Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 45: "Feel better?"

“I swear every time I come to your house, I’m...speechless....” I mumble walking into Travis’s giant house. Travis chuckles, closing the door behind him, “I know you are. You tell me every time.”

I jumped out my window and ran off with Travis to his car, and we drove off to his house.

So, no.

Dad and Daniel don’t know I’m here.

But I figured I’d be back before they noticed I even left.

I look around, recognizing the familiar scene. The large chandelier, the gorgeous staircase that winds up to a nice balcony-like area, and that that leads to more rooms that I’m positive I haven’t explored yet.

I look to the walls, seeing the family photos and baby pics of Travis and Samantha.

And don’t even get me started on the color scheme. White, black, and gold.

Absolutely beautiful.

I look to the staircase and notice two women carrying purses and coats. I smile recognizing their faces as Emily, the woman on the right with red curly hair, and Edna, the older woman with grey, blonde hair on the left.

Emily looks up and notices me. Immediately, she breaks out into a wide grin, and she quickly rushes down the stairs, excitedly singing, “TIFFANY!!!”

I laugh as she runs up to me, wrapping her arms around me. I hug her back as she says, “Hey girl!! I’m glad to see you!!!”

Emily is one of the maids at Travis’s house and is currently in college to become a teacher.

I’m her favorite person regardless of what Travis thinks, lol.

“It’s good seeing you too!! Haha!! I just saw you yesterday!” I giggle, as she grabs my shoulders gazing down into my eyes with her bright green ones.

“Yeah, I know! But I’m just really excited to see you! Every time Travis brings you over, I automatically feel happy,” She replies, a soft smile on her face, “Travis finally has a girlfriend who isn’t a total bitch...”

I giggle as she shoots Travis a look. He jumps, an offended look on his face, “Hey!!! Don’t blame me!! I just attract those types of girls for some reason!!”

I snort as they begin bickering with one another. “I’m well aware that you dated bitchy girls, and I’m simply saying maybe you should change the way you carry yourself to avoid those types of females.”

“I don’t have a bitchy girlfriend now and that’s all that matters,” Travis retorts, eyes narrowed.

“I know, but I’m just saying.”

“Stop patronizing me...”

“I’m not.”

Suddenly, Travis tosses my hair onto my shoulder revealing the side of my neck. He wraps his arms around my waist from behind, and Emily lets go of my shoulders, smiling widely.

Planting a tender kiss on the side of my neck, Travis whispers, as I giggle looking over my shoulder at him, “Except you, baby, you’re not like any of the other girls I’ve met~”

I grin, dreamily at him, “And I’m assuming that’s a good thing~”

“Better than good~ It’s perfect~”

Emily squeals excitedly, as she looks from Travis to me, “AWWWWWW!!!! CUTE!!!” She then glances over at Travis before whispering to me, “Travis usually doesn’t bring girls over this often unless he’s home alone and wants-”

“Hey!” Travis yelps interrupting, cheeks flushing. He unwraps his arms from around me and grabs my shoulders, glaring at Emily, “Shouldn’t you be heading home or something??”

Sticking her tongue out at him, Emily laughs, “I wasn’t going to say anything too personal. I don’t want your special guest running away.”

I laugh awkwardly, looking from Emily to Travis as they playfully bicker with one another again.

What was she going to say I wonder...

“I was just joking, Travis!!!” Emily laughs, rolling her eyes as Edna, the older woman, walks down the stairs and stands next to her.

She’s a maid here too, but she’s closer with the family than Emily is.

“Feels like it took me forever to get down those stairs,” Edna laughs cheekily, holding her bag. She slightly looks up at me and hugs me tightly causing Travis to let go of my shoulders, “Hey sweetie, it’s good to see you again.”

“It’s good to see you too,” I reply, hugging her back, Travis standing behind me. She lets go of me, and grins, “How’ve you been?”

Suddenly I find myself becoming sad at that question.

How am I...

“I’ve been good!” I reply, plastering on a fake smile.

I’ve been everything but good...

I’ve been stressed as hell...

“How’ve you been?” I ask, changing the subject. “Good!!” Edna replies, a gentle look in her eyes.

Suddenly, a mischievous look spreads across her face and she gives Emily a knowing look. I glance at Emily who simply grins back at Edna.


“Are you,” Edna suddenly asks, looking back at me, “staying the night with Travis? Ya’know, sharing a bed and doing other things?~”

I blush at that question, as Edna and Emily both wiggle their brows at me, “Oth-Other things??”

