Of course I would~” I reply, without hesitation, “Let’s go to your house~”

“Great!” He replies, excitedly.


“How did you even get here? Your is still being worked on, right??” I asks, confused. He grins, smugly, “I’m so glad you asked. I have another car I keep in the garage. The first one I ever got when I was fifteen so it’s not as fancy or expensive as the other one I had...”

Of course he does...

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