I hope she’s not referring to what I think she’s referring to...

“Guys!!” Travis yelps, voice cracking and face as red as a pepper, “Can you not?!? It’s not like that!!!”

They both giggle, giving each other looks. “C’mon, Edna, the kiddos want some alone time,” Emily whispering, giggling girlishly as she nudges her.

Edna nudges her back, snickering, “Oh yes. I bet they do~”

“Again, not what you think this is about, and second, I thought you guys were supposed to be mature adults...” Travis huffs, brows furrowing as he tugs at his shirt, “You’re making this uncomfortable...”

“We’re going to leave now,” Emily giggles, patting my shoulder as she and Edna walk past us, “You two have a good night.”

“Or should we say-”

“EDNA!! NO, MA’AM!!” Emily interrupts, lightly hitting her arm as they walk out of the house, leaving Travis and me with our thoughts. We stand in silence for a moment before Travis says, “They thought we were going to do the dirty...”

“Yeah...they did...”

If you hadn’t noticed, I’m inexperienced in that department.

Never been in a relationship long enough to get to that point...

I look over my shoulder and up at him. He stares down at me, his face still very red. Suddenly, images fill my head of us together...

So many scenarios~


So many scenarios~

I quickly look away, bringing my hands to my face and covering my eyes as images continue to fill my mind.



“Anyway,” Travis says, pulling me out of my thoughts. I look back at him, pulling my hands from my face as he says, “Never mind them. They always do that. I wanna show you something you might like.”

“Okay,” I reply, relaxing a little and smile. He grabs my hand and grips it tightly in his as he steps in front of me.

We walk through the large area and toward the staircase. We walk upstairs, Travis holding my hand tightly in his.

We eventually reach the top of the staircase and turn down a hall. We walk past Travis’s room and walk further down the hall towards this glass door with curtains over it.

Letting go of my hand, Travis urges me to step forward and up to the door.

I look up at him, curious as he says, “Open it.” I raise a brow, a soft smile growing on my face, “You want me to open this door?”

“Of course. Open it.”

“What’s behind it?”

“Something just as sweet as you.”

“You’ve been extra sweet lately...”

“Am I not allowed to be?”

“Never said that, I just think it’s suspicious...”

Travis smirks at me, looking from me to the door, “I solemnly swear I am up to only good.”

I snort at that, bringing my hand to my face, “Why did you change that quote from Harry Potter?” He shrugs, laughing, “Because I knew it’d make you laugh and smile.”

He reaches over and gently slicks a strand of hair behind my ear, “Two of my most favorite things in the seeing you laugh and smile...” My cheeks flush as I grin dreamily at him.

This boy has my whole heart, I swear...

He grins back as he leans over and plants a soft kiss on my forehead, then my nose, then a light peck on my lips. I smile up at him as he runs his hand through my hair.

He lets go and motions to the door, “Open it. I promise it won’t disappoint.”

I nod, looking back at the door. I grab the handle and gently push it down. The door opens, and I push it back revealing a balcony view of the night sky and a soft look over the large backyard. I stare out at it, noticing the beautiful view of the sky. The moon, the stars, the clouds, and even a pretty view of the woods behind Travis’s house.

And not to mention a small lake far out in the woods.

I look around the balcony, noticing a small table with chairs surrounding it including a picnic set up on the table. Flower petals litter the tabletop along with a white tablecloth and candles. I look down at the ground seeing flower petals leading toward the doorway and under my feet.

A little gasp escapes my lips and a smile spreads across my face at the sight.


How cute!!

I turn around and find Travis leaning against the door frame gazing at me lovingly, his hands stuffed into his pockets. I smile at him, my stomach fluttering with butterflies, “What’s all of this?”

“A little something for you,” He admits, straightening his posture, “I wanted to do something special for you~”

Walking up to me, Travis grabs my hands and brings them to his chest, “And not just because I love you...but because...Daniel told me about you quitting your job earlier and how that went down.”

I tense up, feeling awkward.


And here I hoped I’d be able to avoid it...

“He...” I mumble, timidly, “he did?”

He nods, now bringing my hands to his lips, “Yeah...he told me about how you said you were angry and frustrated and a whole lot of stuff and how you completely brushed off the whole situation. Plus, he was telling me you lost your shit with Amelia who you said hasn’t been to work in ages....”

“She hasn’t...” I mumble shyly, my gaze falling to the ground. Cupping my chin, Travis forces me to look back up at him, a gentle look in his eyes. I gaze into his eyes, my heart throbbing, and my anxiety increasing very quickly.

“I know she hasn’t, she’s Amelia...” Travis admits, agreeing and rolling his eyes. I giggle as he goes on to say, “and I know how stressful that must’ve been seeing as you were already dealing with other things, like the fucked-up shit Jackson did...”

My brows furrow as my mind wanders off to those memories. My eyes water at those thoughts, and Travis takes notice of that.

He gently caresses my face, his brows furrowing with concern, “Daniel was worried about you...and I’m worried about you too. Stormy and May both were talking about how worried they were about you, including the three dumbasses. I know...I know how stressed you must be with the crazy shot that’s been going on. I’ve been stressed out too...and all I want is to not feel that way. And I’m sure you do too.”

I nod, grabbing his hand as he continues, “I know that you probably don’t want to talk about it because I’m the same way. I don’t necessarily like to talk about those types of feelings...and I don’t blame you for that. I mean, tsk, who likes talking about their feelings?”

I find myself laughing at that as Travis shrugs, “I mean, honestly...who does?”

“I’m glad you agree with me on that...” I mumble, feeling a little less sour. “I bet you do,” Travis chuckles, “ all jokes aside...”

He leans a little forward and gently presses his forehead against mine. He whispers softly, gazing into my eyes with genuine sincerity, “Tiffany, I’m more than willing to talk about those feelings with you. I want to be able to talk about those things with you. I want to be able to talk about the good and the bad with you, despite how harsh the feelings may be...I want to experience that with you.”

A tear rolls down my cheek and I find myself letting out a shaky breath. I sniffle and nod as more tears continue rolling down my face, “Yeah...I want to do that with you too...”

The next thing you know, I find myself beginning to sob. I sniffle, feeling hot tears streaming down my face hot and quick. Travis pulls me into his embrace, and I bury my face into his chest.

I whimper, saying through low sobs, “It’s just...I don’t know how...I don’t know how to talk about it with anyone else. I used to talk with Mom all of the time and she’s been gone for a while, and I don’t know what to do whenever I’m feeling sad or upset or anything anymore. I want to talk about it, but I don’t want to talk about it because I feel like I’m throwing my problems on someone and being annoying if I did. And I don’t want that.”

“I don’t want for someone to think I’m throwing my problems on them, and you’re right...I’ve been stressed and afraid that something else is going to happen. I don’t want to see you or anyone else getting hurt and that’s yet another friend who left my life and I’m tired of losing friends and people close to me...why can’t people just stay and not do stupid shit? Why can’t people just...quit? Why is that so hard?”

He holds me close to him, gently stroking my hair, and kissing my forehead, “I know, baby, I know, but look at me.”

I look up at him, my bottom lip quivering and eyes blurred from the tears. Travis gently wipes away stray tears, “You’re not being annoying for talking about how you feel, and I know you’re worried about what could happen seeing as previous events, but I promise that I’ll be there if anything does happen. I’m not going to leave you alone to deal with that, and I’m not going to leave you alone to deal with your own problems. I’m here for you.”

More tears flood my vision at those words, and he says, “I love you, and I want to see you happy. It’s okay to talk to me whenever you want.”

I stare up at him and continue to sniffle. I break into a smile and laugh softly, “I...okay...” I wipe my face, tears still rolling down my face, “I’m...I’m...I don’t know what to say...”

“Just don’t say anything...” Travis replies, his eyes flickering to my lips. I smirk, my eyes also flickering down to his lips.

God, I love him...

He said all of the right words...

Without even trying...

He leans in slowly, his lips brushing against mine. His minty breath fans over my face, and my eyes slowly close. His eyes do the same as his lips crash into mine, slowly, yet fiercely.

I kiss him back with the same amount of force, I sighing as his hands slip onto my waist. The kiss feels soft and passionate, his lips slowly moving against mine. My heart thuds quickly, I finding my hands slowly sliding up his shirt. I grip his shirt, tugging him closer to me, and Travis’s hands slip onto my waist

I slip my fingers into his shirt, tracing the tattoo on his chest, causing him to slightly moan. My fingertips burn at the feeling of his skin under my hands. He bites my bottom lip and sucks on it.

A soft moan escapes my lips, as he pulls away, gently. He lightly licks his lips, gazing into my eyes, and I giggle goofily at him.

“Feel better?” He asks, whispering. I nod, whispering back, “Yeah...”


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